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Zoom lens bug?

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So I am levelling my phaseshifted Solrock holding a zoom lens (with his low speed and analytic, I figured why not).

The zoom lens SHOULD boost my accuracy by 20% if i move last (which I do), meaning 'stone edge' should be at 96% accuracy and 'zen headbutt' at 100+%, but I've been missing A LOT with both against the audino trainer.
So much so, that I actually think my accuracy has been DECREASED instead, as on 40 'stone edge' uses, I've missed 15, and on 16 'zen headbutt's i've missed 5 (which should not even be possible with the item working correctly).


So either it doesn't work and I am being INCREDIBLY unlucky, or it might even decrease  the accuracy instead of increasing it.

Is this a known bug, or...?

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