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[To old members-- this is a modernization of the previous version of the thread; nothing has actually changed with regards to this.]


As a community rule, we accept that all people are equally deserving of life, rights and happiness regardless of their race, sexuality, identity, or any other aspect. In support of that, and for the sake of creating a positive and safe environment for all users, we do not allow various slurs and other words in the community. We will list some here, but since humans keep inventing new ways to do harm to each other with words, this list is not exhaustive:










Many of these words, such as the racial slurs, are harmful because their usage is historically steeped in dehumanizing attitudes and oppression as perpetuated by institutionally-privileged groups. Per our aforementioned expectation that all individuals are deserving of rights and happiness, we cannot abide by these words which have been tools used to ostracize individuals outside of a small centralized group.


Some of these words are context-dependent. For instance, using 'gay' to talk about sexuality is fine. Using 'gay' as a synonym for something that is stupid or bad is not okay. 'Rape' in the context of a mature discussion about sexual assault is fine. 'Rape' as a synonym for losing hard in a video game is not okay. Referring to a device or snare to catch someone off guard as a 'trap' is okay. Referring to a character or person as a 'trap' is not. So on. Please use discretion and courtesy as we expect you be capable of doing. We understand that not everyone recognizes the harm of some of these contexts, so we ask that you listen respectfully to others feelings on the matter. 


Using variants or self-censoring those words does not make them acceptable. Because we cannot confirm identities over the internet, racial slurs are not acceptable even if you are of the given race in question. Please do not look for loopholes-- this is not about semantics, it's about the effect language has on other people. 


If you have questions or concerns, please talk to us as staff. If you see some of these words in an inappropriate capacity please report them using the Report feature on the forum or by bringing screenshots to a staff member. Thanks for understanding. 

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