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Finding my limit - Intense run

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Welcome to my topic of my Intense run.

I wanted to do a new run, and asked me long time what kind of run I can do.

Then I decdied: Why not a Intense run, with Mons I didn't use this much. And also why not sharing this to you all 🙂


Hope you guys will have as much fun as I will have with this run 🙂


My rules for this run: (Other rules can be added)

- Try to do every single Quest which I can find (like an 100% run)

- Doing everything on videos(Not the best story creater, so sadly sry 😮)

- Don't debug strong Mons to the beginning (caught myself doing this often by my latest Reborn runs 😛)

- Use Debug only to change nature, Shiny, Ability and set Ev's & IV's (Because I don't have the nerves and time to breed and train me all needed Mons^^)

- I will only push the Ev's of my Mons after I beated the current gym:




I will collect all none primary EV's (In this example HP, Defense, Sp. Atk and Sp. Def) and will divde them into 2 and push them up as example on Speed and Atk


Table of content:

Part 1 - Mommy is away and what now..?

Part 2 - Searching for answers

Part 3 - More of the city

Part 4 - Into the sewers

Part 5 - Melia and Route 1

Part 6 - Helping the Shadow Mons

Part 7 - That's a giant...

Part 8 - Getting ready for Venam

Part 9 - To much poison

Part 10 - Hunting Nim

Part 11 - I hate spiders

Part 12 - Welcome to Sheridan

Part 13 - Searching the lost soul

Part 14 - SEC and his dynamite

Part 15 - Keys, keys and more keys...

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24 minutes ago, Generic Gamer said:

eventually, you will get used to Intense Mode's difficulty, and begin craving more. it's a path that has been followed by myself, and many others.

Can you explain a bit, what you exactly said? 😅 Sry it's late for me and already I am sleepy (sadly can't sleep right now :O) 

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4 hours ago, Generic Gamer said:

What I mean by that, is that you'll likely start finding Intense Mode difficulty more and more fun the further you go. Afterwards, once you're done, you'd probably try finding other tough fangames to test your mettle.

Ahh now I understand it 🙂

Yeah hope it will getting a lot of fun 🙂

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