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Any wow player?

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I saw a new expansion coming with interesting concept, so i gave the free trial a go. I played a little bit in its early life, wasn't too fond of or hooked to it, then was severely disappointed in Cataclysm and quit. But i really liked the mechanisms up until and Wrath of the Lich King, while i hated Cataclysm changes a huge deal. Now, i found myself in Battle for Azeroth and it downright irritated me, like a big portion of other players. That level scaling is !@#$. The gameplay mechanism changes annoyed me, especially to crafting (no first aid anymore), itemization (new stats and functions, removal of items like casters can have Staff OR Wand not both, hunters have only one weapon not melee + ranged etc), atmosphere overall. But i liked classes (monk = interesting, new classes for races that did not have) and some other things.


Can anyone say if that horrific scaling is going to be a thing in the upcoming expansion, too? I remember i could pass through grey mobs without them attacking me, or soloing a dungeon at +20 levels, but now such things are nigh impossible. I honestly hate what they 've done with the game.

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