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Pokemon Desolation Shiny Project- Silvally Edition

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As many of you lovely beans may or may not be aware, Pokemon Desolation has an ongoing community shiny project. When it was first announced, I had said to myself: wouldn't it be fun if I made every Silvally shiny form in the style of those in Pokemon Reborn?

It wasn't. 

The purpose of this thread is to poke and prod at all the brilliant minds of you talented gigantamaxed brained individuals out there to make the best Silvally shinies we could possibly create. I have technically made a shiny for every single one of the Silvally typings, but certain shinies are not quite up to the standard that I would like. All the forms can be separated into three categories: "just a dog on [insert typing here]", "Hey, that's pretty good", and "omg ily pls have my babies". While I'm decently confident that visually the sprites do a good enough job at displaying their typing while looking visually appealing, many of the sprites can be boiled down to dog on fire when they could be so much more. Additionally, I think it would just be more fun if the community was more involved instead of having me submit all 18 sprites.

just a dog on [insert type here]


All of these sprites, while not looking particularly ugly, could be much more creative and polished. The ghost type Silvally in particular could easily be mistaken for the poison type. The fire type Silvally ,visually, is literally just a dog on fire.

hey that's pretty good.


These sprites are all pretty passable in my book. They're visually more appealing than the previous batch with utilization of more abstract concepts and ideas. However, I wouldn't complain if someone were to take these sprites and elevate them to the degree of the next batch. Suggestions for these are still very much open.

omg ily pls have my babies


These Silvallys are visually some of my favorite sprites I have ever made period. I feel as though nothing here could be changed to make them any better. A couple of these are in reference to specific characters or ideas and had concrete concepts outlined before spriting was started. (Shoutout to RubyRed for making the Ice-Silvally btw it's gorgeous)

Here is a Google Drive link for ease of access
Any one of these sprites (with the exception of the Ice one cuz I didn't make it) are free to download and edit for the purpose of this project. A majority of ideas/sprites will be posted in the Pokemon Reborn Discord server in the sprite-edits channel. 

If you have a completed sprite, the sprite should first be posted on the Pokemon Reborn Discord and then upon the Desolation Dev Team's approval, the completed sprite should be posted as a reply to this post so that all the sprites can be kept in one place.


List of Types (Completed ones are crossed out like this)



- Normal

- Fire

- Water

- Grass

- Electric

- Rock

- Ground 

- Fighting

- Flying

- Poison

- Steel

- Dark

- Psychic

- Ghost

- Bug

- Fairy

- Ice

- Dragon

For the sake of clarity, any sprites created will be credited under your name. The point of this post is to act as a call to arms to create the highest of quality sprites for Pokemon Desolation. Ideas and sprites are both equally as valuable here. Remember that the purpose of the shiny project is not to be a competition, but to be a community gathering. Ideas and sprites will inevitably not always be accepted and implemented and that at the end of the day, the purpose of this project is to have fun.

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Gotta have fun when spriting, so I always like to think what I would like to see when I do some recolours/spriting. 

So having little ghosts float around silvally in it's ghost form was really fun to do, especially creating an expression for each of them so everything has it's own little personality.

Anyway, these are my attempts at creating a ghots typed silvally:


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Took quite the opposite direction with the ground type silvally. All that water got drained by the dust devils.

This was a fun one to do. Shoutout to @Slowpoke_ for the sandstorm idea, I may have sprited it and brought it to life, but I wouldn't have had the idea without him. So even though he keeps telling me he doesn't need to be credited, I'm crediting him anyway and calling this a collab. 💙

Honestly sandstorm was the hardest part to create and definitely took me the longest to do but it was still fun. 


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