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About my fanfic and it's topics  

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  1. 1. Should I quit written it there, because I harm people with it.

    • Yes, you cause damage to us!😡👎
    • No, but please be careful😊😅

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I'm not posting a chapter, but an message to people, who read "A Star's Tale- Chronicles of Reborn" currently. So gather around my fellas and listen closely to Evi Crystal now...


⚠️So this fanfic is meant for audience at 18+ and not meant for younger ones. It's my fault for not putting this warning and as a result... I got a r7 warning for that.⚠️


⚠️If you are a minor and finds sensitive topics upsetting, please read my warnings before chapter 1 (On very first page). Also only readers from 18 and up are allowed to read⚠️


⛔⚠️I repeat for clear definition: THIS fanfic contains topics as violence, gore, sexual theme and abuse!⛔⚠️


Sorry, if I may cause some worries- even if it's my fault for not giving a proper warning for safety.



So... You can freely tell your opinion and review about my fanfic and Chronicverse (my AU), but no troll comments allowed. I want completely honesty with you all. Even if negative or not... I'll take that as a feedback....


Feel free to join😊🍶🍰



Evi Crystal- Creator/ Owner of Chronicverse and Author of "A Star's Tale- Chronicles of Reborn".

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