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Pokémon Empire (Episode 4 Released!)

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So I am playing this for the first time and I love every second of it so far. Only game since Reborn or Rejuv that I have played and enjoyed immensely. 


I love all of the changes and features. I love that it gives me more teambuilding options for my fav types (grass and ice) so far. Cant wait to see this fully developed some more.

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There is actually an excerpt on the different terrains in the explorer's guild archives!


Verdant Terrain is a re-branding of Grassy Terrain. It has the same effect of healing both sides' grounded pokemon each turn. But instead of boosting Grass attacks x1.5, it boosts Bug instead!

It retains the effect of halving Earthquake's power, but no longer halves Bulldoze's power.

Lastly, the move Odor Sleuth will also raise the user's attack and speed when used with this terrain active. So keep an eye out for any Pokemon that learn that move!

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Bugs I found:


  • I don't know if anyone noticed but the letter "m" is missing from the keyboard.
  • Another bug I found is the event (after you defeat Trevenant)with the blond lady ( cant remember her name) but when that event first  it was like her character disappeared but the dialogue still happened. After I finished the Calvera story and went back there the event happened again but this time I could see her character.


Anyway,  I am thoroughly entertained and actually find the story very interesting. The topic of racism is touchy but so far it has been  done right in this game and its enough to evoke some emotions from me. I like the difficulty of it so far and I have some suggestions  but I would post the others later. 


I have just one: Please make a garden like field terrain that is for Grass/Bug/Fairy Types. 


Also, I don't know if it is a bug but what effect does Decorate has on the Honey Gather ability. Cheyenne used it on my  Beautifly and it activated with each stat increase. 

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I love the concept and design of this game, and what I've seen in the very beginning gives me hope for a playthrough, but not now. I should of glanced the pokemon type changes because I chose cottonee and regretted it the moment I got beat up by the very first normal type I came across. I got a little bit in and ended up catching a shiny Muskoat, butttt... I pressed f12 instead of f8, and lost a good bit of progress. Going to come back to this game later when I've got more time to focus lol.

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