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I have a feeling you are asking for a lot of pokemons in here :D

Didn't you try to catch one yourself? 

At the beginning of the game in one of the gang hideouts you can find a Tynamo (not the Aqua or Magma hideout). With some soft resets, it should have some good states.

To get the Tynamo a thunderstorm needs to be present. In the Grand Hall you can check the TV, which weather conditions are approaching and change the Date on your computer to the appropiate day. 

You also need to consider, that the Tynamo can only be found there, before the city restoration happens.

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5 minutes ago, kaido said:

I am need of a powerful dark type plz trade with me 


Dude, you keep posting you need mons who are strong, perfect and shiny. Not to be rude, but the point of these games is finding and training mons. Especially reborn and rejuv are about beating the game with a handicap/weaker mons to try new strategies and find new mons that you didn't think were half decent before. The creaters only put in stuff like tyranitar and megastones at the end for a reason. So my question to you is: do you actually want to play the game yourself? If you want an easier time with stronger mons overal and earlier, pokemon insurgence is something i could recommend.

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5 hours ago, keyblade336 said:

What is badge progress so we could recommend Mons for you to find

Also if you are that desperate to have specific mons for playing the game, I would then recommend Pokemon Reborn Sandbox Mode which has ways to make these pokemon that your requesting
Pokemon Reborn: Sandbox Mode (rebornevo.com)

This does only work if he has currently access to the Grand Hall. If he is in the part of the game, where he doesn't have access to the Grand Hall, he could install the shared pc mod, to start a new game, where he can generate those pokemons for himself, and share it with his current game file, threw the shared pc option.


Therefore he also should consider to use this packs:


But honestly.... I think you are taking the fun out of the game with all those 'strong pokemon requests'. Reborn is designed to be challenging and that is the whole fun of this awesome game (to strategies and grind, learn movesets which are in harmony with your team and so on). And there is also the fun to find those strong pokemons in the process. I know the feeling when you are stuck at some point in the game. But you can't run threw the game with the same 6 pokemons in your party you started with and trained. In my PC box are atleast 10 more Pokemons to use depending on the situation (You may run threw the game with only 6 pokemons in your party if you are doing a mono run or something similar).


But that is only my opinion tho :)

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