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PC storage/pokeball error

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DISCLAIMER: I am very bad at navigating forums and the like, as well as I'm not exactly sure if this is the proper place to post this but hopefully I did not mess it up.


Now on to the matter at hand. I was casually leveling up some mons in the grand hall and I was at it for quite some time. I went to get a different pokemon from the PC and I got the error posted below. I tried reloading different saves but none seem to solve the issue. I don't know exactly when it started but now I'm kinda stuck. I can't use the Move/Withdraw/Deposit options at all. Every time I try the game crashes completely. MC's PC works fine, so the issue revolves around the pokemon storage somehow. Tried to access different PCs from different Pokemon Centers but to no avail.
Additionaly, I tried catching wild pokemon to see what kind of interaction would happen if I tried to send a pokemon to the PC but upon using a ball i would get another error, this time just spending the ball, but the battle would continue normally.
I started a new game just to see if the issue would remain, but all seems fine. I tried different versions and downloads of the game but still the issue persists. I suspect it's a problem with the save but I chose to post the issue here since there are two layers in this problems as well as the crashing thing.

Thank you in advance and again sorry if the posting place is incorrect.




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