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Pokemon Desolation Shiny Project- Silvally Edition

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Gotta have fun when spriting, so I always like to think what I would like to see when I do some recolours/spriting. 

So having little ghosts float around silvally in it's ghost form was really fun to do, especially creating an expression for each of them so everything has it's own little personality.

Anyway, these are my attempts at creating a ghots typed silvally:


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Took quite the opposite direction with the ground type silvally. All that water got drained by the dust devils.

This was a fun one to do. Shoutout to @Slowpoke_ for the sandstorm idea, I may have sprited it and brought it to life, but I wouldn't have had the idea without him. So even though he keeps telling me he doesn't need to be credited, I'm crediting him anyway and calling this a collab. 💙

Honestly sandstorm was the hardest part to create and definitely took me the longest to do but it was still fun. 


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