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Some things about Spork Forest Guardian!

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-Player’s House


After their adventure in Ceolis as well as being the third Champion of this region, the player actually has a place to stay in Ceolis due to an unnamed man giving the player everything he previously owned in Tinder Connections. Inside the cottage is couple useful items and Pokémon scattered mostly in the basement of that cottage as well as wild Pokémon residing there (Sylveon, Chikorita, Piplup, Emolga, and Braixen). Cassie the Glaceon is in the first floor of the cottage, possessing the ability to change the nature of one of your Pokemon. Lastly, there is a table reeking of infinite Nuggets in case you’re short of prize money.


-Tinder Connections


The place where it open the path of many areas, some exclusive and others existing. Going north leads to Tinder Mountain. East leads to Ranger Base. West leads to Lost Tinder Forest (which hasn’t added yet). And south leads to Tinder Village.


-Shrine of Purification


The original peaceful spot for Celebi. Popstar Lounge is also present as a relaxing place to stay for a while.


-Tinder Woods


The first dungeon in Forest Guardian which contains 3 floors. This area might not look like much, but it is a secondary place for Celebi to reside if it senses danger. A prism colored force field also surrounds Celebi. The place doesn’t end there as it also leads you to Branching Cave and Eevee Adobe.


-Eevee Adobe


A secluded mountain where this place is full of pink trees, some waterfalls, as well as all the Eevee and it’s Evolutions reside. Also leads to a dungeon much later on your adventure.


-Branching Cave


A dark place that gives the feeling like we’re in outer space. Those trainers have teams that contain Pokémon that evolves into one of the multiple forms, with Eevee, Wurmple, and Tyrogue being some of the examples. 


Also contained a dungeon with 4 floors. Each colors on the floors is a resemblance of jet fighters used in Gradius Gaiden. Blue is Vic Viper, Red is Lord British, Green is Jade Knight, and Purple is Falchion Beta.


-Norall Mountain (dungeon)


This snow themed dungeon contains 4 floors. Clearing it will take you to Snorunt Village.


-Norall Forest


An extension of Snorunt Village which is part of some story. One side has you scaling few waterfalls and exploring scenery while the other side has a enormous building.


-Cool Cave


This cave also has you scaling Waterfalls, perform some ice sliding, and take on many theme teams.


-Tullborn Sea


A Dungeon that contains three floors as well as battling a certain legendary Pokémon once you cleared the dungeon.


-Mt. Steam


Just like Tullborn Sea, it also has a dungeon that contains three floors as well as battling a certain legendary Pokémon once you cleared the dungeon. Before that, you would have to traverse a mini jungle, hiking to the mountain, and battling some theme trainers. Most battles are under Sunny weather.


-Yellow Sea


The sea whose barrier shapes like a Sylveon that takes you to Party City...or is it?


-Party City?


Where’s all the other buildings?! Must be an illusion. The Team Portal HQ looks similar, but had a eight floor dungeon!


-Tinder Mountain


A steep climb with four building that can generate terrain based on type specialty of such trainers. A tall enough mountain to see all of Ceolis; you should have no trouble pinpointing various cities!


-Tinder Apex


The peak of the mountain where Trainer battles won’t cause collateral damage!


-Tremor Cave


This cave earned its name due to various Steelix rampaging when they are disturbed.


-Emotion Forest


A five floor dungeon which is definitely full of pink just like Eevee Adobe and whose wild Pokémon are mostly Eeveelutions and a few others like Dedenne.


-Eevee Village


Another village similar to Snorunt Village where each different Eeveelution resides in each house.


-Eevee Palace


A Palace the Eevee Scepter is kept safe.


-Eon Desert


Once a vibrant city has been destroyed by a super tornado and is beyond repair.


-Tinder Village (Past)


A much smaller village designed as an attempt to mimic the layouts of multiplayer missions from Pokémon Ranger Guardian Signs. Also just like in Guardian Signs, Piplup is the first Poké Assist partner to aid in your capture. Ironically, it’s only one player without a Styler and no time limit is imposed.




More lore of exclusive areas will be added when there are future re-uploads.

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Some top tier threats (Pokemon) to watch out for in Spork Forest Guardian.


With the lack of Field Effects (after couple failed attempts of scripting despite looking at Reborn/Rejuvenation’s scripts), illegitimate movesets can happen to either serve as coverage and/or to consider this move part of a STABmons moveset.


-Greninja: Water/Dark, Protean, 72/145/67/153/71/132


This Pokemon has the stats of Ash-Greninja for only this side story as well as keeping Protean as it’s ability. From here, it has an wide variety of coverage moves that can cause mind games as it also changes its type and deal super effective damage against its would-be-counters. While this is fun and all, it lacks an attack with a higher base power. What moves can fit the bill?


Water Spout and Muddy Water.


Both moves are lethal in both Single battles and Double Battles. Water Spout has 150 BP at full HP, and Greninja is fast enough to use Water Spout before your opponent gets to attack (if it actually tank a full powered attack, mostly not, though). Muddy Water is there for when Water Spout no longer deals decent damage due to being heavily damaged itself. Both attacks hit both Pokémon in Doubles. Both of those moves are very powerful before factoring one Choice Specs and the rain weather. Even 394 SpD Sylveon won’t take more than 2 hits!


-Charizard Y


This is another potential user for STABmon movesets. In terms of fire moves, Charizard can learn most of them, but not all of them. Heat Wave is a good attack to hit both opponents in Doubles while Flamethrower is a nice reliable attack that can hit hard under the sun. As for other types, SolarBeam suddenly becomes usable in one turn due to sunlight, and Air Slash is it’s secondary STAB move. But what ideal STAB moves that Charizard would like to have that could happen?


Eruption and Oblivion Wing.


Just like Greninja, Eruption provides maximum output when at full HP. At 100 base speed, however, it may not be fast enough against faster Pokémon and will take damage before it gets to use Eruption. But even if Charizard is down to 66% HP remaining, Eruption will still does good damage because the Sunny weather powers up fire moves by 1.5x, breaking even. Oblivion Wing has the same base power as Air Slash, but has 100 accuracy instead of 95 and heals 75% damage equal to the damage you dealt. So when you heal a lot of HP, the eventually you can unleash your Eruptions again.


-Regular pretty in pink Sylveon


As one of the few users of Pixilate and other -ate users that changes normal moves into STAB moves and get powered up, one will find ways to abuse it. For Sylveon, it has a decent amount of Normal moves that can be changed into Fairy moves and gets boosted by 1.2x. Swift is a non missing attack that could do decent damage due to various boosts, as it is 108 base power when factoring only Pixilate and STAB. Hyper Voice is the most repeatable attack and has a nice 162 base power. Hyper Beam might be ideal, but even though it has 270 base power, having not able to move for a turn is a terrible drawback. We just need one that’s just as powerful.


How about Boomburst? It’s slightly less powerful but still has a whopping 252 base power and doesn’t leave itself idle for a turn. Pretty much any -ate users will love to use Boomburst. Barring few Pokémon with the Soundproof ability, it leaves a huge dent on most Pokemon, even ones who resist certain types.


-Cyberse Sylveon (aka Yusaku or Decode Talker wannabe)


Ok, even though it’s another Sylveon to watch out for, this one fulfills different roles. It has base stats of 95/170/85/60/85/130 with the Intrepid Sword ability (will be in reupload eventually), boosting its attack further. It has moves like Play Rough, Iron Head, Sacred Sword, and Crunch, which is almost near complete coverage against most Pokemon. But then it has other coverage moves like Night Slash, Leaf Blade, and Razor Shell for more Sword related moves! Having a base attack like Kyurem Black and the speed of Jolteon, not many can take him on 1v1. Some major characters will possess this Pokémon from uncharted territory. It is not unbeatable, however; it suffers from 4MSS (four moveset slot syndrome), so it doesn’t have room for coverage moves, so depending on what it uses, some Pokémon might counter him. Delphox and Charizard can counter him 1v1 if it lacks Crunch or Razor Shell. As for weakening this titan, Staraptor’s Intimidate can tone down the power level, but if it switches out and gets back into the field, then Sylveon gets another attack boost! Choice Scarf Emolga’s Nuzzle can outspeed and Paralyze it, testing out RNG.


Conclusion: Overall, that’s what I came up with in terms of recurring obstacles. This is as close I can create in terms of making the side story blatantly hard than it already is. Given that a recent post that I’ve read saying that she doesn’t specialize in game difficulty, I decided months ago that I would create something as hard as Reborn and Rejuvenation without the field effects, that I resort to using unfair A.I.. After all, a player who is already a Champion has to deal with unfair stuff occasionally. If they can, they’ll be laughing at all of the hackers who thought they’re invincible. Pimpnite’s Hacker Exposed series on YouTube will put them in their place!


Signing out,


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Mini episode titles (could possibly be official unless changes were made):


Episode 1: This is no dream

Episode 2: Evaluation

Episode 3: Under the radar

Episode 4: Weather wars (I had to combine “Sailing Problems” and “Venting Heat” because I felt those two chapters were too short).

Episode 5: Fact or Fiction

Episode 6: Peak of Excellence

Episode 7: A sign of disaster

Episode 8: Defending a kingdom

Episode 9: One more golden day (still working on)

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