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Silver ring as item and not key item

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So I took a look at it... Apparently the ring is not in the place where it should be. After the suicide of the poison gym leader in Beryl Ward the ring should be located in his secret room. But in your save file, it isn't there.

In another save file I'm currently at this part and you can have a look for yourself:




So now I wonder, what did you do, that you doesn't have it anymore... :/

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On 11/24/2020 at 3:58 AM, SkrYo said:



Can someone please help me get the silver ring as a key item and not regular item? I got the ring pre-episode 16 and are just now trying to complete the pokedex.


Thank you in advance.

671 - Altair - 138h 59m - 17 badges.rxdata 181.47 kB · 3 downloads

That's a backup file

There is one called game.rxdata without anything else I need to fix it

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10 hours ago, SkrYo said:

I deleted the one in the save file (copied it beforehand) and moved the new one into the folder and named it Game.rxdata.

So for some reason it didn't save the item this should have it, double checked that it did before uploading this timeGame.rxdata

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