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Noivern tips for Reborn

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I was wondering if you can help me with a build for Noivern for Reborn gameplay.

I was thinking smth like this:



Ability: Infiltrator or Telepathy

Nature: spA + & attack -

Item: (no idea yet)

Moves (4 from these 7):


dragon pulse

air slash



dark pulse



Thanks for ur answers!

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Ok in my opinion Noivern is pretty good mon the ability should usually be infiltrator but Telepathy can be swapped to in Doubles or against Radomus on the chess field. As for moves the stabs and flamethrower make for a pretty good attacking combo and tailwind acts as nice support considering Noivern's good speed definitely run with either Timid or Modest. And as for item life orb is pretty nice when you get it but an earlier option is Wise Glasses. Hurricane and Focus Blast are also decent if your not worried about the miss chance and Roost can be used for a bulky set but otherwise often isn't to useful. Boomburst does good damage but it can be slightly lackluster at times and doesn't provide for any coverage I'd also recommend swapping out Flaemthrower or Dark Pulse and later Focus Blast when you get it



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A set that I used for a Noivern in one of my playthroughs was this and it worked pretty well:


Timid nature

Boomburst - It is your main move on this dragon, it hits harder than its stab moves and can do a lot for you considering you can finish things off with a neutral move with a big base power(Noivern's speed allow you to finish a job another mon in your team couldn't complete). DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THIS MOVE.

Dragon Pulse - With Noivern's speed there shouldn't be any dragon pokemon in reborn that outspeed it, use it to deal with dragons and ghost types as you can't hit them with Boomburst.

Flamethrower - Better coverage then it's STAB flying type, it is good to deal with those damned ice types.

Tailwind - It is just a really good support move for your team, a lot of mediocre base speed mons can use it to shine in battle.


With this moveset you should have a good time in reborn, you won't really miss having a flying type move since you can use Boomburst against the fighting type gym leader anyway(that circus field boosts the move quite a bit).

Steel types that would tank Noivern can't really do it since you have a fire type coverage.



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Personally for my noivern I used

Timid nature

Item@ wise glasses (boosts power of all special moves by 10% and unlike choice items you can use all your moves)


Evs@ 252 spatk 252 speed and 4 spec def



 Boomburst with wise glasses you can deal extra damage


flamethrower because it covers steel and ice types 


dragon pulse good STAB move and hits dragons hard 


tailwind/Hurricane/Air slash I ran all 3 and there are benefits to all 3 of them tailwind allows you to strike first every time but not noivern is fragile and could die after it sets up a tailwind. Hurricane hits hard and has a chance to confuse is another great STAB move for noivern but 70% accuracy can get noivern killed if it misses. Air slash is another solid option it allows Noivern to have a weaker but more accurate stab move and a few times hit a flinch but with 75 base power it is weaker than hurricane and is only really useable on opponents who are lower on health or Mons that are weak to flying type but still a good option











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I'd say:

-Dragon Pulse

(Good STAB move, only 5 less base damage then Boomburst when STAB is calculated)
-Hurricane/Air Slash

(Both good STAB picks, Hurricane does more damage while Air Slash is more consistent, I'd pick Hurricane simply because I think it's more fun but it's ultimately your choice)


(Good special move, better type coverage then Dark Pulse IMO)


(Great utility, Noivern itself doesn't get much out of it aside from affecting fields but it's great for support, Roost is a bad option because Noivern is squishy and Potions straight up heal more while not taking up a move slot)


As for ability I think Infiltrator is the superior choice in most situations, especially because Noivern can't get hit by Earthquake and Magnitude.


Wise Glasses or Life Orb for item, I prefer switching between the two depending on the situation.


I prefer Modest over Timid nature because Noivern can sometimes fall a little bit short when dealing damage but it's basically up to personal preference.

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