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Help with the Glass Workstation battle

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I've been trying to get past the third battle for a few hours now but it's just tough.

My Pokemon disobey because they go over the level cap during the previous battles and it doesn't end well I always lose against the Froslass and Metagross on the third battle and now I've run out of options other than to ask for help.


Here's my Pokemon



Speed Boost


Waterfall/Poison fang

Aqua jet/Crunch


Gengar I got him from a trade

Cursed Body

Timid/Choice specs

Shadow ball/Sludge wave

Focus blast/Thunder



Tough Claws

Quiet/Hard stone

Thrash/Iron tail

Accelerock/Stone edge


Alolan Raichu

Surge Surfer

Quirky/Aloraichium z


Thunderbolt/Double team



Toxic Heal

Adamant/Toxic orb

Bulldoze/Aerial ace

Swords dance/Roost



Flame Body

Lax/Sharp beak


Overheat/Sunny day

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well if they go over the level cap then why arent you using common candies? one or two levels lower wont make the fight significantly harder, but the disobeyance is probably costing you the win in the end


if you still struggle to win, i suggest getting the Protect TM, Sharpedo and Gliscor would benefit from that move a lot since it lets them stall for speed boosts/HP regeneration  (in the Blackstream shelter in Peridot, win the coin flip several times in a row)

Gliscor could also use Substitute instead of Protect, to set up Swords Dance while behind the sub, while it can regenrate the HP quickly  (TM should be in the casino iirc)

Talonflame would be better off with Acrobatics and no item than Fly with Sharp Beak, since it does more damage, is more accurate and gets priority at full health

and since a lot of the mons in these fights are weak to Ground, I suggest teaching Lycanroc Drill Run instead of Trash or Iron Tail

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If you're willing to train another Pokemon I'd suggest you pick up Volcarona. Quiver Dance + Heat Wave is extremely good especially against the third fight.

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Discharge. straight up.


Gliscor is immune to it so it can pair with alolan raichu, give it a life orb, choice specs, even a magnet would do fine. Discharge takes full advantage of the factory field and decimates pretty much everything all 3 battles have to throw at you.


Also, be aware that you get healed between all 3 fights, but only fight 1>2 revives your mons, any mons fainted after fight 2 will stay that way, so try to keep them all at least alive before the end of the 2nd fight.

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You can also use x items ,get all your mons down to lvl 73 and pick 3 good pairs . One pair for each fight seriously X items are OP. use defenses first then buff up atk sp.atk and speed

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