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Thanks for removing the ability to buy x items, thanks for not introducing different difficulty levels, thanks for not making it select-able if I want a level cap or not. I did love the story, only reason why I invested about 500 hours into it regardless, before I quit it as the fights became too ridiculous for me to a point where I could not enjoy it anymore.

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Actually don't understand your hate, as Cadmium48 said, you can buy X-Items with 7 Store Stickers. Actually, Reborn is far from easy pokemon game, if you use your mind, than majority of battles become quite easy. Maybe it's better for you to explore Reborn more, and not put your hate on anyone?

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Okay... It's been about a day, so I hope you have managed to calm down. 


First, regarding an easy mode: do you realize that's a lot of work, given the sheer number of battles? You very probably won't get it from the devs, especially when you so rudely demanded. 


X-Items are indeed available after 7 Department Store stickers (in Obsidia), but they're easy to miss or to give up on (*cough forest puzzle cough*). Here are the locations: https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/9720-sticker-guide-episode-18/



There is also a variety of options if you still want X-items but aren't this far. If you really need some things that appear later in the game, you can use the Sandbox: https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/27076-pokemon-reborn-sandbox-mode/


If you want the level cap gone, there is also (apparently) a mod for that: https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/53754-mod-remove-disobedience-mod/


If you still want to play and beat the game "the way it was intended to", you can still ask the forum. Someone will probably come up with a clever suggestion to help you beat whichever battle you currently don't manage to win. If the difficulty is too much for you to enjoy, perhaps you can watch playthroughs of the game instead (tbh that's what I'm doing with Rejuv and Deso since I'm scared of their gigantic maps and boss battles -- Rejuv has a more casual difficulty setting though iirc). 


On a more hopeful note: I've been playing Pokemon for well over a decade and I'm still hopelessly bad. But I managed to beat E18, with grinding and training and breeding and looking the battles up and way too many healing items. You can do it too. 


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Personally I've found that, in this episode at least, if you backtrack and complete quests and stuff there's almost always something that makes the upcoming gym pretty easy.


What part of the game are you on? Maybe I or somebody else here can help you find something.

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