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Pokemon Desolation: A Ranger's Quest

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1 hour ago, Mindlack said:

Well, it looks like Felicia is having some bright prospects. A newfound friend, a new place to help and explore, a lot of Ranger experience...

What could possibly go wrong? 

Uuhm.... Perhaps NOT a certain Fox Lady, who would blew things up and cause shipwreck? Or maybe I'm just too paranoid and imagine things😅

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3 months passed since I was told I’d be going to the Aryith Region to help out with the rangers over there. Throughout those 3 months, I had talked to the Grass Type Gym Leader Ava and we had gotten closer. I’d would say we had become best friends to each other. It was weird how 2 people who have never seen each other face to face could become so close to 1 another. But it felt kind of magical. Missions in the Hoenn region were declining. There were still bad guys to deal with but not as many. It was becoming a safer region. 1 day, as I was getting ready for the day, my phone sounded off, meaning I had gotten a message on PokeBook. However, instead of it being Ava, who I thought it would be, it was from someone else. It was from someone called Scarlett. I looked on her profile before replying back. She had pink hair with a bow in her hair. She didn’t appear to be some kind of big shot trainer. She didn’t even really look like 1. Looking at her info, I could see that she was also apart of the Aryith Region. I took a look at her message.




Scarlett: Umm… Hi there.

Felicia: Hey? Why did you message me?

Scarlett: Ava has been telling me about you and she… well she told me that I should message you.

Felicia: Ohh. This is Ava’s doing huh? Ok. Sorry if I seemed annoyed or something. Just weird to have someone you don’t know message you out of the blue.

Scarlett: Oh no! I totally get it. It was weird for me to do this too. But Ava was persistent about it. So I did it just to satisfy her.

Felicia: Well I wouldn’t mind another friend. You seem like a nice person anyways.

Scarlett: Thanks! So do you. So Ava tells me you’re a Ranger?

Felicia: Mhm. Been 1 for almost 5 years now.

Scarlett: Wow. That’s a long time. You ever get tired of it?

Felicia: No necessarily. I more am getting tired of being the ranger in the same region. That’s why I jumped at the opportunity to go and join the Aryith Region’s Rangers and help you all out as best I can.

Scarlett: Aww. That’s so nice of you! Yea. Things do seem to have gotten… out of hand these past couple of months.

Felicia: I’m sorry to hear that.

Scarlett: Don’t be. Our rangers do their best. They just need a little help as of right now.

Felicia: So what’s up with you? What do you do?

Scarlett: Umm… I hang out with Ava sometimes…

Felicia: Aaannnd…?

Scarlett: That’s about it.

Felicia: Do you have any Pokemon?

Scarlett: No. I never owned any at all.

Felicia: Wait wait. You never had a Pokemon?!

Scarlett: No.

Felicia: Why?

Scarlett: I guess I never saw the need for it. But I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t had an itch of going on an adventure and catching some Pokemon lately.

Felicia: Yea. Ava has been trying to get me to take on the Aryith Pokemon League.

Scarlett: Sounds like her. Haha. Do you have any Pokemon?

Felicia: I do! I have an Alolan Rattata, Galvantula and an Elgyem.

Scarlett: Ohh wow. That sounds like an interesting team.

Felicia: Mhm. They’ve helped me a lot with my missions. In fact, I saved all 3 of them.

Scarlett: Ohh! That’s so amazing. I’m glad you were able to help them when you did.

Felicia: Mhm. And I wouldn’t have it any other way either.

Scarlett: Now I really do want some Pokemon.

Felicia: Well I’m sure you will 1 day.


*Ava has joined the chat*


Ava: Hey you 2! How goes the chatting?

Felicia: It’s going well actually.

Scarlett: Yea. I think I might try to get some Pokemon sometime soon.

Ava: And it took talking to Felicia 1 time for you to come to that decision?

Felicia: Ohh… I didn’t know you wanted to do that Ava…

Scarlett: I’m sorry Ava…

Ava: Ha! I’m just kidding. I’m glad you want to Scarlett. I’ve been trying to get her to get a Pokemon for a while now but nothing has worked so far. I’m glad you were able to Felicia.

Felicia: Well I’m glad I could help.

Ava: By the way Felicia, are you still thinking about the Gym Challenge here in Aryith?

Felicia: I’m still thinking about it Ava.

Scarlett: Well if you were to do it Felicia… I think you’d do great at it.

Felicia: Heh. Thank you Scarlett.




After that, Ava, Scarlett and I talked for hours. I got to know Scarlett more and she got to know me more. Thanks to Ava, I felt like I had made another close friend. I was kind of hoping when I made it into the Aryith Region and had some time, I could go visit Scarlett and could help her catch a Pokemon. But of course, I would need to help with some of the ranger’s missions 1st before that could happen.

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Months had past since Scarlett started to talk to me as well as Ava. She and I also became fast friends. We would talk about what Pokemon she might wanna catch whenever she wanted to start catching them. It was obvious that she wanted to train cute Pokemon but I could see her trying to go for 1 or maybe 2 strong looking ones as well. It was only 2 days away from Ava to come to Hoenn on a boat and take me back to the Aryith Region. Also in those 2 days would be my birthday. Which means I’d be leaving as soon as I turned 18. Scarlett and Ava messaged me on PokeBook.




Ava: Hey. You 2 on here?

Scarlett: Mhm!

Felicia: Yep. Luckily, I just got back from a mission. So I’m taking a break for the rest of the day.

Ava: Nice. Was it a difficult 1?

Felicia: Ehh… Not really. Just had to find a trainer’s lost Pokemon.

Scarlett: I see. Sounds scary for the trainer.

Felicia: Yea. I suppose that is true.

Scarlett: So I have something to tell you Felicia.

Felicia: Did you catch a Pokemon?

Scarlett: No. I want that to happen when you get here.

Felicia: Then what is it?

Ava: Scarlett’s coming along with me to get you from Hoenn on the ship!

Felicia: Wait! Really?! Is that true Scarlett?!

Scarlett: Ava! I thought you said I could tell her myself!

Ava: I’m sorry but… you know me. When I’m excited, I just have to say it to get it out of my system.

Scarlett: Ohh Ava… Anyways, yes. It’s true. Ava got permission from Elliot to bring me along. He got me a ticket and everything.

Felicia: Well that’s nice of him. I’ll have to thank him when I meet him in person in a couple of days.

Ava: So are you excited?

Felicia: You really asking me that? Of COURSE I’m excited! I get to go to a new region and meet 2 of my closest friends for the 1st time in my life!

Scarlett: Aww Felicia. That’s so sweet.

Ava: I know! I can’t wait to see you 2 as well!

Felicia: It’s gonna be great to finally see you 2 after all these months!

Ava: Yea! Boat trip!

Felicia: When will you 2 arrive here by the way?

Scarlett: Umm… If I remember what Elliot told us, we’ll be leaving late at night on Saturday and should be there by sometime in the afternoon on Sunday.

Ava: Yea. That’s right. And then the boat will be there for a couple of hours and then we’ll be back out on the waters and should get back to the Aryith Region by Monday morning.

Felicia: Sweet. Man. I’m still so excited that it’s almost here!

Scarlett: I know how you feel.

Ava: You’re gonna show us your Pokemon when we get all settled right?

Felicia: Hell yea! I want my Pokemon to meet my friends after all. You gonna let me meet your Pokemon Ava?

Ava: How fair would that be to show a possible challenger my Pokemon team so they could get an advantage over me?

Scarlett: Ohh wait… Felicia, have you decided yet?

Felicia: Decided on what?

Ava: If you’re gonna take on the Aryith League! Duh.

Felicia: Ohh yea… That… Well…

Scarlett: Felicia?

Ava: Well… what? Spit it out already!

Felicia: I’ve decided that since it sounds really tough out there, I’m gonna train my Pokemon… by taking on the Aryith Gym Leaders.

Ava: So you’re gonna… That means you’re-

Felicia: Haha. Yes Ava. I’m gonna take on the Aryith League.

Scarlett: That’s great Felicia! Congrats!

Ava: Awesome! We’ll be able to have an official battle then! But we’ll wait a bit. I’m probably a bit over your skill right now.

Felicia: Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?!

Ava: I’m not trying to be cocky. I’m just a higher leveled Gym Leader.

Scarlett: It’s true! She is!

Felicia: Well… fine then I guess. I’ll still beat you when the time comes.

Ava: Ha! You wish.

Scarlett: Maybe I’ll beat you when I start my adventure too Ava.

Ava: Haha. Maybe Scarlett but you’d have to really train hard for that to happen.

Felicia: I’ll be sure to help you train whenever I’m able to Scarlett.

Scarlett: Thanks Felicia.

Felicia: Hey. Wait a minute. Where am I even gonna sign up for the league.

Ava: Hmm… I’m not too sure.

Felicia: Really Ava?

Ava: Haha… Sorry.

Scarlett: Don’t worry. We’ll figure it out once we’re all together.

Felicia: Well it’s getting late. I’m gonna have to prepare myself tomorrow for the next day.

Ava: Yea. I have to get some things ready tonight and then finish when I wake up tomorrow.

Scarlett: Well I already finished what I needed to take with me a couple of days ago.

Ava: Well aren’t you just willing and raring to go.

Scarlett: Maybe. Hehe.

Felicia: Well good night guys. I’ll see you both soon.

Ava: Yea. Night you 2.

Scarlett: Good night to the both of you. Have a good sleep.




After that, I signed out of PokeBook and got ready for bed. I laid down in bed and stared out of my window. Even though I was excited to leave for a totally new region to help out with other rangers, I was gonna miss this place a lot. If it weren’t for Kevin, I wouldn’t be in this position. I felt sad but just for a little. I knew what I was doing would be helpful to other people. I eventually dosed off to sleep, excited for the next couple of days.

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The day had finally come. I would be leaving for the Aryith Region. I had packed up everything I needed for this trip the day before. I woke up and got dressed for this very important day. I went up to my door, opened it and stepped out into the hallway. I looked back into my room 1 last time. For the past 5 years, I was living in this room. So many good memories were made in here. I started to tear up but I wiped them away. Just then, Kevin came up to me.


Kevin: Hey ki- I mean Felicia. You ok?

Felicia: Y-Yea. I’m fine. Just remembering my years here in this room.

Kevin: Heh. Yea. It’s gonna be weird not having you here. But I know you’ll be helping out another region that really needs it.

Felicia: Yea. I am. I’m also meeting my friends from there for the 1st time.

Kevin: Well I’m glad you’ve already made friends. It might make the transition from here to there a bit more easier.

Felicia: I hope it will be. So should we get going?

Kevin: Yea. By the time we get to Slateport City, it should be the afternoon.

Felicia: Alright. Let’s get going then.


I looked into my room 1 last time and then shut the door. I walked with Kevin down the hallway and out into the main lobby. When we reached outside, I was surprised to see every ranger out there, cheering me on and wishing me luck in the new region I was going to. I couldn’t help be tear up once again and thank them all from the bottom of my heart. We finally started to walk down to Slateport City. We shared stories about each other’s missions. This reminded me when I 1st came up here with him and he told me all about his missions he did back then. About 3 hours had passed and we had gotten to Slateport City. When we made it to the ship dock, I could see my parents there. I ran up to them and hugged them!


Mother: Felicia my sweetheart!

Prof. Birch: Ohh Felicia! You’re here!

Felicia: Mom! Dad! Ohh I’m sorry I forgot to call you to tell you I’d be leaving today.

Kevin: Haha. It’s ok. I made sure to let them know so they could see you off.

Mother: Ohh Felicia. We’re going to miss you when you leave.

Prof. Birch: You’ve made the both of us proud with what you’ve done the past 5 years as a ranger sweetie.

Felicia: Thanks guys… Ohh yea. I have another announcement to make.

Kevin: Ohh?

Mother: What is it?

Felicia: While I am gonna be there to help out the rangers of the Aryith Region, I have also decided to take on the League there as well!

Mother: You’re what?!

Felicia: Yea… My friends from over there talked me into it.

Prof. Birch: -laughs heartily- I knew your adventurous side would eventually come out someday.

Kevin: That’s excellent news! I’m sure you’ll do great.

Mother: Well… you are 18. I guess it’s ok. Just be careful alright?

Felicia: I will mom. You don’t have to worry about me.


Suddenly, we heard a loud horn. We all turned around and could see a ship coming into the port. It was definitely the ship that came from the Aryith Region. I knew that it would be some time before I had to get on the ship to go to there. So I placed my things onto the ground and tried to see if I could see Scarlett and Ava. Then, I could see pink hair and green hair and when more people moved out of the way, I could see them. They ran up to me and I up to them and gave each other a big hug.


Felicia: Oh my god! You 2 are finally here! You’re actually here!

Ava: I know! It’s so awesome! It’s so great to meet you!

Scarlett: It feels like it’s been forever! I mean well… we never saw each other but… you know what I mean!

Felicia: -breaks apart from the hug- I have to show you both to some people that are here with me.

Ava: Alright.

Scarlett: Sure! I’d love to meet them.

Felicia: So 1st, I’d like you to meet my mother.

Mother: Hello you 2. I am Felicia’s mother.

Ava: Hello there.

Scarlett: It’s nice to meet you.

Felicia: And this right here is the top ranger. This is Kevin.

Kevin: Hello there Ava and Scarlett. It’s nice to meet you. I’ve heard a lot of things about you from Felicia.

Ava: Well I hope they were good things.

Scarlett: She’s told us things about you as well. Must have been a very good influence on here.

Kevin: Well well. I’m glad I have been.

Felicia: -blushes- Uhh anyways! And this person right here is my dad. He’s the professor of this region.

Scarlett: Nice to meet y-


Prof. Birch: Uhh… Y-Yes?

Ava: That… is… AWESOME! Felicia, how come you never brought this up when we talked about our parents?

Prof. Birch: -laughs- You never told them your old man was the professor of Hoenn Felicia?

Felicia: Whoops. Guess I didn’t see a need to say that but now that I’ve seen this outburst here…

Ava: It’s so cool you 2 are related!

Prof. Birch: Well thank you Ava. That’s very kind of you to say.

Mother: She’s very loud isn’t she? -chuckles-

Scarlett: -chuckles back- Yes but you get used to it after a while.

Kevin: So now that everyone is here, what do we do? The ship won’t be leaving for a few hours?

Prof. Birch: I have a suggestion. Felicia, I would like to have a battle with you.

Felicia: W-Wait. What?! You wanna battle me?

Prof. Birch: Mhm. I’ve wanted to for some time now to see just how much you’ve grown as a person and trainer. And I would say that now is as best time as any to do that.

Felicia: Well… Fine. I accept.

Kevin: We should head out of here and do it on the big roads of Slateport City.

Prof. Birch: Good idea Kevin. Come on everyone.


The group all went outside of the port and found a big enough road for the battle to take place. My father and I took our spots on this battlefield. A few people walking around noticed us and crowded around us, wondering what was going on. Some of them noticed my dad and could see he was ready for a battle. When they saw me, I could hear some murmuring about a battle taking place between a famous father and famous daughter. I never considered myself famous but it felt good to be noticed.


Prof. Birch: Alright hun. Are you ready?

Felicia: Yea! This is gonna be fun! I can feel it!

Prof. Birch: 1 thing before we start. How many Pokemon do you own?

Felicia: Uhh… 3. Why?

Prof. Birch: Perfect. I’ll use 3 as well.

Ava: Well I’m used to battles like these. I’ll act as referee. This match will be a 3 on 3 battle. The person that still still has Pokemon standing will be the winner! Aaannnd go!


The battle between my father and I was and tough 1. He had used all 3 starters of the Hoenn region. Treeko was 1st and I used Alolan Rattata. It was a tough battle but in the end, the 2 knocked each other out. The next 2 Pokemon to come out were his Torchic and my Galvantula. Despite being evolved, his Torchic was able to defeat my Galvantula. I was down to my last Pokemon which was Elgyem. Since Torchic had taken some serious damage with Galvantula, it didn’t take much for Elgyem to come out the winner in that battle. The last Pokemon he sent out was Mudkip. This was a tough match up. However, at the end, Elgyem barely had any energy left but Mudkip fainted, securing the victory for me. The 2 of us then returned our Pokemon back to our PokeBalls.


Ava: And the winner of this battle is… Felicia!

Prof. Birch: -laughs heartily- Congrats my little girl.

Felicia: Thanks dad. That was a tough battle though.

Mother: That battle has calmed me down some.

Felicia: Huh? How so?

Mother: I asked your father to battle you to see if you could really take care of yourself out in uhh…

Scarlett: The Aryith Region?

Mother: Yes! That place. I was worried. But seeing how you battle… I feel better now.

Felicia: Heh. Should have expected that but I gotta say it was fun battling him.

Ava: It was awesome seeing you 2 battle!

Kevin: Indeed. It was a fantastic battle.

Scarlett: Hey guys? I don’t mean to put a damper on things but the ship is gonna be leaving soon and if we don’t get back on it soon…

Ava: Ohh shoot! Come on everyone! We gotta get back to the port!


The lot of us rushed back into the port. I grabbed my stuff and said my final farewells to my parents and Kevin. The 3 of us then boarded the ship. We went to the back of the ship. I saw my parents and Kevin and waved good bye to them 1 last time. Soon, the ship was so far out, I was unable to see them. I was officially on my way to the Aryith Region.

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For a while I didn't understand why "Father vs daughter" was in the chapter. I thought it was an odd way for the parents to say goodbye... until I saw the rather unexpected battle. That's a nice touch.

But Felicia does lose points in my opinion for failing to inform her parents of the day she's leaving, when she's known months in advance. 


Now that the prologue is over, we'll be able to get to the main story. I'm excited to see how you'll write it! 



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We started to walk around the ship looking for my room. We all had separate rooms so Ava and Scarlett already knew where their rooms were. We searched and searched. Ironically, my room was the last room on the floor their rooms were. I unpacked my suitcase and all 3 of us went up to the deck to hang out and feel the fresh ocean breeze hit our faces.


Felicia: Ahh. This feels so good.

Scarlett: It really does.

Ava: I agree. It feels better experiencing this with the 2 of you though.

Felicia: I agree. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe we’re all hanging out in person finally!

Scarlett: Yes yes yes!

Ava: This is gonna be so awesome!

Felicia: So what are we gonna do today besides this?

Scarlett: Umm…

Ava: …We can do this some more and then we can go back to your room and you can register for the league.

Scarlett: Ohh yea! There’s a computer in your room isn’t there?

Felicia: Umm… Yes. Yes there is. That’s where I’m gonna register?

Ava: I didn’t see another computer on this boat other than other people’s rooms. I assume that’s how you’re gonna have to do it.

Felicia: Well alright. Let’s soak up the sun some more though.

Scarlett: Definitely.


The 3 of us laid out on the chairs under the sun on the deck. It felt good having taking in the sunlight. It was so relaxing, especially with my 2 best friends. After about 2 hours, it was starting to get dark. We decided to head back to my room and do the league registry for me. We got to my room but when we turned on the computer, it froze up.



Felicia: Ohh you have GOT to be kidding me.

Ava: -smacks the computer- God damn- COME ON! Why won’t the damned computer work?!

Felicia: Uhh… Should you really be hitting it?

Scarlett: It’s probably why it’s not working now.

Ava: -continuously hits the computer- Work damn you! Work!

Scarlett: Ava! Stop hitting the poor thing!

Felicia: Uhh… Wait a minute.

Ava: -hits the computer harder- Ugh! Come the fu-

Scarlett: Wait wait! It’s working!

Ava: Ha! I knew hitting it would eventually work.

Felicia: Actually… the wifi wasn’t on… it wasn’t frozen. It was just looking for some kind of wifi to connect to.

Ava: Ohh… Uhh… Ignore what I did then. But anyways, it’s time to get your trainer card sorted Felicia!

Felicia: I feel so anxious and excited right now. I can’t believe I’m about to do this.

Scarlett: Who’s gonna be the 1 that’s gonna help Felicia set up her trainer card and register for the league anyways?

Ava: Wait. You don’t know Scarlett?

Scarlett: No… Should I?

Ava: It’s only the most AWESOME person in the world!

Felicia: And that would be…?

Ava: -squeals in excitement- Look look! It’s Rosetta!


Scarlett and I looked at the screen. Well, looked at the screen as much as we could. Ava basically had her face right in front of the screen. When I eventually got her to move out of the way, I could see a girl on screen. She had long, flowing, gorgeous, pink hair with a red bow, similar to what Scarlett was wearing. I could see why Ava was such a fan of her. At least by looks.



Rosetta: Hello there and good evening tourists!

Scarlett: Hello.~

Felicia: Hi there.

Ava: ROSETTAAAAA- -gets punched in the arm by Felicia- Ow!

Felicia: Stop it and let her talk!

Ava: -sighs- Fine.

Rosetta: Umm… ok then…

Felicia: Sorry about that. Apparently, my friend here is a huge fan of yours.

Rosetta: -chuckles- It’s alright. I’m used to it. So who is registering for the league her on this fine night?

Felicia: That would be me.

Rosetta: Ahh! Well hello there. Hopefully you’re having a good time.

Felicia: I am so far! Thanks.

Rosetta: So 1st off, welcome to the trainer registration program! As you probably know from your screaming friend earlier, my name is Rosetta.

Felicia: Hello! My name is Felicia!

Rosetta: Ohh Felicia! That’s such a nice name.

Felicia: Thanks! Say, I know we’re supposed to register myself up for the league but I have a quick question. Why are you so famous?

Ava: Felicia! You can’t ask Rosetta su- -gets mouth covered up by Scarlett-

Scarlett: Ugh. You’re too much Ava. Continue Felicia. Sorry Rosetta!

Rosetta: Well to answer your question, I am the Fairy Type Gym Leader and also star singer of Cellia City!

Felicia: You’re a Gym Leader?!

Rosetta: Mhm. That’s right.

Felicia: Wow… I didn’t expect that. Well it’s an honor to meet you.

Rosetta: Why thank you. Anyways, I think we’ve gotten a little off track here. I’ll be guiding you through this registration process.

Felicia: So what do I need to know?

Rosetta: Well let me tell you just a little bit about Cellia City. Cellia City is the capital of the Aryith Islands!

Felicia: Wait. Aryith Region is composed of islands?

Ava: Oops… Did I forget to mention that?

Scarlett: I guess I’m to blame for that too.

Rosetta: Well you know now! Aryith is 1 of the most expansive regions in the world due to it being composed of many large islands. We hope to give you the nicest possible stay! We have 1 of the richest battle cultures in the world here, but before all that, we have to get through some chores! Just follow me as I navigate you through the prompts on your screen.

Felicia: Alright. I’m ready Rosetta.

Rosetta: Great! Now I’m not sure if you know this but in the Aryith Region, we have 12 Gym Leaders you can work towards!

Felicia: Yes I know that. Miss Loudmouth over here told me that.

Ava: Hey!

Rosetta: That’s great! Cellia City is more than just battling you know. Many people find their home here and you could be the next. Now let’s set up your Trainer Card now shall we?

Felicia: Sure! Let’s do it.

Rosetta: So I know I can see you through the screen but I just have to be sure. Are you a boy or a girl?

Felicia: -chuckles- It’s fine. I get it. I am a female.

Rosetta: Great! Now type in your name for me please.

Felicia: Sure! F-E-L-I-C-I-A. Aaannnd enter.

Rosetta: Alrighty then. Felicia, you’re all set to go.

Felicia: Really? Already?

Scarlett: That was really fast.

Rosetta: Usually does. -chuckles- Anyways, I hope to battle you 1 day Felicia.

Felicia: And I look forward to battling you too Rosetta.

Rosetta: Good. See you soon!



The screen went black and we waited as the machine next to the computer was making my Trainer Card. Ava was getting impatient but thankfully, it was done and the card slid out on a tray. I picked it up and looked at it. It was exciting to know that I was now registered for the league of Aryith and could challenge Gym Leaders.


Felicia: Wow… This is awesome!

Scarlett: Congrats Felicia!

Felicia: Thanks Scarlett.

Ava: Yea. Nice. Sooo… can we grab dinner? I’m starving. I could eat a Ponyta.

Scarlett: You can’t eat-

Felicia: I don’t think she was serious Scarlett…

Ava: Sheesh. I can’t anything around you can I? Fine. Let’s go and grab ourselves a CIVILISED meal huh?

Scarlett: Agreed!

Ava: You’re such a handful…

Felicia: But that makes her adorable.

Scarlett: -blushes- Th-Thanks Felicia.

Ava: Let’s go up to the deck guys.

Felicia: Actually, you guys go on ahead. I wanna do something real quick before we eat.

Ava: Alright. See you soon Felicia.

Scarlett: Bye!


Ava and Scarlett left my room. It was the 1st time I was alone for a while. I went to my bed and laid down on it. I took out my Trainer Card and stared at it. I was officially registered in the Aryith League now. I couldn’t help but feel giddy and excited and happy all at once. I got out of bed and out of my room. I went to Scarlett’s room to see if she was there. She wasn’t but she had her diary out. I knew that reading it would be wrong but I wanted to see what she wrote down. I took a quick look at her diary.


“Dear diary, today we leave on a boat to Cellia City and then have to take Felicia where she will be officially inducted into the Aryith Rangers. Travelling with her and Ava has been fun and I know we’ll have more fun but I hope I can keep up. I’ve never battled before… unlike them. Hopefully 1 day I will.”


I stepped away from the diary because I didn’t want to read that much and invade all of her privacy. I knew in my heart though that she would battle someday and that me and her would have a great battle. I headed out of her room but when I got outside, a Glameow was standing there in front of me.



I look around the hallway looking for its trainer but I couldn’t see anyone. This couldn’t be a random, wild Pokemon could it? I bent down and petted the top of its head. It started to purr. I hoped its trainer would come back for it soon. I went to leave up the stairs but I could hear a commotion come from Ava’s room. I ran to her door and ran in. I could see that a Pokemon was out and giving her trouble.



Felicia: Ava! Are you ok!?

Ava: Ohh hey Felicia! What are you doing here?

Felicia: I was about to go to the deck but I heard a commotion in here and thought I’d check to make sure everything was ok.

Ava: Ohh that. Don’t worry about it. I was just brushing my hair. But my damn Pansage won’t stay in its PokeBall.

Felicia: Ohh. Ok. Good.

Ava: Hold on. Were you worried or something?

Felicia: Well yea! You’re 1 of my best friends! Of course I was worried!

Ava: -chuckles- Well I appreciate the concern Felicia. But we both know that I’m basically invincible.

Felicia: -chuckles- I don’t know about invincible Ava.

Ava: But hey. Could you give me a moment to get ready?

Felicia: Yea. Sure. I’ll meet you up on the deck. Hopefully Scarlett is already there.


I walked up the stairs and was soon on the deck. I walked over to where the tables were. I could see Scarlett sitting in 1 of the seats so I went there. I sat down and chatted with her for a couple of seconds before Ava came along and sat next to me. She seemed to be a little more calm than when I saw her in her room before.



Felicia: Is your Pansage better now?

Ava: Yea. I gave it some PokeSnax and it calmed down. Guess it was hungry.

Felicia: Good.

Scarlett: Ohh Felicia. I wish we could show you all of Cellia City. The lights are brights, the skyscrapers reach beyond the clouds and the city never sleeps. And Rosetta… You’ll love her if you get the chance to meet her.

Felicia: Well… maybe we could take a day to look around Cellia City before you guys take me to the Ranger’s base. Maybe even try to meet Rosetta.

Ava: Sure! I’m sure Elliot won’t mind if you’re a little late. But uh… I get to meet Rosetta 1st before either of you 2.

Felicia: -chuckles- Yea yea. You can go meet your girl crush.

Ava: What?! She’s not my… Shut up!

Man: Ma’am, we came here on strict business to organize a truce with you and your people.

Woman: We could combine both our goals! Be something bigger and better!

???: Tsk, tsk. I don’t know why you bother. I’m not even here for you. My current goals are far more important than your little brigade. And for you to feel as though you could waste my time? I expected something better than words. Yet you think you can get away with a pathetic little… truce? Ha! Let me make 1 thing abundantly clear. We have no intention to work with you, ever. The only time we will interact with you at all is if you’re in our way and we need to remove you.

Man: How dare you… Listen here, lady. You’re here to make an agreement. You WILL make an agreement.

???: Or what, hmm? I could get rid of the both of you this instant, if I really wanted to.

Woman: Ok! Ok! There’s no need for anyone to get mad here. Let’s just enjoy our lovely dinner, hmm?

Man: Hmph.

???: Sure thing. I’ve been waiting for my plate for hours now.

Ava: -whispering- Uhh… Did you guys hear any of that…?

Felicia: -whispering- Yea. None of that sounded right at all.

Scarlett: -whispering- Sounded like some kind of argument… We should keep our distance from those people.

Felicia: -whispering- Yea. You’re right. I guess my ranger duties will be starting earlier than we all planned for.

Ava: -whispering- You’re gonna report this incident Felicia?

Felicia: -whispering- Without a doubt. They don’t seem like people that should go unnoticed. Where’s the captain’s office?

Ava: -whispering- It’s just upstairs. Can’t miss it.

Scarlett: -whispering- Ava and I will just wait here for now. Try not to take too long though.

Felicia: -whispering- I’ll try not to. If anything else happens, just message me.

Ava: -whispering- Got it.


I got up from my table and walked back into the ship. I took a cautious look behind me to make sure I wasn’t being watched by the 3 individuals at the other table. Luckily, they didn’t seem to care that I had left the area, which was a good thing. I got upstairs and was just about to go into the captain’s office when someone walked out and into me, knocking us both onto the ground. I looked at who I just walked into. It was a young man that seemed to be dressed properly, had glasses and his hair reminded me of what the sun might look like up close. He didn’t seem too happy that I walked into him like that though.



Felicia: I’m so sorry about t-

???: Damnit girl! Watch where you’re going!

Felicia: Whoa! I was trying to say I was sorry!

???: You’re wasting my time and it’s only been about 30 seconds! Can’t you see I have crooks to catch?!

Felicia: Crooks?

???: Yea. What’s it to ya?

Felicia: Me and a bunch of my friends saw an argument down on the deck below. It didn’t sound like a regular argument either.

???: Hmm. An argument you say?

Felicia: Yes.

???: Well I guess you’re lucky. I was about to roast your face off.

Felicia: -thinking to myself- I’ve been talking to him for only a minute and he’s already annoying me to hell and back.

???: Listen to me very closely, seeing as you’re now involved. There have been some reports from back home that members of some petty street gangs hopped aboard this cruise ship.

Felicia: Some street gangs huh? If that’s true, people aren’t all that safe on this ship then.

???: Uhh YEA! That’s a no brainer genius.

Felicia: Do you have to be this annoying?

???: You’re the 1 that bumped into me. You’re the annoying 1 here.

Felicia: Look. I’m a ranger from Hoenn and I’m going to Aryith to help your rangers. So maybe treat me with a little respect at least?

???: A ranger? You? You don’t look the part… But whatever. We don’t have time for bickering.

Felicia: -talks to myself quietly- You’re the 1 that’s starting all of this bickering.

???: Anyways, it’s obvious who they are but without evidence… there’s not much I, or I guess we, can do about it.

Felicia: So what do we do then?

???: Well YOU can either help or be useless. Just try to find clues and bring them to me so I can try to figure out just what the hell is happening.

Felicia: So you want me to do all the work so you can take all the credit?

???: I just don’t want to be associated with a scrub. I’ll be in my study. It’s the room right underneath the stairs. Keep this between us only. Got it?

Felicia: Yea yea. I got it. You nerd.

???: Shut it! Last thing I need is a bunch of idiots panicking and I don’t need you, the queen of them, to start it.

Felicia: Ugh! Can I just start looking for clues already?

???: Yea yea. You know… I have a really bad feeling about this.


The young man then went downstairs and into his study. This encounter with him left me with an annoyed taste in my mouth but we unfortunately needed to work together in order to save the people on this boat. I went downstairs and went to the dock where I last saw Scarlett and Ava but they weren’t there. Neither were the 3 other people that were there. I was worried that something had happened to Ava and Scarlett but I wasn’t all that far from them when I was talking to that annoying young man so they couldn’t have been in any trouble. I decided to go see if they were in their rooms. When I made it down the stairs though, I could see the woman from before meddling with the door.


Felicia: Hey! You there! Stop whatever it is that you’re doing!



???: Hmm? What do you think you’re doing? Creeping?

Felicia: I’m part of the Aryith Rangers! Stop what you’re doing and come with me!

???: A Ranger? Hmm. This could be more interesting.

Felicia: What is it that you’re doing?

???: How about you mind your own damn business, you brat.


The woman walked up to me and looked me up and down. She then shoved me out of the way and ran up the stairs. I didn’t what else to do. Investigate the room she just came out of or try to chase her down. In the end, I decided to check out the room. That turned out to be a waste of time though as she had messed with the lock and I wasn’t able to go in. I didn’t want to but I knew I had to go back to that young man and tell him what I saw. I ran upstairs and searched for the room he was staying in. When I found it, I went inside and prepared for him to annoy me with his talking.



???: Hopefully you’re not here to bore me with useless information.

Felicia: No. I saw a woman downstairs coming out of a door. I tried to open it but it won’t budge.

???: Well well. This is a shocker. You actually brought back some kind of useful information. So she was in the lower cabins huh? Interesting.

Felicia: I really hate to ask this of you but do you think you can somehow unlock the door so we can go inside?

???: Ha! So you’re relying on me to open the door. I suppose I can. Alright. Let’s go rookie.

Felicia: -thinking to myself- Rookie? The hell does he mean by that.


The young man rushed past me and down to the lower cabins. I followed suit. By the time I got down there, he was already fiddling with the lock. Soon, he got it unlocked and the door slowly opened. He had me go in 1st. In his words, I was more “expendable.” Whatever that meant. I didn’t have time to argue with him though. I ran inside and could see that this room wasn’t a regular cabin room. It looked like some kind of storage room. I searched the room to see what she could have done. Then, I could hear something. When I got closer, I could hear a ticking sound.



I panicked, realizing what it was. It was a bomb. I unfortunately left the bomb in the room and ran out of the room and almost slammed into the young man again.


???: Oh. You’re back… and in 1 piece unfortunately.

Felicia: Wait. What do you mean unfor- Ugh! That’s not the point! We’re in big trouble!

???: Why’s that?

Felicia: There’s a bomb in there!

???: WHAT?! A bomb?! Why didn’t you just say so right away?!

Felicia: Shut! Up! What do we do?!

???: I’m gonna call the captain. You just sit there and look dumb. Like usual.

Felicia: You son of a…

???: -takes out a cell phone and dials a number- Ugh! Come on! Pick up the phone! Yes! Finally! Listen to me! There’s a bomb on board! If you have any brain cells left, you’ll agree with me that we need to get everyone off the boat and fast! -hangs up the phone-

Felicia: So what do we do now?

???: I don’t like saying this but… you’re coming with me novice.

Felicia: Ok. 1. Stop calling me names. It’s annoying as all hell. 2. Why am I coming with you all of a sudden?

???: You wouldn’t survive this whole ordeal without me. Don’t worry though. I’m used to babysitting everyone at this point. Come on! Let’s move!


I wanted to go search for my friends but I had a feeling they were already out on the deck. As me and this young man were hurrying up the stairs, the captain’s voice could be heard on the speakers, telling all the passengers on board to get on the deck as quick as possible and get on the lifeboats. We ran out on the deck on the right side. I could see Scarlett. Ava was out near the bow of the boat. The girl that I saw downstairs a bit ago was right at the end of it. The young man joined up with Ava as I caught up with Scarlett.


Felicia: Scarlett!

Scarlett: Ohh Felicia! -hugs her- I’m so glad you’re alright!

Felicia: -returns the hug and then lets go- Are you ok?

Scarlett: I-I’m scared but I’m unharmed.

Felicia: Where did you guys go to? I came back after talking to that orange haired young man up there but you guys weren’t there.

Scarlett: We… we saw her kill those 2 people.

Felicia: She what?!

Scarlett: Yea. She stabbed them and then threw them overboard in the ocean. We decided to go and try to come up with a plan. But then the announcement over the speakers came and now…

Felicia: Alright. I’m gonna join up with Ava and that annoying dude. Stay back here and be safe.

Scarlett: I will Felicia. Please be careful.


I left Scarlett and joined with Ava and the orange haired young man. The woman was still staring out at sea. The orange haired young man turned to me, looking annoyed.


??? (Young Man): You? Do you even have any Pokemon?! If not, you’ll just be in the way!

Felicia: Yes I do! You’re the 1 that’s in our way!

Ava: Besides, even if she didn’t, I have Pokemon and they’re twice as good as yours nerd. Now you… Well where do I even begin? You’re wearing an outfit like that? In this weather? Pfffft.

Felicia: Tell us what you’re doing here and fast! My friend here isn’t the most patient person.

??? (Young Woman): Explain what? Since when did you give commands?

Ava: Cut the crap! I saw you kill those other 2!

??? (Young Woman): That’s right. I did. They were just in the way. So I took care of them.

Felicia: What are you planning on doing?! Why are you doing all of this?!

??? (Young Woman): Listen here ranger. You may think you’re the big shot here but you’re not. I don’t have to explain myself here. They were asking for it. But my work here is done and if I’m being honest, I’d rather not leave anything behind. Hopefully you won’t bare any hard feelings though.

Ava: What the- The hell is wrong with you?!

??? (Young Man): Actually no. How about this… We beat you in a battle and you stop the explosive. We won’t report what happened here and you don’t get blood on your hands.

Felicia: What the hell are you doing!?

??? (Young Man): You got any better ideas?

Felicia: No but that’s still not a great idea!

??? (Young Man): Yea? Well it’s better than having no plan at all.

??? (Young Woman): Hmm… You know what? I accept.

Felicia: Wait. You what?

??? (Young Man): You really accepted that? Good news Felicia. I found someone more stupid than you.

??? (Young Woman): -laughs loudly- How cute. The boy thinks I’m dumb. Now come on. Let’s battle. Let’s go Blaziken!


The young woman pulled out her PokeBall and out popped a Blaziken. Ava was going to send out a Cradily, the young man was going to send out a Growlithe and I was going to send out my Elgyem. But something was wrong. The PokeBalls weren’t opening. Our Pokemon weren’t coming out. The lot of us were confused.


Ava: The hell?! My PokeBall… it won’t open?!

??? (Young Man): Mine won’t either!

Felicia: My PokeBall won’t work either! The hell is going on?!

??? (Young Woman): Aww. What’s the matter? They won’t work? What a shame. Do you think I’m stupid! I knew 2 Gym Leaders were on board this ship! Of course I came prepared! But you… I didn’t expect a ranger to be on board. But still, without your Pokemon, you’re all useless.

Felicia: Ugh! Damnit!

Ava: Now what?!

??? (Young Man): Urgh! Damnit! Fight us fair and square!

???: (Young Woman): Fighting? Oh no no. No fight will-

Glameow: Glameow!

Felicia: Wait… That’s-


From behind me, the Glameow I had met before jumped in front of me and got into an attacking position. I scanned the deck for its trainer but I couldn’t see anyone that seemed to be in control of this Pokemon. It looked like this Glameow was a wild Pokemon and for some reason had taken a liking to me.



Before anything happened though, the young woman ordered her Blaziken to use Double Kick on Glameow. With frightening speed, the Blaziken landed its attack, instantly knocking out the Glameow. I ran up to it to make sure it was ok.


Felicia: Glameow! Are you ok?!

Glameow: Gla… Glameow…

??? (Young Man): Well that didn’t work out too well.

Ava: Damnit… Damnit!

??? (Young Woman): Well that was mildly entertaining. But no more being nice. Remember when you said I would have less blood on my hands if I let you go? Well there’s a problem with that.

??? (Young Man): Shit!

Ava: Scarlett! Everyone! Get off the ship now! Felicia, grab the Glameow and get off the ship too!

Felicia: Right!


Everyone started to try to make it to the lifeboats. As I was getting away, I could hear the woman talking and saying that she was part of a gang called the Black Foxes. She then had Blaziken start wrecking the ship. Unfortunately, some people were killed by the Pokemon. After a couple of minutes, she returned her Pokemon back to her PokeBall. She then sent out her Crobat and hop on it and flew away. Seconds later, an explosion occurred. The boat blew up into pieces. I had no idea what happened to that young man or Ava or Scarlett. 1 of the pieces of wood had hit me on the head, making me come in and out of consciousness. I was able to get Glameow onto that piece of board though and keep it safe but I eventually passed out on that same piece of board, floating aimlessly in the ocean.




Ava +10 (10/10): She's 1 of my best friends and I'm glad we're together along with Scarlett on this trip. Just wish the trip would have ended well...


Scarlett +10 (10/10): She's 1 of my best friends and I'm glad we're together along with Ava on this trip. Just wish the trip would have ended well...


??? (Young Man) +2 (2/10): A really annoying man who needs to really stop calling me names. But at least he was trying to help us... somewhat...


??? (Young Woman) +0 (0/10): This psycho killed those 2 people, killed Arceus knows how many people on that ship and also blew it up? She must be stopped.


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*In Joker voice* And here we go. 


Welp guess Felicia has now lots of challenge in Aevium now, especially with evil forces and jazz. And I wonder, what her realitionship with Aderlyn will be, given both are Pokemon Rangers and the latter's first appearance. Perhaps you can make Aderlyn her mentor, after Felicia is joinining the Ranger Guild. Maybe giving her a Flying Pokemon as a Egg? A Noibat, Swablu, Togepi, Starly or Rufflet? That would be a nice symbolic touch, if you ask me.


Also the prologue was kinda nice and a beginning to start with. But Connor is again your typical jerk, but not so like Fern at the beginning and that's peeves me alot because of the former.

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Felicia: Ugh…

???: Ohh for the love of… Of ALL people I had to find in this wreckage… Why couldn’t it have been someone helpful?

Felicia: Hurgh…

???: -sighs- Normally, I wouldn’t mind leaving someone as pitiful as you but… I feel like I might feel bad later for it.

Felicia: Ow… That voice… says so…

???: Familiar?

Felicia: …Annoying…

???: Wha- ANNOYING!? Ugh. No point in arguing with someone who’s barely conscious. Come on. Get up. Open your eyes and get up! I SAID GET UP DAMNIT! -smacks Felicia’s face-


I felt a stinging sensation on my cheek. My eyes flung open and I sat up, holding my cheek from the surprise pain. When I could focus on what I was looking at, I could see that I was on some kind of island and the rain was down pouring. I looked in front of me and could see that it was the orange haired young man from on the ship. Of all the people that I could have been stuck with, why did it have to be him? I slowly got up on my feet. I had a headache.



Felicia: Ugh… Did you just slap me?

???: Sorry about that buuut you wouldn’t wake up. Had no other choice.

Felicia: Yea. Sure you didn’t. Where are we anyways?

???: I’m not too sure right now. It’s too dark and rainy for me to see if I recognize this place.

Felicia: Just great. Hey wait… Where’s that Glameow?!

???: Chill out. No need to scream. The cat’s fine. It’s right next to us resting. Although, I don’t know how much rest it can get with all of this raining pouring on it. I made sure it was ok before waking your lazy ass up.

Felicia: …What’s your name?

Connor: Connor. Why?

Felicia: …Thanks for taking care of Glameow.

Connor: Uhh… Yea sure. Whatever. Enough of this though. We need to get out of this storm.

Felicia: Where the hell are we gonna go to get out of it?

Connor: I searched this island while you were taking your nap and there’s this small opening in the forest. Probably won’t be completely safe from the rain but there will be less of it hitting us.

Felicia: Alright. Let’s get there then.

Connor: By the way, don’t think that we’re friends. I just know that you wouldn’t make it without me.

Felicia: Trust me. I wasn’t thinking that at all.


I picked up Glameow and carried her as I followed Connor into this little opening in the forest. He was right. It didn’t completely stop the rain but less of the rain hit us. I laid Glameow back down onto the ground when we got far enough in. Then Connor and I searched for some wood and sticks so that we could build a fire. After about an hour, we got enough to make a fire. Luckily around that time, the storm died down a lot. Rain was barely pouring down now, which made lighting a fire much more easier. We sat around it to try to warm up and dry ourselves as much as possible. Glameow sat next to the fire for a couple of minutes and then went behind me and laid down and fell asleep. I pet it for a little bit before going back to the fire.



Felicia: This is all so…

Connor: Fucked up?

Felicia: Yea. Basically.

Connor: I can’t believe things turned out like this…

Felicia: Yea…

Connor: I didn’t say that to what happened. I said that because I was hoping I would find someone that would be a little bit strong.

Felicia: Ugh. I am strong! You 4 eyed nerd.

Connor: Whatever you say you wimp. But it looks like I’m stuck with you huh?

Felicia: And I’m stuck with you too.

Connor: Hmph… It’s Felicia right?

Felicia: Huh?

Connor: Your name. It’s Felicia right?

Felicia: How did you know that?

Connor: Your friend shouted out that name before everything went to hell.

Felicia: Ohh yea… I hope she and my other friend are doing ok.

Connor: Probably better than me.

Felicia: Ugh. Anyways, why don’t you tell me about yourself a little? If we’re gonna be stuck together, we should know some stuff about each other.

Connor: -sighs- Yea. I guess so. I’m a Gym Leader of this region. My favorite type is fire obviously.

Felicia: Oh? Then you must have been who that psycho lady was talking about before when she said there were 2 Gym Leaders on the ship.

Connor: Yep.

Felicia: I guess I’ll be facing you sometime then.

Connor: What do you mean?

Felicia: I’m registered for the Aryith League. Which means I’ll be challenging all 12 Gym Leaders of this region.

Connor: Heh. I actually look forward to facing you then?

Felicia: Why’s that?

Connor: Cus then I can show you just how wimpy you really are.

Felicia: Heh. You wish.

Connor: Although… I’ve been training a new team lately and my strongest team is at home. These new ones aren’t ready for this kind of action.

Felicia: So you’re already making excuses for when you lose to me huh?

Connor: Ohh jeez. Just shut up. You’re lucky you’re with me though.

Felicia: Why?

Connor: I’m pretty sure I have a rough idea where we are and I believe we shouldn’t be too far from a town I know.

Felicia: That’s great! We should try to get there as soon as we wake up.

Connor: That was the plan I thought up of anyways.

Felicia: But… my friends…

Connor: Ohh yea. You came here with friends right? Well… I’m not usually nice but since you’re weak and sort of pathetic, I’ll be there to save the day.

Felicia: Gee… Thank you so much. I feel SOOOO much better now.

Connor: I know you do. Now if you don’t mind, I’m gonna try to get some sleep. I think we’ve talked to each other more than enough for tonight.

Felicia: Ditto. I’m tired anyways.


I laid down on the grass next to Glameow and tried to fall asleep. To my surprise, I fell asleep pretty quickly. All the stress and feeling tired and drained must have made me more tired than I thought I was. I was woken up by something purring near me and something licking my face. I slowly opened my eyes and could see that it was the Glameow that I rescued yesterday. I sat up, stretched and petted the Glameow. I was very happy that it looked like it had gotten its strength back after everything it went through the day before. I looked around but couldn’t see Connor anywhere. It wouldn’t have surprised me if he had left me there and started to look for this place by himself. I got up and ran out of the clearing with Glameow. When we made it out, we could see debris from the ship had landed onto the island. Connor was also there looking at it. I walked up behind him.



Connor: Tch. About damn time you woke up.

Felicia: Why didn’t you wake me up?

Connor: I assumed a scrub needed their beauty sleep.

Felicia: Urgh! Anyways, is this all from the ship?

Connor: Yea it is. But… something doesn’t add up.

Felicia: What’s that?

Connor: There’s all of this debris but… no people?

Felicia: Huh? No 1 else was washed ashore this island?

Connor: No and that’s not right. Something’s going on here.

Felicia: Well we should get going and look for that town you were talking about last night.

Connor: You have Pokemon on you right?

Felicia: Of course I… I… Wh-What the-


I felt around on my belt but I couldn’t feel the PokeBalls that contained my Alolan Rattata, Glavantula and Elgyem. They were gone. I felt my pockets, hoping that maybe I had put them in there but they weren’t in there. All that were in there were 2 empty PokeBalls. I started to freak out from realizing this.


Connor: Whoa whoa! What the hell’s your problem?!

Felicia: My Pokemon! Th-They’re not with me!

Connor: Ohh for crying out- You lost the PokeBalls that had your Pokemon?

Felicia: Yes! Oh my god! Oh my god! What am I gonna do?! Did they come off while I was in the ocean?! Are they at the bottom of the sea?! No! My Pokemon!

Connor: Look! Just try to calm down! Freaking out like this isn’t gonna solve anything!

Felicia: But they’re my friends! My companions! I need to find them! Did you see any PokeBalls from the debris?!

Connor: No. I didn’t.

Felicia: Urgh! What the hell am I gonna do now?! My Pokemon are gone and I don’t have a way of fighting off wild Pokemon or trainers! All I got are these 2 empty PokeBalls.


I took the PokeBalls out of my pockets and threw them down onto the sand. I held my face into my hands and cried. The Pokemon I had for 5 years were gone and I had no idea where they were. I saw Connor come over to me and look at me. He didn’t seem concerned but he didn’t seem angry at me either. He bent down and picked up 1 of the PokeBalls that I had thrown onto the ground and looked at it. I didn’t know what he was going to do. He looked behind me, at the Glameow and then back at me.


Connor: Well… you’ll thank me for this some day.

Felicia: Wh… What do you mean?


He clicked the middle of the PokeBall, which made it get bigger. He then chucked the ball at Glameow. It hit the Pokemon on the had, went inside the PokeBall and shook a couple of times and then clicked, signaling the capture was successful. Connor then went over and picked up the PokeBall and handed it to me.


Connor: There. Now you have a Pokemon.

Felicia: You…

Connor: I’m not gonna protect you the whole way. So just be fucking grateful that I helped you somehow ok? I’m sure we’ll find your Pokemon but right now, we have to get out of here. Besides, that Glameow has taken a liking to you for whatever reason. So quick crying, buck up and let’s get going.

Felicia: -sniffles- O… Ok…

Connor: Now I’m gonna go run east. Don’t fall behind or I really will leave you behind. Later.


And with that, Connor went on his merry way. I didn’t know what to think of all of this. On 1 hand, I didn’t have my original Pokemon team with me. I was hoping that their PokeBalls would just pop up somewhere and everything would be ok. But I knew that wouldn’t happen. At least not soon enough. On the other, and I hated admitting this to myself, if it wasn’t for Connor, I wouldn’t have a way of protecting myself. Plus, he was right. This Glameow took a real liking to me for some reason. As I was thinking that though, Glameow popped out of its ball.


Felicia: Huh? What are you doing out of your ball?

Glameow: Glam Glameow!

Felicia: Do you not like it in your PokeBall?

Glameow: -nods yes in agreement- Glam!

Felicia: Alright Glammy. I mean-

Glameow: -excitedly- Glameow!

Felicia: What is it? Do you like that name?

Glameow: -nods yes in agreement again- Meow Meow!

Felicia: Alright. I’ll call you Glammy from now on. Now come on. We gotta catch up with Connor. Maybe we can do some training along the way too.


The 2 of us started to walk along the shore. Despite the severity of the situation, the view from the beach was lovely. Everything looked calm and beautiful. As we walked along the beach, I had Glameow battle a couple of wild Pokemon to gain some levels. It wasn’t much but it was enough that I wouldn’t worry about losing any time soon. Suddenly, someone jumped out from behind the trees and ran in front of me.



Man: Well what do we have here?!

Felicia: Uhh… Who are you?

Man: No! I shall be the 1 asking the questions around here! Who are you?!

Felicia: Ok. Just calm down. My name is Felicia. Me and some other people got stranded on this island and we’re just trying to get off here.

Man: Hmm… A likely story but you’ll have to do better than that to fool me!

Felicia: But I’m serious!

Man: Enough of your lies! We shall do battle!


The man grabbed a PokeBall and threw it out. I had no choice but to battle him. Thanks to me doing some battles with the wild Pokemon on this beach, Glameow was able to defeat both of his Pokemon. He seemed stunned that I was able to defeat him somewhat easily. Before I left him, he shouted out warning me that there would be more of his people out there. Now I had to be on guard to make sure I didn’t get ambushed. Thanks to me being on guard, I was able to fend off some more attackers. Although, this wasn’t all bad. All of these Pokemon battles meant Glameow was getting stronger. I was able to see Connor next to an opening into the forest. He seemed kind of out of breath.



Connor: Damnit Felicia! You sure took your time! Hurry up!

Felicia: I take it you had to deal with the same people I did.

Connor: Yea. Not happy about it. Had to waste my time with them when I could be closer to Redcliff Town.

Felicia: Redcliff Town? Is that the place you were talking about before?

Connor: Yea. We got through Keneph Jungle here and keep heading north. I’ve heard about travelers often getting lost inside there though.

Felicia: Ohh great. A possibility of getting lost in there with you. What a treat.

Connor: Like I’d wanna be lost with you either! But… it seems that Glameow of yours is a bit stronger now. Now I don’t have to carry you now… at least not all the way. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go on ahead.

Felicia: You don’t wanna go together?

Connor: No offence but I’d rather go in alone. But here. -hands over a Potion-

Felicia: -takes it- A Potion?

Connor: Yea. For your Glameow. Don’t need you falling over again and again.

Felicia: Hey! Glammy is doing just fine!

Glameow: -angrily yells- Glameow!

Connor: Ohh whatever. I’m going now. See you Felicia. -leaves into the jungle-

Felicia: No you don’t! Get back here!


Glameow and I ran into the jungle running after Connor. There was a lot of tall grass coming from out of the ground. I could only guess where Connor had run off to from the sound of feet running through grass. We ran through the tall grass as well but it was hard. We were soon able to get through the grass and eventually get to Connor. There were a bunch of rocks blocking the way up north. He didn’t seem happy with the blockage in front of us.


Connor: Ohh come ON! You have got to be kidding me!

Felicia: Well I guess we can’t go this way.

Connor: You think?! -sighs- I guess we have to find another way around… unless you want me to throw you onto the other side. Heh.

Felicia: Well if there’s a way to get there faster, I’m up for it.

Connor: Ohh… You are. Well you shouldn’t be surprised that I don’t wanna touch you. Don’t wanna have scrub on my hands.

Felicia: -sighs- Yea yea. Whatever. What now then?

Connor: Follow me… this once.


I followed Connor down the way we had just came and turned to go up a somewhat deep ledge. A tree was blocking the way. Connor then called out his Vulpix and had it use Ember to get the tree out of the way. With that, Connor once again raced away from me but this time I decided not to run after him. I walked through the jungle but was once again confronted by those native people. They tried defeating me in battle but Glameow was plenty strong enough to take out their Pokemon. After walking over a bridge, a tree blocked a path to go 1 way. Glameow and I went the opposite but the path was also blocked but what seemed to be the top of a Vileplume’s head.



Connor: There you are!

Felicia: Ahh! Sheesh. You scared me.

Connor: Heh. Good. You deserve it.

Felicia: Ugh. Anyways, what are we gonna do? This Vileplume is blocking the way.

Connor: Yea. It’s sleeping like a baby.

Felicia: Aren’t you a Fire Type user? Shouldn’t your Pokemon be able to get this thing out of the way?

Connor: I tried that earlier. That Vileplume… It’s like it doesn’t notice at all. But luckily for you I have an idea.

Felicia: Ohh great. I can’t wait to hear this.

Connor: Apparently in another region, Vileplume also sleep like this, sometimes for months at a time. Villagers countered this by using a trolpical powder native to the region, Spice Powder. Spice Powder would wake up the Vileplume and make them move away. So I bet the villagers here use the same method to move the Vileplume out of the way. Right?

Felicia: Hmm…

Connor: …Well?

Felicia: Hmmmm…

Connor: Why won’t you answer me?

Felicia: Either way I answer, you’re just gonna tell me I’m wrong or try to make yourself sound more right. So just tell me what the answer is already.

Connor: You son of a… Whatever. There’s a reason this Vileplume is sleeping right in everyone’s path. I think that it belongs to someone. Or maybe it’s just to annoy you. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were the latter.

Felicia: Right now the only thing that’s annoying me, SEVERELY at this point, is you.

Connor: Right… Whatever. Just follow me.

Felicia: -follows Connor up to a tree blocking a path- What are we doing here?

Connor: This tree is blocking the way down. I bet that’s where all these people live. I’m gonna go check it out.

Felicia: Well… I guess I’ll come with you.

Connor: You really don’t.

Felicia: But I really do. So I can annoy you some more!

Connor: You’re already annoying me!

Felicia: Good! That means it’s working!

Connor: Ugh! Enough of this! Come on out Vulpix!


Connor once again sent out Vulpix and used Ember to get the tree out of our way. The tree burned up in seconds. Connor then returned his Vulpix back to its PokeBall. He looked back at me for a few seconds, scoffed and then ran ahead to wherever this path lead.




Connor -1/+1 (2/10 NO CHANGE!): He may have helped me with not having my Pokemon on me but... He's so damn annoying and has to constantly put me down for no reason!





Glameow (Glammy)/Female/Level 13

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Keen Eye

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Quick Attack/Bite/Fake Out/Hypnosis


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Ugh... Every time I'm seeing one of these jerk-allies, I can't help but wonder how exactly they were educated. Are manners so rare a sight in the Pokemon world? (or perhaps parents are). 

Also, it's very suspicious that the natives believe that Felicia is lying before even meeting her. Could there somehow be something unnatural at play here?


Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next ones. 


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