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The Great Member Appreciation Thread 2020 Edition™: Appreciate Harder

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I will probably forget some but here we go


 I don't know your forum name but S_G you're an incredible guy that always cheer people up and is always good to have you near that is almost always there


@Pikaclone God  you're most of the time a fun and enjoyable person that either start a good convo a place or put a place chaos


@MintMan   KYLE, nothing much else to say that everyone hasn't said yet tbh


@Cerise supportive cute person that gives "a happy aura" and a sort of inspiration to what I could be with this whole non-binary thing


@Mu7e VELVET WROM, overall wholesome person and I like you idk what else to say


@IronboundIt's always good to have someone with  the same topics of interest such as walrus dongs to talk about since I really don't have much else to discuss them, ik you have taken a break from the discord but its just to show my appreciation


@Kurohada Raiga Brave you are a very helpful dude and always a good person to have, specially with the somewhat accidental support you gave me with this gender thing


@Aeilac Also helped me with the gender stuff I guess and a great/enjoyable person


I don't know what to say about you besides that I like yall and couldn't think of a way to say something im tired @andracass @ZEL , @Falirion and Sage and that I don't know the forum name


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Been about two years since I posted within one of these. Gunna try and keep it to new people/people still within the general community so; Here we go. Words are hard so this'll largely be brief where possible.



Heya name-buddy! Kinda weird to think you've been here a whole year now. You've been a wonderful presence on the server, both moderating side and as a user and a delight to talk to personally. We share quite a few interests and it's honestly always nice to talk to you about fics, OC's or anything really. I know you've been in a bit of a slump the past couple days so I hope you start feeling better again soon, you rock!




No seriously though, getting to know you better over the past two years has been a terrific experience, especially with all the interests(and tastes!) we share. Sharing art and memes with you is very enjoyable(whenever it ISN'T CURSED). You're also a delight to see participate in discussions, always giving very well informed points and getting your views across excellently. Idk what else to say, words are hard haha.


@Posty@Ruby Red

Grouping you two here because you tend to come in pairs. You're both great people, vc's are a delight and full of laughs usually. Hoping for the best with Desolation for y'all!


@Ojama Yellow@Hycrox

Neither of you need this but just a s/o, probably some of the best friends I've made in this community over the years.  Absolutely wonderful people that deserve the best in life, keep on trucking lads.


Figure I'll also do this now since it seems to be a thing;



Working on Rejuvenation with y'all's been great and even outside of that, sharing memes and talking has been fun in general. T's been a time getting to know you guys. Stay awesome gamers.



Quick s/o, you've quickly become one of the most fun people for me to be around. Easy to mess around with, share a lot of the same interests and similar types of humour. You enjoy watching me suffer in the games I stream a bit too much but its been a ride. Hope things work out well in Uni for you after quarantine ends. 


I think that's about it from this past year alone. I'll do a couple more from people I've only recently met though.


@Cerise @crimsoncrim

Hey you two! Your arts great, hearing others talk about their OC's is always nice too. Ceri, you've only recently joined the server/s but you've made your presence known with a bang. Also definitely looking forward to your work on starlight crim 👀
Definitely hoping to speak/get to know both you more in the future!



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Alright, my memory has been sincerely lacking so this will be the last one of these I make, promise. First off, thank you @AmethystI  truly think you are amazing, all the work you do is super fantastic and you're a genuine inspiration to me. Secondly, @andracassI think you're one of the most humorous and wholesome people I know, I always find myself laughing or happy when you're around and it's genuinely great. Cheers to you. Thirdly, @Azzieyou are legitimitely such a ray of sunshine in the community and I know you probably hear this a lot, but seeing you does WONDERS for my mental and my mood in general. I don't know how you do it but it's literally amazing to me. @IkaruIka you're an amazing fella too and though we don't talk much, I appreciate you when you're around. A ton. @FelixI know you've recently sought distance from reborn, but I will always remember and cherish our friendship. You're an amazing person and I feel like you've helped me a lot more than I can express here. Finally, @Godothey big fella you're the bEST. i almost forgot you twice but that doesn't mean crap because you're one of the best friends i've made here and you're an absolute gem of a person. thank you for everything Godot. Thank you to everyone. Have a nice day. 

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On 6/10/2020 at 9:45 AM, VividGrey said:

A special thank you to @Edo, @keyblade336, @Gastronely, @Duskfang Shadowpaw, @Crystalrage and @Starry Knight! Whenever there's someone in the community looking for help, your names keep popping up in the comments! Your efforts are part of what makes this such a lovely community.


And how could I forget about @Vinnie, @LeoYT, @Dai Laughing and @Lostelle for guiding all of us through the game at one moment or another. Thank you for the great tutorials!


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On 6/10/2020 at 7:22 AM, Octavius said:

@ Commander for absolutely nothing.

My work here is done




Been pretty busy so maybe I'll do one later

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Hi im late to the wholesome party, but better late than forgotten right?


I've been thinking alot of how I was going to write this, because I think that superlatives are stupid, because I absolute love and cherish everyone in this community, and coming back after 2 or so years inactive, seeing what this community is like reminded me a lot of why I stayed in the first place. 


I can't fit everyone here, some people I don't know as well, some are inactive, but ily guys all the same ❤️ So here are a couple people that stand out to me particularly, or have shaped who I am as a person today, cause holy shit I actually grew up (not mentally in the slightest) in this community :') 


@Amethyst Hey, you make a really good game, and created an even better community. I can't believe some stupid Shofu series got me stuck here but here I am. You're probably tagged in pretty much every post here anyways, but I wanna show my appreciation nonetheless.


@Jan @Zumi @Azeria Hey, you guys also make good games! (just wanted an excuse to tag more people I like lol) 


@Arkhi Dude you're like my favorite cali mathematician lmao. You've been such a good friend over the years.


@Rosesong My favorite resident musician! Hearing about your experience in music school and teaching (and all of us hyping you up for your recital) probably had some point in me wanting to pursue music as well lol


@brave idk your forum name: To many your an old face new, but to me, im pretty sure we only started to know of each other this year when you came back lol. You are a good person man, super passionate about serving this community, and being a positive impact here overall.


@chxxo my favorite uwu person lmao. your timezone allows me to see you when im overthinking some random thing at like 2am lol. You're a pleasant person to talk to in general!


@MintMan I genuinely don't know anyone more wholesome in this server, like you just find some way to make us all feel good for like absolutely no reason and I love it.


@Azzie probably the most noticeable person when I first came back here, thanks for helping me get situated here, and for being a genuinely nice person to talk to!


@Starry Knight Thanks for the super cool metal album! been listening to it, and its good background music, which sounds weird since its metal and not calming at all, but it works haha.


now for some old people which may or may not still be here idk.


@Vinny super cool dood


@Skeleton super memorable person! If you see this, thanks for moderating the reborn MC server w/ me lmao, even if that eventually went nowhere, that was still a place w/ alot of memories.


@Wendel (I know you're still here lmao) @Zekktech @InnocentSerenity @Bazaro @roo (rip) god I forget who else, I think it was a dozen or so peeps: The reborn civ 5 group. those were fun memories, in the skype group, chatting with y'all, playing civ (even though I sucked), and just having fun in general lmao. Thank you Zekktech in particular for being so freakin generous and giving me civ 5 for free, god just remembering those times brings me back to fond memories. 




I guess In closing I just wanna say, this place is special. Just before I came here, I was in a hard place, a toxic community both online and irl, and I came here out of sheer nostalgia. And if there is any constant in this place, its that y'all are some of the nicest people I've known ever, and being here, brought back some of that positivity, I didn't know I needed again lol. 



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Better late than never I guess.


Amethyst- As we all know, we wouldn't have this lovely little sometimes chaotic place to call an online home without you. Back when I discovered this place in 2012 I never would have imagined I'd still be here today. Granted, I'm not nearly as active as I once was but I still exist to some degree. Reborn made a rough part of my life a lot easier to deal with, and I would not have met any of the people I did during that time if not for you creating this community. So, thanks.


Ikaru- Bro, you're the unsung hero of this place imo. Or rather, you're basically Reborn's Batman. You and Amethyst have held this place together very well, and all though your appearances to us mere mortals is rare I appreciate the times you do show up with some funny or sassy comment/reaction image. Hopefully we can play PSO2 together! You're an awesome man, Ika, and I don't pick favorites when it comes to admins but you're totally my favorite


Azery- We don't speak as much anymore which is something I'd honestly like to change. I know we shoot the piss about each other all the time, but in the end I hope you know I still consider you a buddy. If nations 4 takes off(and at this point I'm still hoping it was some sick joke) we'll definitely have more shenanigans to experience.


Brave- Even if you're auth again I'm not entirely sure you even check the forums. I'm gonna lean towards the off chance you do. I want to start off by saying sorry for my joke the other day. My fault for scheming with Neo honestly. I joke around a lot, too much if I'm being honest but I should have known better. That being said, I love the hell out of you man. You, as well as the rest of the SU gang are my closest online friends and I hope nothing ever changes that. I know you'll do great things. You have a strong sense of justice, and really great morals. I'm honored to be considered your friend.


Azzie- Honestly, I can't say much but from what I gather you're a really good positive influence. And as the world is now that's a really good trait to have so keep it up.


Bibs- Do I even need to say it? You already know.


Godot- We meme each other a lot but the game discussions are always nice even if we don't see eye to eye on some things. Aerith sucks and XBC2 is better than XBC1.  There's not much fun if you agree with everything your pals say though, so the differing opinions are welcome and usually exciting.  If I'm being real, back when I first joined I never could have seen us interacting as often as we do now. Granted, back then I was more focused on playing Pokemon than anything else lol. Either way, glad we are. Stop calling me by that cringe nickname though.




My cereal is gonna get soggy if I drag this out anymore so I'll just throw out a quick appreciation for the rest of the auth team and the community as a whole. You all make this place thrive and make it an exciting place to be. Without the community, and the auth team to manage the madness that exists within Reborn couldn't survive. So keep being awesome and Reborn could surely last forever. 


Or until Ame gets bored and yeets us all into the cold, black void. 



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@cicada @Amine @Candy @Alistair @Chickens @Newt @Bok Choi @LykosHand @CrimsonDragon21 @Dragoknight @L'Belle @Nano4 @EndearingCharacterTrait @Seal @Walpurgis @restofmafia

Mostly because I get to talk shit with yall without getting muted


@Caz @Posty @Ruby Red

For making green Charlotte Great again


@Jan @Zumi

For teaching me lesbians are the best characters a game can ever have fuck tlou2 haters



For making all of this possible in the first place

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Posted (edited)

💐Special thanks for💐


Being Mafia buddies with them🔫😎: @Newt @Dragoknight @LykosHand @LykosHand @Amine @Chickens @CrimsonDragon21 @Falirion


For giving me inspiration for my works and loving theirs📒📝💖: @Ruby Red @J-Awesome_One @Q-Jei @Azzie


For giving me the right to see my errors of what I did❌✅: @andracass @Hellscythe


For being my biggest fan of Chornicverse😁: @Mindlack


For creating Pokemon Reborn in 1st place, helping me loving it and allowing me to build Chronicverse🤗💝@Amethyst

Edited by Evi Crystal
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@Ruby Red You have got to be one of the sweetest people I've ever met. We met over our shared love and sympathy for fictional characters (and also the discovery that I'd seen, and cried at, your art before), but as I got to know you more I just love you so much. You're so incredibly talented at art and writing- your art glows, it's so beautiful. And you're also hilarious, and adorable, and so, so kind. You were one of the first people who really made me feel welcome in this community, and I'll always be so grateful to you for that. ♡


@Posty: Right from day one of us knowing each other, you've been a kind soul who always works to make people feel welcome. I know I go on about how much you make me laugh, because it's so true- I laugh so much on calls with you and Ruby that my mom knows you both by name now from asking what's so funny. But you're also a really genuine, sweet person. Heck, the first time we really met you were basically defending me from a rude person. I always know if something's getting to me I can talk to you about it, and I know you know you can talk to me too. I'm so incredibly glad to call you my friend. ♡


@Azeria: Name buddy! First off, I also want to thank you for making me feel welcome around here. It's been a bit of a pattern with these so far, I know. But you've been a friendly, helpful presence. Before we really knew each other you helped me when I got stuck in Reborn and Rejuv, and I'm still picking up tips from you. When you DMed me having found my fanfic I thought I was going to die of embarrassment, but you were sweet about it. And I know it's a bit silly, but that little bit of encouragement from someone I respected has really meant a lot to me, and it helped me want to keep writing. But what means even more to me is our friendship. You're hilarious and warm and kind (and a fantastic writer), and I'm so glad to know you. ♡


@crimsoncrim: I honestly don't fully remember how we became friends, it honestly just feels like we have been since we first spoke. You have the most vivid, magnetic, sweet personality that just paints everywhere you go with brightness, and I got caught up in that and swept away in your river of sweet comments and adorable, beautiful art. Honestly you've brightened my day so many times, and encouraged me to do things I never thought possible. And through it all you're a complete sweetheart, and hilarious, and I feel like we can really talk to each other. Please know you're always welcome to talk to me about anything. I love and appreciate the heck out of you. ♡


This one's kind of a twofer: @ZELand @Ice, you both know how much I adore when you tell me stories. Ice, you have the most amazing characters, and I'm always so happy when either of you tell me about them. It makes my eyes go all starry and my heart shine. But even more than that, you've both been such fantastic friends. Ama, you're warm and funny and I think you may love books as much as I do, and I really deeply admire your way with people, how you're so good at seeing the humanity and decency of everyone in any situation. You make me want to be a better person. And Ice, you're hilarious and warm and you make everything you talk about interesting. You've introduced me to some wonderful music, some beautiful FFXIV lore (It's usually sad! But it's always fascinating.) and we've had some really real conversations. I appreciate all of it. You're both my cherished friends and I hope you know how grateful I always am to talk to you both and that you can always talk to me. You deserve nothing but good things. ♡


Shout outs, as well, to @Ame, @Cass, @Winter, @Zumi, @Jan, and all the wonderful staff teams on both Reborn and Rejuvenation. (I won't ping you all, you probably get enough of those.) Not just for making beautiful games- though, that too- but for being sweet and considerate and funny people who always seem to care about the people in the community. All of you (especially you five) have made me laugh more times than I can count, and all of you have in different ways made me feel welcome. And certainly, all of you have helped to make this community a better place. ♡


Finally, some general comments. To the sweet people who hang out in Reborn Discord, I appreciate you all and I'm grateful to you. To everyone who posts anything creative, I hope you know that my day is always better for having seen the things you made. For some folks who may not even see this, but who welcomed me with nothing but kindness, you are truly wonderful people whom I'm glad to know. And to everyone who's posted on this thread so far, and everyone who posts after, I'm so grateful to you for making this community a happier, brighter place. 

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