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Various bugs related to online battling, Part 2


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Here's some more bugs we discovered during battling. Some of these might also apply to offline battling, but most of them should be limited to online.


- Volt Switch and U-Turn cause desyncs, the Pokemon that is sent out seems to be picked at random on the opponent's side

- The Mountain and Snowy Mountain seeds raise Accuracy instead of dropping it. (both online and offline)
- Due to a "=" instead of "==" in the scripts, using Petal Dance and similar moves seems to set the Flower Garden to stage 2 no matter when they are used.
- In the scripts section that defines unlosable items for online battles, Heracronite is spelled as Heracrossite, which probably means the actual Heracronite can be knocked off
- Certain items like Quick Claw and Lagging Tail aren't affected by Klutz in online battles 
- Baneful Bunker only protects against moves that deal damage

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noted first, heracronite, and klutz things! rest are known and fixed. tbh good job finding the petal dance thing; we went through several test battles before we figured out wtf was going on with that >~> 

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