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Windows 18.3 battle graphics corruption

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I made a comment earlier somewhere, but now I have a screenshot; see attached.

Similar sometimes happens with many other effects, though with the area affected varying: with Iron Defence, for example, you can see the bounding rectangle of the animation.

Sometimes something similar happens on static screens as well, such as at save-file selection, or the Pokédex, with varying severity.


I'm on Windows 10 with a Radeon RX580 and an Intel 4790K.



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Added another screenshot

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I added another screenshot. Seems like it might be transparency-related?

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27 minutes ago, VividGrey said:

Have you tried uninstalling mods or downloading the game again from the website?

Yep, still happens after redownloading and with no mods.

I've only seen it happen with Game-z.exe btw.

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