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Scrapyard Train Softlock

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[EDIT] So sorry for putting this in the wrong spot! I copied where to post this from a really old post, I'll post my issue in the personal troubleshooting page and this can be locked/deleted. Thanks!


I looked this issue up and couldn't find any non file-editing or save back-up solutions posted previously, sorry if I missed a solution.


I flew out of the area after taking the train that moves you into the second section and can no longer board it, stopping me from progressing. I would just use one of my save back-ups, but I did a lot including some tedious grinding and other puzzles. I would be really grateful if someone could just patch me into the market section so I could continue the game, or whatever other solution you can think of other than resetting hours of progress.


Game file attached below, thanks!


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Apologies for posting in wrong section

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