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Sassy Sylveon

Sylveon's Leader Interview - Node!

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Some music to listen too! OwO Hope you enjoy it!


Helloooo Rebornians!
Tonight we have two interviews with two different leaders for our Gym Leader Interview:
This one is for Dark-Leader Node and his Sableye, Shadow!
Sylveon: I'm glad we could schedule this interview with you and Shadow, Node. 
Node: It's our pleasure Sassy! 
Sylveon: Ooh I just noticed that Shadow is wearing a nice looking scarf, care to tell where you got it?
Node: Uh, heh heh we stole it a long time ago from a trainer in Obsidia Ward it was the first thing we ever stole and so Shadow keeps wearing it to this day.
Sylveon: I see so you were a thief before you became a gym leader. What drove you down that path?
Node: Well I guess this will require some backstory. But I was sent to Onyx Academy when my parents could no longer take care of me due to the growing crisis here in Reborn. I wasn't the best student and I didn't have many friends. So I'd often sit on a bench in Onyx Ward and feed the Pidoves some pokesnax. The one day a Murkrow also came I was fine also feeding it some pokesnax but it kept pecking at me. And when I reached for my bag of Pokesnax to feed it to make it leave it was gone. I then noticed that the entire bag was gone and that a shiny Sableye was running towards an alleyway with the Murkrow following it.  I then cornered them but they looked so sad and so hungry that I couldn't bring myselves to be mad at them. From that day forth I would feed them Pokesnax and soon they began to hang around the school more. They weren't really my pokemon as I never wanted to catch them but I did give them nicknames, the Shiny Sableye was obviously named Shadow, and the Murkrow I named Azure. We had a great time and they eventually got me kicked out of the Academy by stealing from my classmates. We then decided to resort to a life of crime to fill our bellies and we became naturals working for the Aqua and Magma gangs stealing for the one who'd pay the most and I've built a small fortune after all of it, we eventually retired though. 
Sylveon:  I see it seems you were a trio, may I ask why Azure isn't also with you for this interview?
Node: Oh she passed away, me and Shadow were devastated after her death as we had been such great comrades after that we couldn't continue our life of crime without her. Sometimes we visit Beryl Cemetery with her child, my Honchkrow Al.
Shadow: (Sheds a single tear.)
Sylveon: Oh my, I didn't realize that she's no longer with you. Maybe answering this question will help lighten the mood. Fellow Leader Aurora asked: How did you became a dark type specialist?
Node: Well it's no coincidence that I began specializing in dark types after meeting Shadow and Azure, they were so clever and endearing. From then on I just started collecting any dark types I could find and giving them a suitable home safe from the disasters that were plaguing Reborn at the time. Some 7th street deals may have been involved and I got my Litten, Froakie, Carvahna, and Houndour from the Magma and Aqua gang as a token of their appreciation. So when I heard that the previous dark leader, Scep, was looking for a reserve I didn't hesitate to apply.
Sylveon: Say now that your no longer stealing from people, what do you do in your spare time?
Node: Well me and my dark type still steal form people sometimes.
Sylveon: What?! Bu-
Node: But we only steal from people we see mistreating their pokemon or wild pokemon. Other than that I enjoy cooking, making sure all of my dark types feel comfortable in my home, partaking in friendly battles, and just taking care of Shadow. She's a real rascal but she's also my partner in crime and my best friend I always make sure to feed her, her favorite gems! They normally cost an arm and a leg but we go on mining trips to get our own. She can also mega-evolve but I try not to do it too often since I know it can tire her easily. She also steals my keys but it's all fun and games.
Sylveon: You mentioned cooking ask what are your opinions on these foods, Rando asked: What is your favorite sandwich? and Yeetus Volt asked: What your favorite flavor of ice cream is?
Node: Confession, but I've never eaten a sandwich I don't particularly like bread. And although Shadow is a huge fan of Blue Moon Ice Cream, I prefer a nice simple scoop of Vanilla with a waffle cone and some sprinkles.
Sylveon:  Another question from a viewer this time HopeBoi999: Most enjoyable pokemon to use within said type, and for what reason?
Node:  Why of course it is Shadow she is a very versatile pokemon with her Prankster ability she can burn or poison you before you know what happens and loves to infuriate the opponent. And when she becomes mega she will often laugh at her opponents as they try to hurt her behind her gem and heals off any damage she has taken she is absolutely scared of Mega-Lopunnys though. She often pulls through for me and will take hits I expected her to fall to.
Sylveon: Ooh sounds menacing wouldn't want to meet that smile in battle despite being a fairy type myself.  Cactus Pear asked: What is your favorite field?
Node:  Why that's a hard question to answer dark is a very versatile type and I have a team for every field. But if I had to pick I'd go with Glitch, Mega-Sableye is an absolute star their, and it helps guard against scary fairy types.
Sylveon: Us, scary? No way. Well I guess that brings our interview to a close any last remarks?
Shadow: Used Thief! (Steals Sassy's sunglasses.) 
Sylveon: Hey, you better give those back! Don't make me spam Hyper Voice! 
And that's it for tonight Reborn! Stay safe and keep an eye for the next exciting news of the Devolved League!
Sassy Sylveon, Over and Out!
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