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I’ve always wanted to go on a Pokemon Adventure of my own but I never really felt like any Pokemon that I came across ever really liked me enough to become apart of my team. It always made me feel… I don’t know. Different. And not in a good way. I felt like I was kicked out of being a Trainer without anyone actually saying it to me. I felt unwanted by Pokemon. The day I was supposed to start my journey, I was 10 years old. Just like any other 10 year old, I was super excited for getting my 1st Pokemon and starting my adventure. My mother accompanied me going to Professor Juniper’s lab. Ohh. I also used to live in the Unova Region with just my mother. Her name is Nancy. Anyways, when I got there, Professor Juniper greeted us with a big smile on her face. She could see the eagerness on my face of meeting the 3 starter Pokemon.


Professor Juniper: Well hello there Matthew.

Matthew: Hi Juniper!

Professor Juniper: Are you ready to pick your starter Pokemon?

Matthew: Mhm!

Nancy: You should have seen him last night. He couldn’t stop talking about today.

Professor Juniper: -chuckles- I don’t blame him. I would be too if I was at his age. Well would you 2 please wait here a moment? I need to go get the PokeBalls.

Nancy: Yes.

Matthew: Yes but hurry please!

Professor Juniper: I will.


Professor Juniper headed to the back of the lab to get the PokeBalls that contained the starters. A couple of minutes passed and she came back into the room with a weird mechanical box with 3 PokeBalls inside. She set them on the table. She pressed a button on the device. It opened up, she took the PokeBalls and threw them up into the air. All 3 of the Pokemon popped out of their PokeBalls and landed right in front of us. I was so excited to see them. I’ve already seen them in person from a distance or on tv but it was a different feeling when you were going to actually own 1 of them. Juniper came up beside me and introduced me to them.


Professor Juniper: I’m sure you know their names already but please allow me to introduce you to them. This is Oshawott, the Water Type Pokemon. This little guy here is Tepig. That’s a Fire Type Pokemon. And this 1 here is Snivy. It’s a Grass Type Pokemon. So go on. Choose your starter.

Matthew: Yes! Hmm…


I thought about it long and hard. I finally made my decision. I was going over to Snivy to choose it. It looked me up and down and then it turned around and seemed to just pretend I wasn’t there. I was quite confused. Juniper and my mom seemed confused as well.


Matthew: W… Why is it doing that?

Professor Juniper: I’m not entirely sure. We have these Pokemon interact with humans everyday so they’re more comfortable with them.

Nancy: So this has never happened before?

Professor Juniper: No. Never. This Snivy is actually very affectionate towards people as well. So this behavior is highly strange.

Nancy: Umm… Maybe choose 1 of the other 2 hun.

Matthew: Ok…


I was disappointed that this Snivy didn’t accept me as its trainer but there were still 2 other starters for me to choose from. After thinking again, I went over to Tepig. I went to go pet it. It sniffed my hand for a couple of seconds and it too turned around and seemed to pretend that I wasn’t there. I was getting frustrated and upset. I LOVE Pokemon. I always wanted 1 since I was a very small child and now the day I was supposed to get 1, they were just being mean to me. I was trying to not cry but tears were welling up in my eyes. My mother took out a tissue and wiped my eyes.


Matthew: I don’t get it. Did I do something wrong?

Nancy: Impossible. You just got here sweetie and they have never seen you before.

Professor Juniper: This makes no sense. We had them interact with humans so we could evade this exact situation.

Matthew: Oshawott?

Oshawott: Osha…? Oshawott. -turns away from me-

Matthew: -starts tearing up and sniffling- It… It did the same thing.

Professor Juniper: Snivy! Tepig! Oshawott! What do you 3 think you’re doing?!


The 3 Pokemon looked up at the Professor but didn’t seem to care that their actions at that point was hurting my feelings. My mom came over and gave me a hug. Professor Juniper also consoled me. She felt horrible about the whole situation. She told me to stay there for a minute. She returned the 3 Pokemon back to their balls, put them back into the device and went to the back of the lab. We waited and she came back with 1 PokeBall.


Matthew: 1 PokeBall?

Professor Juniper: We have a Pokemon here that’s never been used before. It always seems to want to go on an adventure. Since the other 3 for some reason don’t want to go with you, I’m afraid we have to resort to this. I hope you don’t mind.

Matthew: -wipes tears away from my eyes- I-I don’t mind.

Nancy: What is it?

Professor Juniper: You’ll see. Alright! Come on out Lillipup!


Juniper threw the PokeBall up into the air and out came the Lillipup. I could already tell that it did have that urge to go on an adventure which made me feel better. I ran over to the little dog Pokemon to pick it up and hug it. But when I came close up to it, it looked at me, turned its back at me and returned back inside of its PokeBall. Everyone was shocked.


Matthew: I… don’t understand.

Nancy: Why are they doing this? My boy loves Pokemon. He would never do anything to hurt them.

Professor Juniper: I don’t… I… This makes no sense. I have no clue what is going on. Never in all my years of doing this has something like this occurred.

Matthew: -starts tearing up again- Pokemon… Pokemon don’t like me…

Nancy: Nonsense hunny! You know Sylveon loves you.

Matthew: Yea but… that’s your Pokemon. I want my own Pokemon.

Professor Juniper: I don’t know what to do. That’s all we have… I’m so sorry Nancy. And to you especially Matthew.

Nancy: It’s ok Juniper. It’s not your fault.

Matthew: …Come on mom. Let’s go home.

Nancy: What? But don’t you want-

Matthew: What’s the point? They don’t want me as their Trainer… Might as well go home and just stay there.

Professor Juniper: Matthew…

Nancy: Well… I think we should go now.

Professor Juniper: Yes. I completely understand. Try to have a good day you 2.

Matthew: Yea… Bye.


And with that, me and mom left the lab. No Pokemon and no adventure. I was very sad. As soon as we got home, I laid on the couch and cried. My mom and her Sylveon tried their best to cheer me up but nothing worked. I was sad throughout the whole day. We tried the whole week for me to get a starter but no matter what Pokemon was in front of me, they would do the same thing. Turn around and pretend to not notice me. I didn’t want to face the reality but it seemed as though my Pokemon Adventure would never happen. For the next 4 years, I stayed at home. It became more obvious to me through out those 4 years that Pokemon for some reason just did not like me, unless they were already owned by another Trainer. Then they seemed to be alright with me. Professor Juniper tried to figure the reason for this but she was unable to come up with an answer for that. By that point though, I had already accepted that no Pokemon would want to be caught by me. Throughout those years however, I could feel some kind of anger come up from inside of me. But I could never let it out for some reason. It was weird but I never let it bother me that much. 1 day, my mom and I were coming back home from the store. We walked past an alleyway and could hear some people yelling at something. Mother and I decided to sneakily go down there and see what was going on. When we reached the end, we could see some people using their Pokemon bully what seemed to be a Mudbray. It was rare to see 1 here in Unova. I didn’t like seeing Mudbray be in such pain and being scared. Mom hadn’t brought her Sylveon with us so we couldn’t battle them. For some reason though, I revealed myself to the group.


Matthew: Hey! Stop hurting that Mudbray!

Male Bully: Hmm. Well what do we have here. A little weakling trying to save another huh?

Female Bully: What are you doing here kid? Get going before we hurt you.

Nancy: Matthew! We can’t take them on! We don’t have Sylveon here with us remember?!

Matthew: But… That Mudbray…

Male Bully: No Pokemon huh? That makes things here interesting.

Female Bully: Ursaring! Shiftry! Focus on them!

Nancy: Ohh no!


The 2 strong looking Pokemon turned their gaze from the hurt Mudbray to me and my mother. I admit that I felt bad for getting ourselves into this situation especially with no way to protect ourselves. But that anger I felt for the past couple of years started to take hold of me. That scary feeling I was feeling just mere seconds ago was now gone and all I could feel was this unyielding rage. But again, I could not release it for some reason. Mother looked at me and could see the complete anger that was written all over my face. She was shocked at the expression.


Nancy: M… Matthew?

Female Bully: Oooo. Soooo scary. The boy can make an angry face.

Male Bully: Is that supposed to intimidate us or something? That’s just pissing me the fuck off.

Matthew: Mother…

Nancy: Y-Yes?

Matthew: May I… let it out?

Nancy: Let loose your emotions?

Female Bully: Alright. This is starting to get ridiculous.

Male Bully: Get ready to beat them up you 2!

Matthew: Mother!

Nancy: Uhh… Y-Yes!

Matthew: -thinking to myself- How strange… Now it feels like I can actually let all of this anger out. This will be interesting.


I calmly walked up to the 2 bullies. They had a smug loom on their face, stepped back and their Ursaring and Shiftry stepped up in front. They looked at me ready to attack. My mom didn’t know what I was doing. She tried to pull me back but the Shiftry fired off a Razor Leaf attack directed at her. She closed her eyes waiting for the attack to hit her but nothing happened. She slowly opened her eyes and was shocked but also horrified to see me have somehow caught all of the leaves… Although, some of them were in my flesh. But I couldn’t feel the pain right now. All I could feel was the rage within my body. The 2 bullies looked on in utter shock and confusion. The male bully commanded the Ursaring to use Mega Punch on me. The massive bear Pokemon ran up to me, made his hand into a fist and launched the attack. Everyone’s eyes widened with even more shock when I stopped the attack with just my hand. I looked up at the beast with a smile. However, it was a demented smile of sorts. 1 that just wanted to hurt people.


Male Bully: What the… What the hell is wrong with this kid?!

Matthew: What’s wrong with me? Nothing at all. Your Pokemon here though… Well…


I made a fist with my free hand and punched the Ursaring in the stomach. The attack sent the bear Pokemon flying backwards until it hit the wooden fence behind the bullies. No 1 could believe what they just saw. Me, a 14 year old boy, was somehow able to not only take 2 fairly strong attacks but I was able to knock out a Pokemon.


Female Bully: That’s… impossible! H-How did you do that?!

Matthew: Honestly? I have no idea. But I haven’t been able to release all of this rage I’ve had in me for the last couple of years. Until now that is.

Nancy: Is it… really because I gave you the go ahead to “let it out?”

Matthew: Seems to be the only answer I have. But for now… I have matters to attend to. -starts walking towards the bullies-

Male Bully: N-No! Stay back! Or else!

Matthew: You just saw me punch a fully evolved Ursaring in the gut and knock it out. You think your empty threats are gonna scare me?

Female Bully: Grrrr! Shiftry, Feint Attack!


The Pokemon obeyed the command that it was given and tried to land the attack. However, I was able to block it and kick it with massive power. It too was sent back flying towards the wooden fence, knocked out as soon as it hit it. The 2 bullies decided that they would try to get their hands dirty instead. With a swift uppercut though, I was able to knocked the young man off of his feet and slam down onto the ground, totally knocked out. The young woman stood there but she had a grin on her face for some reason.


Female Bully: -laughs- Well, that was interesting to see. But I’m afraid this whole freak show ends here.

Matthew: And why is that?

Female Bully: Well you are a boy and I am a girl. You honestly think you’re gonna- Urgh! W-Wha-

Matthew: Yea. I don’t care that you’re a girl. You’ll take a beating too.

Nancy: Matthew… No… My Arceus…


The young woman thought that I wouldn’t hit hurt simply because she was a girl but she was literally sorely mistaken. With a punch to the gut and a kick to the chest, the girl flew backwards, hitting the ground with a loud thud. And with that, not only were myself and mother safe but so was the Mudbray. The Donkey Pokemon slowly got onto its feet, walked over to me and nuzzled my hand. As if it was wanting me to pet it. This was the 1st time ever that a Pokemon had come up to me and not turn its back on me. The feeling of anger I had felt before was now residing and I could feel the happiness coming back within me. My mother came running up to me, hugging me with tears in her eyes.


Nancy: Matthew! What… What was that?

Matthew: I… don’t know. I’ve always had that anger feeling inside of me since I was 10 but I was never able to let it out for whatever reason.

Nancy: Was it really because I gave you permission though that you were able to do all… this?

Matthew: I guess so. I’ve never been able to release it before until now.

Nancy: Well I’m gonna make sure that something like this never happens again.

Matthew: But mom, I… Oogh…

Nancy: Hmm? Matt! What is it?!

Matthew: I don’t feel so… goo-

Nancy: Matt!


I felt my body go limp. I was falling to the ground but I could feel something stop me from falling but after that, I didn’t remember a thing. The next thing I remember was waking up in my room in my own bed. I pondered on if what I experienced was just a dream. But the bandages on my arm confirmed it for me that everything that happened was indeed real. I got up from my bed and went downstairs. Nobody was there so I decided check the backyard. Mom loved her garden. She was usually back there most of the time, working on her garden. My instinct was correct as when I opened the door, I could see my mom digging up the dirt and putting in flower seeds and covering the holes. She turned around and could see me on the porch. She ran up to me and gave me a hug. The 2 of us then sat down.


Nancy: I’m so glad you’re awake Matt.

Matthew: How long have I been out for?

Nancy: 4 days.

Matthew: 4 days?!

Nancy: Yes. You gave me quite a scare. After that whole ordeal though, I’m not surprised you’ve been out for this long.

Matthew: I remember feeling my body go limp and falling to the ground and then something stopping me. But after that, I don’t remember a thing.

Nancy: Not much happened after that. I had you carried back here, I bandaged up your arm and laid you into bed so you can heal from your injuries.

Matthew: Wait. How did you get me back here? No offense but you’re not strong enough to carry a limp body back to the house. It’s almost an hour away where we were!

Nancy: Well luckily for me and you, we had some help.


Mom whistled out loud. In seconds, I could hear something running towards us. Out further in the garden, I could see a figure coming closer and closer to us. When it got closer, I could see what it was and it made me smile. It was the Mudbray that was getting bullied from the other day. It ran up onto the porch and instantly tackled me onto the ground, rubbing its head on mine and in my hands. I was glad to see that it was ok but I didn’t know why it was still here.


Matthew: -chuckles- Ok Mudbray. I’m happy to see you too.

Mudbray: Mudbray Mud!

Matthew: I’m surprised to see you here though.

Nancy: Ohh yes! Mudbray here actually caught you before you hit the ground. It offered to help carry you back to the house despite it too being injured. But I helped it get better. It’s all healed up.

Matthew: But why is it still here? I thought it’d go back to the wild by now.

Nancy: Well… this might sound crazy but I think it appreciates you saving it that day. I think… I think it wants to stay with us. Well, more like with you.

Matthew: It does? Do you really think so?

Nancy: I do. It’s been by your side almost 24/7 since you fainted. I think you found a really good partner here.

Matthew: -chuckles that leads into teary eyed laughs- Mudbray… do you want to be my Pokemon?

Mudbray: -shakes its head yes- Bray Mud Mud!

Matthew: -wipes tears away from my eyes- Ohh! I got the perfect ball for you buddy.


I ran into the house and up the stairs in my bedroom and looked around in 1 of my drawers and finally found the PokeBall I wanted to have my 1st Pokemon in. I rushed back downstairs where Mudbray was patiently waiting for my return. I pulled out the ball, which was a Friend Ball.


Matthew: Alright buddy. You ready?

Mudbray: Mudbray! -shakes head yes-

Matthew: Ohh wait! Before that, let’s give you a nickname. Hmm… How about… Muddy. Do you like that name?

Mudbray: Mudbray Mudbray!

Matthew: -chuckles- Good. Alright Muddy. Here we go.


I took the Friend Ball and gently bopped the top of the head of Mudbray. The Pokemon went inside of the ball. It shook for a couple of seconds but then stopped, which signaled that the capture was a success. I looked down at the ball smiling. I finally had a Pokemon of my own. It wanted to be around me. I was so happy. But it was about to be less happy when my mom spoke to me.


Nancy: Ohh hunny! I’m so glad you caught your very 1st Pokemon. Honestly, I think you 2 will make a very good team.

Matthew: Thanks mom. I think we will too.

Nancy: But… we can’t ignore what happened the other day. We do need to talk about it.

Matthew: Yea… I know.

Nancy: What happened out there? None of that made ANY sense! You were able to defeat 2 fully evolved Pokemon AND they were pretty powerful!

Matthew: I know. I have no clue how that happened though. I just… All that anger from years of not having a Pokemon I guess caught up to me but-

Nancy: But you never let it out until I gave you permission to let it out. Why?

Matthew: I have no clue mom. I have no idea.

Nancy: -sighs- Well all I know is that I’m never gonna have you do that ever again.

Matthew: What?! But what if something like that happens again?!

Nancy: We’ll get out of it but in a different way. What you did was scary Matt. And you beat up a young woman. Not saying she didn’t deserve it but… Well you know.

Matthew: I know. I have no idea what came over me. But I can’t lie… It felt really damn good to get that out. But something tells me that that feeling will surface again.

Nancy: And we’ll make sure that it won’t ever happen again. I promise you it won’t.

Matthew: Well ok… If you say so. -thinking to myself- I still think if it’s needed again though that it should be allowed. Although, I wonder. Does it have to be mom or can anyone give me permission and it happens?





Mudbray (Muddy)/Male/Level 5

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Stamina

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Mud-Slap/Mud Sport


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Great! A new story!

That's an interesting prologue. I wonder if the Pokemon's behavior, and that "rage" mode were natural (whatever the word might mean in a Pokemon story), or if they had to do with Rejuv's, um, specificities...

But they could be a way to follow the game's plot with Pokemon you like more instead of the more common encounters. 

I'm very interested to see what comes next! 

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4 minutes ago, Mindlack said:

Great! A new story!

That's an interesting prologue. I wonder if the Pokemon's behavior, and that "rage" mode were natural (whatever the word might mean in a Pokemon story), or if they had to do with Rejuv's, um, specificities...

But they could be a way to follow the game's plot with Pokemon you like more instead of the more common encounters. 

I'm very interested to see what comes next! 

Thanks! And hmm. Idk. You may be onto something.~ 😏

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Looks interesting so far, very interested to see how this 'rage' plays into the character and narrative. Curious as well as to the aversion the starters had to him... Is it all pokemon, meaning he needs to do something for each new member of the team I wonder. Hoho~


An interesting way to go about getting ones first pokemon and setting up the story. I look forward to seeing more! 

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4 years later into my life and I am 18 years old. Still lived with my mother but I had gotten used to that. I have gotten those anger urges again as I thought I would. But my mother has stuck to her word and has never allowed me to let loose on people (young, old, woman or man) or Pokemon since the 1st and only time it’s happened. The urge to go travel was still there but the fact that I only had 1 Pokemon that wanted to be around me and actually acknowledged me meant that I wouldn’t really stand a chance in the Unova League. So I decided to stay at home and help mother around and eventually, I got a job. Luckily, having a Mudbray was pretty useful for this job. I had to do some deliveries throughout the Region. Sometimes, it’d take me a half hour to get to my destination and some other times, it’d take me a week. But if it weren’t for my Mudbray, it would take double the time. And also, thanks to this job, me and Mudbray had become even closer. And because of this as well, more than half the time, Mudbray spent most of its time outside of the PokeBall. I would put it back in when it’s necessary however. Although, I felt bad for it. I could tell just by looking at it that it had an urge to battle. It was stuck with someone that didn’t really have any battling experience. At least, not a lot of it. I’d train with Mudbray on some of the wild Pokemon while we did deliveries but most of the Pokemon were weak. Never really took long for it to be victorious in battle. 1 night, as we laid underneath the stars, I pondered if keeping Mudbray was the best thing for it.


Matthew: -sigh- Ohh Muddy. I know you enjoy spending time with me.

Mudbray: Mudbray Mud!

Matthew: But… I can also tell that you yearn for a life of adventure and battling. And not the kind of battling I’ve been giving you these past couple of years.

Mudbray: Mudbray bray?

Matthew: Sometimes… Sometimes I wonder if I should just release you back into the wild. An actual Trainer can catch you and give you the life you deserve.


The Mudbray walked over to me and plopped down beside me, laying its head on my lap. It then looked up at me with admiration. Then it leaped up onto its hooves, knocked me down, got on top of me and started to lick all over my face. I couldn’t help but laugh and feel better. That showed me that Mudbray would be by my side no matter what. It wanted to stay with me even if it meant it never would go on an adventure. I had to appreciate that and from then on, I never questioned whether or not if I should release it. A couple of weeks later, my mom wanted to talk to me about something. I was kind of excited for whatever she had to tell me. She seemed excited about this as well. The day came where she sat me down in the kitchen to tell me.


Nancy: Alright Matthew. I have some good news.

Matthew: Alright. What is it?

Nancy: So I know we’ve lived here for most of our lives but… we’re gonna move!

Matthew: We’re… moving?

Nancy: Yes. Everything is already planned. We leave in 1 week.

Matthew: Wait. You didn’t even ask me if I was alright with this?

Nancy: Ohh come on honey. I thought you’d like it! I thought we’d go somewhere new and exciting. Doesn’t that sound great to you?

Matthew: Well… I guess you’re right. Where we going anyways?

Nancy: I think the Region’s called… Aevium.

Matthew: The Aevium Region huh? Never heard of it. It does sound interesting though.

Nancy: Yes. And I have another surprise for you.

Matthew: What’s that?

Nancy: They have a Pokemon League of their very own and I think you should sign up for it!

Matthew: Huh…? But mom, you know that Pokemon- Well ok. MOST Pokemon don’t really like me for some reason. Why would I sign up for that?

Nancy: I have a feeling you’ll be able to make Pokemon friends over there. And also real friends.

Matthew: Yea… I suppose I don’t have many actual friends here. Should we get started packing up then?

Nancy: Mhm. We’ll also be leaving by ship as well so prepare for a trip.

Matthew: Ooo! A boat? I’ve always wanted to go on a ship before. Alright. Let’s get started then.


Mom and I started at that exact moment picking up everything we could and putting them into boxes. I couldn’t help but feel overly excited. But I couldn’t help but think about how I would possibly take on this league I had just found out today. Wouldn’t Pokemon still treat me like they had here? I couldn’t let that stop me though. Throughout the next week, mom and I packed up everything we needed to start our new lives in the Aevium Region. The day we had to leave for the ship, we stopped outside of the house and looked up at it 1 last time. This was where I had spent all of my 18 years and now I was going somewhere else far away, I felt a little sad but I knew this was just a new chapter in my life. We got into the cab and it drove us to Castelia City. We waited there for the ship to arrive. Lukcily, we only had to wait for about 15 minutes before a ship came up to the docks. My mom, me and a couple of other people boarded the ship. Once on deck, I let out my Mudbray. It seemed so much happier out of its ball.


Matthew: -chuckles- You like that better don’t you Muddy.

Mudbray: Bray Mud Mud!

Nancy: Are you sure its ok to let him out while on a ship? Surrounded by water?

Matthew: Ohh don’t worry mom. He’s not gonna go by the edge of the boat. He’ll be fine.

Nancy: Well I hope so.

???: Nancy? Is that you my dear?


Mom and I looked in the direction we heard the voice coming from. Coming onto the deck was an old man in a proper sailor’s outfit. I could see the excitement on mother’s face. It took me a bit but then I finally recognized who it was. His name was Augustus.



He was actually a captain of a ship but I never knew it was a ship like this. He came over the house a couple of times over the past couple of years and him and my mother would sit for hours talking about stuff. But the conversations would always end up with him taking about 1 of his many ship adventures. It was kind of cool that he would be the 1 driving this ship that my mom and I were on.


Nancy: Augustus! How are you?

Augustus: I am fine. The sea breeze makes this day a fine 1. And how are you and your son doing?

Nancy: We’re doing fine. I feel like it’s been a while since we last saw you.

Matthew: Yea. Missed ya old man.

Nancy: Matthew!

Augustus: -chuckles- Calm down dear. I take no offense to that. Ahh. And I see Muddy is here as well.

Mudbray: Mudbray Mud!

Augustus: It wouldn’t feel right to see you here without your trusted Pokemon Matthew.

Matthew: Yea. Me and Muddy here have been through a lot.

Augustus: So what brings you 2 here?

Nancy: We’re moving to the Aevium Region!

Matthew: Mhm. And I’m gonna sign up for the League here as well.

Augustus: You are? That’s splendid! It saddened me to hear that you never went on a real Pokemon Adventure when you were younger. I’m happy you’ll be able to go on 1 here.

Matthew: Yea. If the Pokemon here like me that is.

Augustus: Ohh I’m sure they will.

Nancy: Hey wait. Augustus, you were a trainer back in your day. Maybe you can tell Matthew some stuff about Aevium?

Matthew: Yea! That’d be helpful.

Augustus: Hmm… I will later. I think Matthew will find out a lot if information about Aevium when he signs up for the league here in the boat.

Matthew: Wait. I’ll be signing up for the league on this boat?

Augustus: Mhm. I can take you there if you’d like.

Matthew: Hmm. After we saw our room.

Nancy: Yes. I’d like to put some stuff away before exploring the rest of the boat.

Augustus: Ohh! Yes! My apologies. My excitement over seeing the 2 of you here has made me completely forgotten to show you to your room. If you would, please follow me.


We followed Augustus through the ship to get to our room. We only saw a portion of the ship so it was nice to see even more of it. It looked really awesome to be honest. We finally made it to our room that we would be staying at. Augustus opened the door and we all went inside. It was a small room but it looked very colorful. Mudbray and I checked the upper half of the room. We were having a blast.



Matthew: Whoa. This room is awesome. Don’t you think so too Muddy?

Mudbray: Mudbray! -nods head in agreement-

Nancy: -chuckles- Ohh you 2 are such rascals.

Augustus: I take it you approve of your room.

Matthew: Hell yea! It’s great.

Nancy: We love it. Thank you for showing us to the room Augustus.

Augustus: No problem. I hate to leave since we just met up with each other but I must return back to the deck to make sure things are going smoothly.

Nancy: Alright. Thanks again.

Augustus: No problem. Ohh! Almost forgot. We should be docking in Gearen City tomorrow and we’ll be holding a feast to celebrate this voyage as well. I hope you 2 attend.

Nancy: We will.

Matthew: Are Pokemon allowed to be there?

Augustus: Of course. Muddy is allowed to be there.

Matthew: Good. Wouldn’t feel the same if he wasn’t there with me.

Augustus: Ohh! Would you follow me Matthew?

Matthew: To where?

Augustus: I’m going to take you to the League registration. It’s actually not that far from your room actually.

Matthew: Ohh! Awesome. Yea. Let’s go. Come on Muddy.

Augustus: I’m afraid Muddy can’t accompany us. They do not allow Pokemon in there.

Matthew: What? Well that’s dumb.

Nancy: -chuckles- Don’t worry Matthew. I’ll watch over Muddy while you go register.

Matthew: Alright. Thanks mom! -pets Muddy- See you in a bit buddy.

Mudbray: Bray Mudbray.


I walked down the steps and followed Augustus out the door. He was right. The registry area wasn’t that far from the room at all. It was literally just a couple of seconds away. The 2 of us walked into the area. There were a lot of computers in the room. I could see some potential up and coming trainers standing in front of them completing the registry to be able to partake in the Pokemon League for this Aevium Region. Augustus walked up to the clerk and told her that there would be another person registering for the League. She looked at me, smiled and pointed to a computer that was near me. Augustus wished me luck and exited the room. I stared at the computer screen.



I don’t know why but I felt very nervous for doing this but I knew I had to do it. I pressed the red button on the keyboard. Suddenly, a girl’s face popped up on the screen, which honestly gave me a fright.



Matthew: Ahh!

???: Hey. What are you screaming for?

Matthew: Uhh… Sorry. I didn’t know signing up for the League meant video chatting with someone… Although, that explains why some of the other people in this room are talking to the computer screens, now that I think about it.

???: -chuckles- So, to start off this whole registration process, what’s your name?

Matthew: It’s Matthew. What’s yours?

Amanda: Ohh! I nearly forgot. I get so excited to do this that I sometimes forget to introduce myself. Well my name is Amanda. I’m a scout for the Aevium Pokemon League.

Matthew: A scout?

Amanda: Yea. I help guide new trainers at the start of their adventure.

Matthew: Ahh. I see. That’s helpful really.

Amanda: So do you know anything about the Aevium Pokemon League.

Matthew: Not really. Except that it exists.

Amanda: Ooo! I get to give you the whole rundown then. Where should I start? Hmm… Ahh yes. So I assume wherever you’re coming from that you challenged 8 Gyms and had an Elite 4 right?

Matthew: I mean… Yes but I never went on a journey before this 1.

Amanda: Wait. This is gonna be your 1st actual adventure?

Matthew: If I can actually even start that is…

Amanda: …I’m assuming that’s personal so I won’t pry into your personal life. Anyways, The Aevium League is set up a little bit differently than other regions. There are 18 Gyms and instead of an Elite 4, we have an Elite 8.

Matthew: There’s a… WHAT?! That’s insane! But also sounds fun.

Amanda: That’s what I like to hear. Alright. Now we need to get your information down for your League Card. Now I don’t want you to feel insulted by me asking this but I have to. Are you a boy or a girl?

Matthew: Really? You can’t tell by just looking at me?

Amanda: I know! It’s weird but we have to be a little more careful with this. We used to just go off based on looks buuuut then this 1 person identified as a boy even though they looked like a girl, they threatened to sue us for that… It was a big mess. So now we’re required to ask this despite if what you look like is obvious.

Matthew: Alright. Alright. I understand. I am a male.

Amanda: Alright. Let me type that in. Aaannnd there we go. Matthew correct? Just making sure.

Matthew: Yes. I am Matthew.

Amanda: Ooook. And your age?

Matthew: I am 18 years old.

Amanda: 18 huh? We usually get people that are a little younger but that’s alright. I think you’ll make for an interesting trainer anyways.

Matthew: Why’s that?

Amanda: Ohh. It’s just a feeling. Anyways, that’ll do for your Trainer Card! Once the S.S. Oceana docks tomorrow, meet me at Gearen Laboratory. From there on, you’ll pick your starter Pokemon and then you’ll be on your way to great things! Do you have any questions before I sign off?

Matthew: Hmm… Ohh! Actually I do. Is it ok if I have a Pokemon with me already?

Amanda: Of course! We don’t discriminate against Pokemon brought from other regions. Just understand that you will still need to choose a Starter Pokemon.

Matthew: Ok. That’s fine with me. When do I get my Trainer Card by the way?

Amanda: As soon as I log off, the receptionist in the room will give it to you. Then tomorrow, you’ll have to get it verified and then you’ll be officially recognized as being registered for the Aevium Region!

Matthew: Sweet. This is awesome. Thank you Amanda. You’ve been very helpful.

Amanda: Me? Helpful? HA! It’s been a while since someone’s told me that. But thank you Matthew. I look forward to meeting you tomorrow. See you!


With that, the screen went to black. I did as Amanda had instructed me to do and walked up to the receptionist that was behind the desk.



I told her my name and she went to a computer she had on the other side of the desk. I watched as she pressed buttons and a card popped out of it. She grabbed and handed it over to me. I had my Trainer Card which means I was 1 step closer to being registered for the Aevium League. I thanked her and exited the room. When I got out, I could see mom and Muddy there waiting for me. I walked up to them and showed them my Trainer Card.


Nancy: Ohh Matthew. I’m so proud of you for taking this step.

Matthew: Thanks mom. This is the 1st step to starting my adventure.

Nancy: It sure is sweetheart.

Matthew: -yawns- I’m tired. We should probably get some sleep soon.

Nancy: Yes. Soon. Walk with me a little bit. I want to show you where we’re gonna have the banquet tomorrow before we get to Gearen City.

Matthew: Alright.


Mom led me and Mudbray to the front doors of the banquet room. I couldn’t explain it but I was getting a very exciting feeling just standing there, staring at those doors.


Nancy: This is where it will be held tomorrow.

Matthew: -chuckles with excitement- This is gonna be awesome.

Nancy: It is? Hmm. You’re not usually 1 to be excited for these kinds of things.

Matthew: I know. It’s weird for me too but… I can’t help it. I feel so giddy.

Nancy: -chuckles- I’m glad. Matthew, when we wake up tomorrow, we will officially be in the Aevium region.

Matthew: Ahhh! This is awesome! Right Muddy?

Mudbray: Mud Mudbray!

Nancy: Hey hey! Not so loud right now. People are trying to get some sleep.

Matthew: -chuckles- Sorry mom. Let’s go back to our room and go to sleep. The sooner I fall asleep, the sooner it’ll be tomorrow.

Nancy: Yes. I agree with you.


Mom, me and Mudbray then walked back to our room. Mother took the bed upstairs while me and Mudbray took the couches on the lower floor. She had tried making me sleep on the bed but I thought it’d be best for her to have the bed to herself. As I laid there on the couch, I couldn’t stop thinking about how Aevium was gonna be and what the Pokemon there were gonna be like.





Mudbray (Muddy)/Male/Level 5

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Stamina

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Mud-Slap/Mud Sport




Nancy (10/10): Mom definitely knows how to make the day awesome. I may not know what to expect in this new region but I'm excited for it nonetheless and it's all thanks to her.


Augustus (10/10): The old man is the captain of this ship? Didn't see that coming. Although, I'm grateful for him showing me where to sign up for the Aevium League. He's a nice dude.






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???: Hey! Wake up you!

Nancy: Huh? Ohh! Crescent?! What are you doing in here?!

Crescent: Who do you think you are to question me like that?

Nancy: I-I’m sorry… But please try to keep it down. Matthew is sleeping right down those steps.

Crescent: I’ve noticed. Anyways, you do understand the position you’re in correct?

Nancy: Yes, I believe so but if I’m honest… I’m not sure if I’m ready. I know what you said about me before but I genuinely feel fear.

Crescent: You? Feeling fear? Stop talking nonsense. I don’t want to hear about your faux emotions.

Nancy: But I-

Crescent: Silence. All I’m interested in hearing is you telling me that you’re ready to take this role. But I should apologize. It’s my fault really.

Nancy: How is it your fault?

Crescent: Obviously, I didn’t make your position clear enough from the beginning. Either you’re ready to fulfill your duty or you’re no longer any use to me. You don’t get the option to tell me if you’re ready or not.

Nancy: Yes… Yes Crescent. I understand. I just think all I need is a little bit of time.

Crescent: Well luckily for you, time is all you have left. All I want to see is Matthew smile. That’s all. Once we dock in East Gearen City, you’re to go to West Gearen City and live normal lives. -gradually getting louder- If I get even a small inkling of betrayal from you, I won’t hesitate to-

Nancy: Shhh shhh! Don’t wake Matthew up! But you can trust me Crescent. I have no plans to do such a thing. Good. I’m glad to hear it.

Crescent: Now that we’re clear on what to do, I will take my leave now. I expect to see you both at the banquet later today.

Nancy: Yes. We will.

Crescent: Good. -slams the door as she leaves-


The sound of a door slamming made me jolt awake and fall onto the ground from the couch. I rose to my feet as fast as I could and looked around the room to see if I could spot the source of the noise but I couldn’t see a thing. As I looked up the stairs, I could see my mom standing next to her bed. She looked worried about something.



Matthew: Mom? Is everything ok? What was that noise?

Nancy: Uhh… Sorry sweetie. I had a bad dream and I woke up and accidentally knocked over the uhh… thing here. I already put it back.

Matthew: Ohh. Ok. Sorry you had a bad dream. I was having a weird dream before I woke up.

Nancy: About what?

Matthew: I’m not too sure what it was about but you and someone named Crescent was talking about something. I have no idea why I dreamt something like that though.

Nancy: Yes… That is weird.

Matthew: Wait. It’s the next day right?! Does that mean we’re in Aevium right now?!

Nancy: Yes it does.

Matthew: Alright! This is awesome! Come on Muddy! Time to get up and enjoy the day as much as we can!

Mudbray: Mud Mudbray!

Nancy: -chuckles- Well you 2 have fun. I’m gonna go for a little walk on the deck.

Matthew: Alright mom. Have a good day.

Nancy: By the way, before the banquet starts, you should go see Augustus.

Matthew: Why?

Nancy: He used to be a trainer back in his day. He took on the Aevium League.

Matthew: He did?!

Nancy: Mhm. He might be able to give you some more useful knowledge before you start your journey.

Matthew: Doesn’t sound like a bad plan. Alright. I’ll go see him later.

Nancy: Good. See you 2 later!


Mom got herself ready really quickly and walked out the door. I was even more pumped up now that I was actually in the Aevium Region. I got myself together and tried to keep myself busy. I was wanting the banquet to start already because that would signal that this boat journey would be almost over and we’d be at our destination and I’d be able to start my adventure. Well, if Pokemon wanted to be around me that is. I took a walk throughout the rest of the ship. It was quite big so that took a couple of hours. Then I decided to chill out by the pool for a bit. With Mudbray being a Ground Type, it decided to take a little nap in the room as I did that. Afterwards, I decided to just stay in the room until it was almost time for the banquet to start. Mother came into the room so she could get ready. She reminded me that I had to go see Augustus up in the captains room. So I started to go there now with Mudbray. As we were going there though, I could hear the beautiful melody of a piano being played. I went up the stairs and could see a Piano Lady playing the large instrument with a Jigglypuff on top of it. When she was done playing it, I applauded her performance.



Piano Lady: Ohh! I didn’t notice I had an audience. Thank you very much young man.

Matthew: Ohh it’s no problem. I don’t usually care for piano music but the way you played it was really nice and I had to listen to the rest of it.

Piano Lady: Aww. You’re gonna make me blush.

Matthew: You ever get tired of playing it?

Piano Lady: Me? Getting tired of playing the piano? I don’t think that’ll ever happen. I’ll never get tired of the wonderful audience that takes their time to my music either!

Matthew: I can see that.

Piano Lady: Where are you off to?

Matthew: I’m going up to the captains roo. I have to talk to him about something.

Piano Lady: Just beginning your adventure through Aevium right?

Matthew: Is it written on my forehead or something. -chuckles- Sheesh.

Piano Lady: -chuckles back- My apologies. I should let you go on through. I need to get ready for the banquet. See you later… Uhh…

Matthew: It’s Matthew.

Piano Lady: Thank you. I’ll see you later Matthew.

Matthew: Back at you.


The Piano Lady got up from her seat and went down the steps that I just came up from. Her Jigglypuff struggled to stay right behind her. I resumed my walk up to the captain’s room. When I finally got there, I took a deep breath and opened the door and went inside along with Mudbray. Augustus was luckily there and he was in the captain’s chair. I didn’t expect a room like this to be so small. When he saw me, his face glowed up.



Augustus: Ahhh Matthew! So you’ve come to my quarters after all.

Matthew: Yea. Although, I didn’t expect this room to be this small.

Augustus: -laughs out loud- Well I don’t mind it.

Matthew: Ohh yea. O hope you don’t mind that Muddy’s in here.

Mudbray: Mudbray.

Augustus: Ohh don’t worry about him Matthew. I know him well enough that he’s a behaved Pokemon. So, are you enjoying your voyage to the Aevium Region?

Matthew: Yes! I’m so excited. I wish the ship would dock really soon.

Augustus: That’s the spirit boy-o. I was like that back in my young days as well.

Matthew: Yea. Mom told me to talk to you before the banquet starts. So you challenged that Aevium League huh?

Augustus: Well kind of.

Matthew: Kind of?

Augustus: Yes. I was never able to beat all 18 Gym Leaders. It was too difficult for me.

Matthew: -thinking to myself- He quit before making it to the Elite 8? These Gym Leaders must be really strong then-

Augustus: I can tell you’re deep in thought. Don’t worry about it Matthew. I have a feeling that you’ll be able to do this more easily than me.

Matthew: Well I hope you’re right. By the way, I’ve been curious since I learned this yesterday. Why is there 18 Gym Leaders here?

Augustus: Well for starters, this region is HUGE. It just makes sense. Plus, the league discussed it and they decided to have a Gym for every Pokemon Type.

Matthew: Yea. That does make sense.

Augustus: Also, Pokemon in this region are a little bit different than in other regions.

Matthew: How so?

Augustus: They will only obey you and continue to grow stronger if you keep impressing them.

Matthew: Heh… So I’m screwed right off the bat then ehh?

Augustus: Of course not. You can impress them by obtaining the Gym Badges. Anything else you need to know?

Matthew: No. I think I know a lot of things about Aevium now. You’ve been a big help Augustus.

Augustus: I’m happy I could help out Matthew. Now that that long and boring lesson is out of the way, I must make my way down to the banquet room. I’ll see you there in a few minutes Matthew.

Matthew: Right. See you in a bit.


Augustus walked out of the room and headed towards the banquet hall. I also then exited the captains room and went back to my room to get ready for the celebration. As I was getting ready however, I could hear a loud pounding on the door. It startled me. I had a feeling this wasn’t a good thing. I decoded to recall Mudbray and hide underneath the bed. My hunch was right as the door was forcefully pushed open. I could hear multiple feet walk into the room but luckily, they all stayed on the lower level of the floor. They started to talk but I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.


???: So when are we going to act out what’s planned?

???: Very soon. Nastasia’s about to arrive on the S.S. Oceana.

???: How exactly are we going to go about this? I can’t say I’m too good with handling with explosives.

Matthew: -thinking to myself- Explosives?!

???: Don’t worry about that then. I’ll be the 1 who deals with that stuff. All we have to do is worry about when we get the signal. For now, let’s just lay low and try not to be noticed ok? Even if someone were here listening to us right now, they wouldn’t be able to find us. Now let’s separate.


I could hear the footsteps again. They all went for the room’s door and then slammed it shut. I stayed underneath the bed for a bit just to make sure I wasn’t caught. I slowly made my way out from underneath the bed and checked the room if there were other people in there. There wasn’t luckily but now trouble was afoot. There were explosives on the ship and I had no idea what to do. I left the room and started to make my way to the banquet room. Before I could go in, mom stopped me.


Nancy: Hold on dear! -runs up to me- Are you that eager to go in that you’re willing to leave your poor mother behind? -chuckles-

Matthew: Uhh… Ummm…

Nancy: Ohh don’t look so serious hun. I’m only teasing you. Let’s get seated shall we?

Matthew: Y-Yea… Sure…


Mom and I entered the room. Despite what I was feeling about what I had just heard a couple of minutes ago, I couldn’t help but love the room we were in right now. Everything looked so sublime and great. As soon as we got to our seats, Augustus made his way down off the stage and started to give his speech. Throughout the whole thing, I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was gonna go wrong sometime soon. And I was right. As soon as he was done with his speech, 3 unknown individuals came barging into the room stopping the whole thing.



???: Sorry but I’m afraid you’re gonna have to postpone this little party of yours.

Augustus: What? Who are you 3? What is the meaning of this?

Matthew: Ohh no…

???: We’re going to need all of you to stay put and listen very carefully. We have explosives on board this ship. Any act of rebellion will result in a calamity none of you can afford. So let’s just get through this nice and easy ok?

Matthew: Fuck… Fuck fuck fuck…

Nancy: H-Honey? What’s wrong?

Matthew: These 3 barged into our room a bit ago and talked about this but I didn’t do anything about it. I didn’t tell anyone to possibly stop this…

Nancy: Hunny, this isn’t your fault.

???: You 2! Shut your mouths now!

Nancy: Don’t you dare tell us what to do!

Augustus: Are you telling me that you’re hijacking the ship?

???: -laughs evilly- Hijacking? No no. That’s too barbaric. We’re here to pick someone up.

Nancy: No… No you won’t! G-Get Matthew out of here now!

???: Don’t make any funny movements! No one’s leaving this room, you hear?

Nancy: Get them out of here right this instant!

???: I said don’t move!

???: Gothitelle, you know what to do.

Gothitelle: Gooothitellle.

Matthew: Huh? What’s going o-

???: Son of a… You’re all gonna regret this!


The next thing I remembered was waking up in the captains room, lying on the ground. I had a slight headache but besides that, I was relatively alright. I looked around the room and realized that there were holes all around the room. The boat was also violently shaking. Just as I was about to leave, these weird tentacles with eyes on the end came popping out of the holes.



I braced for an attack but they never did. It seemed like they were just observing me. I took the chance to run out of the room. It seemed just as bad outside as it was in the captains quarters. I ran downstairs and ran into the Piano Lady. I was so happy to see someone I relatively knew.


Matthew: Piano Lady! Thank Arceus you’re here!

Piano Lady: Hey! You’re the kid that disappeared out of thin air ain’t you?

Matthew: Maybe but that’s not important right now. What happened to this ship?

Piano Lady: As soon as you disappeared, some guy detonated an explosive on the hull of the S.S. Oceana.

Matthew: Damnit! What do we do now?

Piano Lady: I’m not sure. Water is gushing in at an alarming rate. And if we don’t find a way out soon…

Matthew: Probably pointless to ask this but do you know what those tentacle things are?

Piano Lady: No clue. They seem harmless but they also seem to be watching our every move.

Matthew: Yea. I get that feeling too. It’s like they’re trying to observe us or look for something. I’m not sure why though.

Piano Lady: Yea. But hey. You should go on ahead. I’ll stay here and help anyone that comes by.

Matthew: Alright. Be careful.

Piano Lady: You too kid.


I left the Piano Lady on the upper floor as I walked down to the floor below. Things didn’t look good. The top of the ship was falling down onto the floor where we were and there was now water flooding into the ship. Not knowing what else to do, I ran into the banquet room to see if my mom was there. When I got inside, I didn’t find her but I found Augustus. He seemed to be very upset with the events that transpired just a bit ago.



Matthew: Augustus! Are you ok dude?

Augustus: Matthew! Thanks the heavens you’re alright. Me on the other hand…

Matthew: I know things seem bleak right now but you gotta try to keep a level head.

Augustus: -sighs- It seems like… this perfect day has taken quite the turn hasn’t it? Who would do such a thing?

Matthew: I don’t know… I don’t know. Listen. Have you seen my mother?

Augustus: Your mother? Hmm. I’m not sure actually. When the bomb detonated, it knocked me out cold. When I came around, everyone in the room was gone.

Matthew: Fuck! Where the hell do I look now?

Augustus: Maybe try talking to the people outside of this room. They may have seen your mother.

Matthew: Alright. Seems like that’s the only thing I can do right now. What are you gonna do?

Augustus: I think… I think I’m just gonna stay her in my own misery for a bit.

Matthew: I don’t think now’s the time for that but… I’m here if you need me.

Augustus: Soon… the S.S. Oceana will be at the bottom of the ocean… Thank you Matt.


I turned around and exited the room and started to go towards the exit of the ship. More water had come in when I 1st saw it. 2 guys were trying to keep the water from gushing in but nothing was working. It seemed hopeless. Before I was able to ask if any of them saw my mom, what looked like 2 Deoxys came into the ship and kidnapped the 2 young men near the entrance of the ship.



I fell backwards onto the steps, shocked at what I had just witnessed. I ran up to the stairs and ran down them. As I did, I could hear the rest of the passengers of the boat scream, begging for the Deoxys to let go of them. Then, silence. It felt very eerie in that ship at the time. As I was about to get inside of the Cargo Hold, some more holes popped up, having water come gushing in. I walked through the water and went inside the Cargo Hold. Almost immediately, I could see my mom and her Sylveon. It looked as though they were trying to stop the water from coming into the ship but to no avail.


Matthew: Ohh thank Arceus you’re ok mom!

Nancy: Huh? Matthew?! Is that you?! But I thought that-

Matthew: I have no idea how I disappeared like that but I’m back here now to help us escape.

Nancy: I thought you were somewhere safe already… Heh. Well all that matters is that we’re together again right?

Matthew: Yes. Yes it is. But what do we do?

Nancy: Hmmm… This ship won’t last very long Matthew. I’m afraid we’re gonna have to abandon it.

Matthew: But what about the other people?

Nancy: We can’t do anything for them. We gotta escape now while we have the chance.

???: -chuckles- What makes you think that you’re safe from our onslaught?

Matthew: Huh?! Who said that?!


Suddenly, these weird dots things formed on the ground in front of us, lines connected them together and then from out of nowhere, a woman appeared before us. The sight of the possible leader of this whole ambush started to make me feel angry. Just like that day 4 years ago. I was seething with anger.



???: We came here for 1 purpose and 1 purpose only. And you better believe me when I say we’re not leaving until we’ve fulfilled that purpose.

Nancy: Are you the 1 who’s behind this attack?!

Matthew: She has to be!

???: Hmm… Perhaps but that’s not something I’m comfortable sharing. The only thing that truly matters right now is your apprehension.

Matthew: Wait wait. Hold on. You’re telling me you did all of this just to get to… my mom?

Nancy: Is that true?

???: Well obviously. What? Did you think we came for Matthew? Maybe that’s what they made you think but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Matthew: But why? Why do you want my mom?

Nancy: And why did you go as far as destroying the S.S. Oceana?! You’ve endangered all of these innocent people who have no idea what’s going on!

???: The answer is simple. We don’t want any witnesses. Better if we just wipe them all out.

Matthew: Then you’re controlling those Deoxys?

???: Ohh? You saw those before? I’m surprised you’re still here then.

Nancy: Someone could get out. They’d spread awareness.

???: They would but we’re not gonna let that happen. Besides, most people consider us quite passive anyways. It’s time. It’s time people woke up from this dream of safety they have going on.

Nancy: Heh… So it’s going down like this huh?

Matthew: You… You’re responsible for all of this!

???: Like I said before, maybe I am and maybe I’m not.

Matthew: You are… YOU ARE!

Nancy: Matthew… This is just like that night when…

Matthew: Mother… Let me loose on this fucker…

Nancy: No. No! It’s not the time Matthew!

Matthew: Are you kidding me?! It’s the perfect time! Let me do it! Let me go wild on her!

Nancy: No! But I have a different idea. Sylveon! Return! -returns Sylveon to its ball- Take my Pokemon. They will help you escape.

Matthew: What?! But what about you mom!?

Nancy: I’ll be fine as long as I know you’re safe and sound. That’s all that matters to me.

Matthew: But-

???: Yeeeaaaa, no. Sorry but that ain’t going to happen.


Just then, 3 Deoxys’ appeared between me and my mom, separating us from each other. There was no way either of us could take on these Pokemon. The situation seemed bleak until we all heard a voice from above saying “Look out below!” When we looked up, we could see a large object falling down towards us. We barely got out of the way in time but the Deoxys’ weren’t lucky enough as they were squished by the piano. With the girl temporarily disoriented from the falling piano, mother threw a PokeBall over the piano to me. I caught it but I was confused.



Matthew: What? What’s this?

Nancy: I was gonna give you this when you got back from the Laboratory but I think you need it more now than ever. Now listen to me! Get out of here! Hurry!

Matthew: But I need to save y-

Nancy: Just go Matt! Please!

Matthew: I… Ok. I will. And I promise I’ll come back to save you!

Nancy: I love you!

Matthew: I love you too mom! -runs out of the Cargo Hold-

???: A bit of a setback but he’ll be captured soon enough.

Nancy: That’s what you thin- Ugh… -collapses to the ground-

???: Should have done that from the beginning. Would have saved us a headache that we have on our hands now.


I ran as fast as I could out of the Cargo Hold. I ran up the stairs and tried to get out of the ship where the pool was but to my dismay, there was another person there. He locked eyes on me as I came into view.


??? You there boy. Where do you think you’re going?

Matthew: What the- No! Fucking hell! What do I do now?!

???: Did you think you were done with me?

Matthew: Ahh! H-How did you-

???: I made quick work of your mother. And don’t be scared. I didn’t kill her… Well not yet anyways.

Matthew: You… I swear you’ll pay for this some day!

???: Mhm. Now be a good little boy and come with us. There’s no point in fighting back.


I placed a hand on Mudbray’s PokeBall. I know it wasn’t gonna be strong enough to take on these 2 but I didn’t have any other choice. Besides the PokeBall my mom gave me before I ran out of the Cargo Hold. Suddenly, there was a loud screech. I turned to see what it was and was instantly snatched up into a bird’s Pokemon’s claws.



It picked me up off the ship and flew off with me into the sky. I was so exhausted with everything that was happening that I passed out and proceeded to stay like that for at least an hour.





Mudbray (Muddy)/Male/Level 5

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Stamina

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Mud-Slap/Mud Sport








20 hours


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???: Hey. Hey! Are you ok?!

Matthew: Urgh… Wh-What…? What’s going on?

???: Ohh thank Arceus. You’re still alive!

Matthew: What’s happening?

???: Come on. You gotta open your eyes and get up.


I slowly but surely started to open up my eyes. I could feel water hitting me in the face. When I finally opened up my eyes, I could see rain pouring down onto me from the clouds above. Then I remembered everything that happened on the boat. I got up on my feet as fast as I could but I realized that I was somewhere completely different. I turned around and was faced with a Talonflame and a red-headed woman.



She seemed relieved that I was ok. But I wasn’t ok mentally. Augustus, the Piano Lady, my mom and everyone else on that ship were either taken away or killed and I had no idea if they were ok or not.


???: Were you on that ship?

Matthew: You mean the S.S. Oceana? Yea… Yea I was. It was all terrifying.

???: What happened?

Matthew: These people came onto the boat, they blew up a bomb on the ship, kidnapped people and then… Well I don’t know now. All I know is that my mom was taken.

???: Ohh wow. I’m so sorry that happened to you. I saw most of what happened go down though.

Matthew: You did?

???: Yes. I tried my best to get there as fast as I can but…

Matthew: Honestly, it probably wouldn’t have done much good. It’s lucky that your Talonflame was able to get me out of there when it did.

???: Why do you say that?

Matthew: There were like a lot of Deoxys there. At least… I think it was Deoxys.

???: Wait. You mean the Legendary Pokemon Deoxys?!

Matthew: Mhm. It was insane.

???: Still though. I regret not getting there in time.

Matthew: It’s alright. It’s not your fault. But… I’m just so worried about my mom and… well everyone on that boat.

Tesla: I am too. This is just so unnerving. Ohh! I totally forgot to introduce myself. My name is Tesla.

Matthew: My name’s Matthew. Thank you again for saving me.

Tesla: It’s no trouble. Although… I have a feeling that the S.S. Oceana is now resting at the bottom of the ocean…

Matthew: Yes…

Tesla: Well… try not to worry too much. I’m sure your mother will be fine in the long run. Team Xen aren’t exactly the most competent group out there.

Matthew: Wait. Team Xen? You know who did this?

Tesla: Mhm. I recognized their uniform. Hold on. Is this the 1st time you’re hearing about them?

Matthew: Yes. I just came to this region and this all happened.

Tesla: That makes sense then. Allow me to give you some information on them then. They’re a criminal organization that no 1 really knows much about. They’re usually all bark and no bite but-

Matthew: Well they seem to have all the barks and bites now.

Tesla: Hmm… I wonder if whatever they’re planning is finally going into action?

Matthew: Well whatever it is, I’m gonna stop it and rescue my mom and everyone else.

Tesla: I hope you do. But right now… you’re all alone now aren’t you?

Matthew: I… I mean I have my Pokemon with me but… yea. I guess I am.

Tesla: If you don’t mind me asking… what do you plan to do now?


I hadn’t thought about that. After everything that happened, I was only focused on rescuing my mom and the people of the boat and getting revenge on Team Xen. But now that Tesla brought it to my attention. I was completely alone and I had no idea what to do to even start looking for my mom. Tesla could see the look on my face and she knew I had no idea what to do next.


Tesla: If… I may make a suggestion, since it’s pretty late, you should get some rest. Then tomorrow, you should go to the Gearen Laboratory.

Matthew: But where am I supposed to rest at?

Tesla: Here. -hands Matthew yacht keys- These are the keys to my yacht.

Matthew: Why… Why are you giving me these?

Tesla: You can sleep in my yacht tonight. In the morning when you wake up, leave the keys on the table before you leave.

Matthew: Are you serious?

Tesla: Yes. I’m not gonna let someone try to sleep outside while it’s pouring rain.

Matthew: Tesla… Thank you.

Tesla: It’s no problem.

Matthew: But wait. Where are you going to sleep then?

Tesla: I think I’m gonna spend the night searching the wreck site for anymore clues or survivors.

Matthew: Alright… You sure you don’t need any help?

Tesla: I’ll be fine. Thanks for the offer though.


Tesla went over to her Talonflame and hopped up onto its back. I moved out of the way so the Pokemon could take off.



I watched them until they were out of view. I looked up at the yacht that Tesla came over on. I went to it and got on board. It didn’t take me long to find the resting area of the boat. I laid down on the bed and slowly drifted off to sleep.


Nancy: Gah! No!

???: -laughs evilly- Now you belong to us Nancy!

Nancy: Wh-What are you gonna do to me?!

???: -places their hand around Nancy’s throat- Anything I want!

Nancy: N-Noo… Ugh…

Matthew: Ahh! Mom no!


I shot my body up out of bed. I looked around thinking I’d find that weird girl and mom in the room with me but no 1 was there besides me. Then I realized I must have had a dream. I sat back down onto the bed and put my head on my hands. I couldn’t stop thinking if that bitch had killed my mom or not. That dream felt too real. I looked outside the window of the yacht. I could see that the night had turned into morning. There was no more rain but seeing the sunshine eased my mood. I got ready for the day. Before I left, I remembered what Tesla said and left the keys on a table inside the resting area. I then got off of the yacht and tried finding my way to the Gearen Lab. It took me a bit to find where to go but I eventually came across a building that I had to get through in order to get to the actual city. Inside the building, there was a girl behind a counter. She smiled at me as I went up to her.



Mable: Hello there! And welcome to the Aevium Immigration. My name is Mable. What’s your name?

Matthew: It’s Matthew. What’s the Aevium Immigration?

Mable: It’s where people not native to Aevium become official citizens of the Aevium Region! Now do you have your passport?

Matthew: Uhh… I don’t have 1. Sorry.

Mable: You don’t have 1? Hmm… What about a Trainer Card? Those can double as passports.

Matthew: Yes yes! I have 1 of those!

Mable: Ahh! Marvelous! If you would come with me for a second.


Mable came from behind her desk and lead me to another desk with a woman behind it. She gave my Trainer Card to her. She put it inside of a computer. In a matter of seconds, I could hear the computer say the words “TRAINER CARD VERIFIED.” The girl returned my Trainer Card back to Mable and verified that I was now an official citizen of the Aevium Region. Mable then handed me back my Trainer Card. Even with everything that happened to me over the past couple of hours, I couldn’t help but feel excited for this moment. Mable then wished me good luck in my journeys. Before she returned back to her desk, I asked her how to get to the Gearen Laboratory. She told me that as soon as I exited this building, all I head to do was head straight up. I would be able to see the building as soon as I got out of here in fact. I thanked her and went on my way. When I made it outside, I could see the building almost instantly. It wasn’t even that far away from where I was now. I started walking up to the building. I looked around my surroundings. Everything here looked so peaceful and beautiful. I wish my mom was there to see all of this. I made my way to the building and went inside. As soon as I made it inside, I saw a familiar face that seemed very pleased to see me.



Amanda: Matthew?! Is that you?! -runs up to Matthew and tackle hugs him-

Matthew: H-Hey! What is the matter with you Amanda?!

Amanda: I’m sorry. I saw the news early this morning and…

Matthew: Ohh… So you know about the S.S. Oceana then?

Amanda: I do.

Matthew: Does anyone else know?

Amanda: Some but I doubt any of them will know that you were apart of that.

Matthew: I’d like to keep it that way for a bit if you don’t mind.

Amanda: Yes. Of course. But now that we’re here, we can get started! That should cheer you up… right?

Matthew: I’m hoping so.


Amanda rushed up to the front of the building. I took my time walking up to where she was. I couldn’t help but be amazed with how the lab looked. Well I guess this part of the building wasn’t really a lab. It seemed more like an area for trainers. But it was still impressive. When I made it up to Amanda, she was talking to the receptionist behind the desk. She pressed a button and the little door ahead of us opened up.


Matthew: So we’re going in there?

Amanda: Mhm! Right this way Matthew!

???: Amanda!

Amanda: Uh… Oh…


I turned around to where I heard the voice. A young man was approaching us and he seemed very disappointed.



This was the 1st time me and this individual had met so I assumed he was talking to Amanda. She seemed to try to be very laid back about the situation but she was definitely guilty of whatever it is she did.


???: Amanda, where have you been?

Amanda: Uhh…

???: I’ve been trying to get in touch with you for weeks now. Why haven’t you gotten back to me?

Amanda: Well… You see, I-

???: Also, that hat is new. Did you buy it during your trip to Grand Dream City?

Amanda: Well… I mean… I’ve just been busy and stuff… That’s all! But yes. I did buy this hat at GDC. Stylish right?

???: Well, while you’ve been “busy” shopping, I’ve gone ahead and finished our project. I’d appreciate it if you’d go to Zumi and deliver it. She’s presently studying at the Magnolia Library.

Amanda: See, I would SO totally do that buuuut I’m sort of busy with Matthew here.

???: A new trainer?

Matthew: Yea. I’m starting today.

???: Hmm. I see.

Amanda: Yep! Matthew, meet Jan. Jan, meet Matthew!

Jan: Nice to meet you Matthew.

Matthew: Nice to meet you too Jan.

Jan: Amanda here is my sister.

Matthew: Ahh. Must be easy living with her ehh?

Amanda: Hey! Was that a joke Matthew?!

Matthew: Of course not. -chuckles silently to myself-

Jan: It’s… interesting to say the least.

Amanda: ANYWAYS, my bro here co-manages the league with me!

Jan: And by “co-manage”, what she really means is “Jan does all the work while Amanda plays outside.”

Amanda: Ohh come on Jan. You know I’m more better with hands on stuff. And you’re better with the paperwork. Think about it. Do you really think it’s a good idea to pin me with all the legal documentation the league requires?

Jan: Uhh… That’s… actually a good point. If you were to do that, you’d make sure everything burned down to the ground.

Amanda: Hey! I wouldn’t be that bad!… But I see what you’re saying.

Jan: Anyways, since you’re not willing to deliver this for me, I’ll do it myself.

Amanda: Ok! You do that!

Jan: See you 2 later. -leaves the area-

Matthew: Well that was… something.

Amanda: Mhm! But it’s back to business! I’ll meet you inside the actual lab ok? Don’t take too long.~


I watched as Amanda walked through the doors ahead of me. I took 1 last look of the area I was in. I wanted to see everything that was possible. Then I started to head for the door Amanda just went through. Just as I got there though, a blonde girl came rushing out of it and bumped into me, causing both of us to fall.



Matthew: Ow!

???: Oh no no no! I’m so sorry!

Matthew: It’s ok. Just watch where you’re going next time.

???: Yes. I probably shouldn’t have been rushing. But I really must be going. Again, sorry!


The girl went rushing out of the building. I walked through the door. Amanda was there waiting for me. She led me up further into the room. I could hear someone talking to, who I assume was, the professor from a monitor but I wasn’t really paying attention to what was being said. Amanda must have startled the Professor there because when she spoke to him, he jumped and abruptly ended the conversation with whoever was on the screen. The Professor’s name was Jenner.



Professor Jenner: O-Oh, Amanda! You startled me. I didn’t think you’d get here so soon.

Amanda: So soon? We’re technically late Professor. In fact, we’re a whole day late.

Professor Jenner: Well, in any case, welcome to my laboratory Matthew!

Matthew: Wait. You know my name already?

Professor Jenner: Of course I do. I have everyone’s name that has registered for the Aevium League.

Matthew: Well I suppose that makes sense. You are the Professor.

Professor Jenner: Yes. Also… How are you doing Matthew?

Matthew: I’m… alright.

Professor Jenner: You can be honest with me. I saw the news.

Matthew: Ohh… I’m hanging in there.

Professor Jenner: You’re very lucky to have escaped that whole ordeal. I’m glad you’re safe.

Matthew: Heh. Yea. I think I’m the only survivor.

Jan: Whoa…

Professor Jenner: Ahh… Right… Well let’s brighten things up ehh? You already heard this from Amanda but my name is Jenner and I am the lead scientist here at the Gearen Lab. I was hired by Jan and Zumi-

Amanda: You’re really trying to brighten up his mood with another 1 of these lengthy introductions?

Professor Jenner: A-Ah… I suppose you’re right Amanda. In that case, please take Matthew and help him choose a starter.

Amanda: Right! Come with me Matthew!


Again, I followed Amanda over to the right of the lab. I could see what seemed like gated off sections of mini rooms. I could see 1 filled with luscious green grass. I could feel the heat from another 1 of the rooms. I could also see some kind of sand and water in the last of the rooms. I was impressed that they kept the starters in such luxury sanctuaries. Amanda stood by a computer and pressed the button. I could see the gates that were keeping the Pokemon in their respective areas being lowered into the floor. Amanda told me to go choose 1 that I wanted. I was nervous because I didn’t know if any of the Pokemon would even want to join me. I want into the grass sanctuary 1st. I stood in the middle of the area and looked at all the Grass Types.



All of them looked up at me. Just like in my childhood. They turned away from me. I knew it. There was no way that I could assemble a Pokemon team. But I needed 1 now. I had to rescue my mom. I then went over to the Fire Type sanctuary.



But again, they all turned their backs towards me. This time however, instead of feeling sadness, I was feeling anger. I needed at least 1 Pokemon to join me for this to even possibly work. If not, I wouldn’t be able to do anything. I angrily went over to the last sanctuary which held all of the Water Types. Most of the Pokemon again, turned their backs towards me. Only an Oshawott and Froakie didn’t. I was feeling just a bit more better because of that. But when I went to choose Oshawott, it slapped my hand away and turned its back towards me.



That was it. No Pokemon wanted to join me. I walked out of the sanctuary, feeling angry but also defeated. Amanda could see the frustration on my face.


Amanda: Matthew? What’s wrong?

Matthew: None of them want to come with me.

Amanda: Wait. What? No. That can’t be possible.

Matthew: Well it is. They all turned their back towards me as soon as they saw me.

Amanda: But that makes no sense. This has never happened here ever. There must be a reason.

Matthew: It’s been like this since I was little.

Amanda: What do you mean?

Matthew: When I was 10, I was supposed to go on my Pokemon Adventure. But when I went to pick my starter Pokemon, they all turned their backs towards me. As if I wasn’t there. Because of that, I wasn’t able to go on a Pokemon Adventure like normal kids.

Amanda: That’s… horrible. I’m so sorry Matthew.

Matthew: You didn’t do anything wrong but I was hoping it would be different here. I guess it’s not. Ugh!

Amanda: Umm…

Matthew: What?

Amanda: You may want to turn around.


I turned around and to my surprise, the Froakie that was in the water sanctuary was behind me.



I was shocked to see the little Frog Pokemon there. I slowly approached it and stayed in front of it for a couple of seconds. To my surprise, the Froakie didn’t turn its back to me at all. All it did was sit there, staring up at my face. I couldn’t believe it. This never happened before except for Mudbray. I knelt down beside it.


Matthew: Froakie?

Froakie: Froakie!

Matthew: Do… you wanna be my starter Pokemon.

Froakie: Froak? Froakie…


The Pokemon stared at me for a while. It then suddenly jumped up onto my shoulder with a smile on its face. I couldn’t believe it. This Pokemon actually wanted to come with me. I never thought it would ever happen again but it did. I now had 2 Pokemon to train to take on Team Xen. It was small but it was better than just 1. Amanda handed me a PokeBall. I gladly took it and held it out to Froakie. It tapped the ball and went inside. The ball jiggled for a couple of seconds before signaling that the catch was successful. I stood back up and looked the the ball that now contained my Froakie. I was excited for it.


Amanda: Maybe Aevium is for you after all.

Matthew: I… I don’t know what to say. I didn’t… I never expected this to happen ever again.

Amanda: Well Aevium is special like that. Always making magical things happening and stuff like that.

Matthew: Really?

Amanda: I have no idea. I just felt like I needed to say something uplifting to keep the spirits up.

Matthew: -chuckles- Well it worked. Thank you so much.

Amanda: Thanks? For what? All I did was make it able so you could pick a Pokemon.

Matthew: I just… just accept it.

Amanda: Alright alright. Fine.

Matthew: How can I ever repay you?

Amanda: Never really did anything buuuut… how about a battle?

Matthew: A battle? Sure. I never actually had a proper battle before. So this will be good practice for me.

Amanda: Alright! And I won’t use my actual team for this.

Matthew: Alrighty then! Let’s battle!




The battle between us started. I was very excited for this. Amanda threw out her PokeBall and out popped a Litten. I knew I had the type advantage with this 1, no matter which Pokemon I chose to battle with. But since Froakie just decided to join me, I chose it for my 1st proper battle. But it barely even started. 1 Bubble attack from Froakie and the Litten was down. Me and Amanda were surprised and shocked at how powerful the attack was. Amanda returned Litten back to its PokeBall.


Amanda: Wow… Maybe I should have used my team for this. Your Froakie is sure strong.

Matthew: I didn’t expect it to have such power. Nice going Froakie.

Froakie: Froakie!

Amanda: By the way, do you want to give it a nickname?

Matthew: Ohh yea. Hmm… I think I’m gonna call it… Blade.

Amanda: Blade?! Wow. That sounds badass.

Matthew: I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic to me or not.

Amanda: No no! I really mean it! Plus, with how powerful it seems to be already, the name fits it perfectly.

Matthew: Well thank you. Alright Froakie. Return!

Amanda: Well my job here is done. Professor Jenner should be able to finish off the rest of this process. I’ll see you later Matthew! I know you’ll do well!

Matthew: Thank you Amanda! See you later!


Amanda pressed the button for the gates to go back up and then left the lab. I walked back to Professor Jenner’s desk. He seemed pleased with what he had saw. The desk wasn’t too far away from where the battle took place so it wasn’t shocking that he knew how the battle went. Just as Professor Jenner was about to ask me to do something for him, the door opened up and I could hear a young man’s voice from behind me. He came running up to the desk, seemingly excited about something.



???: Professor Jenner! Professor Jenner! I’m back from my trip to Amethyst Cave! Here are the Pokemon you lent me.

Professor Jenner: My my Ren. You sure got back here quickly.

Ren: Yes sir. I got research on all the Pokemon you requested too. See? I told you that hiring me as your assistant was a good idea! I get the job done.

Matthew: So are you an assistant to the Professor or something?

Ren: Huh? Who’s this? A new recruit? You’re not replacing me already are you Professor?

Professor Jenner: No no. This is Matthew and he just became a new Trainer.

Matthew: Yea. Nice to meet you Ren?

Ren: Hmm…

Matthew: Uhh… What?

Ren: A new trainer huh? If that’s the case, then let’s have a battle!

Matthew: Speaking my language now. Let’s do this!




The 2 of us threw out our PokeBalls but to our shock, the 2 Pokemon were both Froakie. It now had become a battle of who had the best Froakie. This battle was definitely harder than my previous battle, considering that his Pokemon actually got a hit on mine. But eventually, his Froakie was unable to continue battling which meant my Froakie and me were the winners. We both recalled our Froakies to our PokeBalls and shook each other’s hands.


Ren: Wow. I didn’t really think I’d lose. Especially to another Froakie. You’re really good at this!

Matthew: Don’t be so hard on yourself. Your Froakie was pretty tough. Wasn’t an easy battle to win.

Ren: Thanks Matt. You know, that was actually my 1st battle with a Pokemon I actually own.

Matthew: Still did good. This was my only 2nd proper battle in my life.

Ren: Really? You seemed like a natural at it.

Professor Jenner: Fantastic. Both of you will become great Trainers and great friends. I can see it. However Ren, I have another task for you when you’re ready.

Ren: Ohh… Do you mind if I take on that task a little later? I promised some friends that I’d meet up with them after I came back.

Professor Jenner: Hmm. Well you’ve done a great job so far. I suppose you can have the rest of the day off.

Ren: Yes! Thank you sir! I’ll see you tomorrow. I hope to see you again sometime Matthew.

Matthew: I do too. Later man. -watches as Ren leaves the Laboratory-

Professor Jenner: Now back to the matter at hand before we got interrupted.

Matthew: Ohh yea. You wanted me to do something for you. What is it?

Professor Jenner: I should explain 1st. I have a daughter named Melia. I sent her to Route 1 and Goldenwood Forest a little bit ago.

Matthew: Does she have blonde hair?

Professor Jenner: Yes. Have you met her already?

Matthew: I’m pretty sure I did. We ran into each other when I was coming in here a bit ago. And I mean we literally ran into each other.

Professor Jenner: Yes. She can be quite excitable sometimes. Anyways, I have faith that she’ll be able to take care of herself but… I’d feel better if there was someone to look after her.

Matthew: Are you asking me to like babysit her or something like that?

Professor Jenner: I know… After everything that you went through yesterday, I shouldn’t even be asking this. But I’m just worried about her. That’s all. So what do you say?


I thought about it for a moment. On 1 hand, I didn’t really have time to play babysitter and watch over this dude’s daughter. On the other hand though, it would allow me to train my Pokemon, possibly catch more team members and maybe make more friends. In the end, the pros outweighed the cons.


Matthew: Sure. I’ll watch after her for a bit.

Professor Jenner: Thank you so much Matthew! Here. I want you to have this CyberNav and Pokedex. I appreciate this so much.

Matthew: No problem Professor. I’ll see you sometime.

Professor Jenner: Of course. I’ll see you later.


I exited the main lab area and back into the lobby. As I was about to head outside, Jan saw me and waved me over. He wanted to show me some things that I’d see on my adventure. He took me to another room in the back and showed me 3 things. The 1st was this weird wand thing that had a green glowing like on the top of it. It acted like a PC outside of buildings. The next thing he showed me was a Gym Guide panel. I could use this thing if I wanted some info of the Gym Leader I’d be fighting at that point. The last thing he showed me was kind of like the 1st 1 but this time, there were 2 and the tops were orange and red. I could heal my Pokemon with these but the red 1 was a 1 time use while I could use the orange 1 as many times as I wanted. This was actually quite helpful. We both exited the room and said our good byes, with him going into the lab. I walked down towards the front door of the building. As soon as I got outside, I grabbed the PokeBalls that contained my Pokemon. A 3rd PokeBall feel off my belt and onto the ground. I picked it up and was about to put it back on my belt until I realized that this was the PokeBall was the 1 my mother gave me before she told me to escape the boat. She gave me this ball for a reason. There had to be a Pokemon inside. I threw all 3 PokeBalls into the air and the Pokemon popped out of them. Mudbray and Froakie landed by the sides of me. But right in the middle was an Eevee. But I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My mother not only gave me a Pokemon, it was also shiny.



I knelt down in front of it and petted its head. It seemed to enjoy that quite a lot. I couldn’t think of how my mom got this though. Then I remembered that a couple of weeks before my mother told me about the move that Sylveon was feeling weird. It must have been preparing to birth this Eevee. This Eevee was the child of my mom’s Sylveon! I knew automatically what to call this little Pokemon. I called it Hope. It fit it so much. I started to tear up but this was not the time for crying. It was the time for a serious pep talk.


Matthew: Alright you 3. Today is gonna be a day of training. Anyone who wants to battle us will gladly get 1. We need to get stronger. Not just for the Gym Badges but to save my mom and get revenge on Team Xen. Hopefully, we’ll get more Pokemon that will join our little team here. But for now, we move out. Are you all ready for this?!

Mudbray: Mud Mudbray!

Froakie: Froa Froakie!

Shiny Eevee: Eevee!

Matthew: Alright! Let’s do this then!





Mudbray (Muddy)/Male/Level 5

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Stamina

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Mud-Slap/Mud Sport



Froakie (Blade)/Male/Level 8

Nature: Mild/Ability: Protean

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Bubble/Pound/Quick Attack/Growl



Shiny Eevee (Hope)/Female/Level 5

Nature: Modest/Ability: Adaptability

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Tackle/Growl/Tail Whip/Sand Attack




Tesla (10/10): She and her Talonflame really saved my ass. Not only did they get me away from all of that stuff on the ship, but I was also able to get some rest before getting my starter.


Amanda: (8/10): She's a little bit... too much but her heart is in the right place.


Jan (5/10): Don't know much about him except that he's busy. But he did show me some useful stuff. That's cool.


Professor Jenner (6/10): He seems like a nice dude but I can't believe that he is making me babysit his daughter. Whatever. It'll be good training for my team.


Ren (10/10): Seems like a nice guy. He even has a Froakie like me! Wonder if we'll have a rematch sometime soon. He was fun to battle.




1 day


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I started to explore the city as much as I could. I wanted to see all the sites this city had to give. It was quite impressive with what I was seeing so far. It would have been awesome to come live here with my mom but fate didn’t have that in mind. My mom was somewhere with that crazy Team Xen. But I was now on a mission to train my Pokemon so they would be powerful enough to stop them. And I had to start with defeating the trainers of this city. There were quite a lot of trainers here which surprised me. Even in some of the office buildings, which was weird to me but anything to make my Pokemon stronger. 3 hours had gone by and I had explored most of what the city had to offer except for 1 place. A building called the Chrisola Hotel. I figured there might be some trainers inside that would want to battle. So I headed inside. As soon as I got inside, I could definitely tell this was a place for the rich people, which most likely meant I probably wouldn’t be finding any trainers in here. As I walked up into the room, the clerk behind the desk, yelled out to me.


Clerk: You there! Boy!

Matthew: Uhh… Me?

Clerk: Yes! You! What are you doing in here?

Matthew: Well I came in here to-

Clerk: I know exactly why you came in here so let me make this simple for you. There’s no 1 a young hooligan like you would be able to afford our extremely opulent services.

Matthew: Psh. Like I wanted to stay at a shit place like this.

Clerk: What did you just call this place?!

Matthew: You heard me! This place is hit! It’s full of rich snobs that think they’re better than everyone else just because they have more money than other people!

Clerk: I’ve heard enough! Get out of here before-

???: Wheeeeeeee!!!

Matthew: Huh?


The clerk and I both looked in the direction where we heard the squealing noise of fun. As soon as I turned though, I could see something racing towards me with someone riding it.



The thing hit me right in the head and knocked my ass back onto the ground below me. I was quite dizzy and had a bit of a headache but I was relatively ok. I didn’t appreciate what happened though.


???: Owie powie kazowie lowie! That hurt!

Matthew: Urgh… You said a mouthful…

Clerk: M-Ms. Blakeory! What on earth are you doing?! How many times must I tell you not to use the trolleys in such a barbaric manner!

Matthew: -starts standing up- Yea. What he said. Ow. My head.

Clerk: And even worse, you’ve gone and hit this hooligan with it!

Matthew: You’re really sticking with calling me that aren’t you?

Clerk: That’s what you are! I just pray to Arceus that they don’t file a lawsuit against us for this incident!

Matthew: Relax moron. I’m not gonna do anything.

???: Yea! Quit worrying so much! He don’t even have a scratch on him!

Matthew: May not have a scratch but you sure gave me 1 hell of a headache.

???: Besides, I should be mad at him if anything!

Matthew: Say what now?

???: Yea! He got in the way of my trolley! So realistically, I should be the 1 suing him for damages!

Matthew: … You’re joking right?

???: -chuckles innocently- But seriously, I’m sorry for slamming my trolley into you like that! It was an accident…

Matthew: Ehh… It’s alright. No harm done. Well, not a lot of it anyways. My name’s Matthew by the way.

???: Ohh! My name’s-

Clerk: Ms. Blakeory, stop wasting your time with this hooligan!

Matthew: Alright. Now it’s starting to get annoying pal!

Clerk: Quiet you! Ms. Blakeory, please tell me you didn’t forget about the helicopter you requested.

???: Helicoptor? Ohh shoot! When is it coming?

Clerk: It’s here now!

???: Ohh CRUD! I totally forgot I requested that. And I still haven’t even packed yet… Damnit. Val will KILL me if I’m late again! What a bother! Ohh well. Who needs to pack when the world is your oyster! Because, well, you know what they say!~

Matthew: … Umm…

Clerk: What… do they say?

???: Huh? Why would I know that? I was asking the both of you?

Matthew: Soooo… You can see that she’s crazy right dude?

Clerk: Yes but- Wait. Don’t talk to her like that! How dare you!

???: -chuckles- You’re funny. I like you. But I’m afraid I gotta go right now. It was nice crashing into you! -leaves the area-

Matthew: That… was the weirdest interaction I’ve had with anyone ever.

Clerk: Well now that that’s all taken care of, please take your leave.

Matthew: I’m going to. Being near you has made my headache even worse.

Clerk: Hmph. Go bother the people at the Help Center. They might enjoy your company.

Matthew: Huh? What’s the Help Center?

Clerk: Ugh. It’s a place where people put in requests for other people to help them. The building is right next to the library. Now get out of here!

Matthew: Gladly.


I couldn’t walk out of that Arceus forsaken place fast enough. But I was curious about this Help Center. It could possibly help me get my Pokemon stronger. I went to the back of the Gearen Laboratory building and walked upwards. I was surprised that the clerk wasn’t lying. The building was real in bright white and blue colors.



I walked inside. It seemed like a very simple place. I walked up to the board and read what was on the piece of paper. A couple of them were already crossed off which most likely meant they were already completed.



I decided to do the 1 called “Save Starly!” I was to meet the person that put the request in inside the Gearen Lab. I made my way there at once and found the person that put in the help request. The little girl was quite sad that her Starly was taken from her.



Apparently, as her and her Starly were going for a walk, some thugs ambushed them and took the Starly, which is a rare Pokemon in Aevium. There was a possibility that they were gonna sell it for high money in some kind of bad place. She gave me an idea where to look. So I went down to the Oceana Pier to search for people that didn’t really look like they belonged there. It didn’t take me long as I soon found 3 dudes on bikes on a dock cornering the scared Starly.


Thug 1: -laughs triumphantly- Alright boys! We’re heading to the Badlands!

Matthew: I wouldn’t be too sure about that!

Thug 2: Huh? Well lookie here boys. Looks like we have a bit of trouble here.



Matthew: There will be if you don’t return the Pokemon back to its original owner.

Thug 3: Is that supposed to be a threat? Psh. You don’t even look like an adult. Hold on boys. I’ll take care of this.

Matthew: Ha! Suit yourself.


The thug threw out his Pokemon and I sent out mine. It only took a couple of moves until I completely defeated the weak thug. The other 2 thugs seemed surprised that I was able to defeat 1 of them, as was the 1 I had beaten. Just then, a boat came rushing up beside the dock. The 3 thugs were just about to board the boat when all of a sudden, spiky rocks came rushing up through the water and straight into the boat. Whoever was driving that boat was most certainly dead. Then from above, we could all hear a woman’s voice. I saw the girl but I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was floating in midair! She slowly descended onto the ground near us.



???: Little dove, little dove, little dove, pity dove. I’m sorry to say but we can’t have peasants like you running around here.

Matthew: How did you-

???: Hold on hun. I’ll be with you in a minute.

Thug 1: Now listen here lady. Who do you think-

???: Do you honestly think you’ll just be able to do what you please? No. That simply just will not do.

Thug 2: And who are you to tell us what to do?

???: My name is of no importance to you ruffians. I can’t believe you no good thugs would try to steal this poor pigeon. For your punishment, you’ll serve as my loyal servants.

Thug 3: Us? Being your servants. Ha! Don’t make us laugh lady. We ain’t gonna do anything y- Ahh! Wh-What the- What’s going on?!


The 1 thugs bike levitated off the ground just a bit but it was enough for it to go off the dock and across the ocean. And soon, the other 2 thugs followed suit. I didn’t know who this crazy ass chick was but I knew 1 thing for sure. I needed to stay on her good side. Starly ran up to us, all happy that it was saved.


Matthew: You ok Starly?

Starly: Starly!

Matthew: Good.

???: Hello there little dove!~ Sorry to have kind of ignored you like that.

Matthew: It’s really no problem. Thanks for the help.

???: No problem.

Matthew: My name’s Matthew.

Karen: The name’s Karen and I’m… 2nd thought, let’s keep that a little secret for now.

Matthew: Uhh… Let’s keep what a secret.

Karen: Very good little dove! Just giving out all the info in the beginning is boring and deprives mystery. So, did you like my little stone creation?

Matthew: It’s very… uhhh…

Karen: Beautiful right? Magic is a beautiful thing. A beautiful thing humans tend to push away because they fear it.

Matthew: I mean… Probably. Yes.

Karen: Tell me. Have you ever heard of the Garufa?

Matthew: I’m afraid I haven’t.

Karen: It’s not surprising. Let me give you a little history lesson. They were an ancient tribe that roamed the world centuries ago. They were able to harvest the power of Pokemon and seal their soul along with their Pokemon’s soul into a book. It allowed them to enhance their power and cast magic parallel to their Pokemon’s type.

Matthew: That’s… That’s really…

Karen: Oops! Look at me ramble. Don’t worry. It’s funny!

Matthew: R-Right…

Karen: Hmm… Do you think the driver survived this little… uproot do you?

Matthew: I highly doubt it.

Karen: Hmph. They probably had a family but who really cares about family anyway?

Matthew: …I do.

Karen: You do? Why? I find stone much more lovely.

Matthew: So you’re a loner huh?

Karen: You can say that. Ohh Starly, you are free now. Return to your trainer.


The Starly hurried off back to its trainer. Karen proceeded to fix the mess that she had created here. She kind of made me uncomfortable when she was talking about how the girl would probably lose the Starly again. How could she know that? But it really creeped me out when she told me to go back to the Help Center and finalize my quest here. I didn’t know what else to say except for ok and I hurried off as fast as I could. I never felt that uncomfortable ever in my entire life. I hoped that I would never run into her again. I made it back to the Help Center and got my reward. Doing these things was good for getting items and money but I knew I shouldn’t waste too much time doing this. I decided I’d do 1 more and then I’d go to where Professor Jenner told me where Melia was. There was only 2 more on the list. I decided to do the 1 called “The Hidden Library.” It intrigued me. Again, I was to meet someone back at the Gearen Lab. I went there and found the person who put in the request.



He told me that he was interested in this ancient Library that was never ending and had untold knowledge of ancient civilizations and Pokemon. He told me to get information off of 3 specific people. So I went off in search of them. I had to find a girl in a park, a leader part of a gang and of course, I had to go back to the hotel to talk to the clerk. Surprisingly though, when I asked him about the hidden library, he seemed to be more nicer to me. I still hated to him though. After getting all of this information, I went back to the lab and gave him the information I had gathered. All that I really knew was that it should still be intact, the library was closed off to everyone and that they weren’t found in the Gearen Tunnels. Whatever those were. The young man quickly came up with a hypothesis and it was that the library was submerged underwater. He seemed upset with the fact but happy with what he had learned. He thanked me for my help and went on his way. I went back to the Help Center and collected my reward which was a couple of Great Balls. Now I had some more PokeBalls to catch more members for my team. I decided that I did enough here and was about to go off to the train station when I heard 2 voices stop me. I turned around and could see a relatively young boy and girl.



Young Girl: Excuse me but… are you a trainer?

Matthew: You mean me? Uhh… I mean I just started today but I am.

Young Boy: Can you please help us?

Matthew: I’m kind of busy. I have to go to the train station to see a… friend of mine.

Young Girl: You won’t be able to if you don’t help us.

Matthew: What’s that supposed to mean?

Young Boy: There’s a bully that won’t let people pass without paying him.

Young Girl: Yea! We like watching the trains coming in and out of the station but we haven’t been able to because of him.

Young Boy: Will you please stop him from doing that?

Matthew: Well that sound like an annoyance… Fine. I’ll help.

Young Boy: Yes!

Young Girl: Thank you so much Trainer!


I went to walk over a short bridge to where the train station was supposed to be. Just like the 2 young kids said, someone came up to me and demanded that I’d pay them in order for me to cross the rest of the bridge.



I declined and challenged him to a battle but with a bet. If he won, he could keep doing what he was doing and I’d give him all my money. But if I won, he had to live and stop doing what he was doing. He agreed, thinking this would be an easy battle. The match begun. Throughout my time training my Pokemon, this dude was the hardest battle I had. Luckily, all of my Pokemon survived but they came pretty close to fainting. The bully was surprised with how strong I was and ran away, saying he’d never come back since I was there. The young girl and boy came over and thanked me. They decided to show me the train station as thanks. I went o go inside but a cop was there.


Matthew: Hey. Can I get inside?

Cop: Sorry but no can do.

Matthew: What? Why not?

Cop: There’s an electrical problem here. The trains can’t move. Can’t have a crowd in here yelling at the workers and stuff.

Matthew: What?! But Melia is supposed to be at that Goldenwood Forest place! Ugh. The hell do I do now?

Cop: Excuse me but did you say Melia? As in Professor Jenner’s daughter Melia?

Matthew: Yes. Why?

Cop: Well I can confirm that she has not come here.

Matthew: -sighs- Seriously?

Cop: Mhm. I haven’t seen here anywhere near here.

Matthew: Great. Juuuust great. Now what am I supposed to do?

Cop: Well if you’re a new trainer, why not challenge the Gym Leader of this city while we try to get the electrical stuff to work again.

Matthew: Yea… Yea, I guess that’s a good idea as any. Where’s the Gym?

Cop: Have you seen the hotel in Gearen City? Go left of there. It’ll give off a lab kind of feeling.

Matthew: Alright. Thanks.





Mudbray (Muddy)/Male/Level 12

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Stamina

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Bulldoze/Mud Sport/Mud-Slap/Rototiller




Froakie (Blade)/Male/Level 13

Nature: Mild/Ability: Protean

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Bubble/Lick/Quick Attack/Growl




Shiny Eevee (Hope)/Female/Level 12

Nature: Modest/Ability: Adaptability

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Tackle/Baby-Doll Eyes/Tail Whip/Sand Attack




Ms. Blakeory(?) (3/10): That girl is really, REALLY out there. I kind of hope I don't run into her again... Literally.


Karen (5/10): I'm not too sure what to think of her. On 1 hand, she helped me rescue that Starly from those thugs. On the other hand... she seems Zubat-shit crazy. I'm just glad she seems to be on the good side.




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I like that update. I had forgotten how over the top the entire Magnolia Library incident was. And the other sidequests... Karen's first appearance in the story... Great episode, in a nutshell. I'm excited to read what's next!


(Now I really want a Rejuv story where all the MC does is sue the Blakeorys for all their money, collecting stories and evidence for a massive lawsuit. I'm pretty sure it would be interesting to explore the consequences to Melia, Venam and Ren, who don't actually meet us. They end up happy and still friendly and we become rich and powerful and adored by every person of lesser social status than the Blakeorys. Happiest ending ever.)

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I raced towards the area the cop had told me. As I was getting there, I wondered what type the Gym Leader would be using. Since we were in a city, I was guessing either maybe Electric or Steel. If that was the case, I would have an easy time with my Mudbray with me. It’d be super effective on both of those types. I came across a building that gave off a lab kind of feeling, just like the cop said. I couldn’t help but feel anxious and excited all at once. This would be my 1st Gym Battle ever. I walked through the entrance but instead of being greeted by a Gym Leader, it was, what I assumed to be, a trainer of the gym. He came up to me but seemed disappointed.



Gym Trainer(?): Hello there. Can I help you with something?

Matthew: Yea. I’m here to challenge their Gym Leader for their Gym Badge.

Gym Trainer(?): Ahh. I see… Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I’m afraid that the Gym Leader isn’t here at the moment.

Matthew: What?! Ohh you’ve got to be kidding me!

Gym Trainer(?): I’m very sorry. It’s actually kind of typical of her though.

Matthew: Do you know where she is right now?

Gym Trainer(?): Hmm… Knowing her, she’s probably at home, annoying her mother with loud ass music. Just head south of here and head right. If you hear music, follow the sound.

Matthew: Fine. Thank you for the information.


I exited the Gym all annoyed. How can the Gym Leader not be at her Gym? Isn’t that some kind of violation? I decided to not think of it much longer or I’d make myself more upset than I already was. I headed all the way down the city I could and then took a right. Surprisingly, I could hear loud music playing. I started to follow the noise. It lead me right to a house. Strangely enough, this seemed to be the only house throughout the whole city. The rest of the buildings were either offices, libraries, hotels or something else important. Before I even stepped foot on the lawn though, I could hear screaming coming from the inside.



???: WAIT… WAIT…

???: Veronica, turn that music down this instant!


???: I’ve had enough of your insolent bantering and noise pollution! The neighbors are furious! The police have come to this house at least 3 times this week!



Veronica: H-Hey! What are you doing?! Turn the music back on! Wait wait! What are you- NO!


Just then, I could see something being thrown literally through the roof and then land right in front of the front door. To my shock, it was a girl with purple hair and well purple everything really. I ran up to her to make sure she was ok. She started to move slowly when I got close up to her.



Veronica: Urgh…

Matthew: Whoa! Are you ok?

Veronica: That wench… My own mother did this to me…

Matthew: Really? The fuck does she eat for her to be able to chuck a young girl through the roof of a house?

Veronica: Urgh… I think… I think I’ve been fatally wounded.

Matthew: Ehh… You sure about that? I mean that does seem like it would hurt but I don’t about “fatally wounded” hurt.

Veronica: Listen to me. Since this is the end, I need to ask a favor of you…

Matthew: -sighs- Yea? And what’s that?

Veronica: A Pecha Berry… from the Berry Emporium… I need a taste of a Pecha Berry 1 last time… before I go… Please…

Matthew: You’re kidding me right?

Veronica: Wh-What?

Matthew: You really think I’m going to waste my time doing that?

Veronica: You… You’re horrible… You dare turn down a wish from a dying girl?

Matthew: …I was on the S.S. Oceana yesterday when it got taken over by some team called Team Xen. Not only did they sink the ship but they also kidnapped and/or killed the people on that ship, 1 of which being my mom. I have no clue if she’s alright or not. So I don’t have time to play games right now.


The girl laid on the ground for a couple more seconds but didn’t say a word. She then started to get up unharmed, as I suspected. She kind of seemed embarrassed with what she tried to do. Or maybe it’s because of the story I told and she felt bad for holding me up. Whatever the reason, she had the look of sorriness on her face.


Veronica: Damn dude… I’m sorry. I didn’t know…

Matthew: It’s whatever. Just can we have like a normal convo right now?

Veronica: Yea… Yea sure.

Matthew: The name’s Matthew.

Venam: And my name’s Venam.

Matthew: Venam? But I heard the person in there say Veron-

Venam: Ohh I know what you heard. I know you think it’s… that because of my mom right? Well it’s not. It’s Venam. Call me Veronica and see what happens.

Matthew: Ok. Ok. Whoa. Calm down. I’ll call you Venam.

Venam: Good! So what brings you here?

Matthew: I came here looking for the Gym Leader since she’s not at the Gym.

Venam: Ohh. Well hey there. I am the Gym Leader of Gearen City.

Matthew: You’re the Gym Leader?

Venam: Yep! Poison Type Specialist.

Matthew: Huh. Didn’t expect the 1st Gym to be a Poison Type.

Venam: Hey! I have a great idea!

Matthew: Does that idea involve challenging you to an official Gym Battle?

Venam: Nooooo. You should come with me and hang out with my friends!

Matthew: I really don’t have time for-

Venam: Pretty sure that there are also some trainers where we hang out too.

Matthew: Well… I suppose my Pokemon can get some more training in.

Venam: Great! Follow me.


I followed as Venam lead me south of her house. In just a few short minutes, we were in front of some sort of building. There was some sort of bad smell coming from the place which really was making me want to not go in there but if there were trainers down there, I needed to battle them so I could get my Pokemon stronger. Venam looked behind us, snickered a bit and then laid down onto the ground, like she was back in front of her house. I was confused as to what she was doing until I heard a familiar voice.



Ren: Venam? Is that you?

Venam: Urgh… I’ve been fatally wounded by my mother…

Matthew: -thinking to myself- Really? This again?

Ren: Ugh. You’re doing this again ehh Venam?

Venam: Before I pass, please get me… an Oran Berry from the… Berry Emporium… That sweet, succulent, beautiful, EMPOWERING taste of an Oran Berry.

Ren: Stop it Venam. It’s me. Ren. You’ve tried this 1 on me before.

Venam: PLEASE.

Ren: Honestly, just get up Venam. Or should I say, Veronica…

Venam: -shoots up onto her feet- NEVER CALL ME THAT! IT’S VENAM!

Ren: Mhm. Just open the door already.

Matthew: Ha! That was funny.

Venam: Are you telling me that him denying a dying girl’s wish is funny to you Matthew?

Ren: Wait. Matthew? You’re here?

Matthew: Yes. How have you not noticed me?

Ren: Well I was dealing with… this.

Matthew: Ohh right. True.

Venam: I feel like I’m being ganged up on. I don’t like it. But it seems you 2 already know each other so I won’t need to do introductions. -unlocks the door and heads in-

Matthew: You’re friends with her?

Ren: Yea. She’s a handful… a real handful but she’s a good friend.

Matthew: Ehh… I guess I can kind of see it.

Ren: Anyways, this kind of works out for everyone.

Matthew: What you mean?

Ren: Well with you being here and all. Sorry for eavesdropping but I heard the Professor talking to you about meeting Melia in the forest.

Matthew: Yea. Stupid train isn’t working though because of the electricity or some shit like that.

Ren: Well actually, Melia isn’t there. She’s down here.

Matthew: And where exactly is down there?

Ren: Ohh right. You’re new here. Have to remember that. This is the Abandoned Sewers.

Matthew: Wait. If there are people there, how can it be abandoned?

Ren: Well… I mean abandoned by the workers. Anyways, there’s an old power grid that the city uses. It was recently shut down by an unknown source. Melia decided she wanted to see if she could fix it herself.

Matthew: Can she really do that? She looked like she was only 15.

Ren: Don’t let her age fool you. Jenner is good with machines. I’d bet anything he’s taught her a good few things.

Matthew: Well that’s good at least.

Ren: Ohh yea. Can I ask you for a favor? And I promise this is an actual favor. Nothing like what Venam most likely tried pulling on you.

Matthew: Everyone’s asking for favors today. But sure. Go ahead.

Ren: I’m not too sure if I could get through this place myself. The trainer down there are more than likely stronger than me. At best, on par with me. Would you possibly team up with me and help me take them on.

Matthew: Yea. Sure. I don’t have a problem with that.

Ren: Yes! This will be great! With us team together, everyone will quiver in fear at the mere sight of us!

Matthew: Uhhh… What?

Ren: Uhh… Nevermind I said that. Let’s just go.


The 2 of us teamed up. When we made it down the stairs, we were finally in the sewers. Somehow, the smell here was better than near the entrance. We started to make our way deeper into the sewers. Ren was right. There were a lot of trainers down here. With the 2 of us teaming out, we easily took out every single 1 of them. It was great knowing my Pokemon were getting stronger but it also felt good helping someone else training up their Pokemon as well. We finally made it to the end of the sewers. Venam was there waiting for us.


Ren: Hey there Venam.

Venam: Well it’s about damn time you 2 showed up! I’ve been withering away over here!

Matthew: Ohh please. We weren’t that long… right?

Venam: -sighs- Whatever. This is where we’re supposed to be.

Matthew: So Melia is in there?

Venam: Mhm. So don’t take too long to get in here! -rushes into the room-

Ren: Always so impatient. Anyways, let’s go in or else we won’t hear the end of it from her.


The 2 of us were just about to enter the room when the lights in the sewer flickered and stayed off for few seconds before flickering back on and staying on. Looking in front of us, we noticed that the door was now shut tight.



We tried to open it but it was to no avail. Then Ren remembered about the generator being down there. We both went to where they were. There were 3 of them in total.



Ren: Hmm… Melia told me how to do it once. I think she said something like… 3 + 1 + 2. But what does that mean?

Matthew: I got this dude. Don’t worry. -turns on the generators starting with the 3rd, then the 1st and then 2nd-

Ren: Hey! They’re on! Ohh of course. 3 then 1 th-

Matthew: Alright dude. We don’t need a lesson on what you were thinking she meant.

Ren: Ehh… You’re right. Let’s get back to the girls now.


We exited the generator room and headed back to where Venam and Melia were. When we got there and went through the doors, we could see Melia messing with a big machine while Venam was lying on the ground again whining about wanting more berries.


Matthew: Are you really doing this again Venam?

Ren: I feel like you’re doing this to annoy us at this point.

Venam: I’m sorry but it’s just SO boring here.

Melia(?): Could you please stop Venam? I’m trying to focus here.

Venam: Haven’t you figured out what’s wrong yet?

Melia(?): Unfortunately, that’s a super negative. I can’t pinpoint the source of the error. It’s hopeless… I hate to say it but I’ll never figure it out. Maybe I should just- Ohh! Wait. Have we met before? You look familiar.

Matthew: Mhm. You ran into me when I was about to get my starter Pokemon back at the lab today.

Melia(?): Ohh… Right. Sorry about that.

Matthew: It’s alright. So you’re name’s Melia I take it?

Melia: Mhm. What’s your name?

Matthew: It’s Matthew.

Melia: Nice to meet you Matthew! Hopefully, we can become good friends.

Matthew: I do too Melia.

Melia: I was supposed to go to the forest to research some stuff but-

Venam: Trip’s cancelled! Let’s go back home and do nothing.

Melia: Well that’s a shame but I suppose I can go tomorrow. Hey! I know. Since we’re all here, we should check up on our experiment!

Matthew: What experiment?

Ren: Ohh. I remember now. You’re talking about this trash bags you left lying around here right?

Melia: Yep! It’s been a few says. We should check it out.

Matthew: What are you doing with trash bags?

Venam: Explain it to the man Ren!

Ren: You don’t have to shout at me Venam but sure. Melia was trying to see if the rumors about Trubbish and Garbodor are true.

Matthew: Ohh! You mean if you leave trash bags out for days, they mutate into those Pokemon?

Melia: How did you know that’s what we were doing?

Matthew: I came here from the Unova Region. I kind of know these things. And spoiler alert. It does happen.

Venam: Well there goes the surprise.

Melia: What? But how can that be?

Matthew: I’m not sure but I’ve seen it happen before.

Melia: No. It can’t be true.

Venam: Well if that’s the case Melia, then where are the trash bags you placed?

Melia: Huh? Are they not here?

Ren: I don’t see them anywhere.

Venam: Well it’s not the only thing we’re testing. We’re here to put Melia’s hidden ability to the test!

Matthew: Hidden ability?

Melia: Venam stop. I don’t have any hidden abilities… Stop saying things that aren’t true. You’re embarrassing me.

Venam: Are you kidding me?! You have a bunch of Shiny Pokemon! No 1 else has that kind of luck!

Matthew: Wait really? That’s awesome! I too have a shiny Pokemon.

Venam: Really?! You should show us when we get out of here.

Matthew: Sure. No problem.


Just then, on the other side of the area, a Garbodor came out of a door and stared us down. It looked a little different than how I remembered Garbodor usually being. Venam quickly answered my question when she shouted out that it was a different color than usual. So it was true. This Melia person was able to bring out Shiny Pokemon somehow. To be honest, that was actually kind of cool. Then we discovered that it was eating the wiring.


Matthew: So is that why the power is messing up?!

Melia: I think that’s a safe bet!

Ren: Wait. The color of that Garbodor is different isn’t it?

Venam: Ha! Told you Melia!

Melia: Shush Venam! This isn’t the time for that!

Venam: Wait. Where are the other ones I placed next to the big 1 though?

Ren: Right in front of you.

Matthew: Umm… Did that Garbodor just dive under water?

Melia: Umm…

Garbodor: -jumps on top of the machine- Garb!!!



Melia: Eep!

Ren: Melia! Get behind us! Matt and I will take care of this!

Matthew: Right! Let’s do this dude!

Melia: S-Sorry about this…


The 2 of us stepped in front of Melia and the battle between us and the Garbodor crew started.



The battle wasn’t all that hard since I was using Mudbray. Unfortunately, that kind of meant that I was knocking out Ren’s Pokemon because I kept using Bulldoze. However, in the end, the battle was over and me and Ren came out victorious. Venam also managed to catch 1 of the weakened Trubbish. Ren gave a stern talking to Garbodor and the other Trubbish. They seemed sad for what they did and were sorry about it too. They then went away.


Melia: Well that was something. You 2 seemed like you got along pretty well in that battle!

Matthew: Uhh well-

Ren: Well if my partner here didn’t keep knocking out my Pokemon, I’d agree.

Matthew: Sorry about that.

Ren: -chuckles- I’m just kidding. I understand why you were using that move. I just have to train up my Pokemon more so they can withstand moves like that.

Melia: Even if things did get bad, we wouldn’t have been in any danger.

Venam: Why’s that?

Melia: -takes out a briefcase- Because I have this!

Venam: Wow!… What is it?

Melia: A briefcase with the essentials inside like Potions and Ethers. But my dad said if we ever got into a real dicey situation, all we would have to do is put in a secret combination and we’d be saved.

Matthew: Uh… huh.

Ren: Alright then.

Venam: Sure.

Melia: In any case, we found the source of our power problems. I think some of the engineers should be here to fix the broken pipes and wiring around the grid. So things should be back to normal in no time at all!

Venam: That’s great. I guess I’ll stay here and supervise.

Ren: You supervising?

Venam: Well it’s not like I can do anything else since my mom kicked me out of the house.

Melia: Well you have fun with that. You just became a trainer right Matt?

Matthew: Mhm.

Melia: You should accompany me to Goldenwood Forest. There are lots of trainers there for you to practice your skills and become stronger. You should come with me. I mean I’m doing research but the training will certainly benefit you.

Ren: Uhh… Actually, you think Matthew can meet me at the library before he goes with you to Goldenwood Forest?

Melia: Why’s that?

Ren: Just want to talk to him about something. That’s all.

Melia: Well that’s fine with me. As long as Matthew doesn’t have a problem with it.

Matthew: I don’t mind. Something wrong though?

Ren: No no. Nothing’s wrong.

Matthew: Alright then. I’ll see you later then Venam. Don’t forget about our future Gym Battle!

Venam: I won’t!


Melia, Ren and I came out of the Abandoned Sewers. Melia needed to get something from the lab, so she headed there. Ren took me up to the Magnolia Library. When we got inside, he challenged me to a battle. I was kind of surprised he’d want a rematch after we just got done battling each other earlier that day but I had an itch to battle him. So I accepted his request.



He certainly toughened up the last couple of hours since I last saw him. I thought for a moment there I was going to lose but in the end, I came out victorious. We both returned out Pokemon back to their PokeBalls.


Ren: Damn. I still can’t beat you even after the training we had in the sewers.

Matthew: That’s the toughest battle I’ve had so far.

Ren: Wait. Really?

Matthew: Yes. It’s shown me I need to make my team stronger. But don’t feel bad man. You definitely have a strong team.

Ren: Thanks Matt. So what are you going to do now?

Matthew: I’m gonna head to the Railnet and wait for Melia there. If she’s not there already that is.

Ren: Sounds like a plan. I gotta stay here and do some research. Ugh. I hate reading books. So you around Matthew.


Ren went into another room of the library. I couldn’t blame him for not wanting to read books. I hated reading as well. I exited the library and made my way for the Railnet. I was getting excited thinking about battling more trainers in the Goldenwood Forest and to potentially get more team members for my team.





Mudbray (Muddy)/Male/Level 15

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Stamina

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Bulldoze/Mud Sport/Double Kick/Rototiller




Froakie (Blade)/Male/Level 14

Nature: Mild/Ability: Protean

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Water Pulse/Lick/Bubble/Quick Attack




Shiny Eevee (Hope)/Female/Level 13

Nature: Modest/Ability: Adaptability

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Covet/Baby-Doll Eyes/Tail Whip/Sand Attack




Venam (3/10): She's... very hard to get along with. And she's the Gym Leader? Ohh boy.


Melia (7/10): Seems like a very smart kid. But I can kind of see why the Professor would want someone to keep an eye on her.




1 day


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When I made it to the train station, I realized that there was no cop standing in front of the entrance this time. I couldn’t believe how fast those workers fixed the problem. I walked into the train station and was met with a familiar red-headed woman I had met late last night.



Tesla: Ohh Matthew!

Matthew: Tesla? What are you doing here?

Tesla: I just got back from Goldenwood Forest.

Matthew: Ohh. Nice.

Tesla: So how are you doing? Are you ok?

Matthew: Well… Let’s put it like this. I’m not in the best of moods but I’m a little better than when you 1st met me.

Tesla: Well I suppose that’s better than being completely down in the dumps. I’m glad you haven’t lost hope though.

Matthew: Of course not! I need to save my mom from those Team Xen assholes.

Tesla: That’s the spirit. Your mother is still out there somewhere and we both must become stronger to rescue her.

Matthew: Indeed. By the way, thank you for helping me with this.

Tesla: It’s not problem sweetie. I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t do anything to help. So by the looks of it, you’re heading to Route 1 & Goldenwood Forest?

Matthew: Mhm. I’m going there to hang out with someone and train my Pokemon.

Tesla: Aww. Making friends already are we? That’s great Matthew.

Matthew: I think it is too.

Tesla: Here. Let me buy you a ticket.

Matthew: No no. You don’t have to do that.

Tesla: Nonsense. With what you’ve been going through this past day, it’s the least I could do.


Tesla went up to the clerk and purchased 1 ticket for Goldenwood Forest. The clerk handed her the ticket, she came over to me and handed over the ticket. She then leaned in and gave me a hug. It felt weird being hugged by basically a random stranger but for some reason, it felt comforting. After that, she left the train station and I got on board the train. It didn’t take long for it to get to Route 1. Once there, I departed the train and looked around the area. There were so many golden trees and the area just looked beautiful. I started to look for Melia but it didn’t take long for me to find her.



Melia: There you are Matthew! I thought for a bit that you decided to not come here after all.

Matthew: Naw. Sorry about the wait. Ren wanted to battle me.

Melia: That doesn’t shock me. When he meets someone he considers a rival, he’s gonna want to battle them over and over.

Matthew: Huh? He considered me a rival?

Melia: Of course he does! He probably sees something in you that he wants himself. Now let’s head into Goldenwood Forest together!


Melia walked ahead as I followed behind her. It didn’t take long until we were actually in Goldenwood Forest. Although, it looked more like a forest. Melia turned around looking at me and gave me a huge smile. Then, we started to go off to have fun. We 1st went and saw some really pretty, colorful Vivillon. Melia fed 1 of them some Pokemon food.



Next, we were walking next to the lake when we could hear a fisherman whine about not being able to catch a fish. Melia took out the briefcase, opened it up and handed the fisherman some weird lookin’ bait. He used it and in a matter of seconds, had a Magikarp on the line. He pulled and pulled and finally pulled it out of the water. Only to have it plop down onto his head. Melia and I couldn’t help but laugh.



Melia then saw a patch of grass below us. We went down to it. I watched her as she enjoyed looking at the flowers. Unfortunately, a lady came up to us and started to yell at us for playing around her flower garden. After walking to the other side of the lake, we could see some Finneon swimming near us in the water. Melia took out the briefcase again and threw some food into the water, which the Finneon gladly ate.



While I was having fun, I didn’t see any trainers here to battle. Which was a big reason why I came here.


Matthew: Uhh… Melia?

Melia: Yea. What is it?

Matthew: It’s just that… Well a big reason why I came here is because you said there would be lots of trainers to battle. Not that I’m not having fun hanging with you but-

Melia: Ohh! No worries. See that cave up there?

Matthew: Yea? What about it?

Melia: That’s where the trainers are.

Matthew: Really? Well why didn’t you say that sooner! Let’s go!


We both entered the cave and I could immediately see trainers a little further into the cave. So Melia was right. The trainers were mostly inside the cave. Melia turned around and informed me that most of the trainers in here teamed up and would most likely battle in doubles



 So she asked if she could partner up with me so that we could take them on together and get to where she needed to go. I was kind of shocked she wanted to team up with me. I knew she had shiny Pokemon but I thought it was more of a collection and not what she battled with. I was curious to see her battle so I accepted. We started to make our way through the cave, battling loads of trainers. I could definitely tell that my Pokemon were getting stronger. I also was amused with what Melia used. They were mostly Normal Type Pokemon. When we finally got to the end of the cave, we both stared up at the wall in front of us that seemed to have some sort of inscription on it.



Melia brought out the briefcase, dug through it for a camera and started to take photos of the wall. I could tell she seemed upset with this.


Matthew: You ok Melia?

Melia: Huh? Ohh. Yea. I am. I just… thought it was gonna be something more than this. I mean I know I’m not strong enough to on more dangerous tasks but this feels a little insulting.

Matthew: Ohh. I see. I can understand that.

Melia: -turns around and aims the camera at me- Say cheese!

Matthew: Wha- -picture gets taken- Ahh! Melia! Don’t do that!

Melia: -chuckles- That’s enough picture taking for now.

Matthew: Sooo… do you know what this is?

Melia: No idea. But it’s strange. My father doesn’t usually send me off to check on something like inscriptions. I usually study stuff like Pokemon behavior.


Melia went up to the wall and touched it. Suddenly, the whole ground started to shake. I could hear the trainers in the cave Melia and I battled yelling as it did. The wall in front of us collapsed and Melia fell through into the other side of it. I ran inside to make sure she was ok.


Matthew: Melia! Are you ok?!

Melia: Ow… Yea. I’ll be fine. What happened though?

Matthew: I have no clue. The ground shook and then a hole appeared on that wall.

Melia: -stands up- Ohh…? Ok! Nevermind!

Matthew: Huh? Nevermind what?

Melia: This was worth it! We found a secret passageway deep within the depths of Goldenwood Cave. Let’s go search more!

Matthew: Are you sure that’s a good idea?

Melia: I think we’ll be fine. Come on Matthew!


Melia ran back to the other side of the cave, grabbed her briefcase and ran back into the hole and farther into the cave. I chased after her. But since I wasn’t fast, I fell behind. I found a cave exit. Thinking maybe Melia went outside this way, I exited the cave and followed the path. It didn’t take long for me to find Melia. She had laid out a blanket on the ground.


Matthew: -chuckles- Melia, what is this?

Melia: Surprise Matthew! This place is just beautiful isn’t it? It’s not on a map or anything. We might have very well discovered a completely new area!

Matthew: Is that a good thing?

Melia: Of course it is! This region is less than a century old. There very well may be places we haven’t discovered. We accomplished a lot today. So let’s celebrate with a picnic!

Matthew: Well… I am a been hungry right now… Alright. Why not. Let’s eat!

Melia: Yay!


We sat down and started to eat. Despite only being, I assumed, 15 years old, Melia really knew how to prepare food. It was quite delicious. We could see some Vivillon flying above us and watching us eat up on some trees. It was quite peaceful. I felt like I needed this after what transpired the last couple of hours. I felt relaxed. It was nice.



Matthew: You know Melia, I wasn’t too keen on coming here except for the training but I have to admit, this is pretty awesome.

Melia: -chuckles- Thanks Matthew. That means a lot.

Matthew: Never thought I’d be in a place like this today.

Melia: Me either. Hey. Have you noticed the statue of Arceus back there?

Matthew: Huh? Ohh wow. Not until you just mentioned it. I wonder why it’s here.

Melia: No idea but I’d love to find out why. You know, a day like this 1 only comes once a year.

Matthew: You think this day is like that?

Melia: Of course I do! Don’t you?

Matthew: Ehh… Maybe.

Melia: Plus… I feel like I’ve made another life-long friend. And that friend is you Matthew. Thank you for coming with me.

Matthew: Ohh stop… It was nothing really.

Melia: I mean it Matt. You made this day a memorable 1.

Matthew: -chuckles- Well… I’m glad I could make it feel like 1.

Melia: Today… This will be my last memory on Foria Island.

Matthew: What? Why?

Melia: I leave for Grand Dream City the day after tomorrow. That’s where I’m gonna become the Normal Type Gym Leader.

Matthew: Wha- A Gym Leader?!

Melia: Mhm.

Matthew: Don’t suppose asking you for a battle now would count as a Gym Battle ehh? -chuckles-

Melia: -chuckles back- No. I’m afraid not. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before though.

Matthew: Don’t be. You just met me. Not like I deserve to know something so big about you as soon as we meet. You seem sad about it though.

Melia: Well… I’ll be going alone. Ren will still be working with my father and Venam will continue her Gym Leader duties in Gearen.

Matthew: Ohh. I see. You’ll be missing your friends.

Melia: Plus, I’m being thrown into a city I know pretty much nothing about. I’m pretty scared.

Matthew: I’m sorry… I know how you feel though.

Melia: You do?

Matthew: Yea. I mean… right now. I have no clue about anything of this region except for what I’ve explored today. It’s all so confusing and big and… well you get it.

Melia: Yes. Yes I do.

Matthew: But I know that I have people here that seem to care for me. Ren, Venam, Professor Jenner, Amanda and you.

Melia: But I won’t be-

Matthew: I know but I’m just trying to make a point.

Melia: I see. I guess that makes sense.

Matthew: Yea…

Melia: Hey Matthew?

Matthew: Yea?

Melia: After this, do you have anywhere to go?

Matthew: Well I plan on challenging Venam for her badge when we get back. Although, depending on how late it is, that’ll either be today or tomorrow.

Melia: I see. She’s a pretty strong trainer.

Matthew: I don’t doubt it.

Melia: Well maybe after that… you could come with me to Grand Dream City?


I was in the middle of taking a drink of water when she asked that. I swallowed down the wrong pipe out of shock and started to gasp for air. Melia started to hit my back to help me regain my breath. I looked at her in shock after the whole ordeal was done.


Matthew: Why me?

Melia: Because… Well I don’t know. You’re a trainer and you have a more flexible schedule. At least I assume so.

Matthew: Melia… I would trust me but what I’m doing now… Well, I need to stay here and train.

Melia: Ohh… I see.

Matthew: I’m sorry.

Melia: No no. It’s fine. I really shouldn’t have asked you anyways. I mean like you said before, we just met.


It got quiet after that. And I don’t mean just plain quiet. I mean awkward quiet. I could hear her sniffling. I looked over to her and could see she was tearing up. She was trying to hide the fact that she was crying but she wasn’t doing a good job of it. I felt bad for declining her but I needed to focus on training my Pokemon and getting more Pokemon for my mission. Then I had an idea that could cheer us both up.


Matthew: -stands up- I challenge you to a Pre-Gym Battle Melia!

Melia: -wipes away her tears- Wh-What?

Matthew: You heard me! Me and you in a Pre-Gym Battle!

Melia: -sniffles- B-But I’m not an official Gym Leader yet.

Matthew: I know that. That’s why it’s a PRE-Gym Battle.

Melia: O-Oh… Ohh! I get it. -stands up- Right. I accept your challenge. This will be good training for me. I’ll need to get as much practice as possible before I could even consider myself a true Gym Leader.



Matthew: I’m sure you’ll do fine but I’m not gonna go easy on you.

Melia: I’m not either. Although, I don’t have a full team of 6 so I hope that’s not a bother to you.

Matthew: Why would it?

Melia: Wait. Do you not know?

Matthew: Know what?

Melia: Every Gym Leader has a full team of Pokemon.

Matthew: Wait. You mean every Gym Leader has 6 Pokemon?!

Melia: Mhm. It’s part of the League rules.

Matthew: Well that’ll definitely make things more difficult… but also exciting at the same time.

Melia: I know what you mean. I do love to play researcher and all… but battling is where my soul is.

Matthew: Then let’s see what you’re made of!




The 2 of us grabbed a PokeBall and threw them out and the battle began. It was interesting to see the shinies she had on her team. They all seemed different than the ones from Unova. I wondered if there was a reason for it. Her Eevee had a different shiny color than mine. It was awesome to see. She actually put up quite the fight but I was able to come out with the victory at the end of the battle. We both returned out Pokemon back to our PokeBalls. She seemed pleased with the battle.


Melia: Good battle Matthew. It seems I’ve still got a long way to go.

Matthew: Well I don’t know much about Gym Leader stuff but I would say that was definitely 1 hell of a battle. You did great in my eyes.

Melia: -blushes and chuckles- Thank you Matthew. For both the battle and today. You know… I want to give you something. Hold on.


Melia went into her briefcase to get whatever it was she was going to give me. In a couple of seconds, I could see her taking out a big oval like object out of the briefcase. I wondered if that thing could carry anything. It seemed like it could. She walked over to me and placed the object onto the ground. I looked down and could see that it was an egg. But just any egg. It was a Pokemon Egg. I couldn’t believe what she was giving me.



Matthew: M-Melia… Th-That’s a-

Melia: Mhm! It’s a Pokemon egg!

Matthew: Why are you giving me this?

Melia: You made me feel better about everything that’s gonna be happening to me. You deserve it.

Matthew: Yea but… you’ve been taking care of it. You should keep it.

Melia: I have but it hasn’t hatched yet. Which is strange considering how long it’s been since I got it.

Matthew: How long ago was that?

Melia: Umm… I think like 6 months ago?

Matthew: 6 months ago?! And it still hasn’t hatched?!

Melia: No. That kind of has me concerned for it actually.

Matthew: Maybe it- Huh?

Melia: Wait… Is it glowing?!



Indeed it was. We watched as the egg started to take form of a Pokemon. The glowing started to fade down and we could see the Pokemon more and more until it was completely visible. It was a Togepi. It took a few seconds for it to open its eyes but when it did, it looked up at me. It smiled and jumped up and down with joy. I knelt down beside it and patted its head. It really enjoyed that.


Melia: Oh my Arceus! A Togepi!

Matthew: Aww. It’s so cute.

Togepi: Togepi!

Melia: It’s so cute. It’s just like my Hapi.

Matthew: Ohh yea. That’s what you nicknamed your Togepi right?

Melia: Mhm.

Togepi: Toge Togepi?

Matthew: Hmm… I’m gonna call you Cheeri.

Melia: That sounds so fitting for it! What do you think Toge- Errr… Cheeri?

Togepi: Togepi! Toge.

Matthew: I’ll take it that means it likes it.

Melia: -chuckles- I agree.

Matthew: -takes out an empty PokeBall- Well little buddy, welcome to the team.


I tapped the top of the newly born Togepi’s head and it went inside the PokeBall. It shook for a couple of seconds before signaling that the capture was a success. I was happy that I had caught another team member. I didn’t expect to catch a Togepi out of all Pokemon but I knew with enough training, it’d become a force of nature. Melia and I started to put the stuff away. But as soon as we were about to put the blanket away, the whole area around us was showered with a weird green light. Then all of a sudden, we heard a loud ass explosion.



Matthew: What the fuck was that?!

Melia: I don’t know but it sounded like it came from Goldenwood Forest! Come on Matthew! We gotta see what’s going on!

Matthew: Right behind you Melia! -thinking to myself- No way… It couldn’t be them… could it?






Mudbray (Muddy)/Male/Level 17

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Stamina

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Bulldoze/Stomp/Double Kick/Rototiller




Froakie (Blade)/Male/Level 17

Nature: Mild/Ability: Protean

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Water Pulse/Lick/Bubble/Quick Attack




Shiny Eevee (Hope)/Female/Level 16

Nature: Modest/Ability: Adaptability

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Covet/Baby-Doll Eyes/Tail Whip/Sand Attack



Togepi (Cheeri)/Female/Level 1

Nature: Modest/Ability: Serene Grace

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Extrasensory/Charm/Growl




Tesla (10/10 NO CHANGE!): I'm glad to see I have someone helping me throughout this whole mess. She really is a nice girl.


Melia +1 (8/10): Maybe she can take care of herself. She's pretty decent at battling. I sort of feel bad for declining her offer to go with her to GDC though but... I gotta do what I can to save my mom. Although, she did basically gift me a Togepi. Which is pretty sweet.




1 day


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Me and Melia ran through Goldenwood Cave as fast as we could to get to where we 1st entered the cave. I had a feeling I knew who was behind it but I was really hoping I was wrong. When we exited the cave, we could see smoke and a lot of the beautiful scenery that I saw when I was 1st here was now in ruins. Something bad happened here but I didn’t know what. There were some trainers that were discussing what happened. We tried to find out what happened from them but they knew just about the same as we did.



Then, we heard an old woman yell for help. Melia and I joined the trainers. The woman came running up to us and she seemed very upset about something.


Melia: What’s wrong?

Old Lady: Please help me… Some thugs took my precious Furfrou from me.

Matthew: Some thugs? No… It can’t be.

Old Lady: They’re wearing black and red uniforms.

Matthew: -gasps- No… No! It’s them! Arceus damnit!

Melia: Matt? What is it? Do you know who it is?

Matthew: It’s-

???: No need to introduce us but we thank for it.


Everyone looked at where the voice came from. In back of the old lady, there stood 3 individuals in black and red uniforms. It was them. There was no doubt now. It was Team Xen. My blood started to boil with rage. These people took my mother and now they’re attacking this place?! For what?! I wanted to go over to them right now and knock them all silly but I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it.



Matthew: -growls- You… You bastards!

Melia: Wait. Team Xen did this?!

Xen Grunt #1: So you’ve heard of us huh? We’re not some joke anymore I take it then.

Xen Grunt #2: That’s great news! Great news indeed!

Xen Grunt #3: Now if you all cooperate, we’ll get what we came here for and make our leave.

Matthew: No! You won’t be getting whatever you’re trying ton get!

Xen Grunt #1: Calm down kid. What’s gotten into you?

Xen Grunt #2: Hey wait. Isn’t that the person that was the son to that Nancy woman we captured back on the S.S. Oceana?

Xen Grunt #3: Yea. Yea it is. Well what do you know. We came here to just capture Melia but it looks like we’ll be taking 2 people with us then.

Melia: Wait. You guys came here for me?

Xen Grunt #1: Correct. We were sent here to kidnap a girl named Melia who would be in this area at this time.

Xen Grunt #2: But since Matthew’s here as well, we’ll be taking the both of you.

Melia: Matt… What happe-

Matthew: I’ll tell you later but we gotta deal with the threat in front of us.

Melia: R-Right!

Xen Grunt #3: You 2. Come with us if you don’t want more Pokemon and people to be hurt.

Melia: You’re crazy if you think we’re going to go with you lot!

Matthew: You’ll pay for what you did to my mother and the people on the S.S. Oceana!

Xen Grunt #1: -sighs- They never comply do they? Alright then. Take a look at this!


The Xen Grunt took a PokeBall from their belt and threw it up into the air. A Pokemon came out but it looked really different. It was a Meowth but it was a different color. it definitely didn’t look like a shiny. It was all purple and looked like it was ready to rip anything to shreds.



Matthew: What the… What the hell did you do to that Meowth?!

Melia: Yea. Something’s different about it.

Xen Grunt #2: What? They noticed? Madelis said that no 1 should be able to see a difference here.

Xen Grunt #3: Well anyways, you’re right! This Meowth is definitely not a normal Meowth in the slightest. This Meowth has been subjected to an experiment thought to be long gone.

Xen Grunt #1: Shadow Pokemon.

Matthew: No way…

Melia: Wha- Shadow Pokemon? That can’t be… Shadow Pokemon haven’t been-

Xen Grunt #2: Obviously we’ve started the project back up again.

Xen Grunt #3: Unlike Team Cipher, we have perfected Shadow Pokemon.

Matthew: Those things were severely dangerous when they 1st showed up… Well I’m not afraid nor are my Pokemon! We’ll defeat you and get out of here!

Melia: I… I wonder… Matthew! -throws the briefcase up to me- 6489! That’s the code to unlock it!

Matthew: Huh? But what’s in it?

Melia: I have a pretty good idea what it is but… just open it!

Matthew: Ok!


I tried to quickly put in the combination to the briefcase. I was so nervous though that Team Xen was gonna do to take Melia though that I kept messing up the combination. I finally was able to put it in right and opened it up. I was confused as to what I was looking at though. It looked like a weird mechanical glove.



I picked it up and showed it to Melia. Her eyes widened as she saw the device.


Melia: That’s… That’s…

Matthew: What? What is it?!

Melia: Put it on Matt and get down here!

Matthew: Right! Urgh! Come on you! And… done! -runs down to Melia’s side- Melia… Is this what I think it is?

Melia: Yes. I think it’s a Snag Machine.

Matthew: …Your dad built this?

Melia: He had to of.

Matthew: Right. I know what to do then. Stand back Melia. -turns towards the grunts- Hey assholes. Prepare to be humiliated.

Xen Grunt #1: -laughs loudly- You aren’t serious right? Do you really think you can beat me? Well fine! Just go ahead & try!


The Grunt looked at me with such smugness, thinking that he would wipe the floor with me no matter what I used. I placed my hand on a PokeBall but it didn’t contain any of my Pokemon. It was an empty 1. I clutched it in my hand that had the glove on it and threw it at the Meowth. The Pokemon went into the Ball. It shook a couple of times before it stopped. I ran over to it, picked it up and then ran back over to Melia. This thing was the real deal. It was a Snag Machine. The Xen Grunts looked horrified at what had just occurred.


Xen Grunt #1: You- You just… Give me back my Meowth! I raised that since it hatched from an egg!

Matthew: Are you fucking kidding me dude?!

Melia: If you truly cared for Meowth, you wouldn’t have even considered turning it into a monster. Let alone actually doing it!

Xen Grunt #2: Grrr! This isn’t over! Let’s just see you 2 try to escape this forest.

Xen Grunt #3: By the end of the day, you 2 will be ours.

Matthew: Yea right! Now get the hell out of our sight.

Xen Grunt #1: You’ll regret this! -leaves with the other 2-

Matthew: Well you know they’re going to tell whoever is in charge of this attack about this. What do we do?

Melia: We have to get through them. You 3, go into the cave. You’ll be safe there.

Matthew: We’ll try to divert Team Xen’s attention away from here. When there’s not that many Xen Grunts, try to escape from here.

Old Lady: R-Right. Come along young ones. Let’s leave these 2 to handle this mess. -goes into the cave with the 2 trainers-

Matthew: You ready for this Melia?

Melia: I’ll try to help out as best I can. I only had 1 Revive left and used it on Hapi. I can only help out so much right now. But as long as your Pokemon don’t faint, I can keep them going with the endless supply of Potions I have.

Matthew: Alright. That’ll have to work. Come on. We’re gonna track down some more Xen Grunts and if any of them have Shadow Pokemon, we’re taking them away.

Melia: Mhm! I’m right behind you Matthew!


The 2 of us started to search for Xen Grunts around the Goldenwood Forest. Only a couple of them had some Shadow Pokemon but I was able to capture them away from the Xen Grunts.




They all seemed shocked that I had a device that was able to do such a thing. Thanks to Melia and her briefcase full of Potions and Ethers, none of my Pokemon fainted. We finally made it back near where we were hanging out with the Vivillon before but there were 2 more Xen Grunts in front of us. It looked like there was someone standing on top of a little hill behind them. I knew these 2 wouldn’t let us pass them.



Female Xen Grunt: Ohh look. There they are.

Male Xen Grunt: Melia bad girl right? We capture them and sell them to high up?

Female Xen Grunt: Uhh… What? We’re not selling anyone. If you mean we’re going to capture her and give her to our leader, then yes. You’re right Eli.

Eli: Yes yes! That is what Eli mean! We kill girl too, yes Sharon?

Melia: What?!

Matthew: Sorry but none of that is gonna happen today.

Sharon: Ugh. What am I going to do with you Eli?

Melia: Listen to me. I don’t really understand your obsession with me, but we’re leaving whether you like it or not.

Matthew: You can leave Melia. I need to find out what they’re doing to my mom.

Melia: But Matthew-

Sharon: See, that’s where the both of you are wrong.You won’t be getting away and you won’t be seeing this place ever again. And you Matthew… well, you might find out what’s happened with your mother when we take you too!

Matthew: Urgh! You people really know how to piss me off!

Eli: You give up and no resist us!

Melia: Never! We’ll never give up!

Sharon: Prepare to battle us pipsqueaks!

Matthew: Hmph. Fine! I’m ready.

Melia: I only have Hapi but… I’ll do what I can to help you Matthew!

Sharon: -sighs- You 2 are so annoying. Whatever, let’s go.

Matthew & Melia VS Sharon & Eli


The battle started between us. The 2 of them seemed to focused their 1st couple of attacks onto Melia’s Togepi and because of that, it was knocked out relatively quickly. Which meant that it would be a 2 on 1 Pokemon Battle. I wasn’t scared though. I believed in my Pokemon and their abilities. We battled with all of our might and thanks to that, I was able to come out with the victory. Eli seemed displeased but the Sharon girl didn’t seem to care whether if she lost or not.


Matthew: And just like that, you 2 are done.

Sharon: Yea yea. You know, despite all my big talk, this is no real surprise. It’s boring really.

Melia: What is?

Sharon: To have things go exactly as you predicted. Ohh well. Doesn’t matter. We’re still going to try to capture you.

Eli: Give up don’t we!

Sharon: Uhh… Yea. Whatever he said.


The 2 Xen Grunts took a step closer to us. I could tell Melia was scared but all I could do was stand there. I was considering just walloping on them, if I was able to do it myself somehow, until we all heard a Pokemon cry. Me and Melia realized who it was right away. It was the Garbodor from the sewers. It had somehow followed us all the way up here. Me and Melia were shocked that it had gotten up here somehow. Sharon seemed pleased that she didn’t have to focus on capturing us and instead focused on trying to get the Garbodor.



It ran off, causing the 2 Xen Grunts to chase after it but not before mentioning the person on the hill’s name. It was Zetta.


Matthew: So that fucker’s name is Zetta huh?

Melia: It seems so. When all of this is over, we have to find Garbodor and thank it for saving us.

Matthew: Definitely but 1st, we gotta deal with this guy. -walks up to Zetta- Turn around and face us dude.

Zetta: -sighs- So Sandra and Eli weren’t able to hold you 2 off?



Melia: Sandra? I thought her name was-

Zetta: Their names matter not. -turns around to face us- But fuck. What are they feeding you? Power cereal?

Matthew: Huh?

Zetta: Well you made it this far. So I give you props for that. As you’ve heard the girl say before she ran off, my name is Zetta. No need to introduce yourselves though. I already know. Matthew… Wow. What a horrible name. Did your parents hate you or something?

Matthew: Don’t…

Zetta: Hmm?

Matthew: Don’t you ever bring up my mom ever again. Do you hear me?

Zetta: Ohh yea. I forgot. We have your mom back at our castle don’t we?

Melia: Castle? What castle?

Zetta: And you must be Melia right? Melia… so that’s what you look like.

Matthew: That’s enough. Now you’re being creepy.

Zetta: Things are starting to make sense now.

Melia: Enough! Leave Goldenwood Forest immediately!

Matthew: Not before you tell me more about this castle.

Zetta: Psh. Please. Be lucky I told you that much. Besides, you’ll be joining her there soon when we capture the both of you.

Melia: I don’t get it. If me and Matthew are the prime targets here, why attack the entire place.

Zetta: …I pictured you to be a bit smarter. You already answered your own question so I think I’ll skip it. But what I’m interested in is that machine your friend Matthew has.

Matthew: I assume you already know what it is.

Zetta: Well I’m not that stupid. But tell me. Where’d you get it?

Melia: That;s… That’s none of your business.

Zetta: Ohh but my… Hmph. It’s definitely my business. See, that machine is a little troublesome. It kind of negates a huge part of what we’re doing. Now be a good brat and hand it over Matthew!

Matthew: Never! I won’t do anything Team Xen tries to tell me to do!

Zetta: No need to shout. Sheesh. Hurt my ears there. I didn’t expect you to just hand it over. But that’s precisely why I brought along… a little friend with me. I don’t suppose the 2 of you looked out onto the lake?


Melia and I looked behind Zetta towards the lake and were horrified to see something weird on it. It looked like a weird portal or something. It somehow made the lake look like it was cracked. It was an odd thing to see for sure. Zetta then explained to us that what we were seeing at that moment was a Dimensional Rift. They were breaks in the universe that could create portals to other dimensions. They were something like a teleporter but Zetta thought that the sound of mass destruction sounded better.


Matthew: What do you plan on doing with that… thing?

Zetta: I’m glad you asked. If you put something inside of it, particularly a Pokemon… Something VERY interesting happens. It does take a lot of energy to conjur up 1 of these things however. It’s like… a last resort you know? I really don’t wanna use it buuuuut seeing as how you 2 aren’t giving up peacefully-

Melia: We aren’t going to go anywhere with you!

Zetta: Perfect! Let’s play a little game! Matthew, you and I shall battle right here and now. If I win, I take the 2 of you and that little Snag Machine of yours. If you win, I activate the Dimensional Rift. Sounds fair right?

Melia: But… Wait! That’s completely unfair! We’re in a bad situation no matter what outcome!

Zetta: Ding ding ding! The girl’s smart after all! Too bad for you though that my deals are final and are acted upon immediately. Sayonara.

Matthew: Melia… Don’t worry. We’ll get through this somehow.

Melia: Matthew…

Matthew: Alright Zetta. I’ll show you how strong I can be!


Matthew VS Zetta


The battle between me and Zetta started. The 1st Pokemon he sent out was a Shadow Pokemon. I decided to use Togepi since it had gotten some training on the other grunts and had gotten somewhat stronger. When the other Shadow Pokemon had used their Shadow Moves on my other Pokemon, it always seemed like they took Super-Effective damage. But what Togepi took a Shadow Move, it didn’t seem too phased by it. Were Shadow Moves weak against Fairy Type Pokemon? Thanks to Togepi, I was able to weaken the Pokemon and snag it away from Zetta. The rest of his team was pretty tough but I was able to come out with the victory. I knew that didn’t bother Zetta much though.


Zetta: Well would you look at that. You snagged my Shadow Pokemon like it was nothing.

Matthew: You better believe it. I’m gonna save all of those Pokemon that you turned into a monster!

Zetta: I’m… slightly impressed, though there isn’t much counterplay.

Melia: Counterplay? The counterplay is that you don’t use Shadow Pokemon! Let alone create them!

Zetta: -starts laughing maniacally- What shit advice. “Don’t use them.” I could’ve taken better advice from my ass but I’m sure none of us wants to go there.

Matthew: Ohh shut up dude!

Melia: Please. You’re wasting our time. You lost Zetta.

Zetta: And how right you are Melia! Time for me to hold up my end of the bargain. Dimensional Right! It’s time to wake up!


The entire area started to shake. Some trees were falling over, whatever remaining Pokemon that stayed in the area after the explosion started to escape and we could all hear a horrifying growl. Then, from the Dimensional Rift, a Gyarados appeared but it didn’t look right. It was Mega-Evolved. It honestly looked demonic. Melia and I stared up at it with shocked expressions present on our faces. Zetta was laughing the whole time.



Matthew: That… That’s not-

Melia: What the hell is that thing?!

Zetta: It’s amazing isn’t it? Do you honestly think you can really take this thing?

Matthew: I… I…

Zetta: You know, I was gonna try to kidnap the both of you buuuut I’m really only here for Melia and you’re being a problem Matthew. So I’m gonna sweep him to the side for now.

Melia: What do you mean?

Zetta: You really don’t listen that well do you? Listen Matthew. The battle was nice and all… But quite frankly, you’re in my way and I’d like you to step aside.

Matthew: Damnit… Damnit! It’s now or never! Melia, give me permission to let loose!

Melia: You want me to… what?

Matthew: Can I let loose on this dweeb?!

Melia: Y… Yes?!

Matthew: Ahh! It’s been a long time since I last felt this feeling!

Zetta: Gyarados! Devour Matthew! N- Ugh… Uhh… Wh-What the…


I had grabbed Zetta by the throat and started to squeeze as hard as I could. The Gyarados started to sucked in its breath, trying to get me to fly into its mouth. Melia hung onto the ground as hard as she could while watching at what was going on between me and Zetta. The grip on Zetta’s throat was growing tighter and tighter. He was starting to fall to his knees but that’s when it happened. He kicked my legs out from under me. I was now floating up into the air. I tried to keep my hand around Zetta’s throat so that I wouldn’t be swallowed up from the beast. I wasn’t strong enough though and was sucked into the beasts belly. The next thing I remembered was waking up on some sort of dock. I didn’t understand what was going on. Was I dead? Did that thing take me somewhere else? The only thing I could do was walk around the area and see what I could find. When I got to the end of the dock, I could see that the grass and ground was a weird red color.



This definitely wasn’t the Aevium Region. Could this whole thing really be in that beats gut. I started to follow the path. When I got to the next area, I could see a weirdly colored PokeBall laying on the ground. When I picked it up, it asked to see my CyberNav. I was confused by what was happening but I complied and held my Cybernav next to it. When I looked at the device then, a new app was added called the Rift Dex. I was even more confused now. I entered the app and only 1 thing was shown. It was called Code: Evo. I clicked on it and read the info on the weird Gyarados I had just seen.



When I got done reading it, I closed the app and started to think about what all happened today. Professor Jenner wanted me to accompany Melia to Goldenwood Forest. There was the Snag Machine in the briefcase just when we needed it. And now, this app that just appeared on my CyberNav was the 1 that was given to me by Professor Jenner. I was able to put it all together and come to a shocking conclusion. Professor Jenner was somehow involved with Team Xen. I couldn’t believe that the Professor of this region was involved with them. But at the same time, he seemed like he was trying to go against them? I couldn’t sit and ponder that now though. I needed to find a way to get out of here. There was another dock ion front of me. I walked up to the end of it and could see a Magikarp flopping on the dock. I pushed it off the dock in the the lake. It then started to ride up the waterfall in front of me and when it made it to the top, it jumped all the way back down, under the water. I noticed that it was glowing as it was falling too. I went closer to see if it was ok. Just then, the huge, weirdly formed Gyarados appeared in front of me. It looked like it wanted to fight. Before anything happened though, I could hear Melia from somewhere but I couldn’t see her.


Melia: Wait!

Matthew: Melia!? Melia! Where are you!

Melia: Matt… I don’t know where you are or if you can even hear this… But I won’t let you face this alone!

Matthew: Melia… Thank you. I’ve had enough of this! You want some of me you oversized shrimp?! Fine! Come and fight me!


Matthew VS Dimensional Rift Gyarados


The Dimensional Rift Gyarados roared a might roar and the battle started. It literally took me all 4 of my Pokemon to take down this monster but I was luckily able to do it. I was exhausted but I was happy that that thing was now defeated. It disappeared and I was able to hear Melia’s voice again. Just then, the entire place started to shake. I don’t know what happened but I fell unconscious and when I regained consciousness, I could hear a voice calling to me. When I opened my eyes, I could see Melia standing over me. She was relieved to see me ok. I stood up and shook my head.



Melia: Ohh thank Arceus! You’re ok and awake!

Matthew: Wha… What happened?

Melia: Garbodor and I attacked the Gyarados but I don’t think we were able to truly defeat it.

Matthew: Heh… Of course.

Melia: Zetta saved it by turning it back into a Rift. I tried to bring Garbodor with me but it refused to come with me.

Matthew: So that thing is giving us time to escape. Is that right?

Melia: Yes. We owe it big time when it’s done.

Matthew: We do. We should get going.

Melia: Ok but you should be careful. You seem exhausted.

Matthew: I am but we can’t rest now.

Melia: Well we don’t have to worry about Goldenwood Forest for now. The police arrived and are trying to take care of the situation.

Matthew: Alright then. Let’s head back to the lab. I have to talk to your dad about some stuff.

Melia: Before we do… What was that before you got sucked into that Gyarados’ mouth? When you asked me to let it loose?

Matthew: I’m… not too sure. When I get really angry, I wanna unleash it onto someone but I can’t unless someone gives me permission to do it.

Melia: Really? Why?

Matthew: Yes and I’m not sure. But for now, let’s get back. Something tells me this whole thing is far from over.





Mudbray (Muddy)/Male/Level 18

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Stamina

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Bulldoze/Stomp/Double Kick/Rototiller




Froakie (Blade)/Male/Level 18

Nature: Mild/Ability: Protean

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Water Pulse/Lick/Bubble/Quick Attack




Shiny Eevee (Hope)/Female/Level 17

Nature: Modest/Ability: Adaptability

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Swift/Bite/Covet/Sand Attack




Togepi (Cheeri)/Female/Level 14

Nature: Modest/Ability: Serene Grace

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Extrasensory/Charm/Yawn/Metronome




Melia +2 (10/10): She really helped me out of a sticky situation there. If it wasn't for her and that briefcase, I might not have made it out of there all that well. I can't tell her about Professor Jenner yet though until I know for sure.


Sharon & Eli (2/10): They're an odd pair. That Sharon doesn't seem like she even wants to be apart of that team and that Eli... is just weird. Still, they're apart of Team Xen. So I can't trust them.


Zetta (0/10): The hell is this guys problem? Why does he want Melia so bad? And he has control over that Dimensional Rift thing? Ugh.


Professor Jenner -5 (1/10): I hope I'm wrong with what I'm thinking but if I'm not... Fuck him.




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Melia and I boarded the train to get back to Gearen City. By the time we arrived back to the city, nightfall had come over the city. As we walked back to the lab, I had a bad feeling at the bottom of my stomach that something was gonna go wrong. We made it to the entrance of the lab building and walked inside the actual lab.



Before we went up to the desk of the Professor however, we could hear him talking to someone else. Melia suggested that we hid for a bit and see if we could find anything out from this little conversation. I agreed and we hid as we listened in on the conversation.


???: You know I don’t appreciate being hung up like that. It was very rude and I should report you for misconduct.

Professor Jenner: People walked into the room Madelis. What did you want me to do?

Madelis: I don’t know. How about lock the door? That would’ve prevented all of this from happening. Not that it particularly matters. Zetta should be picking Melia up very soon.

Matthew: -thinking to myself- So I was right. Jenner was involved in this whole thing. But… why? Why do this to his own daughter?

Professor Jenner: Yes…

Madelis: Hmm? Why the glum look on your face? You knew this was going to happen. From the moment we gave you the job of looking after Melia as she grew up, we made it very clear. Melia was only going to be with you temporarily. And once she grew up, you’d have to return her to us.

Professor Jenner: I haven’t forgotten. I’ve never forgotten.

Madelis: Hmm… Well for your sake, I hope that is the case. I told you that getting attached would ruin you and it looks like it has. Look at it this way. It’s a sacrifice. We’ll have our lives back after this. It’ll all be over… in due time.


I don’t know why I didn’t see it coming but Melia slowly got up from her hiding spot, walked into the middle of the room and spoke up. This Madelis character and Professor Jenner looked in the direction of where the voice was coming from. Jenner looked very pleased to see that Melia was alright. Madelis however looked severely pissed off. I decided to reveal myself too, just in case Melia needed some kind of protection.


Professor Jenner: M-Melia! You made it! Thank goodness! And Matthew too… I knew it was wise to leave it in-

Matthew: No Jenner. Just stop.

Professor Jenner: Huh?

Madelis: Jenner! What the hell are you playing at?! Melia is supposed to be at Goldenwood Forest! What is she doing here?!

Professor Jenner: Uhh, erm… She-

Madelis: Just shut up and be quiet!

Melia: I knew the moment I found the Snag Machine in the briefcase.

Matthew: Jenner, I put the pieces together. I know you intentionally made me go there just so that I would protect her to be safe.

Melia: You did all of this because you knew! You knew this would happen! And yet… You sent me on my way… And you got Matthew involved in all of this too?! And now I learn that after all of these years… You aren’t even my real father! You never told me the truth!

Professor Jenner: Melia… Please just… Matthew, can’t you try to get her to listen to me?

Matthew: Are you kidding me? I don’t blame her for how she’s feeling right now. You deserve what’s coming to you right now. And you got me roped into all of this! You know I was on the S.S. Oceana! You know what happened to me just yesterday and you made me do this?! Fuck off!

Melia: Matthew, I’m so sorry my fa- No. Jenner did this to you. This was all a set up.

Madelis: Ugh! Enough of this useless talk! I don’t understand what’s going on but I’m ending it! Come to me Houndoom!


Out of Madelis’ PokeBall popped out a strong looking Houndoom. I went to reach for my own PokeBall but Melia stopped me. To her, this felt like her responsibility. She wanted to stop this person all on her own. I didn’t know how smart that was of her to do but I decided to let her do her thing. She called out her Togepi and the battle started.



Unfortunately for Melia, the Houndoom was way too powerful for her to handle and she eventually lost. Madelis stood there with a smug look on her face.


Madelis: That was pitiful. You were foolish to think that you could even begin to face me. Impudence will get you nowhere if you don’t have the strength and beauty to back it up.

Matthew: Urgh… You son of a-

Melia: Don’t you dare talk down to me…

Matthew: Melia?

Madelis: Your Pokemon are all weakened and I only used 1 of mine. Do you really think you can take on the rest of my onslaught.


Melia looked into Madelis’ eyes and I could see fear in hers. She started to tear up. Her Togepi was still standing but just barely. Out of desperation, she had Togepi use a Metronome attack. Everyone stood still for we didn’t know what move would be used. Suddenly, I could see Melia and her Togepi starting to fade. She went to reach out to me but she disappeared before she could grab onto me.


Matthew: Melia… Melia?!

Madelis: Of for the love of- You have gotta be kidding me… This is JUST fantastic. You Jenner! I’m not letting you get away!

Matthew: Shut up Madelis! You caused all of this!

Madelis: And as for you Matthew, I wouldn’t stick your nose into our business. If you do, you will feel the wrath of Team Xen.


Madelis pulled out what seemed to be a walkie talkie of sorts and spoke into it. From the sound of it, she was ordering the Team Xen grunts to search the whole city for Melia in order to capture her. In other words, Gearen City was being taken over by Team Xen. Madelis put away her walkie talkie. She turned towards the Professor and gave him a standing ovation for trying to save Melia but it was to no avail. She turned towards me, gave me a mean look and then walked out of the room. I couldn’t believe everything that had just happened. Jenner was working with Team Xen, Melia disappeared and now Team Xen had taken over the city.


Professor Jenner: This… This is a disaster.

Matthew: You don’t fucking say!

Professor Jenner: Everything that’s happened… It wasn’t supposed to go this way. If Madelis hadn’t come now at all times…

Matthew: Dude, why would you even consider working for Team Xen?! This is so ludicrous!

Professor Jenner: I-

Matthew: And now Melia is missing?! This is just all types of fucked up!

Professor Jenner: Matthew, I-

Ren: Professor! Professor, this is bad! There are Team Xen Grunts all over the city!



Matthew: A little late to the party Ren! We know that already!

Ren: Huh? How?

Professor Jenner: We’ll explain that later. This is all really bad.

Ren: Venam is fighting off as many as she can but-

Professor Jenner: You 2! Listen to me very carefully. Team Xen is after Melia and if they find her, it’ll be over for all of us. I need you 2 to leave and find her immediately!

Ren: Where would she even go?

Professor Jenner: Well, West Gearen and the forest are off limits. She could’ve only gone in the direction Route 2.

Matthew: Yea. As long as she still teleported somewhere in the city.

Professor Jenner: Now’s not the time Matthew! The Railnet east of here will be able to take you to Route 2 without any problem-

???: That’s enough.


Just then, a different colored Gothitelle popped into the room out of nowhere. I thought maybe the Gothitelle was speaking to us but it seemed like it was coming from somewhere else but where it came from, I had no idea. This whole situation just kept getting worse and worse. The voice was focused on Jenner. For some reason, it seemed like it was determined to not have me do anything dangerous while I was here. Just then, a black hole of sorts popped up in the back of the room. Jenner held onto the desk for dear life. Ren tried to get to the Professor to rescue him but the Gothitelle wouldn’t let him.



Ren: Grrr! Damn it! Get out of the way!

Professor Jenner: No! Matthew, Ren… I know it’s selfish of me but-

Matthew: Look, if you’re gonna tell us to rescue Melia, you don’t have to! But I’m doing this for her! Not for you!

Professor Jenner: That’s… Aaa- AUUUGGGGHHHHH!!! -gets sucked into the black hole-

Ren: No! Professor Jenner!

???: And as for the 2 of you, ESPECIALLY you Matthew, I implore you to stay out of this. If you really do decide to go after Melia, the only path before you is despair. I won’t stop you if you wish to do so but don’t come to me for help when things don’t go your way. You’ve been warned. Well Gothitelle, we’ve been here long enough. Let’s go!


Then, just as fast as the Gothitelle came here, it disappeared. That whole situation was messed up. I thought the Professor was a bad guy but I didn’t think he deserved that. Ren ran up to me, demanding an explanation. I couldn’t blame him for wanting to know. 1 of his closest friends was in danger. I told him everything with how Team Xen was trying to kidnap her and the stuff about Shadow Pokemon and Dimensional Rifts. When I was done, I could see the shocked look upon his face.


Matthew: Ren? Ren, are you ok?

Ren: That’s… a lot to take in. Did all of that really happen?

Matthew: It really did. It was really messed up.

Ren: Then it’s settled. We can’t sit around and do nothing.

Matthew: Right. We need to go and find Melia.

Ren: But 1st, we need to rid Gearen City of all of these Team Xen Grunts.

Matthew: Right. We could lower the risk of them finding her if we drive them out of here.

Ren: And then we’ll go look for Melia.

Matthew: Right! Let’s go Ren!


The 2 of us ran out of the main lab room and towards the exit of the building. As soon as we made it outside though, Venam was right there in front of us. She seemed out of breath and very tired.



Matthew: How you holding up?

Venam: I’m… doing ok. I need to heal up my Pokemon.

Ren: How many did you take down so far?

Venam: Only about 7 of them but there’s a lot of them. I saw some of the other trainers trying to take them on but they’re not strong enough.

Matthew: Damnit! Ok. Venam, go heal your Pokemon! Ren, you come with me. We’re gonna rid this city of Team Xen!

Ren: Right! We got this!

Venam: Ohh hell yea! Time for these Team Xen bitches to get the fuck out of our city! I’ll join you 2 as soon as I can!


Venam ran into the lab to heal her Pokemon as me and Ren went looking for Xen Grunts. It didn’t take long for us to find some. Battles ensued but luckily, me and Ren were able to keep getting the wins over them. Some time passed and Venam soon joined the fight. It was a little easier now but soon, we were all tired out. It was in the middle of the night now and we were exhausted. I knew there had to be more out there but for now, we rested in front of Venam’s Gym.



Matthew: -breathing heavily- Ohh man… How you 2 holding up?

Ren: I’m… I’m alright. You Venam?

Venam: Fuck… I’m so tired. I’m not too sure how much longer I can do this for…

Matthew: What’s your Pokemon count?

Venam: I just have my Mareanie with me now. The rest of my team are all fainted.

Ren: And only my Froakie still has some fight left inside it.

Matthew: Yea. I only have Blade as well. If there are anymore Xen Grunts here, it should be the last of them. We took out a lot of them tonight.

Venam: I have a plan in case things take a turn for the worst.

???: Oh ho ho. Well they’re about to take that turn girl.

Matthew: Ohh fuck!

Ren: Team Xen!


Me, Ren and Venam ran south of Venam’s Gym and could see 3 more Xen Grunts. They already had their Pokemon out so we sent ours out as well. Venam’s Mareanie wasn’t all that well rested for battle so it was just down to me and Ren’s Froakies to try to take on the 3 Pokemon in front of us.



Male Xen Grunt #1: Tell us where Melia is and we’ll leave your city!

Matthew: Hell no!

Ren: And even if we did, there’s no way we’d ever tell you!

Male Xen Grunt #2: Tell us where she is now or you all will suffer!

Venam: Are we supposed to be scared of you lot?! Get real! Leave our city now!

Female Xen Grunt: Urgh! Damnit, this isn’t getting us anywhere! Prepare to battle and prepare for a beating!


The 2 on 3 battle started. Our Froakies were able to hold them off but they were starting to tire out. The Team Xen Grunts look very pleased with themselves as they noticed the state of our Pokemon. Venam then enacted her plan. She told us to have our Froakies come back near her and her Mareanie. We told them what to do and they followed our orders. Venam had them stay really close together. We watched as she placed her Mareanie right on top of the Froakie’s heads. Ren and I had no idea what she was planning. She then instructed her Mareanie to use Recover. It did but because the Froakie were underneath the Pokemon, they were the ones healed up instead of Mareanie.



Soon afterwards, the Mareanie fainted from using the last of its strength to fully heal our Pokemon. Me and run smiled at each other and commanded our Froakies to use a double Water Pulse. They executed the move and wiped out all 3 Pokemon with that 1 attack. The Grunts were shocked at what they just witnessed.


Male Xen Grunt #1: What?! Damnit! I didn’t expect them to pull off a move like that!

Female Xen Grunt: We got no more Pokemon! We have to retreat!

Male Xen Grunt #2: Right! Let’s go! -retreats with his teammates-

Venam: Yes! It worked!

Ren: Wow Venam. I didn’t expect you to come up with a plan like that. It’s almost scary.

Venam: Well you know. -chuckles-

Matthew: You 2 were great.

Ren: Yea. If it weren’t for you 2, they would have done anything to find Melia. So thank you.

Ren Froakie: Froakie! -starts glowing-

Matt Froakie: Froooakie! -starts glowing

Matthew: What?! No way!

Ren: Are they-

Venam: They’re evolving at the same time!


Venam was right. Both Ren’s and my Froakie’s were starting to evolve. We watched in amazement but also exhaustion as they started to change their form. Eventually, the light started to fade and standing in front of us were now 2 Frogadiers.



The 2 Pokemon looked at themselves and then each other and gave each other a high 5. It was a sweet way to end this whole ordeal. We then returned them to their PokeBalls.


Matthew: Well… this turned out to be quite the night.

Ren: Yea but… Melia.

Venam: What the hell is going on around here?

Ren: It’s pretty crazy but to give you the short version of it, Team Xen is after Melia.

Matthew: And it turns out Professor Jenner was with Team Xen as well.

Venam: What the fuck?! Why are they after her?!

Matthew: I’m not sure but all I know is that she’s not here. We have to go find her.

Ren: I want to as well but… we need rest.

Venam: Wait! You wanna rest while Melia is Arceus knows where, running away from Team Xen?! We have to go out there and help her!

Matthew: Venam… Trust me. I get what you’re saying. But we’re exhausted. I know you are. And if we try to look for Melia the way we are now, we’ll end up causing problems than resolving them.

Venam: Urgh! Fuck. I hate to admit it but you’re right. Alright. You 2 will sleepover my house tonight. Matt, be ready for tomorrow.

Matthew: I will be. We’ll find Melia and-

Venam: No. That’s not what I mean.

Ren: Uhh… Then what do you mean?

Venam: In order for us to successfully save Melia, we need to get stronger. Matt, tomorrow morning, you’re gonna have a battle against me.

Matthew: You mean a Gym Battle?

Venam: Yes. So be prepared for that. Ren, you go to the Railnet and go to Route 2. You’ll search the area there for Melia.

Ren: Alright. Sounds like a good plan… which is weird coming from you.

Venam: Melia is my best friend. I will do anything in my power to help her.

Ren: Ohh. That reminds me. You’ll probably need Rock Smash for Route 2. So after your Gym Battle with Venam, go find the local gang leader Karrina. She’ll give you that TM.

Matthew: Alright. Sounds like a plan. Now let’s go to Venam’s house and get some sleep.


The 3 of us groggily went to Venam’s house to sleep. Venam went upstairs into her room to sleep as Ren took the floor downstairs and I laid down onto the couch. Soon, I drifted off to sleep as did everyone else. Tomorrow was gonna be 1 hectic day.





Mudbray (Muddy)/Male/Level 20

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Stamina

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Bulldoze/Stomp/Double Kick/Rototiller




Frogadier (Blade)/Male/Level 20

Nature: Mild/Ability: Protean

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Water Pulse/Lick/Quick Attack/Smoke Screen




Shiny Eevee (Hope)/Female/Level 20

Nature: Modest/Ability: Adaptability

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Swift/Bite/Covet/Sand Attack




Togepi (Cheeri)/Female/Level 20

Nature: Modest/Ability: Serene Grace

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Extrasensory/Charm/Yawn/Metronome




Melia (10/10 NO CHANGE!): Holy fuck. Melia's gone missing and Team Xen is after her? I feel bad. She at least stood up to Madelis though.


Professor Jenner (1/10 NO CHANGE!): I can't believe this man was actually working with Team Meteor in some way. But it seemed like he was trying to help Melia escape as well? Well whatever. He got me roped into all of this as well.


Madelis (0/10): I don't know if she's the 1 in charge of Team Xen but whoever she is, I hate. She scared Melia so much that she teleported away AND she unleashed Team Xen on all of Gearen City!


Ren (10/10): He really helped out with clearing out Team Xen. Now we gotta go find Melia before it's too late.


Venam +3 (6/10): Maybe I was a little harsh on her before. She can actually be pretty good when she calms down and thinks. I'm excited for our Gym Battle though despite the situation at hand.




2 days


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???: Hey. Hey Matt. Wake up.

Matthew: Mer. Gimme 5 more minutes. -snores-

???: Come on Matt. Wake up!

Matthew: I’m still tirrrrred.

???: Ohh no! Team Xen is here!

Matthew: -jumps off the couch and lands ass 1st onto the ground- Where?! Where are they?!

Ren: Awake yet?

Matthew: Now I am. Ow. That seriously fucking hurt.

Ren: -chuckles- I bet it did. Now come on. Get your ass up and upstairs. Venam wants to talk to us.

Matthew: Fine.


Ren went up the stairs to go into Venam’s room. I groggily got up onto my feet and started to walk up the stairs. I went into Venam’s room and joined the 2. Venam stared at my bed head.



Venam: Wow… That’s some serious hairdo Matt.

Matthew: I just woke up. Fuck you.

Ren: So what did you want Venam.

Venam: I just wanted to go over today. After last night…

Matthew: Yea… Everything’s a mess right now.

Venam: Matt, you go get ready for our Gym battle.

Ren: I’ll head over to the Railnet and go to Route 2 and begin searching for Melia.

Venam: Good. I already called Karrina. After our Gym Battle, you’ll meet up with her and she’ll give you the TM for Rock Smash.

Matthew: Right. We gotta do everything we can to save her.

Venam: Exactly. Alright. Let’s move out everyone.


Ren and Venam exited the house and went to the places they were supposed to go. I quickly got myself together and followed suit. I walked inside the Gym. I looked around. It seemed pretty nice. And since I knew Venam was here, I knew I wouldn’t be kicked out of here. I looked over to the corner of the room and could see the Gym Guide Panel. I remember Jan telling me about it. I walked over and pressed the button. Suddenly, a hologram figure of Jan popped up. I jumped back, not expecting that.



Jan: Matthew? What’s wrong? Why’d you jump back like that?

Matthew: I didn’t expect you to pop up like that.

Jan: Ohh. I see. Well, I can see you’re at Venam’s Gym. And kind of early too.

Matthew: It’s uhh… It’s important.

Jan: I see. Well I’ll give you the info you need to know about Venam. 1st, let’s go over the field she’ll be using. It’s the Corrosive Field. A field that boosts the power of Poison-Type moves. In addition to that, non-Poison-Type Pokemon are damaged upon switch in. So be careful of that.

Matthew: Alright. Doesn’t seem too bad. Anything else I need to know?

Jan: Well, her ace Pokemon is Seviper. A dastardly snake with the power to tear away hopes and dreams. While it may not seem like a massive threat to some, it’s deadly to newcomers. A pleb stomper, if you will. Not only does it ecell offensively but it also has a nasty Glare that will cause you some problems. It also has some excellent weakness coverage. Don’t be caught of guard!

Matthew: Hmm. I see. I think I’m ready to-

Jan: Wait! I’m not finished.

Matthew: What else is there to know?

Jan: Venam has a signature move.

Matthew: A signature move?

Jan: Mhm. Every Gym Leader has 1. Her move is called Venam’s Kiss.

Matthew: Of course it is.

Jan: It’s a standard Poison Type move and it can’t poison you. So you don’t have to worry about that. And with that, NOW I’m done.

Matthew: Alright. Thanks Jan. I think I’m ready for the Gym now.

Jan: Great. Good luck Matthew.


Jan’s hologram disappeared. I went and tried to get through the 1st room of Venam’s room. The person I saw yesterday called me over to him and explained to me that I had to defeat the trainers in the room. If I was victorious, they’d give me a color I would have to make in order to progress to the next room. I would have to mix some gases in the containers and then mix them to get the correct color. I was able to get through all 3 rooms relatively easily. Just as I was about to go into Venam’s room though, the trainer there stopped me.



Matthew: What is it? I really don’t got that kind of time.

Gym Trainer: Venam told me to tell you to put these colors in order in this room. Brown, White and Orange.

Matthew: Huh? What happens when I do that?

Gym Trainer: Just do it and see what happens.


I was puzzled as to what Venam had planned for me but I obliged and put in the colored gases. When it was done, a door suddenly appeared right in front of me. The Gym Trainer signaled for me to go down in. I did and finally came to an alleyway outside.


Matthew: Wow… What is this place?

???: Nice isn’t it?

Matthew: Ahh! Ohh… Ohh Venam. It’s just you.

Venam: -chuckles- Sorry for the scare.



Matthew: What is this place?

Venam: I guess you can call it my Gym Graveyard.

Matthew: Gym Graveyard?

Venam: Mhm. My 1st ace used to be my Venipede and I modeled my Gym after that. Then I started to like my Seviper more and I modeled my Gym after that. 1 day, Jan and Zumi said that they were gonna change my Gym again. I gotta say, it’s pretty sweet.

Matthew: -sees the other 2 Gyms- I wish I could have seen them back then.

Venam: Yea. They were pretty… awesome… Umm…

Matthew: What is it?


Venam walked up the steps and onto the little bit of grass in front of us. I looked at the ground where she was looking and could see an already hatched egg on the ground. While wondering what Pokemon came out of the egg, the both of us heard a hissing sound. We looked across from us and could see a Seviper.



Matthew: Hey! Keep your Seviper under control Venam!

Venam: But… my Seviper is in my PokeBall.

Matthew: Wait… Is this the Pokemon that came out of that egg?

Venam: I assume so… That explains some of the sounds I’ve heard the past couple of months though.

Matthew: You- WHAT?! A couple of months?!

Venam: Whoops… My bad.

Seviper: -looks angrily at us- Sevipeeerrrrr!

Matthew: I’m guessing it’s not your biggest fan.

Venam: Sorry…

Seviper: Seviper!


Seviper lunged itself out at us. I went to grab a PokeBall containing 1 of my Pokemon but instead, I accidentally grabbed and empty 1 and threw it towards the Seviper. The ball collided with the Pokemon’s head and the Pokemon went inside the PokeBall. It shook for a couple of seconds and then stopped. I got up and picked the ball off the ground. Venam looked at the ball and me.


Venam: Did you just catch it by accident?

Matthew: Apparently so.

Venam: Well… It would make a good addition to your team.

Matthew: And I have the perfect name to give it.

Venam: And what’s that?

Matthew: Venamica.

Venam: …Ok. I’m gonna go back to my Gym Arena before I clock you in the face.


Venam angrily went back to her Gym Arena. I snickered to myself, put the ball onto my belt and went back up. I then went through the next couple of rooms until I was facing Venam on the battle field. I couldn’t lie. It looked pretty sick. Venam stepped closer to me.



Venam: Welcome to the Gym Arena Matthew!

Matthew: Wow… This place is awesome looking.

Venam: Thank you. It took me a while to get used to it but I like the look of this as well.

Matthew: I know everything right now is hectic but… I’m still getting excited for this match.

Venam: To be honest, I am too Matthew. Been a while since I felt like this. But enough talk! I am a Gym Leader and even though the stakes are high… I won’t hold back! Not 1 bit! So bring your best!

Matthew: Ha! Be careful what you wish for Venam! The the battle start!




The 2 of us threw our PokeBalls up into the air and my 1st Gym Battle ever started. Maybe it was because I had a Ground Type on my team or maybe it was because I somehow trained my team to well but this Gym Battle felt very easy. I kind of felt bad for Venam but I still had fun. It was still an important battle. After defeating her last Pokemon, she returned it back to her Pokemon and looked up into the air.


Venam: Heh…

Matthew: Venam? You good?

Venam: I’ll admit Matthew… No 1 has thrashed me in a Pokemon Gym Match as much as you have today.

Matthew: I… I still had fun. I didn’t mean-

Venam: No no. It’s fine actually. This loss makes me want to do better. Better for me. Better for you. Better for Melia.

Matthew: That’s a good way to look at it.

Venam: Besides, this was probably the better outcome. Here. Catch. -throws over a badge-

Matthew: Ahh! -catches it- You didn’t have to throw it!

Venam: -chuckles- That’s the PoisonHeart Badge. Congrats on winning it.

Matthew: Thanks Venam. I appreciate it.

Venam: But now that that’s out of the way. You know that this is just the beginning of the day.

Matthew: I know. Now I gotta get the TM for Rock Smash and make it over to Route 2.

Venam: I’m curious though Matthew.

Matthew: Uhhh… Curious about what?

Venam: Everything that’s going on with Melia. I know you 2 were hanging out when everything started but… Do you honestly care about her?

Matthew: …I can see why you wanna know Venam… Let me tell you a quick story. The day before yesterday, I was on a ship. The S.S. Oceana.

Venam: What? But they said no 1 was found in that wreck. But they said that only 1… person…

Matthew: Yes. That 1 person that got away from that whole mess was me. They took my mother Venam. And now they’re trying to take someone else that I consider a friend now. So yes. I do care about her.

Venam: I feel better about you helping now. Let’s do this. Don’t take too long Matthew.

Matthew: Don’t plan on it.


Venam went to a teleport pad that was near where she was and disappeared. I too exited the room and started to make my way back to the entrance of the gym. I know that we needed to hurry up and save Melia before Team Xen could get to her.





Mudbray (Muddy)/Male/Level 20

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Stamina

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Bulldoze/Stomp/Double Kick/Rototiller




Frogadier (Blade)/Male/Level 20

Nature: Mild/Ability: Protean

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Water Pulse/Lick/Quick Attack/Smoke Screen




Shiny Eevee (Hope)/Female/Level 20

Nature: Modest/Ability: Adaptability

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Swift/Bite/Covet/Sand Attack




Togepi (Cheeri)/Female/Level 20

Nature: Modest/Ability: Serene Grace

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Extrasensory/Charm/Yawn/Metronome



Seviper (Venamica)/Female/Level 17

Nature: Jolly/Ability: Shed Skin

Held Item: Poison Barb

Moveset: Poison Tail/Poison Sweep/Iron Tail/Screech




Venam +2 (8/10): Shockingly an easy Gym Battle but I'm glad to see she didn't flip out about it.




2 days


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That was an impressively productive week-end, and pretty good episodes too. 


You kept your favorite Seviper nickname! 

I'm interested to see how you'll write what comes next...

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4 hours ago, Mindlack said:

That was an impressively productive week-end, and pretty good episodes too. 


You kept your favorite Seviper nickname! 

I'm interested to see how you'll write what comes next...

Thanks! And yea. It's still a "let's annoy Venam" trope... and also, I don't really have a nickname for it. 😅 E10 is probably gonna be on the shorter side but after that, it should go back to being medium/long length of episodes.

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I made it outside of the Gym and could see an orange haired girl looking around the area. I was wondering what she was doing but I would soon get my answer. When she spotted me, it looked like some relief came over her and she walked over to me.



???: Hey. Is your name Matthew?

Matthew: Yea. I take it you’re Karrina?

Karrina: Mhm. Venam called me and told me you were in need of the Rock Smash TM.

Matthew: I am. Thanks for getting here really fast. I need to get to Route 2 as quick as possible.

Karrina: Yeeeeaaaaa. About that… I don’t just give that TM out to anyone.

Matthew: Wh-What?

Karrina: I only give it out to official members of my crew.

Matthew: Ugh. I don’t have time for this. I’ll be a member of your crew. There. Now can I please have the TM for Rock Smash now?

Karrina: Hmm… Tell you what. I’m about to do a small job down at the Junction Bridge.

Matthew: What does that got to do with anything?

Karrina: If you be quiet and listen to me, you’ll find out. I’ve gotten an inside scoop about a mad scientist using his experiments to harm Pokemon. And if that is indeed true, then I have to go over there and put a stop to his deeds.

Matthew: Again, what does this have to do with me?

Karrina: You’re gonna help me.

Matthew: Say what now?

Karrina: Yes. You will accompany me there on this little mission of mine.

Matthew: -sighs- You’re not gonna give me that Tm if I don’t do this huh?

Karrina: Mhm.

Matthew: Fucking- Gah! Fine. But we need to hurry up! Melia could be in huge trouble.

Karrina: -talks quietly to herself- She won’t be though.

Matthew: What was that?

Karrina: Err… Nothing! Now come along Matthew. We must make haste . Who knows what this mad scientist has done to those unfortunate Pokemon already!


Karrina grabbed onto my arm and pulled me with her as she ran to this Junction Bridge. I was severely annoyed with her that she was making me do something so time consuming while I needed to be with Venam and Ren searching for Melia. I know Venam would give me a mouthful next time we meet but I’d just be honest and tell her that Karrina had me do a stupid thing for her or else I wouldn’t get the TM. After a couple of minutes of running, we arrived in front of this weird lab like place.



Matthew: Is this the place?

Karrina: It is. We need to get in there and stop that mad scientist.

Matthew: Alright. Then let’s get in there and-

???: Huehuehuehuehuehue.

Matthew: Take care of… this already…

Karrina: You heard that too right.

Matthew: I… I did.

Karrina: 1 thing’s for sure. That laughter can’t be from a sane individual. Let’s get in there.


Karrina kicked in the glass door, somehow not busting the glass into millions of little pieces and the 2 of us walked in. There was some kind of lake inside but we didn’t really pay attention to that. We looked around for this mad scientist but it didn’t take long for us to find him. We could hear someone yelling at him for leaving the door unlocked but when we found him, we didn’t see anyone else with him. But we did hear the name Dr. Jenkel. So that must have been his name. When we walked more into the building however, we could see a Musharna hooked up in a weird flower like machine. A weird man with purple hair was standing near it. Karrina got all angry when she saw the Pokemon inside the device.



Karrina: Hey! That Musharna is the Pokemon! What are you doing to it?!

Dr. Jenkel: Huehuehue… Looks like you 2 saw too much! But it’s ok! Really! YES! IT’S QUITE. ALL. RIGHT.

Matthew: What the fuck is wrong with you?

Dr. Jenkel: Now you 2 can be apart of my experiments!

Karrina: Yea right! As if!

Dr. Jenkel: You don’t have a choice in the matter sweet cheeks!

Matthew: Ehh… That’s just wrong.

Karrina: WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME!?!?! That does it! Matthew, this is gonna be your entrance exam into my group!

Matthew: Wait. What are you saying?

Karrina: You’re gonna deal with this. Take out this guy and save that Musharna!

Matthew: You’re not gonna help me at all?

Karrina: Of course I will! I’ll be here for support!~

Matthew: You really urk me Karrina… But whatever. We’re gonna set that Musharna free you weirdo!




The battle bewteen me and the mad scientist began. Everything was fine until he brought out the Musharna. He pressed a button that was on his wrist and Musharna started to change its form and soon, it looked like a different form of its original self. It looked like a kind of Mega Evolution. Luckily though, my Pokemon were strong enough to beat this Pokemon and win the battle. After that, I commanded my Pokemon to aim their attacks at the machine. They did and soon, the machine blew up into tiny pieces.


Karrina: Alright Matthew! You did it!

Matthew: That was a surprising turn of events.

Musharna: -angrily- Mu Shar Na!

Karrina: Wait a minute… Is that Musharna mad at us?

Matthew: That makes no sense. Why would it be mad at us?

Dr. Jenkel: To answer your question, you just destroyed the machine it was in. It was probably enjoying a nice massage.

Karrina: You mean… you’re not harming Pokemon?

Dr. Jenkel: Of course not! Not all mad scientists want to make Pokemon or people suffer!

Matthew: But what was the point of having that Pokemon in the machine then?

Dr. Jenkel: You see, my modification to this machine cause the 2 to sort of have a symbiotic relationship.

Matthew: So we did all of this… for nothing?! -angrily looks over at Karrina-

Karrina: -nervously laughs- Oops…

Dr. Jenkel: But hey! You lot are cool! Should come back sometime! I have chips and drinks!

Matthew: No way in hell I’m ever coming back. Come on Karrina. Let’s get out of here.

Karrina: Yea. What he said. -leaves the building with Matthew- Sooo… That was somethi-

Matthew: You just wasted my time Karrina!

Karrina: Ok. Ok. I’m sorry. Not like it actually means anything though. I think I bought enough time for…

Matthew: What are you talking about?

Karrina: I… Nevermind about that. Anyways, you did what I asked you to do. And you did it pretty well. So here it is. The TM for Rock Smash.

Matthew: Thank you. It’s about damn time.

Karrina: Good luck with saving Melia. I hope for the best outcome.

Matthew: Thank you. I gotta hurry now.


I ran as fast as I could over to the Railnet but I stopped when I was about to pass the Help Center. I remembered there being 1 more request on there that I didn’t finish. I remembered what it was about. It was a request for a battle. I was already late and I wanted to test out my skills after obtaining my 1st badge. I went inside and read the request. I had to go inside the hotel and go to the 3rd floor and battle this individual. So I went there and looked for the person. There was a couple of battle areas on the 3rd floor. I could see a girl standing at 1 end of the area and I went on the other side. She looked excited to see me.



???: Ohh! Did you accept my help request?

Matthew: I did. I had just recently won my 1st Gym Badge and I wanna test my strength against someone and you seem pretty strong to me.

Novae: Ohh my. That sounds exciting. Well my name is Novae. I’m from the Alolan Region.

Matthew: I’ve heard great things about that place. I’m actually from the Unova Region. But hey. I’m kind of in a rush so do you mind if we start right now?

Novae: Of course! May the stars shin upon us today!




The 2 of us grabbed our PokeBalls and threw them out onto the field, starting the battle. Novae was a pretty good trainer but eventually, I came out of the battle victorious. Novae looked pleased though with the outcome of the battle.


Novae: Wow. You’re strong Matthew!

Matthew: You’re pretty good too Novae.

Novae: I’m gonna be honest. This was my 1st ever battle against an actual trainer.

Matthew: Wait. Really? How did you train your Pokemon then?

Novae: I battled a lot of wild Pokemon. Whenever I tried battling trainers, I’d just freeze up and I wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Matthew: Well you seem to have done a pretty good job today.

Novae: Thank you Matthew and thank you for battling me. I’ll let you go do whatever you have to do. I must be leaving as well.

Matthew: I’ll see you later then. Hopefully, we can have a rematch someday.


The 2 of us entered the elevator and exited the hotel together. Novae went towards the center of the city. I made my way to the Railnet. I knew I was late for searching for Melia but I had what I needed to make it through Route 2. Now it was time to find and save Melia.





Mudbray (Muddy)/Male/Level 20

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Stamina

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Bulldoze/Stomp/Double Kick/Rototiller




Frogadier (Blade)/Male/Level 20

Nature: Mild/Ability: Protean

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Water Pulse/Lick/Quick Attack/Smoke Screen




Shiny Eevee (Hope)/Female/Level 20

Nature: Modest/Ability: Adaptability

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Swift/Bite/Covet/Sand Attack




Togepi (Cheeri)/Female/Level 21

Nature: Modest/Ability: Serene Grace

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Extrasensory/Charm/Yawn/Metronome




Seviper (Venamica)/Female/Level 20

Nature: Jolly/Ability: Shed Skin

Held Item: Poison Barb

Moveset: Poison Tail/Poison Sweep/Iron Tail/Glare




Karrina +1 (1/10): I'm glad she gave me the TM for Rock Smash but what she made me do to get it was time wasting. She knows about Melia being missing. Doesn't she realize what she did was bad for her?


Dr. Jenkel +1 (1/10): Sooo... He's a mad scientist that's doing good... Still weird as hell though...


Novae +10 (10/10): She was a good trainer. Surprised I was her 1st trainer battle. I wonder if I'll battle her again sometime.




2 days


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As soon as I made it to the Railnet, I went up to the counter. The clerk could see that I was out of breath and asked me if I was ok. I told him that I was but I needed a ticket to Route 2 quickly. It was urgent. He printed up the ticket, I handed him the money for it and was soon on the train. As I was riding on the train, I was worried about what Venam was gonna say to me. I was definitely way later than I should have been if Karrina didn’t hadn’t made me do that whole thing with the mad scientist. After a half hour train ride, I made it to the train stop. As soon as I stepped foot out of the train, Venam was there with Ren and she did not look happy.



Matthew: Uhh… He-

Venam: Where the hell have you been?! We’ve been waiting here for over an hour for you!

Matthew: It wasn’t my fault! Karrina had me do some kind of stupid initiation thing to get into her club before she’d give me the TM.

Venam: You really think she’d do something like that Matthew?

Matthew: -gibberish sounds- That’s what she did!

Ren: Look, all that matters is that he’s here now. Isn’t that right Venam?

Venam: -sighs- I suppose you are Ren.

Matthew: Did you guys find her? Or any clues that she’s been here?

Ren: Unfortunately no.

Venam: We’ve searched everywhere here but there’s been no sound of her.

Matthew: You don’t think she got captured… do you?

Venam: Hell no! She’s too smart to be captured like that. I know she’s got to be around here somewhere.

Ren: Since she’s no where around here, we were about to take a look inside Amethyst Cave?

Matthew: Amethyst Cave? Where’s that?

Venam: It’s at the end of the route here. Me and Ren are gonna go ahead there now. Please don’t come there late like you did here.

Matthew: But I… Ugh. Fine. Go ahead.


Venam and Ren ran ahead to the cave. I made sure I had everything and started to be on my way. Just as I took a couple of steps forward, someone came rushing past me, pushing me forward a bit. After catching myself from falling, I looked up and could see a girl with a big grin on her face. She didn’t seem at all sorry for what she did.



Matthew: Hey. Do you think maybe you can watch where you’re going next time?

???: -laughs obnoxiously- Sorry kid! But you snooze you lose!

Matthew: Hey! I ain’t no kid! And what do you mean by that?

???: Can’t say but I gotta run! Bye! -runs off-

Matthew: -feels my pockets- Geez. What a… Wait a minute!


I felt my pocket where my wallet usually is but this time, it wasn’t there. I pulled my pocket inside out just to make sure but it wasn’t there. My wallet was missing. Then it hit me. That weird girl that ran into me and she said “you snooze, you lose.” Did she take my money? She must have. Why else would she do that? I ran after her going the way she went. It didn’t take long for me to find her. She was behind some rocks.


Matthew: Hey! You took my wallet!

???: You sure about that bucko?

Matthew: Yes! Yes I am!

???: Even if that were the case, you can’t get past here now can you?

Matthew: Heh… -laughs-

???: What’s so funny?

Matthew: Vanaminca! Rock Smash!


I brought out the PokeBall that contained my Seviper and it came popping out of the ball and smashed the rocks in front of me into a million of pieces with its tail. I returned it back to my PokeBall. The girl looked on in shock. She then bolted again and I chased after her. I came across a bridge and could see a weird looking tree on it. It looked seriously out of place. I walked up to it and it started to speak.



???: Cha cha cha! Chitty Chitty chee chee cha cha~!

Matthew: What the-

???: Yo! What’s that?! Too slow! Laterz! -runs away-

Tourist: Did that tree just…


I ran after her again, leaving the confused tourist pondering about his existence in this life. This time, it took me a while to find her but I eventually did. She was still disguised as the weird tree. I kept pestering her until she revealed herself to me.



???: Damnit man! You just don’t give up!

Matthew: You took my wallet! Why would I give up that?!

???: But it’s just a wallet! Like come on…

Matthew: It’s my money!

???: Ohh please! You’ll make that back with profit within a few days! Hell. Probably just a couple of hours.

Matthew: I… Uhh… Not the point!

???: Ugh! This is so annoying! Whatever! Time to go again.~ Teleport!

Matthew: Ohh no you-


Before I could finish my sentence, the girl literally disappeared in front of my eyes. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The girl was no where to be seen anywhere close the area. I had to search the area again. It took me a bit longer to find her but I finally did. She was in front of the entrance of, what I presumed was, Amethyst Cave. I snuck up behind her and scared her!


Matthew: Hey!

???: Ahh! Ohh sheesh. You scared me!



Matthew: Yea! Now how about my wallet?!

???: -laughs and then starts to laugh maniacally-

Matthew: What the hell’s so funny?

???: You man! You’re a riot!

Matthew: Wh… What?

Nim: The name’s Nim. Don’t forget it!

Matthew: I don’t care about the name! Give! Me! My! Wallet!

Nim: -chuckles- I’m sorry bro but I don’t actually have your wallet.

Matthew: What do you mean?! Of course you do!

Nim: Have you checked your back pockets?


I was annoyed with her trying to stall for time to somehow steal my wallet successfully but I decided to humor her and feel my back pockets. To my shock though, I could feel something in them. I grabbed the item and pulled it out and looked at it in shock. It was indeed my wallet. It was with me all along. But how was she able to grab that out of my regular pocket and put it into my back pocket without me noticing that?


Matthew: H-How did you-

Nim: Told ya.~ It was a nice prank though wasn’t it?

Matthew: If I wasn’t in a hurry, maybe.

Nim: Ohh well. So you know my name but I think you should know that I already know yours.

Matthew: You know my name?

Nim: Mhm. It’s Matthew.

Matthew: But how did you know that?

Nim: I was behind Venam when you 2 were having your Gym Battle.

Matthew: But… I didn’t see anyone there. Are you always watching her battles?

Nim: Yep! She’s not very observant so it’s easy. But you really caught my eye when I saw you battle her. I had to see you for myself!

Matthew: Well… you’re seeing me. Can I go now?

Nim: Hmm… Not unless you battle me.

Matthew: …You’re not gonna let me pass unless I do battle you aren’t you?

Nim: Hit the nail right on the head!

Matthew: -sighs- Fine. Let’s get this over with. -Grabs a PokeBall-

Nim: -chuckles- Ohh you’re so funny.

Matthew: Why? What’s so laughable now?

Nim: We’re not gonna battle here.

Matthew: Then where we gonna battle?

Nim: You’ll see. Teehee.


The girl held out her arms. Suddenly, she started to float up above the entrance of the cave. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing at that point in time. Her whole body seemed to shine with a golden color. There was a flash of light. When it faded, we were in a completely different area. The ground was a purple color and the air felt different that usual. This crazy girl teleported us somewhere else. There was also a battle field symbol on the ground. I looked over and saw her kneeling over, trying to recover her breath.



Matthew: Yo wait! Are you ok?

Nim: Y-Yea… N-Note to self, it takes double the amount of energy to bring more than 1 person.

Matthew: Ok. Where the hell are we?

Nim: I’m so glad you asked! I liked to call this place the Altered Dimension.

Matthew: The Altered Dimension?… Are we not on earth right now?

Nim: I don’t think so.

Matthew: … What the fuck?!

Nim: In this place, my Psychic powers are much stronger than usual. Now… no whining and no complaining!

Matthew: But you just teleported me somewhere that isn’t on fucking Earth!

Nim: Shh! You’re going to be thrown into situations that aren’t favorable. You’re going to have to get used to it!

Matthew: But like this?!

Nim: No! It’s battle time!



So I messed up on recording this battle. I was able to fix it somewhat but the battle screen is smaller than usual. I'll try my best to avoid messing up in the future.



Before I could respond back to that, Nim threw out 2 Pokemon. Apparently this was a doubles battle. I could only do 1 thing and that was to proceed with the battle. I sent out my Frogadier and Seviper and the battle started. I was easily able to overcome Nim’s Pokemon and come out with the victory.


Nim: D-Darn. You’re too strong for me. I mean you took down Venam easily but I didn’t think you’d take me down easily.

Matthew: Well thanks. That was actually pretty good training for my Pokemon.

Nim: Well you won fair and square. You’re really something.

Matthew: Think you can take us back then?

Nim: Yessiree! I’ll bring you back home.


Just like the 1st time, Nim floated up off of the ground and started to glow a golden color. A bright flash of light blinded my sight. When my sight came back to me, I was back in front of the cave entrance. This whole ordeal was very weird but for some reason, I felt like it was a good thing I met that person. Before I entered the cave, I swear I could hear Nim say that I better save Melia. I smiled hearing that and entered Amethyst Cave.





Mudbray (Muddy)/Male/Level 22

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Stamina

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Bulldoze/Stomp/Double Kick/Rototiller




Frogadier (Blade)/Male/Level 22

Nature: Mild/Ability: Protean

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Water Pulse/Lick/Quick Attack/Smoke Screen




Shiny Eevee (Hope)/Female/Level 22

Nature: Modest/Ability: Adaptability

Held Item: N/A

Moveset: Swift/Bite/Covet/Sand Attack




Togepi (Cheeri)/Female/Level 22

Nature: Modest/Ability: Serene Grace

Held Item: TwistedSpoon

Moveset: Extrasensory/Charm/Yawn/Metronome




Seviper (Venamica)/Female/Level 22

Nature: Jolly/Ability: Shed Skin

Held Item: Poison Barb

Moveset: Poison Fang/Poison Sweep/Iron Tail/Glare




Nim (5/10): She's such a weird character! Like why did she do all of that? So out there. But... she wants me to find Melia. So she can't be all bad... right?




2 days


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I enjoy reading these. Keep it up!

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