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Just Started, "soft" locked on this Box Puzzle?

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I just started this game yesterday and after the first gym I went into this dungeon-type alley and tried this moving box puzzle thing. I spent like 15 minutes fidgeting with it(still don't understand the goal) and eventually my character just froze, and I can't move it. All my menus still work, and I would rather not restart my file. Is there a way to go to a previous save? I saw something on the Reddit about changing file names in order to do revert to an old save, could someone explain this in layman's terms? Or is there just some setting to revert that I missed? Thanks in advance for any assistance. 

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riped straight from cass mouth


A Guide To Finding Your Backup Saves
hello, gaymer. did you fuck up? is your save file broken? do you have to go back in time to fix a mistake that either you or rmxp inflicted upon your file?
this is the guide for you.

Step 1: Go to this location on your computer:
C:\Users\Cass\Saved Games\Pokemon Rejuvenation

more astute readers will recognized that there is the word "cass" in that filepath. they are correct! that is because i took this path from my computer. obviously, you are not on my computer. please do us both a favor and replace "cass" with your username. leaving "cass" in place when copying that filepath will give you an error and, frankly, you would deserve it.

Step 2: you will see a lot of files in this folder. it is a mess. clean up this mess by clicking the "date modified" tab on the top.
one of these files should say "game" on it. that is your current game. treasure it.
but you want to load a backup. yeet that file to your desktop (or anywhere, really, just get it out of the folder.) upon having yeeted said file to your desktop, observe the other files. they should look something vaguely like this:
1263 - Cass - 151h 47m - 8 badges

 if you cleaned up your mess, they should be sorted in order of when they were made. thus, if you want your most recent backup save, you'll want a save near where the original game file you ruthlessly yeeted was. take this file and rename it to "game".

Step 3: open rejuv. rejoice as the game automatically loads your backup save. you have done it. the universe applauds your success.

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