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Semi-automatic Cliff Placement

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Ever made a cave map or something alike? And ever had to place waaaaay too many cliff tiles?

And ever wondered if that could be done easier? Well it should, and therefore it could!


That's why I made this:



It's a semi-automatic cliff placer!

As you may have guessed by now, this is more meant for developers than for players.


A few things to note about what you just saw.


 - The screen was bigger than normal. That's because I changed the default screensize in the scripts.

Sadly, I don't know off the top of my head how to add this to the mod, so just change that yourself

in the settings of your own script

 - There are more options. I just did the most basic action because that's the most impressive in a short

time. In the download there's a follow-along which goes through pretty much every function.

 - A few spots weren't filled in. This is because the situation that came up is one where the map maker has to

decide themselves what to do. Only happens when dealing with one-tile gaps though.

 - The way I opened up the menu was with the F8 key.

 - What about at which layer stuff is placed at? For the speedrun option I used the tiles need to be placed

on the bottom layer, and the cliffs get placed on the middle layer. However, the other options allow more

control for layer control.

 - Other smalls thing are done in the background, like: a backup of the map is saved, DEBUG is turned on, you

can always walk through all blocks. This is just so walking around isn't a complete bother.

 - Anymore info can be found in the pdf included in the download. Please do read that!




How to use? Just drop the mods map in your data folder! But if that doesn't work, then there's also

a raw txt file of the code included! Just copy that to right before the last part of your script, which is main!

You should still drop the mods map in data, since it also contains some graphics the code needs.


If you got questions feel free to ask. I'll be honest in that it is not the most straightforward to use.


Hope this can alleviate some of the pains of Cliff Hell


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