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💫A StarGirl's Tale- Chronicles of Reborn💫


🌺When Lucia Anahera had to move away from Hoenn after a dark incident to Reborn, in hopes to start a new life. However with Team Meteor causing it's shemes, she gets quickly involved into an adventure of drama and full of suprises🌺


⛔Warning: Contains swearing, violence, gore and some sexual moments. I DON'T support abuse in all forms or romanticizing abuse. It's disgusting and not healthy⛔


⛔This fanfic is targeted for audience from 18+⛔


Also I made a project called "Chronicverse", which is an alternative timeline of Pokemon Reborn and this story is taking place there😊





Unknown Voice: Should I really make a post now?

Crystal: Of course, you should. It will give you a better view to your fans and there will be so much fun!

Unknown Voice: O-okay... If you say so, then I'll do that now...

Lucia: Hello there dear future fans and other people. My name is Lucia Anahera from Hoenn, I'm 18 years old and Ex-Champion and Top Coordinator. I'm currectly heading to the Train Square Station in Snowpoint Town, after managing to escape from an psychotic 25 year old-billionaire, who caused lots of trouble in my career, forcing me to "retire". He did some pretty traumatized- *sobs*...

Crystal: *puts hand on her shoulder* There, there. It's all okay now *hands a tissue to her*.

Lucia: Thanks *blows her nose a few times* Would you tell the people about the other things?

Crystal: Okay. So this Lucia is slightly based off the canon one, but I decided to give her a backstory with headcanons and etc. This story is an AU, where a few peple, who are dead in canon, are alive and have connections with other characters as well. Also the plot will differ from the typical game story containing with a few filler arcs...Uhm, well whatever. Hope you have fun and remember to smile😊

Lucia: Okay, I will^^





Lucia: Oh, before I forgot: Here's my Pokemon Team, I'll use in Reborn. 1 male and 5 females, which the latters specialising in both Contest and Battles, which only the former interrested in Battles, the silly boy😑



 Allow me to reveal:

Vanilly the Swampert (Signature Pokemon and Gentle Giant in the Team. Overprotective of me, just like to his female comrades)

  • Gender: Male
  • Type: Water/Ground
  • Level: 97
  • Item: Swampertite
  • Nature: Brave


Starry the Swallow (Transporter and Observer of the Team. Great Expert in orientation even in new places. Often keeps her cool, no matter what)

  • Gender: Female 
  • Type: Normal/Flying
  • Level: 97
  • Item: Flying Gem
  • Nature: Calm


Tirami the Mightyena (Passionate Fighter, yet hot headed and playful. My bodyguard)

  • Gender: Female 
  • Type: Dark
  • Level: 97
  • Item: Coin Case
  • Nature: Sassy


Rose the Gardevoir (Sweetheart and the Team's supporter/helper. Soft nature, but hides a storm, when threatened)

  • Gender: Female
  • Type: Psychic/Fairy
  • Level: 95
  • Item: Twisted Spoon
  • Nature: Gentle


Fleur the Ninetails (Prideful Beauty, but royal mischievous. Has the ability to combine her attacks in both beauty and strength)

  • Gender: Female
  • Type: Fire
  • Level: 94
  • Item: Fire Gem
  • Nature: Naughty 


Aurora the Frolass (The Crew's "Mother" and Healer. Likes peace and calmness, but will not hesitate to attack, when threatened)

  • Gender: Female
  • Type: Ice/Ghost 
  • Level: 94
  • Item: Never-Melt Ice
  • Nature: Timid



Chapter 1: Departure Meeting



Today is the last day, I never be in Hoenn, before leaving forever. I never want to leave my home, but after all what happened, I have to.


"My memories... It was fun with lasted time," I sighed, as I took onelast look backbefore entering the train station along with my Mightyena, Tirami.


After a long queue, I was finally able to buy my ticket to the infamous city, Reborn, where all chaos reigns. Just hearing that, makes me flinch a little, but it was also very far away from Hoenn, so it would make things better for me at least.


"Between you and me," the man at the ticket booth said. "I hear Reborn City's kind of a dump."


Well, my choices are between this or that bastard. My life would be much better, if it weren't for him.


"Well, I have an aunt there in Reborn, who opened a small shop there and she needs my help. Besides, I have no relatives there", I lied to him, as he finished my ticket and gave me it.


"Ah, I see. Good luck there. You'll need that", he said, as I boarded the train.





Once, I was inside the train, I looked around for something suspicious, before sitting on an empty seat; ensuring myself I was safe. Tirami went next to my left and lied down in a relaxed position.


"I guess we're moving now, Tirami. Once we arrive, we'll start a new life", I concluded, as I leaned against the window, admiring all these surroundings, before taking to the far strange world, that is awaiting for me. Looking out the window to see the scenery was a desert with mountains. It looks already different than from Hoenn, with his geophysical beauty of seas and landscapes. Tirami sat next to my left sleeping peacefully now. I didn't got any sleep, thanks to all that shit, I went through lately.


But then I spotted an Absol standing on a cliff looking down at the train,before jumping away, "That can't a good sign."I though, remember it's Pokedex entry.


Every time Absol appears before people, it is followed by a disaster such as an earthquake or a tidal wave. As a result, it came to be known as the disaster Pokémon.


"Hey there, sorry about the wait." A voice called out to him making us turn to see a woman with long white hair , wearing a black scarf, a black tight shirt with white shoulder caps, purple jeans and a pair of black boots, that go up to her knees.


"Uhm, I don't mean to be rude but... Who are you actually?" I asked, as Tirami looked at her in distrust, who got disturbed from her sleep.


The woman laughed for a bit, "Sorry my name is Ame and I'm an official of the Reborn Region. It's nice to meet you."Ame introduced herself as she offered her hand. I accepted it, as we shook hands, "I'm Lucia Ahahera and this is Tirami."I introduced myself and Tira, who seemed a bit relaxed now, once she regonatized her as friendly.


"Forgive me." Ame bent over to stare at Tirami's eyes after a bit she withdrawning on her old position.


"Wow, I don't I've ever seen a bond like your before. Can I ask, how long have you been together?" Ame asked.


"5 years." I answered.


"5 years, not bad. So, I assume that you aren't a beginner, are you?" Ame asked.


I shooked my head, as an answer" So how many regions have you travelled then?" Ame asked

"Only 1. Hoenn."I answered "Because later, I used to participlate in Pokemon Contests.


"Only 1? Hhm...So, what brings you to Reborn then?" Ame asked again.


My eyes widen a bit until I looked down as I remembered, why I indented to go there, "I came here for a challenge." I lied at a point, trying to hide my fear with another lie again. But Ame wasn't convinced but saw the hurt look on my face and decided to change the subject, "Well if you came for a challenge. Reborn is the perfect region for you." Ame replied.


"Yes." I said turning to her.


"You see unlike other regions Reborn has 18 Gyms." The woman told me.


"18?!" My eyes widen in shock, as I heard this for the first time.


"Yep. One Gym leader for each type, and all of have a full team of six." Ame explained.


"All of them?" I asked shocked again, as she nodded. "Wow, that means more work, but I have a professional team with me. That will be easy cake for me." I laughed, petting Tirami's head, who growled happily. I have still my team from my old days back then, which made me a bit confident.


Ame seemed pleased with me, before her eyes spotted my Mega Ring,"I haven't seen one of those in a while." Ame said while looking at my left wrist.


I looked down and saw what Ame was talking about and smiled, "It's my Mega Ring with a Swampertnite for me and my Vanilly. Steve Stone gave this to me back when I was 13." I explained, as I rembered it was like yesterday.


"You met the Steve Stone. He is an old friend of mine!" Ame chimed, making me smile a bit.


"Well back to the Reborn topic, there was one time Reborn was completely abandoned by everyone, even by the Pokemon years ago." Ame explained, as she drank a bottle of water.


"What happened?" Iasked a bit curious, wanting to learn more about this region.


"An incident happened a few years ago. And sadly, we only managed to get only a few things right. Since then, Reborn is struggling with all sorts" Ame answered, as she looked at the window with a sad look. "My father tried his best, but couldn't balanced it all by himself, so he entrusted me the charges". I felt very bad for her now, as she kinda worries for her father. Just like me.


"It's sounds like you have your hands full, but I can help if you want." I tried to lighten up the mood a bit. I pulled my sketch book from my bag, putting it on the table. "So how about some pics and storytelling to relax, till we arrive at Reborn?". I had this trait since I was 8- don't know exactly the reason behind it.


"I never knew, you could draw as well. Show me, what you made" Ame said, as she took my sketchbook to look at my drawings, I made during my free time.


I guess, I have an aura, that can make people getting comfortable around me. And I need to calm down now. He wouldn't go after me, because I doesn't know, where I'm now!



Edited by Evi Crystal
Put some info as well^^/ fixing some errors

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Yay! You've taken the plunge! You're one of us the fanfiction writers now!


So your character is arriving in Reborn with a full Champion team, about as high-levelled as possible.

I'm not sure what to expect... is Lucia in for another devastating loss, will she simply use a "new" team all along and let her faithful companions rest, or will you have to scale every important fight up? Or will the conflict come from elsewhere?

(I'll stay tuned to find out😀 -- especially in AU "anything goes").

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9 hours ago, Mindlack said:

Yay! You've taken the plunge! You're one of us the fanfiction writers now!


So your character is arriving in Reborn with a full Champion team, about as high-levelled as possible.

I'm not sure what to expect... is Lucia in for another devastating loss, will she simply use a "new" team all along and let her faithful companions rest, or will you have to scale every important fight up? Or will the conflict come from elsewhere?

(I'll stay tuned to find out😀 -- especially in AU "anything goes").

You're welcome. Well, the 1st chapter was short I guess, but it will get longer next.

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Posted (edited)

Chapter 2: Twisted Arrival



That picture with the 3 Swanna Sisters looks very beautiful. Never though you could draw very well." Ame exclaimed, as she looked at the sketch book in her hands. I blushed a bit from her compliment, after putting my crayons and pencils in the penholder, storing it in my bag. Tirami had changed her position and was now sitting on my suitcase on the floor, still sleeping.

"Thanks...", I said, taking a sip from my orange juice and ate a apple.

"So I'm now curious about your career as a Coordinator back in Hoenn. I only heard it from my mother's cousin. Tell me.", Ame asked me, while handing me the sketch book back. I felt nervous now, because of what happened back, but I decided to focus on more happy times and imagine, I was interviewed by reporters.

"Okay. When I firstly started my career as a Pokemon Trainer, I went through Slateport City, when I spotted a huge crowd near a big hall. After managing to go through them, I spotted Lisia, Hoenn's 1# Contest Idol with her Altaria named Ali, who was niece of Wallace, a Water Gym Leader and former Coordinator. As she was talking about the Contests and other stuff, I was soon scouted by one a second as the 100th candidate. I can clearly remember my reaction back then. Never expected such surprise and also I felt very embarrassed, because *laughs* I firstly started my journey. hah! Then I had to perform a performance as an exhibition for the viewers. As a result, the audience felt in love with me, thanks to my dancing skills and teamwork with my pokemon... Though Vanilly nearly screwed up, bc I doesn't like Contests and prefers fighting instead. Dear sweet Arceus, why... Good. So after I bet the Elite 4 and Steve Stone, who was the Champ back then, I hold the for 2 years, before decided to retire from the title.", I explained Ame, while counting on.

"So, you retired, because in favour of the Contests, right?", Ame raised an eyebrow.


"Yes. You need a reverse plan for your life. So at 15, I went to the path of the Pokemon Contests with huge succeus. I participlate in all ranks till the last one and managed to become one of the biggest Idols in Hoenn. For 3 years, I was the star. I had fame, support and being beloved by everyone. My 6 Pokemon, that I use for battles are also specializing in Contest too. Starry for Coolness, Tirami for Toughness, Rose for Cuteness, Fleur Beauty and Aurora Cleverness. They all developed their personalities within their traits and interests... Well, except for Vanilly, who likes battles and complains about it, but often supports us in the Contests. He often would protect me from attackers or even carry me on his back", I told her about the moments, where my Swampert would play bodyguard to keep perverts away from me. 


"Guess, your bond with your team is very strong, giving how he treats you", Ame laughted, as she threw the leftovers in a small trash bin. "Okay! We're nearly there. The train will be pulling into  the Peridot Station shortly. I've arranged for one of my staff to meet you when we arrive. She'll be your guide to the city."


"Oh. Okay the... I can wa-", I was about to say, but was cut off from Tirami's growl and barking, catching all the passengers attetion, who now looked around in worried. I knew, what it means, when she barks. Something bad gonna happen, as suddely Vanilly and Rose emerged from their PokeBalls, standing infront of us.


"Swam! Swammmpeert!!!" He called out, as he grab my suitcase with one arm and with the other me.


"Guar!", Rose cried, looking at me.


"Everyone, run! ALL OF YOU GET THE HELL OUT" I screamed at the top of my lungs, attracting the people in order to get off of the train in time.

“What’s going on?” A red haired Lass with her Skitty on her lap asked.

"No time to explain!" Ame claimed in response as the train had pulled into the station and rushed tho the exit, calling the people to leave now.  I then had an idea.

'ROSE. USE YOUR PSYCHIC POWERS AND TELEPORT!!! NOOOWW!!!!" I called her out, as the Embrace Pokemon nodded in agreement, putting her arms on air, as they glow in a light aura. 


"Guuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaarrddeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!" Rose called out.


A loud explosion was heard from inside, as I closed my eyes, clinging on Vanilly's arm in fear. I was afraid, I was spotted by him, after all pain and sorrow he put me through? How funny...






























































"Swam? Swam? Swamp! Pet! Petswam!", I could hear Vanilly's voice now. Where I am now? Heaven? Dead? As I opened my eyes, I found myself in his arms with my suitcase next to his hand, including some bruises and cratches on my skin.


"Thanks Vanilly. You're a lifesaver" I gave him a huge. He nodded a bit, before we went looked around. Where on a large grey plattform in.. a lake? However it has a greyish and toxic colour. And it was very foggy. Wait where are we?" I asked myself, as we both looked at the waters.


"It's poisoned. Vanilly are you okay?" I asked in concern, fearing he may got hurt by the poison. He shanked his head as an answer.


"Good boy. So we need to find Ame now, but... My bag... My bag is gone! Great start dammit!" I noticed, my bag was nonewhere to be found. Now I have to buy a new one and how now?


"Vanilly, please bring me on land." I jumped on his back, holding my suitcase. Luckily he was much larger than an average Swampert even without is Mega form and very strong, to carry to 2-3 people.



After 5 minutes, I spotted ruins on land with smoke coming out from them. My blood froze, as I realize it was the station, we where supposed to arrive. As Vanilly saw my expression, he swam faster till we hit land, as I jumped from his back and ran towards the ruins; climbing up with Vanilly putting a few away. 


"Ame! Ame! Where are you? Hello? Somebody!" I called, but no answer. " Dammit, I hope you're fine, please be fine." I went farther onward, as suddely I heart a Pokemon's cry from inside. It came from a deep spot, I couldn't reach all alone, so we needed to dig it out from there.


"Vanilly, use Bulldoze!" I commanded, as he began to punched some stones, as it shaked a bit. As I carefully went my way inside, while Vanilly made more space for me to move and hold a huge wooden plank, to keep it in check, so things won't fall apart. I looked around for the cry's source, as I spotted something pink sticking out from a pile of metal. It looked like one of a Skitty, when I realized a Lass had one during the train ride.


"Shit! Don't worry, I'll save you. Please don't move for awhile, okay?", I calmy called out, as I moved a few things away, while the pink Pokemon meowed in worried. It took me awhile, but making sure it was enough for me to pull it out. It looked very scared, but showing no signs of injuries and curled into a ball, shivering in fear.


"Ssshh. There, there. Everthying is alright now" I tried to cheer it up. After I crawled from the hole, as Vanilly helped me. "Let's go back at the station. Maybe we'll have answers from the police.". As we went down from there and arrive at the station or what was left from it. Police officers were checking and searching everywhere for possible survivors. As I walked around with the Skitty in my arms, in hopes to find it's owner.


"Hey....Are you okay?" Ame questioned, as she ran towards me, being glad, I was alive from the explosion. She brushed some dust and small debris from her hair, as an Alolan Ninetails was next to her right.

“Yeah... I’m fine... what happened?” I looked around.

"...Good, you're okay." She remarked as she stared at the now destroyed station, "I'm not sure what happened, but Team Meteor caused the train we were on to explode right as it pulled into the station. I'm just glad I was able to get us out of there in time, but..." She trailed off as a peppy feminine voice was heard,

"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" A woman with long green hair tied in a ponytail wearing what appeared to be a yellow cheerleader costume approached, while wiedling pom poms.

"Julia..." Ame mumbled as Julia steadily approached the duo with a skip in her step, "Julia, what did you do?"

"Nothing! I was at the gym-gym and then suddenly BOOOOM, so I came running! Nobody booms things without me!" Julia cheered in response.


"Well, somebody did. I don't think it's coincidence that the bomb detonated right when we entered the station..." Ame remarked, continuing to look over the damages that were caused.

I started to come close. “Oh. Hello there Julia. My name is Lucia and this is my Swampert, Vanilly.”

“WOW! That's a huge one” Julia chimed, as she came closer to him and smiled. Vanilly looked happy with her response and the two high fived.

"Somebody planned this to try and destroy the station." Ame muttered.

"By the looks of it, they did a pretty good job..." Julia answered, admiring the damage.

"This is hardly the time to be admiring their work. I'm going to have the perimeter locked down immediately. The culprit may not have left the areat." Ame spoke, before she had made her way past us, "I'm sorry, Lucia, it looks like I won't be able to help you after all; However, my associate will. Go to the Grand Hall. It's a short stroll down this road. She should be waiting for you there, and...don't worry about all of this, we'll take care of it. Julia please take her" She smiled as she and her fox Pokemon made their leave towards the Grand Hall.


"Okay, Ame I will! See ya later!" Julia called out, as she turned towards me.

"So you're Lucia? Sorry for not answering you. I'm Julia, captain of cheer and pep, and all things boom boom!" The green haired cheerleader cheered happily as she introduced herself to us. She looks very cheerful and dynamic.

“Nice to meet you.” I responed

"Oh, Pop Quiz! Are you going to take on the Reborn League?" Julia questioned with a bubbly smile on her face. This made me feel a bit nervous, but I don't see other choice, I guess.

“Yes” I lied again. “I really want to take the challenge.” Just a reserve plan! 

"Correct! Then I'll be seeing you very soon, because I'm also the Electric Gym Leader! I'll be looking forward to your challenge, so go on, let's go to the Grand Hall already!" She chimed happily, clearly unable to contain her excitement as she grabbed my hand, pointing her towards the Opal Ward and the Grand Hall to the east, before dragging me along this way. Vanilly hold my suitcase and followed us.




Character Ranting & Realationships


Ame: +5/10 = Even if I met her just that day, she seemed very nice and friendly. I admire her attitude.

Julia: +5/10= Same with Ame, but she seemed to hyperactive, but super cheerful. I think, we'll make wonderful friends^^


Edited by Evi Crystal

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Chapter 3: Making new friends and admirers




As Julia and I walked through the streets of the Opal Ward. As I turned around, I see the ocean wasn't blue like those at my home region, but brown violet with a lot of Grimers. Buildings that are smashed, the ground has cracks and dirt have fallen on the ground.


So this is the Reborn Region. It looks broken and terrible. Much different than Hoenn. I though, cannot imagining how the people are living in such terrible conditions.


After a bit I saw a building- who was fine- with the door having four lines with red, purple, green and blue forming an 'X'. "So this is the Grand Hall right?", I asked, as Julia nodded.


"Yes. This is the resistance's headquarters, where fighting against Team Meteor. Massive rest center in Reborn City, containing a Pokémon center, a PokéMart, and the registration for the Reborn league. Aaandd, you can sleep and stay there for free. Isn't it that great?", Julia chimed.


"Yes. I'm impressed about that. I'll just take a rest there and start my journey tomorrow then" I responded, as I need to change my clothes now.


As we arrived at the stairs, I spotted a young girl around my age, who was probably my guide. She has shoulder lenght black hair tied up in a high ponytail, wearing grey and black martial art clothing dress thing with a black belt around her waist.


"Soo. I'm heading back to my dazzling gym. And here's your guide girl up there. Can wait to battle soon. Looking forward for it. Byyeee!" The cheerleader said, before running back, leaving me, Vanilly and Skitty alone. I then walked upstairs, till we met eye contact.


"Hi, there. You're Lucia, right? The one who Ame talked about?" The girl asked in a bit of sad tone.


"Yeah." I answered.


"I'm sorry about your arrival. Not exactly what you were expecting huh." She apologized.


"Don't be sorry. I saw much worse things then that." I replied, as I got used in worse situations back in Hoenn.


"Putting all those gloomy thoughs aside. My name is Victoria. It's nice to meet you." Victoria introduced herself.


"Well, you already know my name but, I'm Lucia and this is my partner Vanilly." I replied.


"Swam." Vanilly said, as he waived.


Victoria nodded in response, "Come on let's sign up for the League." Victoria said, as I nodded in response.


We walked inside and saw the place was clean and tidy. Just like the living room in my house, I could remember. And also very huge, fit for more than 50 people, like Julia told me. I followed Victoria until we reached a counter where Ame was waiting for them.


"Hey there again. I see you and Victoria met." Ame stated.


"Yeah, we did." We said in unison.


"Good, and some more good news we found the person who blew up the train." Ame announced. "He's down stairs being interrogated. But let change the subject: I assume you have other Pokemon rather than your Swampert, right?" She asked me.


"Yes, I do. There..." I was about to tell, but suddenly I forgot, that I haven't seen the others since the train explosion and I felt on my knees with Skitty hopped from my arms.


"Oh, that's right... I-I lost them... I guess... Hehe" I tried to smile, but the tears were already soaking my clothes. I put my hand on my mouth, so no sob could escape from my lips.


"I'm so sorry for your lost" Ame said in a sad tone, while Victoria put her hand in my shoulder. "Then, we'll get you a new set of-"


"Excuse me please! Did someone saw Skittles. It's my Skitty! And it's the owner of this bag and those two Pokemon over there?", A voice interrupted her, as we turned around.


There was a young woman with red shoulder length hair, brown eyes and a school like uniform. It was the Lass from the train! She was holding a blue bag in her arms and next to her where... no it can't be! Tirami and Rose! They alive! All of them! 


"Tirami! Rose! Over there!" I happily shouted at them, as the two Pokemon rushed towards me, hugging me. As the girl came closer, her Skitty regonatized it's trainer and quickly leaped at her arms, which the latter happily catches and embrace it.


"Ooohh Skittles! You're all well and unharmed. I'm so glad!" She cried in joy. Then she turned around towards me, as she smiled "Thank you so much for saving Skittles. I'll never forget that. When the explosion happened, I was teleported by your Gardevoir right there, who saved my and a few other passengers lives. They're all very grateful for your act. And your Mightyena was holding a bag, which belongs to you, right?" With that she gave me my bag, unharmed and all fine from the explosion.


"Thank you, again. Same goes for you two, darlings", I thanked her, Rose and Tirami.


"You're welcome. If you need any help, you can drop by my grandparents Daycare, which is in Obsidia Ward for a visit. My name is Hannah by the way. Hope we'll meet again", she said, before going towards the exit along with her Skitty.


Ame gave me her smile, as she turned towards me "Guess, I must thank you as well, for saving lives. You're a lifesaver, Lucia" She patted my shoulder.


"Thanks. That's what kindness is for", I said, as I picked myself from the floor. "Okay you two, have a rest now. Same goes for you Vanilly" I returned them into the Pokeballs, before putting them in my bag.






"So how many regions, did you visited? Did you catch many Pokemon?" Victoria asked me lots if questions, as we sat on the lobby, eating snacks.


"I've been to 1. This is the 2nd region I've been to." I answered "Had retired from battling, because I became later a Top Coordinator for 3 years".


Her eyes are wide open a bit, "Cool. So, you're not a beginner, are you?" Victoria exclaimed.


"No, I've been still training with my Pokemon for 5 years, so they'll be still in shape for all places." I answered her.


"Wow. You must be a really accomplished trainer" Victoria replied in awe.


"What about you? Are you the same as me?" I asked her, wondering about her goals.


"Well, I am a beginner..." She answered a bit embarrassed as she looked away.


I raised an eyebrow, "I don't mean to be rude but, how old are you, Vicky?".


"I'm seventeen...The only reason I've waited this long to join the League is because my sensei got also resigned at seventeen as well. So, I did the same I only turned seventeen yesterday, to honor her." Victoria answered.


"That's fine. Wish you happy late birthday." I replied, as I shakes her hand.


"Thank you." Victoria thanked.


Ame came back down, while holding two phones and placing them on the counter, "Here you go. These Pokedex's have the capability of transporting Pokemon to a storage system that we have here and you can swap Pokemon on hand with the ones in the storage. They also have the capability to communicate with each other, as long as you exchange numbers with each other. My number is in them already" Ame explained us.


"Thank you." We thanked Ame as we took the Pokedex's, updated them up and registered your numbers eachother.


"Now then Victoria time to get your Pokemon. Follow me." Ame said as she walked back upstairs.


"I'll see you in a bit." Victoria told me as she walked upstairs as well. So I decided to sit on my suitcase and wait for her. I was relieved, that I got my Pokemon back, as I clutched my bag. Well that was a great start, but lastly everything went fine at last.


While I was waiting for Victory and being lost in my thoughs for what I should plan next, when suddenly a voice was heard "Hey they're cutie!"


I turn to see a purple haired boy, whose right side of his face was covered, he's wearing a dark purple jumper, with red, dark blue lining, a purple shirt, dark purple jeans and black boots. He kinda reminds me of another version of Wallace, but probably more in Poison style and being hyper energetic. He looked at me with adoration, which made feel a little uncomfortable.


"What did you say?" I asked baffled a bit.


"Hmm? I didn't say anything." He answered innocently.


"If you say so." I replied a bit annoyed, as I stood up to face him.


"Was Ame with you?" He asked changing the subject.


"Yeah, she's upstairs now."


"Ohhhhh. She's up there with someone else. 'Kay." He replied "Name's Cain, and yours?" He asked, offering right hand to me.


"Lucia." I answered as we shook our hands.


"Well, it's nice to meet both of you and that's a pretty name you have, Lucy." Cain replied making me uncomfortable. Despite I was used getting admired or complicated by people, I still felt very blushious and embarrassed.


"So, are you challenging the League?" Cain asked changing the subject.


"Yes, yes, I am." I quietly said, only for him to hear.


"Are you a new trainer?" Cain asked.


"No, I've been a trainer for years now." I said, trying to stay calm.


"Same here. But I've had to leave my Pokemon behind due to . . . uh, privaye issues if... you could say... please..." Cain replied trying to find the right words.


I nodded in response, "That being said however I do have one Pokemon with me. So, how about a battle?" Cain asked as he brought out his Poke Ball.


"In here?" I panicked "Aren't we going to break something there?!"


"What's the worst that could happen? Let's do this!" Cain shouted as he threw his Poke Ball releasing a male Nidoran.


"I hope Ame doesn't kill me, if shit happen" I though as I pull a Pokeball from my pocket.


"Aurora, let's dance!" I shouted, as my Frolass emerged.


"Fross!" She calmly called, as she floated with grace.


"Ooohh. Such beautiful and elegant one!" Cain said, while admiring her "Let's begin. Nidoran Peck!" Nidoran started to run towards Buizel with his horn glowing white.


"Dodge and Shadow Ball!" Aurora quickly dodged Nidoran, put her hands in front of her; forming a dark ball of energy. Seeing this, Nidoran jumped up, targeting her from behind, but as he leaped towards her, Aurora quickly turned around and fired it on him. As a result, it was easily overpowered and send back to Cain.


"You ok?" Cain asked as Nidoran slowly nodded his head and turned towards us again.


"Use Poison Sting!" Nidoran opened his mouth and fired multiple purple pins that headed towards Aurora.


"Ice Beam!" Aurora opened her mouth, forming a ball of light blue energy in front of it, before firing a light blue beam of energy, easily overpowered the Poison Sting and collided with Nidoran and send him flying and crashed into a wall.


Cain turned to his Nidoran only to see him unconscious and with swirly eyes, "Well, you're cute AND talented, darling." Cain said with a sigh as he returned Nidoran and turned towards me.


"Well Lucy. Your Aurora is quite a icy beauty there." .


"Thanks, I-I think." I blushed a bit and Aurora chuckled in response.


"Well I'm going to heal Nidoran come." He said as he grabbed my wrist and dragged me to where Nurse Joy stood, while Aurora followed us.


After his Pokemon got healed, I saw Ame and Victoria coming towards us, as they probably realized, I got missed.


"Sorry~ I stole Lucy for some fun", Cain giggled, as I nervously looked at him.


"Ohh yes Cain. I forgot you were coming by. My job just never seems to end." Ame laughed.


"It's ok Ame. When you were gone, me and Lucia had some fun~", he chimed.


"Wait. What?!", I sweat dropped.


"Had some fun? I didn't know you were like that", Victoria teased me.


"Ononononono! We battled. That's whathe meant", I panicked.


"Or did I? Hehehe~", Cain added in response.


" Shut up, Cain! For Rayquaza's sake", I yelled at him, feeling my face getting redder.


"I'm just playing Lucy. Yes, we battled", Cain smiled at him, putting his hand on my shoulder.


"Ohh hey! You think you and your Froslass can go up against me, Lucy?", Victoria asked me.


"It's fine with me. I'll register Cain into the league and then when you 2 finish up, I'll register you as well Matthew. Come on Cain", she called him.


"Ohh YES Master~", the boy mused in amusement.


"Master?", the admistror raised an eyebrow.


"Oh, Nooooooothing~", he sang.


"Riiiight. Come on", she said.


Cain left with Ame to go get registered for the Reborn League. I sighed in relief as he'll leave me alone for now.


"Cain is a really nice guy. He may be kinda annoying at first, but he's a really good friend. Trust me", Victoria explained, as she pulled a Pokeball out. "So, shall we battle?"


"Yes, let's do this. Aurora! Let's dance!", Aurora went in front of me.


"Litten! Go!", Victoria shouted, as the Fire/Dark Pokemon popped out.


"Shadow Ball at Litten.", Aurora formed a dark energy ball and fired it at Litten.


"Dodge and use Headbutt", As the Shadow Ball came towards it, Litten dodged it and leaped at Aurora, who dodged again.


"Now Ember!" As Aurora had her back turned, she felt down on the floor, as Litten had fired flames at her.


"Are you okay?", I asked in concern. She lifted her head and looked at me with a smile, despite being burned due to having a disadvantage. Slowly she floated again, focusing on her opponent.


"Good. Ice Beam! Quickly!" Aurora fired at Litten. Before it could move a muscle, it got frozen in a ice block by the Ice Beam.


"Guess I won", I said, as I looked at the result "Sorry for freezing it."


"Ahaha. It's okay. I'm impressed, that a Pokemon with disadvantage could defeat my Litten", she exclaimed, as she used a Ice Heal on it.


"Well, sorry for that. I have my Pokemon trained for ages and it's a-". I tried to apologise


"It's okay. It's okay. I don't blame you", Victoria cut me off, as she held Litten in her arms.


"Ah, I see you defeat Victoria as well. Excellent! You'll have a easy play with the Gym Leaders then", a voice said, as we turned around, to see Ame and Cain coming at us.


"Ah man. Looks like I miss that battle, but congrats for your Victory, Lucy", Cain chimed "I must go now, but let me give you my number to the two of you" He took our Pokedexs, as he tipped his number into it.


"Soo. I'm finished now. You can call me anytime, if you want. Byyeee", he said, as he left.


"A-anytime? Good grief...", I mumbled, trying to figure out, what he meant.


"Well, guess you girls can settle now. It's already night outside, so you can sleep there for tonight. I have already prepared a dorm for you two to live awhile and tomorrow you'll start your journey. It's on the second floor", Ame said.


"Thank you, Ame. Thanks very kind of you", I said.


"Thanks for that", Victoria thanked her as well.


"No problem", Ame replied "I'm seeing you two tomorrow then. Good Night."


"Good Night!" We said, as Ame left.






I have already unpacked my things, as I put on my pyjamas, finally to sleep again.


Victoria is already sleeping on the upper part from a large double bed; each one for two people at least. Finally some peace and quite, I could get for now, as I have the feeling, tomorrow will be a hard day in Reborn.


I have bought a journal notebook before leaving Hoenn, so I could write my experiences down. Sitting on the floor, I grab a pen and began to wrote.


Dear Diary


I cannot believe this! I finally managed to escape from Hoenn. I hope, he doesn't known, where I'm now- and I hope it will stay like that. He already put me through lot of pain in the past years, since I started my first journey back then. I don't know, why he did those things to me, but let's just not talk about that.


After a few surprises on my arrival, I never saw such horrible place like Reborn- guess the rumours came true. I cannot imagine, what things, will come next, but I'll manage to survive along with my Pokemon somehow. Let's just see, what surprises this region has to offer.


Lucia Anahera


Once I finished, I put the diary under my pillow, as I pulled the covers over me and drifted in a peaceful sleep after so long.




Character Ranting & Realationships


Ame: 5/10 (NO CHANGE) = 

Victoria: +5/10= Very nice person and now she's my roommate and friend. Can wait to start our journey together.

Cain: +2/10= Kinda scared and made me a bit uncomfortable, but- according to Vicky- he's nice. We'll see about that...


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I see there's no love for Cain... 

But anyway, this is really entertaining, I'll look forward to the next chapters ^-^

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Posted (edited)

Chapter 4: New Faces and Threats


A/N Trigger Warning: Some swearing, mild sexual tension/harassment with an certain top dog won't shut up in this chapter. Remember, this is Rated M (which stands for Mature= 17).


"Hey Lucia! Wake up, you're gonna miss the fun! May's already up there!", my best friend Brendan called me from a treehouse in Littleroot Town; our hometown. It was already midnight, but Brendan had woke me up, telling to met him in their hideout. They also invited May too, because of the Sleepover they held for the entire weekend now.

"I'm coming Brendan! Just wait!", a I replied, as she climbed up the ladder, which Vanilly on her shoulder. Once she entered inside the room and see the two boys sitting at the corner with a Torchic and a Treecko as their starters, they recieved as their starters.

"Hi there, Lucy", May waived at us.

"Hello May", I smiled, as Vanilly jumped off and ran towards her Torchic

"So the reason, why I gather us all there is... To talk about our journey. We got our starters today, so let's talk about our plans!" he exclaimed, putting his hand on his knees. "Lucy. Would you like to tell about your plans".

"Well... uhm... I just recieved Vanily today, but okay...", I said, as I gazed on my lap. Then I took a breath, only to feel a cold breeze blowing on me. Looking up to see, I saw a Froslass instead of my friends looking into my eyes, before she blows an Icy Wind on my face, as I was about to move away.

The next thing I noticed was lying on the floor, like I was blew away from the wind. Wait... wind? My gaze fixed upon a floating figure, as my sight getting less blurry. As I got up to see more clearer, Aurora tugged at my sleeve, trying to move me somewhere. This kinda reminded my own mother, who used similar methods to get me up for my first journey, when I'm too lazy to get u or sleepy. In fact now, I felt like I'm back in my bedroom in Littleroot Town getting ready for my day.

"M-mom *yawn*... S-stop, I'm up. I'm up...", I groggyly murmured, as the Ghost/Ice Pokemon dragged me to my closed, before opened it and brought a set of new clothes, placing them on my bed, as she proceeded to prepare my bag. Just like a mother would do for their child, when their go to their first journey of their lives.

Looking around, I suddenly noticed that Victoria wasn't here, which made me release, what day it was. Surely I was foolish now, as my journey in Reborn is starting today. Swiftly I grabbed the selected clothes from the bed, rushing to the bathroom, beginning to undress myself.

After a few minutes, I came out wearing my red sleeve shirt, black jeans and a pair of grey-white sneakers. For accessory, I put white earrings, blue choker with a white necklace and tied my hair into a side ponytail. After checking myself on the mirror for the last time, I grab my bag and was ready to leave.

Suddenly Aurora tucked on my sleeve again, making me turn around.

"What is it now?", I asked her with a puzzled expression. Instead for an answer, she handed me my grey jacket.

"It's not that much cold outside today. For crying out loud", I felt getting embarrassed, but decided to forgot about it and returned Aurora into her GreatBall. As I walked downstairs, the Grand Hall had only a few people there, besides the staff. Judging with that, Victoria must've had woke up earlier and already left, I guess- never bothering to wake me up from my sleep. I went to the small food section, buying 2 strawberry croissants and hot cocoa for breakfast. After that, I bought a few potions with tha savings from Hoenn, before entering outside the centre for a new adventure. Silently praying for no harm to me and my Pokemon, I walked the ruined streets of the city, preparing myself for the upcoming gym match against Julia. After a few miles later, I spotted the yellow building, which it's Julia's Gym, I guess, when I read the sign.

'Neo-Circuit Power Plant a Silph Co. Service-'It was written, but I saw something underneath: 'Neo-Circuit is such a LAME name! I officially re-title this place the Electro-Dazzle Happy Boom-Time House of Cheer!' My eye grew wide a bit. Julia must be very cheerful and too enthusiastic, despite Reborn's chaotic state.

I walked up to the glass door, but then saw a note sticking on the door, "Suggestion: Julia, if you want to do this rendezvous, try not to do it during your naptimes. Request: Meet me at the factory immediately".

"Factory?" I wondered, as I looked around to a young clerk not far away. "Excuse me." I ask out making him turn to him.

"Are there any factories around here?".

"Y-Yeah. If you walked West and then North, you'll see one of them. The other one if further up." He pointed to the west. I thanked him, as I made my way on it, in hopes to find Julia.

"Uuhh... C'mon! And I paid good mooney for those Pokemon", a Youngster yelled, as Starry's Aerial Ace knocked his last Alolan Radicate out.

"Guess I won", I said, while he left, angrily ranting about his lost.

For a "veteran", I was still capable of participating in Pokemon Matches, as my time underwent different training sessions back in Hoenn; especially when half of your team also took part in Contests and when I was creating new combinations and own strategies.

After 5 minutes of walking and battling people, I spotted a factory near the toxic waters. Nobody was here, so maybe I was earlier, than I thought. Making the decision to take a break, I sat on a rock, waiting for the Gym Leader to come.

Starring into the ocean, I began to think about my two childhood friends, Brendan and May and the others from Hoenn. My 1st journey, becoming the Champion, having fun with my friends in Moosdeep Center. Or when my parents took my to Mt. Pyros for picnics. I already missed them so much, that I felt the urge to cry, but I held them back. I hoped, once things calmed down in Hoenn and the Train Station getting fixed, I'll return home. I don't care about, if it will take months or even years! As I was lost in my thoughs and nostalgia, thinking about those wonderful times in Hoenn, a whistle and a slap on my backside suddenly snapped me back into reality, causing me to lose balance and landed on the floor.

"Nice view of your back. Also nice ass", a male voice said, which caused me to turn around.

There was a boy around my age. He was wearing glasses, that are below his eyes, a dark green shirt, with a light green undershirt, brown trouser that have been rolled halfway up of his lower leg with white socks and brown boots. But what made me uncomfortable was, his expression looked all over my body, especially a small view of my panties, I spotted. Quickly I pulled my pants a bit higher in embarrassment and leaned against the wall, while my bag lied behind me. The boy saw that and seemed amused about that, as I felt flashbacks about that monster flashed inside me.

"Oh, how rude of me to scare you, but you look kinda hot though, so not my fault", he laughed, as his eyes looked over my pants again.

"Uhm... T-thanks for that... I... Could you please stop looking at m-my privates" I said, while getting the feeling, being pushed against a corner with no escape.

Hearing this, his gaze lifted to meet my eyes looking a bit puzzled, but that fucking expression was still here. Then he "gently" placed his hand on my chin, making me do eye contact with him.

"So what does a missy like you doing there?", he asked me.

"I-I was...", I tried to answer, but I felt my mouth trembled at the sight that boy. I don't know why, but it's because he's a stranger and this region is known for it's horrible reputation or he could harm me any time soon.

"You gonna answer my question or what?" I could hear his voice getting impatient with my hesitation. Everything began to blurred and distorted, as I hear that bastard's voice again laughing maniacally.

Before I could open my eyes again and answer, a red light emerged from my bag and soon the boy was sent flying a few meters away from me by an furious Tirami's Dark Pulse; crashing into an building. The Mightyeena turned around and jumped on me, nuzzled her face against mine, returning me back to reality.

"Ah, Tirami! What have you done now? Thanks, but don't do that again", I said, as she looked over me confused, but suddenly sensed something and turned around again. Soon she began to bark louder, as the boy emerged from the smoke, walking towards us with an angry expression, pulling out a PokeBall, where a Servine emerged and arrogantly looked at us as well.

"Sevine! Use Leaf Tornado on them!", he commanded, as the Unova Grass Pokemon spun around, creating a small but powerful tornado with glowing leads around it, before firing it towards us.

"Quick Tirami! Dark Pulse!", I said, Tirami unleashed a powerful black energy from her body. Both attacks soon collide eachother, creating an explosion, following by thick smoke. I coughed, trying to see clear, as I saw a shadow looming over Tirami.

"Now Energy Ball!", a voice said.

"Tirami dodge quickly!", I cried out, but Servine was much faster than her, as Tirami was sent crashed right behind me into a wall.

"Tirami!", I shouted, as I saw her unconscious form lying on the rumble covered in scratches and bruises.

"You'll pay for that you asshole", I took out a GreatBall and was about to send out Fleur, only to see he and his Servine weren't here anymore.

"Fucking coward! Run away like a pussy for all I care!", I screamed at the direction, he probably took off. Then I called Fleur out, so she can carry Tirami to a Pokemon Center for recovery. Luckily Ame told me before, that in Reborn their technology was highly advanced than in other regions- even in Hoenn and Kanto, whose companies were highly knew for their invitations- so the healing took only 5 minutes.

"Here's your Pokemon", Nurse Joy said, as she placed Tirami's PokeBall on the counter "Good Luck out there, but you're a tough trainer."

"Thanks for that", I gave her a small smile, as she did the same.

As I left the Pokemon Center, I went straight to Julia's Gym and sat on the stairs for a break with a newly recovered Tirami next to me, despite my protests to stay inside the PokeBall.

"Great. What I nice beginning, to start your journey in such shithole like that... Not only this city is shit, but also there's a bunch of perverts and I got attacked by one today", I groaned, as I leaned against the door. "But nooo, do you think I would willingly go in a place like this? It's all because of-"

I was cut off mid sentence, as I found myself on the floor and a female voice yelling. Once I looked up, I saw Julia up there.

"Oh, hi Lucia! Are you here to challenge me?" Julia asked.

"Yeah I am." I answered a bit angry, because of her absence.

"Great, but sadly it's gonna have to wait." Julia replied.

"Why? It's because of that meeting and of what happened at the train station" I sighed, as I remember what Ame had told me yesterday.

"Exactly! Ame told me that they caught the perp who blew up the train was working with Team Meteor. A spy!" Julia exclaimed "And they are gonna to blow up the power plant! MY power plant the Moosdeep Factory! And no one blows my things without me around, ESPECIALLY MY THINGS!" Julia screamed in anger.

"*gulp* Rrrright." I was a bit scared at her reaction.

"Follow me! We are going to stop these bad guys! You'll be a great help" Julia said as she grabbed my wrist and started to drag me away from the gym, while Tirami followed us back. Are you kidding me now! I just go there 4 minutes ago!

After minutes of running, we arrived at a different factory. I was trying to catch my breath, as Julia walked towards the door.

"Locked" Julia exclaimed, as she scanned the door.

"We *gasp* should break the *gaps* *gaps* door", I said between my breaths.

"No problem. I got this... KAPOOOOW! ", the cheerleader grinned, as she swung her leg with such force, that the door instantly broke. I looked at her with shock and awe, as she gave me her victory grin.

"Did you just-" I was cut off again.

"Problem solved", Julia happily said.

"Observation: Detection. Julia's presence confirmed." A female voice stated with little emotion making us turn around and saw two people.

No! It can't be! My eyes widen a bit in terror, as I spotted the same boy, who made snarky comments about me before. The other person was a young woman with similar hair as his. She also wears a pair of glasses, a lime green bodysuit with dark green gloves and stockings and white boots. Like the female version of that boy.

Julia smiled when she saw her, "Hey there Rini!" She shouted happily.

She turned to towards me, "This is Florinia. We've been BFFs since middle school as well as roommates. She is also the Gym Leader of the Onyx Ward and the instructor head at Onyx Trainer School there." Julia introduced.

"Nice to meet you, Florinia. I'm Lucia", I greeted her, as I offered my hand.

"Gratitude: Thank you for the introduction. Greetings: My name is Florinia" She thanked Julia, as we both shared our hands.

"Aaaaand this is Fern." Julia continued not even trying to make it interesting. I bit my lip, as we both made eye contact again and Tirami started to growl at him.

Fern turned to me, seemed amused at our reactions "I know we got on the wrong foot Lucia, but we're good right?" Fern chuckled.

That didn't convince me, but I wanted no trouble, "Yeah, we're good..." I laughed nervously, trying to remain calm, while Tirami keep an eye on Fern.

"Suggestion: Times are waste, let's us proceed." Florinia told the group, as she walked inside. I felt off by her behaviour, "Don't worry about my sister. She's weird and everyone around calls her 'Flobot'." He casually told me.

"How can people call her like that?", I was shocked by that, but than Julia became angry by this. "Well I call her Rini! Because she's not a robot!" She said, making me smile at her statement.

"Anyway let's go." The cheerleader continued as we entered inside as well.

"This is the base of the group, which that guy belongs to that blew up the train. They call themselves Team Meteor, it's a really wired name but whatever. Let's get in there and make them go boom!" Julia shouted as we meet with Florinia.

Me, Florinia and Julia looked at the water which was the same colour as the ocean. "Observation: The liquid indicates high levels of pollution. Estimated toxicity . . . 90%" Florinia explained to us, while observing the water.

"And this is being dumped in the lake. No wonder it's poison's and-"

"Yeah, yeah. The ocean is poison making it unhabitable for anyone to live here, so they moving away from this environmental bullshit. Can we go?" Fern suggested interrupting Julia, becoming impatiently.

"Agreement: Let us proceed. Observation: The path divides into two. The most efficient way to observe the surroundings would be in bisection of party." Florinia said.

"Uhm... Bisection of party?", I said in confusion about her speech.

"She means splitting up. Are you two really siblings? Because you can't understand her." Julia asked.

"Not my fault Flobot talks like that. This bitch is a robot wannabe!" Fern coldly answered, while Florinia blinked a bit.

"Well I can and she's not a robot. Anyway, me and Rini will take the right path, while you and Fern take the left." Julia suggested. "And try not to let Fern's attitude get to you." With that she left.

I felt like, I was cornered by Sharpedos! What is she thinking?! I don't want to go with him!

Florinia turned to Fern, "Warning: Be careful brother. Estimated the values of dangers. Immense." Florinia warned him.

"I always do." Fern replied.

Florinia nodded, before walking off leaving us alone, "I wouldn't let my sister's personality annoy you. She became like this after a harsh event with our parents long time ago." Fern told me. "Anyway, try not to hold me back."

How about you keeping your distance away from me I thought, while looking over Tirami, who keeped her eyes in him.

We walked into a another section and saw two people wearing black cloths that are hiding their hair but not their faces, "Intruders!" One shouted as both realized a Lillipup and Alolan Rattata.

"I think it's time we take out the trash." Fern said as he released Budew.

"Tirami. Let's dance!" I commanded Tirami, as she stood before me ready to fight

"Who are you calling trash?! Tackle!" Rattata and Lillipup started to run towards us.

"Sleep Powder!" Budew fired green spores in the air.

When they collided into the opposing Pokemon they feel asleep, "Dark Pulse!" Tirami's body glowed and gathered dark energy, before unlocking it towards her foes. The Pokemon were sent flying into their trainer's unconscious.

"So strong." The female grunt said as she and her partner returned their Pokemon and ran away from us. As we walked further, Fern turned his head towards me.

"May I ask you something, Lucia?." He said, getting my attention.

"What?" I asked, while Tirami gave him a glare.

"Where are you from?" Fern asked.

"Why do you want to know?" I asked back, feeling uncomfortable again.

"Because as you can see, this place is a shithole at finest. So, why did you decided to come here?" Fern said, as he adjusted his glasses.

"I'm.. from Hoenn." I answered.

"That's sure is one hell of a difference. If I had a choice, I would've stayed there. Why the hell are you here?" He pressed further.

I lowered my gaze to the ground, as all flashbacks played through my mind and him especially, "I- I wanted... to... challenge and t-to... prove myself of being worthy That's all." I spoke with hesitation, fiddling with my sleeve, trying to calm myself down.

He didn't look convinced, but rather bored "Whatever you say." Fern turned off as counting to walk with his Budew on his shoulder.

I sadly frowned after speaking about it. And I really hate that, that I wanted to run away now. His presence reminds me of that guy, who made my life a living hell. But I don't know, if Fern is the same like him.

After we defeated a few more grunts on our way, until we came to a metal barrier, "Great. How do we get through?" Fern asked.

"Simple. Tirami, Dark Pulse!"

Tirami did, what I told her and in a few seconds into the gate and had a hole in it. As we walked inside, we found a barricade blocking our way through again, "Observation: Team Meteor's headquarters confirmed up head."I could hear Florinia's voice, as Julia was doing some tricks.

"Now it's just a matter of opening it." Julia mused, as she did a few piurettes.

"So, what's plan B?" I asked her.

"I can easily blow it up if I had some dynamite." Julia explained, while Florinia walked over to a control board and started to hack into it.

Julia turned to me, "Maybe they have some. Can you go and find some, pretty please?" Julia said in a baby voice with puppy eyes.

"Well, I'm not gonna wait all day for Flobot to hack into the system. So, let's just find these pyrotechnics." Fern replied, as he grabbed me wrist, dragging me to a different hallway and Tirami started barking, as she followed us.

"Tirami, please be quiet! They'll hear us!" I hissed at her, ignoring Fern

"They would already have", he gestured to a few grunts a few meters further, noticing us.

"Let's get over with it", I sighed, as the grunts cam closer to us.

"And stay out!", I called, as the last two of them ran away. I spotted a box full with red dynamites. As I bent over to grab them, I felt a sharp pain on my butt and heard a whistle.

"Sorry, Lucia. My hand slipped", I could hear Fern's voice, while he laughed a bit!

It was too much already, as I reached my final point. I grabbed the dynamite box and threw it right at him, while running past him, all the way back to another room. I could fell getting sick, just by such act and I needed to calm down.

I leaning against a wall and fell in the floor, wiping away my tears, as those memories came back to me. I just want to forget this and him. 5 minutes later, I finally calmed down, I made my way back to Julia and Florina.

"Hello girls. I'm back", I quietly said, as Julia turned around to see me with the dynamites.

"Oohhhh. Thank you so much", she squealed, while taking them from me and placing them in front of the gate.

"Now stay back. 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 KA BO-" Before Julia could finish the gate opened.

"Succession: Gate opened. Let us proceed." Florinia stated as she started to entered.

"B-but the booms. You can't do this Rini! I was about to make the gate go boom!" Julia shouted as she picked up the bombs and chased after her, while I tried my best to hide my laugh. Looking back, I wondered if Fern is coming now, but decided to follow the two quickly, as he already caused me lots of trouble.

As we arrived in the control room, I spotted 3 people there; two grunts behind a man and a Seviper next to him. The Fang Snake Pokemon seemed to notice us, letting out a loud hiss, catching his trainer's attention.

He was around his middle 30's has black hair, wearing a black coat with white linings, black trousers, black red shoes. But what caught my eye, is a red sensor over his right eye. His expression was cold, but calm with observation.

"And what if I am?" The man asked in a cold tone, while petting his Seviper.

"Then you're gonna pay for you did to Grandview Station!" She answered pointing her index finger at him.

He merely smirked at this, "And how exactly do you intend to do that?" He asked.

"By ceasing your criminal activities." I called out.

"That's right!" Julia replied.

He smirked again, "We have no intention on defeating you. Considering that we let you in." He explained.

"You let us in?!" Me and Julia asked in unison.

"Yes, we did." He answered.

"Just who do you think you are?!" Julia demanded to know.

"We are Team Meteor and we do not relent. I ordered the guards to slow you down while we deleted critical mission files so no one can see them. But your strength was unexpected, especially yours, girl." He pointed at me "I've seen a lot of people and even more. But there's something about you, that I can't put finger on. What's your name?" He asked me by what he said about killing people as if it was nothing scary.

"When asking someone's name your supposed to introduce yourself first." I answered calmly even though, I was scared of him about him killing people.

"Oh, you're right. My name is Sirius." He introduced himself.

"Lucia Ahahera." I replied, while taking out a PokeBall ready to fight.

"Mmmhh... Well then Aster!" He shouted.

" Yes, sir!" A male grunt shouted as he saluted with excitment. He has black hair with some pointing out of his hood and with green eyes.


"Yeah?" A women replied in an bored tone. She looked like Aster, but with a bit longer black hair and has blue eyes.

"Take care of the girl. I'll handle the Gym Leaders." Sirius ordered as his Serviper slicered in front of him, while Florinia and Julia released a Cradily and Electrode.

The pair of Meteor grunts nod and run opposite, where I was standing.

" Dont worry girls. I'll handle this." I cried out, as Julia gives me thumbs up.

"You must be brave to take to the of us by yourself." Eclipse told me, as she realise a Rockruff, as Aster did the same.

"I believe and have faith in myself and my team. Vanilly! Starry! Let's dance!" I threw two Poke Balls releasing my male Swampert and female Swellow.

"Thunder Fang!"

"Fire Fang."

Both Rockruff's started to run towards their targets with the left one had his jaw surrounded by electricity and the right had her surrounded by fire.

"Block them!" Vanilly made his way towards them, as both Rockruffs bit his arms but Vanilly didn't flinch and thanks to being part ground, he was immune to electric moves, before throwing them back to their trainers.

"Rockruff!" Eclipse shouted in concern.

"Get up!" Aster added on.

"Starry use Hidden Power!" The Normal/Flying type soared over them, forming light yellow orbs of energy between its wings. I noticed electricity on her feathers, as she fired them towards the two Alolan Rock Pokemon, causing them to get paralyzed due to it's powered field, before passing out.

"Return." The grunts said, as they returned their Pokemon. I could see Eclipse smiling a bit, as she looked over me.

"Tch. We're sorry sir." Aster mentioned and saw Serviper battling Cradily and Electrode.

"Yes, pathetic. I can take on the Gym Leaders, but not 3 of them. And don't think you've won." Sirius explained "Seviper, Haze!" Serviper shot black smoke from his mouth with soon spread out throughout the entire room.

Everyone covered their mouths, closed their eyes and coughed, till the smoke was gone everyone turned to see, that they have escaped.

"Fuck!", I shouted.

"Conclusion: They have retreated. Cradily return." Florinia returned her Hoenn Fossil Pokemon.

"You two did well. Return", I returned Vanilly and Starry.

"Thanks a lot Electrode." Julia thanked before she walked to the computers and set the dynamics on them.

"All right, we should start running." She explained.

"What did you-?"

"Kaaaaaaaaa . . ."

"Oh shit, FLORINIA RUN!" I shouted, grabbing her wrist, as we ran outside before the factory exploded. Me and Florinia fell on the ground afterwards, before getting up, removing the dust from our clothes.

"And were done." Julia said as she dusted her hands.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" We could hear an angry voice, as we turned around. It was Fern, who emerged from the smoke, while his clothes got dirty and damaged and he was furious.

"You almost got me killed!" Fern shouted.

"But now Team Meteor won't come back here anytime soon." Julia replied unfazed by his tone.

"Whatever. I got more important things to do! Later losers." Fern said before walking away. I was thankful, he didn't notice me.

"Observation: We don't know what Team Meteor has in mind. Further investigation is required." Florinia stated, while looking at the ruined factory.

"Yeah. Thanks for your help Rini. You too Lucia." Julia thanked us.

"Reply: No worries." Florinia replied.

"No worries about that. I'm ready to help." I smiled.

"Explanation: I'll be going now to report this to Ame, due to having potential as a worth trainer." Florinia said before turning towards me.

"Question: You noticed how the terrain effected your moves correct?" She asked.

"Yeah, I did notice that." I answered, while remember Starry's Hidden Power turned into a Electric move.

"Explanation: The terrain in the Reborn Region will effect Pokemon moves, Here." She took my Pokedex, brought out a sim card, inserted and handed it to me back. "Explanation: That will explain the effects different fields will have. Warning: All Gym Leaders have our own terrain that benefits our Pokemon. If you want to beat us, you'll need to play smart." Florinia explained.

"C-conclusion: I must...adapt myself to the ter... terrain environment, so I can be successful", I stated, while trying to mimick her speech.

Florinia smirked at my answer and a small smile appeared on her face, "Noted: Until next time." Florinia walked away.

"Farewell: Bye Florina", I replied.

"I'll see you at my Gym. Tomorrow I'm tired, (yawn), I'm gonna get me some sleep. See you tomorrow and we will have our match." Julia told me before she walked away.

"Okay Julia. See you tomorrow", I said, while we parted ways. I can't wait for tomorrow's gym match.

3rd Person POV

As Lucia made her way back to Grand Hall, Fern observed from the corner of an alley, his gaze over her, till she was out from his reach.

"Such beauty, but very feisty attitude and strength. I like that on her." he smirked, as he licked his lips in delight "I wonder, if we ever met again soon".

He grinned as he though about that beautiful Hoennian, he met hours before. A rocky start, but perhaps he can convince her into his side, in their next encounte






Julia (+2) 7/10= I was a bit angry, that she brushed our match tomorrow and kinda scared me with her actions at Moosdeep Factory. But she's still a cheerful cheerleader at heart.


Florinia (+4) 4/10= At first sigh, she acted weird at first with her robot speech, but she was helpful giving me information and advice for my upcoming battle against Julia. I fell sorry, that her brother acts like an idiot.


Fern (+2) 2/10= That boy... He scared the hell out of me and he really made me uncomfortable. His presence reminds me of him... Maybe I was too overreachted and I should... J- just nevermind...


Edited by Evi Crystal
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Whoa... That was a long read. But an eventful one, so that's good!

You managed to make a very seriously creepy Fern, far worse than the original (or any version of him I've seen in any Reborn story so far). Their future interactions sound quite ominous.

I also like your Florinia, who is less technical, but more rigorous, following the well-known scientific method  -- Observation, Explanation, Conclusion.

(You could even try to add hypotheses to test, so that it's complete 😀)


The power ladder doesn't look too clear to me, but I suppose it's more in the spirit of anime, where Pokemon get powerful moves (or plain power) regardless of their evolution status? Like Lucia soloing Aster and Eclipse, but Tirami (who's supposed to be of about Champion level, right?) fainting to a Servine?.

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26 minutes ago, Mindlack said:

Whoa... That was a long read. But an eventful one, so that's good!

You managed to make a very seriously creepy Fern, far worse than the original (or any version of him I've seen in any Reborn story so far). Their future interactions sound quite ominous.

I also like your Florinia, who is less technical, but more rigorous, following the well-known scientific method  -- Observation, Explanation, Conclusion.

(You could even try to add hypotheses to test, so that it's complete 😀)


The power ladder doesn't look too clear to me, but I suppose it's more in the spirit of anime, where Pokemon get powerful moves (or plain power) regardless of their evolution status? Like Lucia soloing Aster and Eclipse, but Tirami (who's supposed to be of about Champion level, right?) fainting to a Servine?.

To tell the truth, Tirami would've won, if it weren't for Lucia's mental state, as she was visibly panicked of Fern due to getting reminded of "someone". Her bond with her Pokemon are so strong, that they'll feel her pain and be very concerned, which also can be taken advantage. It is not weakness, but much a common trait they shared.


I would tell you in details, but it will cause a few spoilers and I don't wanna run the fun for all of you😁


I'm glad, you enjoying my story so far😊💙

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Posted (edited)

⚡Chapter 5: Through Dynamics and Discoveries⚡



We entered inside the Grand Hall, I was soon greeted by Victoria, who looked a bit guilty. She was hanging around with... Cain? What he's doing there?

"Oh, here you are, Vicky? I haven't see you since yesterday. Where were you?" I asked her a bit annoyed.

"Oh, hiya Lucy. Sorry, that I didn't warn you, but I had to return to Apophyll Academy, to see my Sensei. It was an emergency" She apologised.

"Okay. So for me second question: What does Cain doing here?" I pointed at him, who was sitting next to her right

"Hey, Lucy! How are you doing?" he asked, while giving me a genuine smile.

"Fine... I guess. Just dealt with Team Meteor at Mossdeep Factory, got harassed by Fern and met two Gym Leaders today..." I counted on, as I bit my lip.

"Wait! Did Fern harassed you too?" Victoria interrupted me."Y-yes... Why do... you want to know?" I asked her.

"He... did this to me too. On my way back from the Academy, he whistled at me and did some uncomfortable comments about me. And... he tried to touch me, but luckily I hit his privates" She told me, while smirked at the last one.

"Heh, I should've had Vanilly dealt with him too, bu-" I was cut off by Cain.

"It's okay. You are new to this region. Shit always happen there, but let's change topic now", Cain said, as he offered me a Soda Pop "And don't worry, it's not poisoned. Extra tested for sure.''

With small hesitation, I took the drink and sat in front of them, taking sips, while Victoria laughed at his joke. My face went a bit shade, as my body relaxed. That boy was different from Fern. Sure he flirted me too at the beginning, but he didn't slap my butt or made me uncomfortable, like Fern did.

"Uhm, Cain?", my voice went quite, but he heard me "I'm sorry, if I acted weird on our first encounter, but i-"

"Hahaha. Apology accepted. You're new at Reborn and forgiven" he laughed, as Victoria ate a Blueberry muffin.

"And I thought, you had a thing for him" She finished her last bit, but nearly choked on it from laughter.

"Shut up, Vicky!" I threw a pillow at her, as the embarrassment took over me.

We spent the next 2 hours, cracking jokes and talking about our goals. I thought, I was in the treehouse with Brendan and May during our childhood days. I miss them so much, that I wanted to see them again, but I had to leave. Couldn't even bid a simple farewell, because he forced this upon me and now I'm here. I was so lost in my thoughts, that I didn't notice the tears rolling down my cheeks. Then I felt something soft pocking at my cheek, as I looked upon and saw Cain had a tissue, who he dried my tears. He had a small smile on his time.

I sadly smiled back, as I thanked him. Victoria looked at me concerned.

"Don't worry about it. We are your friends and help each other" she resurred me

"Yes, we're... friends" I said quietly, before deciding to change the topic quickly "So Cain, why are you doing here? And are those behind the couch, your bag and suitcase?"

"Ooh, yeess! Got carried with our conversations, I guess. Hehe" he chimed, before, taking a deep breath "I talk with Ame yesterday, that I'll... BE YOUR ROOMNEIGHBOUR!!!"

The way, his hands are on air, waiving in different directions with his joyful expression, made me and Victoria nearly laugh at this, while the people around us were a bit baffled and uncomfortable with his. But I didn't cared at that moment.

I was happy, that I'll have two supportive friends, that also are my roomate and neighbor next door.

However our moment of happiness was interrupted, when a Ice Beam went instantly towards Cain, as Victoria pushed me on the ground with her. But Cain did made it, as he was turned into a freezing sculpture with a hideous expression. Ame and her Alolan Ninetails came towards us, giving us a strict expression.

"Please be quit. I have a meeting up there and he was clearly loud." She deadpanned as we both starred awkwardly at her and then Cain.

"Sorry ma'am." we both said in unison, as she left.



5 minutes later

Once we brought Cain into his room and Victoria had her Litten freed him from the frozen state, he looked at us a bit confused.

"Did I miss something", he asked us.

"Next time. Be less explosive like Julia, okay?" I told him.

"Why? I didn't blew up something" he said.

"No, but your news had reached till Ame and- let's say- she wasn't happy, that your loud voice interrupted her and she turned you into an ice sculpture" I added further.

His face turned red and looked embarrassed "Oops, sorry about that. I'm just getting soo existing, that I can control my excitement."

And I hope, it will stay like this or else Ame will kick you out! I though, imagine his behaviour would get us in trouble on day.

"So, I'll get myself sleepy beddy for tomorrow, to be freeesh", he struck a funny pose, as he said it "So good nighty, Lucy chan~".

"Good night", I mused, as we parted ways, returning to my room next door.



11. A.M
"CAAAIIINN! Hurry up already or Julia will dozen off again!", I frantically knocked the door at the hallways. Victoria- like always- woke up earlier and told me to check on him, if he was already awake. She told us, that we'll go all together to take on our 1st Gym match.

"Just a minute. Almost ready~", his voice rang behind the wooden door, before he swung it open.

"I'm here~", I smiled innocently, wearing his usually attire, but he added silver earrings and a red bracelet too.

"Let's go then!", I dragged him all the way to the exit and arrived at Julia's Gym, where Victoria waited for us.

"There you are. I thought, you two did so-" I interrupted her, not wanted to start this day with anger mode.

"Just let's go inside or else shit's gonna happen", I said, as we walking inside the gym.

When we got inside, barricades were blocking the way to what it seems to Julia.

"Great and now?" I asked clueless, while Cain looked around and Victoria spotted a machine like thing with a screen and buttom.

She walked to it and pushed it, which activated, making the screen turn show Ame, which caught my and Cain's attention.

"Hello there. I see you guys at Julia's Gym." Ame told us.

"Yeah, we are." We replied in unison.

"Great. You saw the barricades?" She asked.

"Yeah. What are they for?" Victoria asked, pointed at them.

"In every gym of Reborn, there there's a puzzle to be solved, before battling the Gym Leaders. Also they have their unique field depending on their type. Good luck, because you'll need this, if you want to survive Reborn." Ame explained, before the screen turned off.

"Welp, there's no time to waste. Vicky I are taking the left side and you the right, because there are trainers around and it has to be a way to break the barricades" I explained them, as they nodded.

Within minutes, me and Vicky managed to beat the all the left trainers, but we haven't find a way to break the barricades. We were waiting for Cain, when we heard noises from the right pathway. Cain was running towards us, as 5 Voltorbs were rolling behind him.

"Ah, eeasyy there buddies. Don't hurt me, please", he said, as the Electric Pokemon hopped around him, unleashing small amounts of electricity.

"Huh? Wait a second! Do you know, that Voltorb can explode right?" I raised an eyebrow, examing them.

"You mean... AAHH!" Cain got scared a bit, hugging Victoria for protection.

"Don't worry, they'll not kill us", she ressured him, before turning towards me "But they can break the barricades with their explosions, right?

"Yes and that's what they exactly gonna do", I chimed, as I pick one of them and pointed at the first barriade. It happily understood and rolled towards it, charging to maximum and within seconds, there was a hole.

This process repeat 4 times more, before we stood in front of the gate, where Julia probably is, if not absent. I was very nervous, but we entered the last room for our upcoming match. As we entered, our eyes went nearly blind due to the very bright yellow platforms, coloured light streamers and a few banners. There was even a giant disco ball on the celling! We saw Julia stood there at the middle, waiving at us.

"Lovely place", Cain happily mused.

"I think, I need glasses now", Victoria shielding her eyes against the lights.

"Never though, that the gym would be a disco nightclub. Very... creative", I exclaimed, theorizing Julia's tastes.

"I'm glad, you like it, Lucia!", she said "Since this is your first Gym battle here in this region, I should welcome you all." She turned around, got out her pompoms and started doing a dance, "Welcome to the Super-Duper Ultra-Hyper Electro- Dazzle Happy Boom-Time House of Cheer! I'm Captain Julia! Electric Gym Leader of Reborn! With energy and cheer, will brighten your day!" She finished it with stretching her legs to the ground and said "Taa-taaa".

We applauded at her little performance, as she stood up and bowed to us.

"So, who is gonna challenge her?", Cain asked me and Victoria.

Then I realized, that we were 3 against 1, which was pretty unfair in a match and I wanted to play fair and square. Before I could open my mouth, Julia had already an idea.

"Hey, how about we will have a 3 vs 1 match, since your friends are also challengers!", she chimed.

"Wait? What? Bu-"

"And since, I own you this, because of what happened yesterday, so here we go. You'll thank me later", with that she ran towards a monitor, pressing some buttons, which switched a few lights. Soon the platform shaped, till it was coverted into yellow mental with electricity and two mental platforms were on each side. The cheerleader ran towards the left, while the 3 of us took the right side. Next, she grabbed a megaphone out and proceeded to talk through.

"The battle between the 3 challengers and the super-duper Julia will now begin. The left corner is allowed to use 3 Pokemon and the right corner 2 each challenger. Battle Begin! GO MY BOOMIES" She threw it away, before summoning her Pom-Pom Oricorio, Alolan Graveler and Electrode on the field.

"So Triple Format? That will easy. Vanilly. Let's dance!" I called Vanilly out.

"Mienfoo. Karate time!" Victoria called out.

"Muk. Let's play!" Cain summoned his Alolan Muk.

"Just to remember: The battle is over, if I won or your 3 won, because you are a group! Understood?" Julia called us out.

"Undestood!" We replied in unison.

"Oricorio use Tailwind!" A strong wind is blowing in the area by the Alolan Electric/Flying, causing our Pokemon to take a few steps back.

"Mienfoo jump up and Force Palm" the Unova Fighting Pokemon ran towards it's opponent and jumped it, proceeding thrusting its palm into Oricorio. But then it got hit by an energised Charge Beam, sending it back to Victoria. It barely stood up due to being paralyzed, slowing it down.

"Gunk Shot time!", Cain commanded his Muk, as he fires a black bag of garbage towards it, as it exploded to purple pieces of garbage. Oricorio was thrown to it's trainer, barely stood up, as it coughed. It face took a shade of deep purple, before falling unconscious on the ground.

"Oricorio got poisoned!" Julia realized in shock, as she returned it to the PokeBall "Take a rest".

"I'm just love the Poison Type. They are wonderful." Cain smiled, giving his Muk a wink.

"Seismic Tossed Muk up!" The Alola Pokemon rolled behind the Kanto Pokemon, proceeding to grab it. However I was faster.

"Vanilly Scald it!" Without hesitation, he fires a blast of boiling right into Graveler, causing it to cry out it pain. He managed to stand, despite having a disadvantage, but it wasn't over yet, as Vanilly grab it and threw it back to Julia.

"Aww, c'mon! Get up Gravy!" She said, only to realized it was unconscious as well.

"Don'tgoboom,don'tgoboom,don'tgoboom,don'tgoboom,don'tgoboom,don'tgoboom...", she panicked, as her eyes looked to her last standing Pokemon, Electrode.

"Mienfoo Brick Break!"

"Muk Thunder!"

"Vanilly Bullzode!"

As our Pokemon rushed towards Electrode it fires a much more powerful version of Thunderbolt, causing the electric field to be overload and caught all our Pokemon. We shielded our eyes from this.

Once it was over, we looked up to see Victoria's Mienfoo and Cain's Muk got knocked out by the attack with Electrode send crashing into the wall behind Julia.

"What? I lost already?" she said in shock, as he turn around to see Vanilly standing there, waiving at her.

"Vanilly is a dual of Water/Ground Pokemon and since Ground is immune against Electric, he could easily go through electricity and defeat your Electrode" I said satisfied.

"We won! We won our first gym match!" Cain cheered, as he and Victoria hugged me, as Julia smiles at me.

"Welp, defeat is defeat", she said, returning her Pokemon and grabbed a small box "And since you won, here's the thingma jiggerbadge." She handed us the Volt Badge. "Well, *yawn* it's nap time now. Goodnight." Julia told us in a tired tone, before she left the room, leaving us all sweat dropped and with big wide eyes.

When we got outside, we saw a young girl with red hair running towards the Gym. She looked panicked and terrified for some reason.

"Hannah!" I called out.

"O-oh, hey Lucia... I see you had a gym match, right? Did you won." I greeted me sadly

"Yes I did, but what happen to you?" I asked, as her clothes were covered in dirt and ragged.

"My hometown...Obsidia Ward *sniff* is one-under attack." She explained between her sobs. Victoria went to her side, consoling her.

"Under attack?" Cain asked with a raised eyebrow and I had a very bad feeling about it.

"Yeah... Suddenly enormous vines...h-have been growing out of the ground an... *sniff* But... no matter what *sobs* they just grow right back... People and Pokemon have been hurt because of these vines and the roads had been ruined because of that." She sobbed, before breaking into tears.

"So... Team Meteor's doing, huh?" I murmured, as Cain looked towards in concern.

"Ah, about them. I heard that too" he sadly replied.

"M-most of my family are dead... That's why, I moved here to live... with my grandparents, b-but they w-weren't *sobs* at the Daycare...", she sobbed more, as she feared about their safety "They're the only family I have now."

I looked at Hannah for awhile, knowing very well, how is like to have lose your love ones and fearing for their safety. Just like my parents, before everything changed due to him. I couldn't see her like this and decided to be the helping hand.

"We can help you, finding your grandparents, Hannah" I told her, as she looked up to me.

"*sniff* R-really? You... would help me?" she tearfully asked, as she wiped her tears with her sleeve.

"Of course we can, cuz we always are to help people" Cain cheered, as handed her a tissue.

"So, what are we waiting for? Let's rescue them" I said, walking down halls. But then I didn't know where Obsidia Ward was.

"Uhm... Hannah, so you know the way, please?" I awkwardly asked, as Victoria and Cain facepalmed.

"Down left in Opal Ward, taking the right stairs and go to the east side of it and were at Obsidia Ward." she explained.

"Thanks... hehe." I nervously laughed.

As we ran past the Grand Hall and headed towards Obsidia Ward, but the path was blocked by two police guards.

"I'm sorry I can't let go past." One guard said.

"We need to go into Obsidia Ward so we can help. My grandparents are there" Hannah pleaded the guards.

"I'm sorry young lady, but we can't. We have lots of people, who got injured by the vines. So, anyone trying to go into Obsidia Ward will be denied to anyone and everyone. And we're trying to evacuate everyone there. So please leave" The other guard explained to her.

"But plea-"

"Question: Even to those who have authority?" A familiar voice was heard behind us. We turned around to see Florinia walking towards us.

"Miss Florinia?!" The guards said surprised when they saw her.

"Greetings: Hi Florinia" I greeted her with the same method, like yesterday.

"Hi Rini." Cain said, while using the same nickname like Julia does.

She stopped in front of the guards, "Request: I want you to allow access to be granted that group. Explanation: Lucia was a great asset against Team Meteor at the Mosswater Factory. Victoria is the top apprentice of the Fighting Gym Leader, Kiki. Cain is an member of the restistance. As for this girl, she'll be watched. Allow the permission to be accessed for them, so they may proceed." Florinia told the guards.

"Uh . . . yes ma'am." One of the guards said in a careful respected tone.

Florinia turned her head to us, "Access granted: You may proceed." Florinia told us, before she turned around and walked off. Soon as the guards moved aside, Hannah suddenly began to run towards the streets, before the guards could stop her, while we followed her behind until we reached a Day Care Center.

"Grandma! Grandpa! Thank Mew, you're all right! I though, you were caught by the vines!" Hannah cried out as we spotted an elderly couple.

"Oh, hello how can we-" the elderly man said, before he's eyes raised in shock.

"I'm sorry but were closed so I'm gonna have to ask you to leave." The man said.

"Grandpa, what are you talking about? It's me Hannah!" She told the pair.

"Please leave at once!" the woman said.

They started to get nervous, as we pressed further, "Who are you?!" Victoria asked.


"Don't try and pretend your someone else. Who are you?" I asked, as Hannah looked confused.

The elder couple started laughing evilly until they threw off disguises, revealing two Team Meteor grunts. Hannah screamed, as she backed away, covering her face.

"Well since you found us out. We'll have to silence you all to prevent anyone else from finding out about us." The male grunt said.

"We'll see about that. Rose! Aurora! Let's dance!" I called out, throwing their PokeBalls, revealing them.

"Where are the real Day Care people?" Hannah demanded, while tears threaten to spill from her eyes.

"We're not telling you a damn thing, you brat." One of the grunts replied.

"Rose Psychic in these two", I called out, as Rose's hands shimered in purple aura energy, as the grunts were slammed into the wall.

"Tell me where they are otherwise, I'll have my Ninetails rest you into a crip and feed your burned meat to the wild Pokemon." I threatened them, as Fleur slowly came towards me.

The grunts saw the look in her eyes, "T-they in a Wearhouse in Coral Ward." One answered.

"A Wearhouse?" Victoria repeated "Yes, I know, if you head South from here, you'll be able to go there. It's not taking long."

"But you cannot get in without the key, which we already disposed. So good luck you brat, if you want to save those old hangs from starvation." The female grunt cruelly laughed, causing a tearful Hannah to leave the room in a hurry and Cain running behind her. This only made me angry as they insulted one of my friends.

"Now you're busted! Rose slam them all over again!" Rose did what I told her, as the grunts were repeatedly slammed at least 9 times, before snapping my fingers for her to stop. The grunts were barely councious, but I didn't care, as they hurt Hannah's feelings.

"Now get officers for an arrest, if you would do, Vicky." I ordered her, while continuing to glare them.

After the two grunts got taken away by the police officers, we decided to look for Cain and Hannah now.

"So what's the fastest way to Coral Ward again?" I asked Victoria, who looked now unsure.

The main road is blocked off thanks to the plants destroying the city." Victoria explained to me "The only way through is through the Obsidia Slums, down this way, but it's too dangerous! There also many creeps there who would..." Her body was visible shaking, unable to finish the sentence, but I understood what she meant with that and made be worry, when it comes to such things.

"Don't worry about that, Vicky. I'll have Vanilly deal with those perverts.", I ensured her.

"Who's Vanilly?"

"My Starter Pokemon from Hoenn. He's a Swampert and often acts my bodyguard now.", I released him from his PokeBall.

"Swam" he chimed as he hugged me.

"Since he's my very first Pokemon, we have a very strong bond through the years. However he tends to act very suspicious around males, because back as a Coordinator, I was bombarded with fanboys and most of them were annoying... Until the last one..." I closed my eyes, as I remembered him.

"What are you talking about, Zander?" Why should I do that?!" A 17 year old Coordinator asked.

"The numbers are currently sinking because your fellows are lazy ass Mankeys and do nothing at all!" A young men in a tight businessmen suit; his muscles under the fabric. His expression is stoic and cold.

"You force them to work till their limits! 9 of them are currently in the hospital because they overwork and 2 people have mental issues. We need to hire experts from different regions, as out last chance, I guess.", she explained to him.

"NO! I fucking refuse to waste my inventions for some another companies. They'll steal from us!", I shouted."Well, not my problem, if this company getting lower, because a greedy ass clown is keeping all the money himself and spend them on some brainless bimbos!" She felt rage taking over her "You're just a fucking excuse of a cha-"

A sharp slap cut her off her sentence. It was so powerful, that send the girl into a bookshelf, following some loud screaming and crash noises. She hold check, as she bit her lips, trying to not cry in front of him. As she picked herself up, a hand grabbed by her neck, lifted her to his face. His expression was pure wrath and his eyes cold and blank.

"You fucking dare give ME orders?! I'LL MAKE YOU SUFFER!!!" he roared loudly, squeezing her harder.The girl tried to escape, but his iron grin had wrapped her. Kicking and screaming, she made any despaired move, to attract someone. Seeing this, Zander laughed, as he realized a Bisharp.

But before, he could give any orders, a Swampert bursted through the door and fired a beam of hot water to his face. He screamed in pain, as he let his victim go. She deeply breathed for air, as she was picked by the Water/Ground Pokemon and carried her away.

"Vanilly." she weakly replied, before losing consciousness.

As I explained her that, I felt still his grip on my neck and who knows, what would've happened to me, if it weren't for Vanilly.

"Oh, that's terrible, but what happened him after that?", Victoria looked at me with concern.

My eyes narrowed at her question. Can you just leave me alone with that! You know nothing at all! "4 months later, his company went bankrupt because of his behaviour and went to Kanto for a new one. And don't ask me this again, it makes me uncomfortable", I half lied to her, while Vanilly looked at me.

"Sorry about that, but I just wanted to know, okay?", She apologised to me.

"It's okay. Now let's go through the slums and search for Cain and Hannah", I said.

Vanilly looked at Victoria for awhile, before nodding to her and gestured to me and him.

"What was that?", she asked me.

"It's means, he's trusting you. So don't worry, any creep will be sent to walls by Vanilly.", I laughed, as we both made our way to the slums.



Relationship points


Victoria (-1) 4/10= Same like always, but she had to ask me about this... It made me have an awful memory of Zander, but manage to lie through it😰😞


Cain (+2) 4/10= I was wrong, when I said, he was a weirdo. He's very nice and a good person, but for the love of Rayquaza, please don't act too goofy, that Ame can turn you into an ice sculpture🤦‍♀️


Ame (-1)  4/10= Oops... Just interrupted her meeting and gave me a dead stare. Welp great and thanks a lot Cain😅


Hannah (+5) 5/10= I fell bad for that her. She's an orphan and her reason moving to Reborn, was so she can live with her grandparents, but now they captured and she got despaired to find them😔


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Posted (edited)

I don't own Pokemon Reborn and it's characters. They all belong to Amethyst.

⛔Trigger Warning: (Attempted) sexual assault, gore and murder. You have been warned. If you are under 18, the I recommend you NOT TO READ this fanfic, as it contains sentitive content⛔


🏚Operation: Through Obsidia Slums🏚

We stood in front of the entrance, which leads to the Obsidia Slums, as Victoria nervously looked around. I knew, that creeps will be there somewhere; judging Vanily's "Pervert Alert Radar" modus- that's what I call him, when he would sense people like them around his reach.

"Like I said: Don't worry about this, Vicky. As long Vanily is with us, things will be and we have our Pokemon, you know." I ensured her, always remembering Vanily's protective attribute towards me.

Victoria looked at me with a nervous smile. She was trying to stay calm, making eye contact to me and Vanily, who gave her thumbs up. "Yes, but I am just worried and a bit off... But I'll keep calm and strong, like Kiki taught me before." Her voice was filled with courage, as a male Kirlia and Pancham were summoned by her.



Both shouted with determination, causing their trainer to smile, petting their heads in return. "So shall we going on?" she asked me, as we made our way inside. Soon we were greeted by four thugs, looking at us with perverted eyes.

"Uuhhh... Look at those two hotties there~" One burly guy with brown hair-assuming their leader- said to his companions, as they snickered heartily.

"You know right! Especially this girl's hot body under those grey raggies things." Another one with dyed green hair pointed at Victoria's clothes, which earned him a death stare, as she and her Pokemon stood in front of him.

"And I'll just kick your ugly face away, if you dare!" she called out, as Kirlia and Pancham stood in front of her in defence. Soon the thug was aided by a second one.

"That's means, I'm your opponent to you two!" I said, as Vanily stared towards them and Fleur was send out.

"Hahaha, let's see what you can do, hottiecheecks! C'mere!" The first one smirked, as they send out a Flygon and Yoongus.

"Alright then let's do it! Vanily Scald them and Fleur Heat Wave first!" A orb of fire was formed, before sending winds of flames towards her opponents. The Leader's Flygon barely took damage, despite got a burn, but unfortunately for his ally's Yoongus, it was burned severely, yelping in pain.

"Keep it Yoongus! " He yelled at the Normal Pokemon, as it barely stood despite it's pain. For a moment I felt sad for that Pokemon having an awful trainer like that thug, but brushed it off, wanting to focus on the battle.

"Dragon Pulse!" Flygon fired a shock wave generated by it's mouth, ludging towards Fleur and Vanily. Fleur managed to dodge it, but Vanily wasn't the speed time for it's type, as the Dragon Pulse hit him at his chest, sending him into a wall.

"Vanily!" I shouted in concern, as the dust smoke cleared a bit, only to see my Hoenn Starter unconscious with some blood gash on his head. Fleur looked also shocked, as she called out for him, but no avail.

"Guess 0-1 for us, hottiecheecks." I could hear the Flygon Trainer's mocking voice, causing us to turn around, anger boiling inside us. If someone dares to make fun me or anyone, that I care, they'll get as; remember what those two grunts said about Hannah's grandparents and made her cry.

"Shut up! I still have one Pokemon left, so don't get too cocky with victory. Fleur, Mystical Fire on their asses!" The Fox Pokemon gracefully moved her tails, forming a red circle of fire around her body, glowing red orange. I closed my eyes, as I could fell her energy of elegance wrapped around me. Just like back at the Super Constest in Hoenn.

"Now Fleur, I want you to unleash it careful, so this place will not burn entire. Now do it!" I didn't know, what came to me, but it feels such wonderful as my bond makes me be at Fleur's place now.

"Yoongus use Hyper Beam!" It's trainer panicked, as Fleur's flames drives him in fear. The Alola Pokemon immediately shoot a powerful beam from it's mouth towards Fleur, as she unleashed a stream of fire on the Hyper Beam. As expected, they collided with eachother, causing an small explosion around the area. I covered my eyes, as I went on my knees and counting till 10, before opened my eyes again. Luckily nothing was damaged badly by Fleur's fire or someone died, but the two thugs were not here anymore.

But where did they went?

Suddenly a scream cut me from my thoughs, as I rushed to the way, where the source came from. Once I arrived... my eyes grew in shock: Victoria was being held by two thugs, as she tried to break free from them, but all her efforts were unless. Soon she noticed me, as she struggled much harder.

"Lucy! Please help me!" She cried out in fear, as she tried to kick around.

Without hesitation, I rushed towards them, hoping to reach her, only to get send crashed into a wall by... a Dragon Pulse? As I lied down there, I felt something stomped on my stomach, causing me to scream in pain as I looked up to meet it's trainer. He seemed pleased with my condition, as I coughed some blood.

"You son of a-" My voice was weak from the pain, as I tried to yell.

"It was nice to battle with you hottiecheecks and thanks for that stunt before." The leader cut me off "It's very bad, that it wasn't you to be our prey, but..." He paused for a second, as he turned around to the distressed Victoria, who looked at me with tearful eyes.

"But I'll give you a chance to prove yourself worth there, as your battle style is admirable. So listen closely: If you want to save your friend, then come get us to the deeps of the slums." He calmly warned me, despite hearing Victoria's distressed cries. "Well be waiting for you and I hope, you have some condoms with you. You'll needing them on the way down there."

"WHAT?! Say that ag-" I was angry and about to snap, but I gasped out, as his fist connected to my stomach. I clutched it tightly as I closed my eyes in pain.

"Lucy! Help me!" Victoria's cries rang through me, as they faint with each step they separate her from me. Shame took over me, as tears threatened to spill out from my eyes. I should have use one of my Pokemon for Rayquaza's sake! Why did I blindly rushed towards a group of thugs, that could easily physically overpower me? I closed my eyes, as my vision blurred.

I felt something nuzzling on my cheek, as I looked up to see it was Fleur. She looked very concern and a bit angry- guess she released me mistake. As return, I patted her fur a bit, before she carried me to Vanily, who was still unresponsive.

Fleur gently licked the wound on his head and tipped her nose against it. I crutched next to him, hugging his back. As I really wanted to go up and save Victoria now, my body wasn't in shape to continue. I leaned against Vanily, as I closed my eyes for awhile, praying for Victoria's safety and cursed those fuckers, who ditched the fight, only to gang up on her. But guess in Reborn fairness doesn't exist there, unlike in Hoenn. Maybe that's what it stands for.

Suddenly I felt something small rubbing on my belly, as I opened my eyes to see a scratched Pancham... Wait Pancham?! That's Victoria's Pancham! How did it got there?

Then I noticed Fleur returning, carrying something grey in her mouth. I took a close look, to see her Kirlia sticking his battered head from a grey cloth, Fleur wrapped it around the Psychic Pokemon. This only fuels me anger, as I assumed during Fleur's Mystical Fire, those ideas much have beaten her Pokemon too, to prevent them helping Victoria. Kirlia was placed in my lap, to rest with me and Vanily. He was asleep though, despite his injuries. If only I could go to a hospital or some Pokemon Center to get some medical attention, but what if its too late for Victoria? What if she...

I shrugged the though, feeling the urge to vomit now. Great, just great...

Suddenly I spotted Pancham coming towards me, holding a golden star like piece at his tiny pawns. I grab it and gold it in my hands, looked and it. It shines so wonderful, as my body glowed for a moment and I close my eyes, feeling it's sensation inside me. Once it stopped, I felt something hugging me as I turn around. Vanily was awake and his head injure was no more. So the bruises on Pancham and Kirlia. We feel like the our injuries never existed before and I realized it has some healing powers. I really want to keep it with me, but then that piece wasn't there anymore; simply vanished after the healing process. For a few seconds I wondered, what should I do next, until I remember Victoria.

"C'mon guys, let's save Vicky." I got up, picking Pancham on my arms and we went to the slum's deeps as faster we could, hoping were not too late saving Victoria. On my way, I battled more thugs down there- which I guess their leader send them to prevent our little rescue. But I'm filled with determination till the end and so were my Pokemon and hers. Apart the fights, the only thing that worries me is those hallways, which reminded of labyrinths, as I often find myself at a dead end. I could've used Vanily's Bulldoze, but this would only cause more damage and who knows, they could be somewhere near in a hidden spot, unreachable from naked eye.

But I'm not giving up, as I moved further scanning for the possible way to them. I went downstairs, where it was a bit darker then up, but there's a bit light too. Carefully taking steps down, as Pancham jumped from my arms and run further on, making some concern on me, as we both saw a shadowy figure illuminated by the light. That's probably attracted it's attention, as it runs towards it, but was stopped by Kirlia, who went in front of the figure, who was half hidden by the shadows. The person didn't moved as a pair of brown eyes looked down to the two Pokemon, from what I saw.

Fear stricked through my body, as I rushed towards them and grabbing them into my arms, moving a few steps away from it. Soon the room went very bright, as I turned around to see Fleur had lighten a few boxes with her fire, but luckily it didn't sprent furthermore. She walked next to me, ready to stricke, but I stopped her.

As I turned my gaze back, in front of me was a woman around her late 30's or early 40's with long brown locks, reaching her upper body and those same eyes before. She wore a blue sleeveless top with a window slit, revealing a bit of her cleavage up. So was her long skirt, being the same colour with black wavy patterns, wore a pair of black heels and a blue sash around her arms. Her expression and composure were calm, yet ready not to undermine her.

"Hello there, trainer." She calmly spoke, while looking at us. "Are those two Pokemon yours and you let them go around in those dangerous halls with the possibility to get killed by powerful ones? The Obsidia Slums aren't the most safest place around, right?"

"Actually they belong to my friend, who got kidnapped by a gang and I'm going to rescue her now." I answered, while looking at the two worried Pokemon with concern. "And the reason, why we came here, it's because the vines are blocking the main road."

The woman looked at me with a small smile "Ah yes, I know. That's why I came here too. Heading towards a meeting with... some friends. By the way, to you have other Pokemon than your Ninetails there?" She pointed at Fleur, who remained at her position.

"Sure I have. I'm a trainer from Hoenn for 5 years now and... I came here to prove myself in the region's league." I told her with a little truth, covered in lie at last.

"I see..." She mumbled, before half spun her heels a bit "So, it was nice to meet you, trainer. Good luck, saving your friend." And with that, she left for another direction, leaving us along.

I stood there a bit, feeling somehow relived that she didn't battled me or something else. But there's no time for that, as Victoria was still in danger and we continued to walk down deeper, jumping from platform to platform, climbing up some heights and crawling down some tunnels, which made me feel, I'm in some Adventure movie or when I was at Shoal Cave back then; giving me all those vibes. Must admire, it makes things very challenging for the ones, who wants to enter those slums, but I have no time to waste, despite how long I was there.

After I managed to go through a few underground tunnels, my clothes were all dirty and a bit torn and I need a shower after this, once I save Victoria and get out of here. How long does it taken already? I'm getting very worried...

Suddenly I found myself on the ground, as I felt a light pain on my head. Why was the cause? I looked around and spotted... a box? I swear, before it wasn't and now it stood there.

"Cham?" Pancham gently pulled my hair a bit in concern, checking on me. I smiled at the small Fighting Pokemon, who smiled back.

"Welp, was stupid to no-" Suddenly the box moved a bit, before it was in front of my eyes! It jumped a bit, as he began to ran off. Puzzled and confused, I stood up and decided to forget this. After 5 minutes, I arrived in front of 3 paths. I feel a little hopeless now, as those puzzle games never ended in that place. I let out a sigh, as I looked at those paths. It could let them to Victoria and those thugs or it could be a trap.

1 correct path.

2 traps.

When I heard the same noises, only to see the same mysterious box again, who jumped around in front of me, as it stays on the left path, hopping again.

I hesitated, knowing it could be a trap, but Victoria's life was in stake and Pancham and Kirlia went with the box's side. Leaving without choice, we took the left path with the box being our guide- funny right? Me as a human listen to a object made of some grey material.

Our mysterious guide led to till a dim hallway, where the walls were torn and trash was scattered around. Instantly it rushed towards the entrance, as we follow and soon I spotted something red black between them. As I closely inspected, there was... a Litten, who's body is bruised and battered, much worse than Kirlia's ones.

Victoria's Litten...

I picked it up and examined the Fire Cat Pokemon quickly. It was barely alive, as Litten looked at me with sadness and shame. Then my mind exploded, as I instantly ran down, wanting nothing but to beat the crap out of them.



Warning: Sentitive Content ahead (those parts will be marked in red for clearing misundertandings and etc.). If you DON'T like it or it's triggers you, then SKIP THIS part!

As I went closer, I could voices not far away and one- the loudest of them... belonged to Victoria! Instantly I hide in the nearest box, as I slowly peeped from a small hole, to see Victoria had kicked one at his balls, but got grabbed by another one, slamming her to a big table and tied her limbs separately and they...

No... No, they that's a joke, right?!

They began to tear her clothes off, causing her to scream loudly in anger and fear, as she struggled more.

"NO! Stop this now! I'll w- Mmrrghh!" Soon they put a gag in her mouth, as they leave her upper body exposed with her black bra.

"Now I wonder, how you'll be able to scream now, darling?" Their same leader cruelly laughed at her, as her only response were her muffled screams.

Hater filled me, as I heard that from his disgusting mouth. I quickly reached for my PokeBalls, but suddenly I felt my hand getting behind my back, as I turned around to see a vine wrapped around and squeezed it, causing me to yelp. Quickly I covered my mouth in panic, fearing that the thugs had noticed it. However the next thing happened, was I got lifted from my hiding spot and draggled me in front of them.

Fuck! That shouldn't had happened! How the hell, did the vines got there so far?! I silently cursed myself, as I stared at Victoria's horrified eyes. I could hear the mocking voices and whistles of those bastards, seeing me like that.

I struggled to break free, as another vine pit my other arm back, before another vine tried to invade inside my pants, so I kicked around to prevent this. But than, I got slammed on the ground again, hitting my head at something. I groaned in pain, as blood drops were on the ground and I felt it on my mouth too. The feeling of dizziness slowly overcame me, as the mocking became louder and louder...

His maniacal cruel laughter filled my ears, as I despairly watched the fire in front of me, slowly burning my sanity.

I closed my eyes in shame, hating being helpless and useless to save someone. Even reaches for my PokeBall was useless now! The tears threatened to spill out, as I could hear Victoria's muffled screams of distress. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the vines coming closer to us and they began to lift my shirt and slowly taking my bra off and...


End of this warning. You may prosend reading now, if you skipped it.

Suddenly a small crash was heard, as I turned around to see a furious Fleur with a red aura eradicating from her body with glowing red eyes. She let out a scary roar, as she lugged towards the thugs and what I saw next was horrified.

She fired a Flamethrower towards two of them, who tried to flee, only to get caught by the Flamethrower. Their screams filled this room, as they run off. When the 3rd guy rushed towards her with a knife, he barely got hit by her attack and managed to cut her left side; leaving a scar across her cheek till her near her muzzle. This pissed her off- as she greatly cares about her appearance- she let out another roar, but more angrier than before, scaring her assaulter. Before he could escape, his arm was bitten off by her sharp canine teeth. He screamed in high pain, as next he found himself burned by her flames and after 3 minutes, it went all quite. Never I though, one of my beloved Pokemon would do something such cruel act in their lives, though those men deserve that.

"Fleur! That's enough! Please get rid of the vines quickly!" I called out, as they began to squeeze my body harder, making me gasp for air.

The Fox Pokemon nodded, as she began burn the vines quickly. I collapsed on the floor and crawled away enough, before they could regenerate again. "Heat Wave on them!" I commanded, as the fire breeze shunned them vines away.

During the struggle, Pancham and Kirlia had arrived and hopped to the table, where their trainer was bound. They began to untied her and removed her gag.

"Ah! *gasp* Thank you so much, you two! I'm so glad, you two are alright!" she happily said, as she embraced them, as they shed tears of joy.

"You little bitch! Didn't I told you to move?!" An angry voice howled, as she turned around to see the remaided thug behind her, who had a pocket knife in his left hand. He leaped at her, but she quickly dodged him, as he hit his face at the table.

"Run Lucia! Now that he's down! Quickly!" She yelled, as she took her Pokemon run towards an exit.

"C'mon Fleur, let's go! There's no use to fight now!" I called, as I grabbed her Litten and run away from that men, before he could get us.

We didn't stopped, till we spotted a light at our right, as we immediately took the path. Soon I felt air through my noise, as I looked around.

We are outside now.

Finally we made it!

I fall on my knees, as I let out a small scream. I took deep breaths and counted till 10, as I tried to collect myself from what I saw moments ago.

"Lit... Ten?" Litten miaued, as it looked to me in concern, despite been the injured the poor thing was given.

"A-re you... okay, Lucy?" Victoria asked me, as she placed her hands on my shoulders.

I looked up to her for a bit, before lowering my gaze to my lap and clutching my pants in pure shame. If I was more carefully back before, perhaps things would've been easier now, right?

"It's not your fault, Lucy. It came unexpected, but your Fleur saved us." She gave me a smile, as we turn around to see her guilt ridden. Blood was dripping from her muzzle, as she avoided eye contact with us; feeling ashamed to kill people in front of it's trainer, that she deeply respected and cared.

I stood up and walked towards her, as she slowly took a few steps back from me. However a gentle hug around her neck, made her calm herself down, as she lowered her head on my shoulder against. Tears began to wet my shirt, but I didn't care about it now, as I also join her in. After 10 minutes, we both calmed down, as we wiped each other's tears away.

"Shall we go to Coral Ward for a rest first?" I said, as I pointed to the Litten.

"Sure." Victoria said, as she picked Litten and run towards the south direction with her Pancham and Kirlia following behind her. So did we too.

🔹️(3rd perspective)🔹

In a dark room, the silhouette of a hooded person is watching on a monitor the unfolding events, that happened in the Obsidia Slums, as let some pleased noises. An Umbreon sat on his lap, as the person gently scratched it's ear, as it yawned.

"Hey, brother! Any news lastly?" a female voice was heard behind him, as he turned around to face her silhouette, revealing a young man in his middle 20's wearing a black cloak with a hood, underneath a black shirt, gray pants and a pair of black shoes. He had medium length hair, but his eyes were shadowed by his bangs.

"No my dear sister. Nothing special expect two girls nearly got fucked by the vines, like tentacles." He mused, while licking his lips in delight at that though.

"Again with your perverted shit! What did I told about it, huh?" She scowled in disgust "Any. Other. News?!"

"Stop getting so impatience, Eve! Nothing but two female trainers, who wanted to enter the slums, because we vined the ward. Happy now?" he said annoyed.

"Much better." She replied bluntly.

"And by the way: Where's Lumi? Wasn't she supposed to meet us 10 minutes ago?" the man suddenly asked.

"She told me, she'll go to a shop, getting a few snacks, since we've been stuck here for 3 days now, because of that mission." she chimed "Besides most of the roads are blocked, so it will take for her to return."

"Then tell her to meet us in Obsidia Park, where the PULSE- Machine is." he said.

"Will do. See you later then." With that, she left.

The man sighed, as he returned is gaze to the monitor, tipping awhile to reveal Lucia, Victoria and their Pokemon going through a tunnel, that connected the Obsidia and Coral Ward. He paused to take a close look at them.

"Hhmmm... Must admit, that Ninetails is such a beautiful killing machine. Oh, how I enjoyed those screams and their burned bodies. So wonderful for my tastes." he lightly laughed "But... I would love to have such Pokemon in my team... To perfecting it like my precious PULSE babies~" With that, he stood up and walked towards the door with his Umbreon next to him.


Relationship points


Victoria (No change) 4/10= Poor Vicky. Just got inside the slums and she gets kidnapped by a bunch of creeps. Hope she'll cover soon, though it will be very difficult. If I was much faster...


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Okay, that was disturbing...

I struggle to understand the power ladders (Flygon and Yungoos at the same time?) you have in mind, but I'm probably overthinking it (after all, there's no in-universe reason why the power levels of enemies should be even remotely consistent).

I have no clue as to the identity of the stranger mid-Slums. I don't think anyone in canon Reborn fits the bill (no female character, I think, is  40-ish, except possibly for Serra and she isn't brown-haired), so is it the first introduction to a genuinely AU character? Perhaps Heather's mother? Or with the black patterns, Luna's mother?

And ZEL are three people, Zero is Eve's brother and is creepy just short of beyond belief.

I'm worried for your protagonist and her allies...


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6 hours ago, Mindlack said:

Okay, that was disturbing...

I struggle to understand the power ladders (Flygon and Yungoos at the same time?) you have in mind, but I'm probably overthinking it (after all, there's no in-universe reason why the power levels of enemies should be even remotely consistent).

I have no clue as to the identity of the stranger mid-Slums. I don't think anyone in canon Reborn fits the bill (no female character, I think, is  40-ish, except possibly for Serra and she isn't brown-haired), so is it the first introduction to a genuinely AU character? Perhaps Heather's mother? Or with the black patterns, Luna's mother?

And ZEL are three people, Zero is Eve's brother and is creepy just short of beyond belief.

I'm worried for your protagonist and her allies...


Firstly I'm not so good describing Pokemon Battles in detail and as for the power ladders.... I'm really trying, but it's not that...  I mean like with Servine thing, the thugs level was kinda in the middle, but they ditched the battle during the collide with the Hyper Beam with the Flamethrower, as they knew they couldn't beat Lucia, so they took Victoria instead, who had some low level Pokemon. There will be battles... that will be unfair in the future.


Just like with Sigmund electruting Laura 😞



2. Let me make a confession...


That character is a "she" and an.AU of mine. She'll have an important role in a *beep*, but will appear later on... 


It's *beep*


3) In Chroniclverse, "ZEL" never existed and indeed Zero is the oldest brother of the Seijana Family. However I would've spoil it, if I told you their backstory.


Hope my answers satisfied you😊


Now my question to you?

Did Fleur's killing spree scared you? How you felt?

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Posted (edited)

I understood that they ditched the fight, I was more thinking about why one had a Flygon (which isn't a top-tier OU or pseudo-legendary, but still fully-evolved and managed to one-shot Vanily [come to think of it, it could as well be a covert vine intervention]) and the other one a Yungoos (which is a pretty crappy mon) with Hyper Beam. I told you I was overthinking it. ^^

Just a random thought about unfair fights: I don't know what you have planned, but if you have such fights from the beginning, perhaps some of your "good guys" can consider fighting dirty?


I wasn't really concerned about Fleur's killing spree -- I mean, it's bad, but given how it all escalated (i.e. it wasn't about mugging) and the available firepower, it almost felt normal that someone murderously lost their temper -- it was more about the fact that Victoria got abducted (to be, shall we say, traumatically abused) about two minutes after entering the Slums, and about Zero trying to do the same to Lucia with the vines (either that, or someone did a horrifying job of programming the PULSE).

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🍃🍂Protect Obisida Ward- Lucia vs PULSE Tangrowth🍃🍂

When we got into Coral Ward, the first thing I notice was a pink mist, that surrounded the entire area. Nobody was around here, expect us. In my entire life, I never saw a fog, that is pink. Even Victoria was puzzled as well.

"Ever see a fog like that?" Victoria said, as she tried to look more further, but it was very hard to see.

"And it's very quite there, don't you think?" I suspected at the lack of inhabitants in this ward "Maybe they left or are in the Pokemon Center. Let's go there for a rest."

Once we arrived at the Pokemon Center, I sat on a comfy couch, feeling it's smooch effects on me, wanting to sleep now. Victoria slurping across me exhausted and felt a bit nervous, looking around, as she clutched a pillow. Her Litten was currently under treatment now, as we waited for the results.

"So Vicky... A-are you alright now... After what happened. I-it must be hard for you back in the Obsidia Slums..." I cautiously said, feeling a bit unsure to talk about what happened back in the slums, afraid to trigger her those memories back.

She looked at me with a sad smile, seeing my worried expression, knowing what I was asking about.

"It's okay..." She ensured me, but her voice a bit low "I was indeed terrified too about them and that vine prevented you much further, so none of that wasn't your fault... I'll be fine, so don't worry." Her tone went a bit nervous, but I could feel, she really meant it. It takes time for a recovery, but I could trust right.

"Okay. Hope Cain and Hannah are fine and not like us now. Like exhausted... Mudkips escaped from a oil lake." I tried to crack a joke, but it sounded bad. I need really Cain to teach me about how to make good jokes.

Then the doors went opened to see Nurse Joy carrying a newly recovered Litten to the counter. Victoria instantly got up and rushed towards her, while I watched her from my position, because I wanted to rest more.

"Is she okay now, Joy? How is she?" She frantically asked her, as she gently picked her Alolan Starter in her arms.

"Your Litten's condition is stable now, but the beatings she recieved nearly broke her bones beyond repair, but thanks to Reborn's advanced technology, it went all fine. Please make sure, she needs rest for straight 3 days, before participating in battles again." The nurse reported, as she gave Victoria a big yellow box.

"What's this?" She asked the Pokemon Nurse.

"This box contains some herbal medicine for your Pokemon. This are from Healing Powder to Revival Herb." She chimed "Actually... I picked it as a gift for my son on his 13th birthday. He lived in Obsidia Ward and..." Suddenly she trailed off, as tears run down her cheeks.

Victoria pull a tissue pack from her torn robes, handing her one. The nurse shankly took it and blew her nose.

"T-thank you *sniff*... Then today, I recieved a call, t-then vines invaded *sniff* Obsidia Ward a-and and... it hit our house, where he was reading... H-he-e didn't..." The Nurse broke down, as her sobs prevented her to finish her sentence and run behing the door; her crying was heard.

I felt my heart sank in, as I understood what she meant and I hate, when families getting apart. Victoria walked to me with sadness in her eyes, putting Litten aside and stared at the box, as some tears dropped at it.

"I-I never knew, that her son... That's just horrible." She sadly said, while Litten began to lick her hand.

"I know..." I quietly mumbled, as I got up "Wanna search for the others?"

"Sure..." She said, as she exited, while I gave a last look back to the empty counter, silently praying for the poor soul.

We walked down the road, looking for Cain and Hannah through the are, but the mist is proving us very challenging to see clearly- even with Litten's fire lighted a bit the sight-, without bumping into a wall or each other. This torture took 10 minutes.

"Ouch!" I hit my head against a wall for the 7th time against something. It was a wall, again.

"Can you just be careful, where you bump at while you run like a panicked Psyduck or something?" Victoria spoke in sarcasm.

"Say the one, who tripped against a trash bin 2 times and nearly broke her nose." I scoffed.

"Hey! At least, I don't run around like an idiot!" she replied annoyed.

"Oh shut up, Vicky! Not my fault, when that stupid mist is around!" I snapped at her, while she gives me a death stare.

"I know. But don't ru-"

"SHUT UP! Don't say it for the trillion time again! Just focus on the search and less complaining" I yelled at her.

"Ah, now it's my fault or what? Can you just calm the hell down, before overreacting like a brainless... Psyduck or what ever!" Victoria angrily shouted.

"Hello? What's going on there?" a female voice interrupted our shouting, as we turned around, to see a silhouette of a woman coming towards us, until she could clearly see her fully.

The woman was appeared to be in her middle 20's, wearing ankle high blue boots, black leggings with a dark blue short sleeved shirt. Her eyes were turquoise and so her hair curled down to the bottom of back. Most noticable on her was, she wore on each wrist a bright blue bracelet.

"Uhm... Hello..." I could only say, as me and Victoria stood awkward at the women, who looked us puzzled.

"We... were just looking for our friends, but.. we got a b-" Victoria continued, but was interrupted by her.

"Do they look like a purple haired boy, who was chasing after a red haired girl not long ago?" she calmly asked us.

"Yes! They're our friends!" Victoria called out, as I sighed in relief.

"Good. I found them and the dock, where he is comforting her, while she's crying about her grandparents." she explained us.

"Okay, let's go to the dock." I was about to run, before I turned to the woman again suddenly.

"Ähm... Do you know where the dock is... ma'am?" I asked her, while Victoria faceplamed and the woman laughed.

"I'll show the way to it, since I know this ward with closed eyes. Also my name is Amaria." She indotruced herself.

"My name is Victoria and this idiot is Lucia." Victoria replied, making me angry at her.

"Just because I hit my head several times, while in a dammed foggy mist, doesn't mean my IQ is low as your logic and lies." I said with Victoria looked at me angry now.

"Please both of you calm down now. I know the mist in causing you trouble and it's normal for newcomers for that, but you do not fight over that now." Amaria advised us, as we both stopped and walked with her.

After 5 minutes, we stood in front of two docks with a warehouse on the right and I spotted Cain kneeling next to a distressed Hannah, who curled herself into a ball and a Happiny was sleeping next to her.

"Lucy! Vicky! Over there!" Cain called us, as we immediately rushed to them.

"I'm glad you two are better than us. What happened?" I asked him, while Victoria is trying to interacting with Hannah.

"I was following behind Hannah, as she tried to reach Coral Ward and we nearly got hit by the vines, when crossing the main road. Luckily we were in time, as behind us those vines made a huge crack. And then we stumbled on Amaria, the Water Gym Leader of Reborn and we had to calm Hannah down." he explained to us.

"W-wait... You're a Gym Leader?!" I asked in shock.

"Yes I am, Lucia. The 18th one to be exactly. " She smiled, as she offered me her hand, as we both shake hands.

"So Hannah. Tell me what happened, after you ran off?" Victoria asked her, tipping her arm. The young lass looked up to face us; her face was puffy and had a sore red mark on her left cheek, that looked like a hand print. Her eyes were a bit blank from crying as well.

"Oh... H-hi there girls..." She quietly said, as she stared at the toxic water, not bothering to make eye contact to us.

"What happened to your cheek? Who hit you?" I asked, examining her injury.

"..." Hannah didn't even bother to talk to us.

"Let me tell you. As soon we arrived at Coral Ward, we spotted a Meteor grunt going down a path with a few warehouses on it. Hannah believed her grandparents are in one of those, but most of them where are closed, but the grunt entered in an opened one. She wanted to battle and negotiate with him, but instead of neither both. He simply slapped her and left, before I could do something about." He explained, as feel my blood getting hotter from anger, clenching my fist tight.

"And then, she went in berserk mode and tried to opened the remaining warehouses. Be it kicking or punching. Amaria noticed her screaming and crying. She said there's a harbour key for opening them, but are currently searching for it since 35 minutes now." he sadly continued, while looking around.

"That long? Poor thing." Victoria said, as Amaria nodded in agreement.

"But let see on the bright side: We found a lonely Happiny, who joined our little group now." Cain happily added, gesturing at the sleeping Normal Baby Pokemon.

"Well too bad, we had some troubles in Obsidia Slums or else that bastard would have a broken nose right now." I coldly said, surprising Cain and Amaria.

"Eyy easy there, Lucy. We'll soon fight him perhaps soon or later." he chimed.

Suddenly a Pokemon's cry caught our attention as we looked around for the source. It comes mostly from the dock, but where exactly? As we walked over, we saw a terrified Popplio standing on a platform, where a lighthouse was, surrounded by the poisonous water. It had something on it's mouth too.

"That poor Popplio is stranded over there."I'm a water trainer, but I can't let my Pokemon touch the water otherwise they might get poisoned very badly, as it's toxic got much stronger and dangerous than before." Amaria concluded, as she looked over the Sea Lion Pokemon.

"No need to be worry, we'll work this out together." He explained as he brought out his Alolan Muk. "As a lover for Poison types, my Muk cannot be harm by the poison water."

"Great idea, Cain." I grinned at him, as he gave me a wink in return.

"In no time, we'll be at your side! We're a team on a roller coaster ride. Each one of us knows just what to do~" Cain sang now as the Dark/Poison Pokemon jumped in the "water" and swam where Popplio stood.

"Hey, Popplio, hop on Muk!" Cain shouted as the Alolan Water Starter jumped on Muk as he started to swim to the other side.

"Oh baby, listen to me. We're gonna, gonna, gonna set you free~" He finished with striking a pose, Muk jumped out of the water, landed next to Cain and the Popplio jumped off and landed on the dock with a salto.

We applauded in astonishment, as they bowed, "That was amazing! I really enjoyed that little show..." Hannah's voice was heard, as she came to us with a now awaken Happiny in her arms.

"Good to see you better now." I smiled at her, as Victoria gave her a hug.

"Yes... But I still was unsuccessful with finding them..." the Lass sadly replied.

Then as it heard her worry, the Popplio came to her, as it handed her something. Soon her expression was filled with joy, as she hold the small object.

"What is it?" Amaria asked her.

"It's a key! A warehouse key! Now we can rescue my grandparents! Oh thank you little cutie!" she chimed, as she rushed down the streets.

"And here we go again~" Cain said, as we ran after her.

After catching up with her, Hannah stood in front of a warehouse where knocks could be heard from the inside. With no hesitation, she opened the lock and opened it, running inside.

We looked inside to see the real Day Care Couple, as Hannah happily hugged them both, while shedding tears of joy.

"Oh my so glad to see you unharmed! I was very worried for you!" she said "Oh wait! Let me indotruce you to my friends: Lucia, Victoria, Cain and the Water Gym Leader Amaria."

"It's nice to meet you all." The elderly woman said.

"Thousand thanks for saving us." Her husband thanked us.

"No worries, I suggest you three get back to the Day Care Centre." Amaria suggested making the three heading now with Hannah thanked us again.

"C'mon let's go now." Cain said, as suddenly the Popplio was hugging his leg.

"Aww, I think she likes you." Victoria told Cain.

"Yeah you should take Popplio with you. After all you saved it" I added on.

Cain gave an awkward smile, "Sorry, but I prefer Poison types, so I can't take this little cutie pie with me." Cain explained before walking again but Popplio continued to follow him, giving him baby eyes, as she began to cry.

Cain turned to Popplio again, "You're not going to give up until I agree to take you, aren't you?" Cain asked with Popplio nodding his head making Cain sigh in response, as he took a GreatBall, gently touched her forehead, as red light engulfed her entire. After 3 shakes and clicks, he smiled nervously.

"Well, welcome to the family, darling." He said, as he gave the GreatBall a kiss.

"So wanna go back to Obsidia Ward and get rid of those vines?" Victoria mused, as we both nodded.

"Yeah let's do this!" Me and Cain shouted in unison, as we both exited Coral Ward.

As we arrived at Obsidia Ward, we found Amaria talking to Florinia not far away from us in front of some park gates.

"Hi there!" Cain shouted, as he waived at the two Gym Leaders.

"Hello there." Amaria said.

"Greetings: Hello trainers." Florinia greeted with her typical tone.

"Greetings: Hello as well, Rini." I said using her method "We came because of the problem with the vines."

"Understood: Additional help is always appreciate." she chimed, as she walked over the entrance "Detected: Target knows as a different coloured Tangrowth in a machine. Conclusion: Responsible for the corruption of flora lifeforms in the ward." she added further, pointed at the Sinnoh Grass Pokemon, who was indeed hooked into a machine.

"What are we waiting for? Lets put the Tangrowth in nighty sleep~" Cain chimed, as he ran towards the Tangrowth.

"Wait for me." Victoria ran after him.

"Reply: I'm with you as well." So it Florinia.

"C'mon Lucia, let's do this!" Amaria called for me as well.

Just I took a few steps into the park, Tangrowth slowly opened its eyes... not it's eye, as it glowed green and suddenly vines shot up from the ground wrapping around Victoria's, Cain's and Florinia's limbs and torsos, immobilized them.

"Everyone!" I shouted, trying to reach for them.

"Lucia, watch out!" Soon I was pushed away, landing on the ground, as I saw Amaria getting wrapped in a vine.

The woman struggled, as she was dragged in front of a pale young men, he came behind the machine.

"Excellent job, Tangrowth. I know, you would be capable of such destruction!" He said, while tipping something on the machine. Amaria was on her knees; arms above her head, as he lifted her chin.

"Well, well. Look what I got today: Two Gym Leaders and two random trainers from the restistance. What a wonderful job I did!" he said in a sinister voice, as Amaria looked at him in disgust.

"But make sure, the Tangrowth must be stable. That's why we have to observe it." A female voice said, as I saw a light dark skinned girl closely around my age with a high magenta ponytail and blue eyes. She wears a red blouse with grey jeans and a pair of black shoes. Her expression was slightly annoyed, which what he probably did or something.

"You don't have to remind me this all 2 minutes, Eve! I have things under control and already capture 4 people already!" he arrogantly remarked at her.

"Oh really, brother?" she scoffed "Then why there's a girl standing here?"

The captor turned around to see me, while I awkwardly waived at them, saying "Hi".

"I'm missing something or are you two do your sibling chit chat?" I asked, while Eve slightly laughter at my respond.

"Hey, shut it, girl!" he barked at me.

"Now now, Zero. That's not how we treat strangers even when friend or foe, remember?" she scolded him.

"Hmpf! Fine then. I'm Zero, the highest admin of Team Meteor!" he proudly called.

"And I'm Eve, the top scientist of... them." Eve's voice sounded bitter, when referring Team Meteor.

"The name's Lucia. Tell me what's with that Tangrowth?" I pointed at it.

"PULSE Machine. A machine I created. It serves as a hybridization-amplification mechanic, enhancing both Pokemons strength and combat in battle." Eve explained, referring to the Tangrowth.

I couldn't believe, what she says, "Do you realize that your machine is hurting everything around; ruining their lives and even families." I cried out in despair, remembering the fate of the Nurse Joy's son and any other victim, who perished because of those vines.

"Well we cannot deny that it has hurt people, but we could care less about those scum." Zero coldly replied.

"If you don't value the innocent lives then things only going to be worse!" I said "How can you be so heartless?!" I felt tears coming out, while glaring at the pair.

"Believe me when I say this Lucia. I know exactly how it feels, but I have no choice..." Eve trailed off, while looking away from me.

"And it's time to bury you with the others! Tangrowth attack her!" Zero commended, as the Pokemom stepped from the machine and moved towards me.

"Like I wouldn't do nothing about that! Fleur let's dance!" I called Fleur out, who stood gracefully, but as she saw the Tangrowth she looked with fear and disgust at it.

"Ahh... Did you bring your precious little 'Killer Foxy' out to stop me~" Zero hautly said, making both us angry at his comment.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked confused.

"Let's just say, I watched that little show with those thugs getting teared and burned alive by your Ninetails, when they were about to bang you. I even assisted them with a vine to make things... more interesting to enjoy. You know I installed some gadgets on vines to see everything, what the monitor does." he mused, as his eyes had a sinister gleam.

My eyes widen in shock, as I remembered that vine trapped me, when I wanted to rescue Victoria back in the Obsidia Slums.

"You sick perverted asshole! Did you know, what could've happened to both us, if it weren't for Fleur!" I shouted in bloody murder at Zero, who seemed unfazed by my anger.

Fleur dashed towards Tangrowth, as it jumped on air towards it.

"Power Whip." Vines appeared from the ground, slamming at her with no mercy, sending her crashed into the field.

"Are you okay?" I shouted in concern, as she got up.

"Heat Wave." A heating wind blew through the area, but the Tangrowth remained still on it's position.

"How boring. Sludge Bomb!" Zero called out, as a purple orb hit Fleur; her fur turned slightly purple, as she went on her knees in pain and closed her eyes.

"Don't give up, Fleur! Hurry an-"

"Wrap her." Multiple vines wrapped around Fleur, lifted her up.

"Niiin..." She struggled, as the poison takes effect on her.

"Use Flamethrower on it's face!" I said.

"Shut the muzzle and Poison Powder." A smaller vine, wrapped around her mouth, causing Fleur to struggled with what it left from her strength, feeling the poison getting stronger, as smaller clouds surrounding her.

"Ha! Just because you choose a Fire type doesn't mean, it can beat my PULSE Pokemon, even if it's part Grass/Poison type. Like my dear sister Eve said: It enhancing both Pokemons strength and combat in battle." he proudly remarks, while Eve remained stoic.

I felt like, I'm watching Fleur getting more weaker and weaker, as I pulled out her GreatBall to call her back, but I hesitated. I don't know, what to do?

"Na aha. No calling back your Pokemon, until the current one faints... Or it dies from poison and you'll watch her die." He cooed, as he snaps his fingers, bounding my hands behind my back, letting the GreatBall fall on the ground.

"Lucia! What the hell to you thing, you're doing interfering with the Battle Rules, you s-" Amaria yelled, before she was gagged by a vine.

"And you not tell me what do to!" he interrupted her, as she still looked at him with hate in her eyes.

"Now Lucia. I'll give you a decision to make: Neither you surrender or watch your foxy die!" he snap his fingers again, as the vines tightened around Fleur's body. I tried to reach out, but those vines held me back.

"Fleur, don't give up! Just hold on!" I called for her over and over again, looking at her with hope, she'll make it alive. Fleur gave me a weak look, as she slowly moved her tails left to right.

"Don't you see, that it's no use at all. Your Ninetails is physically unable to stand against my Tangrowth! Besides the poison has already did it's work on her, so why fighting when it's already over?" Zero mocked.

"Because I have faith in my Pokemon and they have been trained for situations like those, no matter what. That's what the bond is between Pokemon and their trainers!" I explained, while glaring at him, while Eve stared at me with awe.

Zero run a hand through his raven hair, "So you have lots of determination and courage for you and your Pokemon. Very impressive, but that will not going to save nobody."

I still looked at him, silently praying for a miracle or something. Suddenly I noticed her 9 tails glowing orange and red, as they moved now a bit faster. So where Fleur's eyes, as she looked up to the sun.

Suddenly an idea jolted through my mind with hope!

"Fleur, move you tails faster and make sure, the light is pointing at them!" I called out enough for her to hear me, as she began move them faster, as they glow much brighter now.

"W-what this? What the hell is happening now?" he yelled, as he put his arms in front of his face, shielding himself.

Flames now wrapped around Fleur's tails, as her entire body began to glow as well, causing the Tangrowth to cry out in pain, pulling the vines back enough for Fleur to be released. With all her strength, she stood up, while a vortex of flames was forming around her body, transforming her into a creature of fire.

I mind wandered around similar situation back, before remembering what it was, That looks familiar! Fleur did something similar during the Beauty Contests back then! It's the Venusius Vortex! The technique I named after it!

"Tails!Nine. Nin!" Fleur looked at the PULSE- Tangrowth.

"What the hell is going on? How did she break free?!" Zero shouted in confusion and anger, while looking terrified.

"The sun was the solution." Eve calmly stated, while observing the battle "The girl is using the sun as a source for powering up her Ninetails's fire power with it's sun rays. As a result, she procuded enough fire for her to recover."

"And due to Reborn's unique fields, it gives Pokemon advantages per their types to adapt or use the weather for it." I added on.

"Why the hell didn't you say it earlier, so I could finish it MUCH quicker, you dumb nerd!" Zero yelled at Eve.

"I thought you are an expert in PULSE- Machines, you dumbass." Eve shrugged off.

This gave me the chance to stricke, "Fleur use your flame power and stricke Tangrowth with all of you might and grace! VENUSIUS VORTEX!"

"Niiiiiinntaaaaaaiiilllllsss!" She shouted, as she jumped up and twirling on air, forming a huge fire ball. Like a falling asteroid, it falls towards Tangrowth. This causes Zero to notice and panicked, like he saw his worst nightmare.

"SLUDGE BOMB! HURRY UP!" He screamed at the top of his lungs, as Tangrowth fired a much larger version of it's attack towards Fleur, but as soon their collided, a massive explosion was caused around the park.

I closed my eyes for cover, as I fell on the ground, meaning the vines were gone. I looked around to see some parts of the park were in flames, but luckily it didn't spread around. However the machine was burning, as smoke boiled from it, as Amaria lied on the ground just a few inches away from the fire. I quickly rushed to her side and dragged her away to a safe spot, as she coughed.

"*cough* You... *cough* *cough* did it, Lucia." Amaria coughed. Her clothes were slightly burned, but she was unharmed.

"Are you alright, Amaria?" I asked, helping her to get up, while using my arm around her, putting hers on my shoulder.

"Yes... I'm fine now. Here let me help." She released a Vaporeon, "Can you use Hydro Pump to put out the fire, Citrus?"

Citrus nodded in response, started to spin around and fired a power blast of water around the park, putting out the fires remaining around the area. Once she was sure, every went okay, she returned her into the PokeBall, so did I with Fleur.

"Now you have DONE IT!" An angry voice shouted at us, turning around to see Zero standing there furious, his clothes were half burned. "You killed Tangrowth and destroyed MY PULSE Machine! You Ninetails is indeed the "Killer Foxy!"

"Wait... what?" My eyes opened in shock, hearing this.

"We'll remember this, Lucia. See you someday. I hope." Eve mused, as she and Zero ran away from the scene.

I walked to the now normal Tangrowth and saw his burned corpse, "I . . . I killed a Pokemon." I thought in disbelief and dismay, as tears fell down my eyes. How did this happen? Back in my Trainer years, the most powerful attack would've caused badly injuries and getting immobilized for a long time in the worst case. But this was new to me.

"W-what happened?" Cain asked, as he and the others rushed towards us.

"Confusion: What happened?" Florinia ashed as well.

I said nothing as I looked at Tangrowth, while sobbing. How could this happen? How could this happen?!

Amaria walked towards me, "Are you ok?" She asked.

"No. I'm not." I sobbed quietly, as Victoria kneels next to me.

"What happen?" Victoria asked.

"Tangrowth was the reason the vines were growing out of control so Lucia battled it. Her Fleur used a special move on it and defeated, but it was too much for it to handle, which caused an explosion and it died." Amaria answered making everyone's eyes open wide, as I sobbed cried harder, punching the ground with my fists.

"I killed it! I killed an innocent Pokemon!" I screamed with tears falling out of my eyes. "I've never killed anything in my entire life! NEVER EVER IN MY LIFE! I was supposed to help people and Pokemon, not killing them. How I am supposed to be a hero, when I just become a murderer! Tell me HOW?!" I cried loudly at the skies.

Then I felt a pair of arms hugging me from behind, "I don't know what you're going through now, but..." I could hear Cain's voice, making me turn around to him. "You have to stop thinking about the negative things you did and thing about the lives you saved by defeating the Tangrowth." Cain said.

"I agree. You saved a lot of lives today. Sometimes in order to save many lives, some must be taken. Regardless if we like it or not." Victioria added on, hugging me as well.

"Agreement: Because of you the people in Obsidia Ward are safe and the vines are gone." Florinia added with a smile.

"Thanks... I need to hear that..." I sadly replied, still shedding tears.

"Moving from this gloomy stuff. Thank you for saving Obsidia Ward." Amaria thanked me.

"Yeah. And thousand thanks for saving us." Cain also thanked as he let go of me and bowed in gratitude, causing me to laugh.

"No worries." I replied wiping away my tears, as Victoria stood up.

Maybe they are right, in order to save lives, we must sacrifice others as I don't want to accept it." I thought, still doubting, but perhaps they were right with that.

"Well on that note, I'm going to report this incident to Ame. See you later guys." Amaria explained, before she left.

"We'll go with you. Bye Lucy." Victoria replied before she Amaria and Cain walked away.

"See ya later Sunshine." Cain chimed, as I blushed at the nickname, he gave me.

Florinia turned to me, "Explanation: I'll be waiting for you at my Gym. Location: Onyx Trainer School at the North end of Onyx Ward. I'll be awaiting your arrival." Florinia said as she walked away.

"Farewell: See you later then, Rini." I said with her nickname, Julia and Amaria use.

All alone, I decided to rest awhile, before going for my 2and gym.



A/N: Another chapter's done.

So Lucia managed to rescue the Day Care Couple and defeat Zero and the PULSE- Tangrowth, saving Obsidia Ward.

Also in Chronicverse, ZEL never existed and instead Zero is the brother of Eve and Lumi, but their backstory will be told very latter on.

Stay awake for more



Relationship points 


Victoria (+1) 5/10: Glad she's okay and tries to recover from what she expired, but then she had to bash me with all those lectures during the Coral Ward... But hey, that's what friends do, right? Fighting for little things, hehe😅


Cain (+2) 6/10: He proved to me, that he's a good person and supportive friend, always there to listen and help, besides his weird jokes. Glad he didn't turned out to be another Fern. He should be a danger or singer, due to his nice performance rescue in Coral War🤗


Florinia (No change): Still the same, but I sensed a little more emotion inside her. Can wait to battle her😁


Amaria: (+4) 4/10: Meeting the 4th Gym Leader only in 3 days! That's very wonderful. Appears to be kind and responsible as well. I'm glad, she pushed me away in time, when the vines came


Hannah (+2) 7/10: The poor thing was very despairly to find her parents, that it nearly broke her down, but I'm very glad she reunited with them. However who ever that bastard dared to slapped her, will be get a nice beating from me😤


Zero (+1) 1/10: Bah! Not only he was responsible for the damages in Obsidia Ward, he was the one, who attacked me with those vines back in the slums! What a pervert and for trying to kill my Fleur and make me surrender, but luckily the sun saved our lifes😤😡


Eve (+2) 2/10: Low points due to being with Team Meteor and acting indifferent for the consequences they caused with their PULSE MACHINES. Therefore she was more reasonable and acted more "normal" from the pair. How on earth is she related to him?!

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⛔A/N: Contains swearing and some mention torture/sexual. Also this story is for people from 18 and not for below due to sensitive content. Thanks for your understanding⛔


Battle the Top Dog!- Lucia vs Fern


I sat inside the Pokemon Center, still thinking what happened just before in Obsidia Park, as I killed Tangrowth, for the sake of saving many lives. I was still unsure, what I did was right. My parents always taught me about moralities and their experiences with others. Not stealing or harming others, but I did something horrible. Therefore it was for the sake of Obsidia Ward's rescue, right? I grabbed my head with both hands, feeling the pressure of thousands thoughs and questions going through my head. It was so hard to understand now. Then I remembered the Elder's words back from my childhood in Meteor Village.


It doesn't matter if you did something terrible, as long there's a meaningful reason behind the act.


Those words repeated in my head like a comforting melody as I pulled out something from my bag. It was a pendant, decorated with emerald pearls, which the centre a bluish meteorite. It's called the Dragon's Pendant, given by Zinnia, during the time, when I had to save Hoenn for the second time from a falling meteoroid. Normally only Lorekeepers are allowed to wear it, but given my bond to Rayquaza, she gave me it as a sight of our friendship and trust. I miss her.


I wonder how is she doing now?


Is she still alive?


What about the others in Hoenn?


Did Zander got her?


The holder can summon and mega evolve Rayquaza at times of dangers, but I don't want to do this- not when Zander is around. I'm afraid, if I do that, he'll find it out sooner or later and... and...


I gulped, as I was thinking about this. Only bad will come out with that so called "billionaire". I put it bag in my pocket, as I finished the last adjustments for my next gym match. Checking the time, it was already 2:25 P.M, so better hurry up or else somethings going to happen, like with Julia back then.

Leaving the Pokemon Center behind, I walked down the now vine free main street with a few people thanked me for the rescue of their homes- guess I'm a hero in their eyes now. Entering the small tunnel at north, which leads me to the Onyx Ward.


It had both casino and arcade, but didn't had much time for this. As I walked around, I spotted the school named Onyx Trainer School, where a few students were hanging around at the schoolgrounds. This brings me back memories about the Rustboro Trainer School with me serving the exhibition for Rock Gym Leader Roxanne's lessons in Pokemon Battling, since I was one of Hoenn's Ace trainers.


Guess, it's time to go back to school now. Oh for Groundon's sake, I'm soooooo excited. I though with sarcasm, still remembering how Roxanne's classes were. So much useful information, but so many lessons till you brain cells were all wasted. Do you this feeling, don't you all?


Once I entered the school grounds, the students around me began to whisper eachother, as I passed them, which made me a bit suspicious- but that's how schools are for it's gossip and stuff, as I got used back then, so I ignored that.


"Oh excuse me, you there?" A female student asked me, as she walked towards me with two other girls "Are you a new student or a gym challenger?"


"I'm a gym challenger and want to battle Florinia for my 2nd badge. Why you ask?" I replied.


"Well you see, we are in preparations for a festival in a few days and we don't want to be disturbed, so please use the left door." She pointed at my left behind.


"It happened to be also the gym area for challengers like you... If you made it." She added with a cute smirk, as her two friends giggled.


"Huh? What was that?" I asked puzzled.


"Ah nothing. Just a joke I made. Good luck." She said, as the 3 ran away.


I let out a sign, as I walked to the left door, feeling a bit weird now, "Welp... That was weird firstly, but that's how schools are for. Now time for my 2nd gym battle." With that I opened the door and was about to walk to the corridor, until I saw Fern standing in front of me with two males students.


"Hello, Lucia. Good to see you again." He said, while eyeing at me.


"Fern? What are you doing here?" I asked with little fear, but keep it under the line; not wanted to see me frightened.


"Someonetold me that you coming here to challenge my sister to a Gym Battle, right?" He calmly mused, while taking 3 steps towards me.


"Indeed. Now if you excuse me, please let me past to challenge her. You can even watch our match, if you want." I politely reasoned with her, as I tried to walk past him, only for his two goons blocking my way, "Uhm... Can you two move aside, please? I really need to get my badge." I repeated, not wanting to cause any trouble.


The two looked at me, before bursting into laughter, "BWAHAHAHAHAHA! This chick things with some goofy goody nicely jokes, she can get pass us, bro!" The first one said.


"I know right! Her parents must've have raised her isolated in a cave during the great hajahaja shit, bro!" His companion laughed "Can blame ya, chicky, if you ran away from home, cuz mommy and daddy were too bland for ya!"




Anger filled me, as he just insulted my parents! One of the people, I love and care! How... How are he?! "Did you just insulted my parents, you idiot?" I murmured, while my fists shaked in anger.


She cried their names, as she frantically looked through the flames, despairly to find them.


"Eyyyy, easy there babe. Can you just-" A slap cut him out of his sentence, as I felt hate taking over me and lost control, "DID YOU INSUTED MY PARENTS, YOU MOTHERFUCKER?! NEVER DIRT MY FAMILY'S NAME!" I yelled, as I punched his gut. Crying out in pain, he stumbled back. Fern grabbed me by my shoulders, his fingers digging into my skin. I looked at him with furious eyes, making eye contact with his.


"Now now. No need to get all handy over some dead people, sweetheart." Fern said in a mocking tone, while squeezing my shoulders, before "gently" messaging them; giving me a creepy feeling about this.


"Can you get your hands off me? I just want to battle your sister!" I cried out, getting inpatient with every second out of despair. Fern bend over me, his mouth close to my left ear, not stopping his massage.


"Youdon't deserve to challengeher. You're not good enough. This right here is a good example of that." He whispered, as his fingers began to lower a bit and my muscles began to tense under his touch, "W-what to you want from me? Money? Another battle against you? Just please tell me, so you can be satisfied! JUST TELL ME!"


"Simple." He said, letting go off me, as I stood, "I'll let you challenge my sister for the match to prove yourself worthy." For the first time, I was filled with some hope and relief, as I wanted a peaceful reasoning with Fern and avoid problems at any costs, "Good, what's the d-"


"Unless you become my girlfriend. My Top Kitten." My smile faded away, as it got replaced with a shocked expression.


"W-what? Your... Top... K-kitten? Is this some of a fucking joke, Fern? I said horrified, wanting to believe it's just bullshit.


"Nope." He smirked arrogantly, "I was captivated by your beauty and skills, you see. I just... It's a pretty deal for you. You becoming the Top Kitten by my side and we'll gon-" I didn't finished his sentence, as I punched at his nose and rushed for the gym path, but he grabbed me by my wrist and pushed me down the floor; hitting my head hard.


A small cry of pain escaped from my lips, as I held my head. It feels like, I was hit by rocks, yet my skull didn't got cracked up or something. "Listen right there! I'll NEVER will become you Top Kitten, you sick pervert! You're scaring me and just leave me alone!" I yelled at him, while getting up and leaned against the wall for support.


"So it's sealed then. Trey, tell the other kids not to let her in. And Skye,go hit the switch for the gate." His goons exited the room, listening to what he ordered them to do.


"Maybe you don't understand why I'm doing this. It's not like I'm tryingto stickup for Flobot. But it's a matter of our school's pride." He mused, while walking backwards, still keeping his eyes on me.


"...More like... your pride." I said, while closing my eyes in anger, not wanting to show my face to him.


When he got back far enough, a steel gate came crashing down the ground, causing me to jump off.


"And you... You're not worthy, yet. If you are a coward. So come... Come and face us in a battle royal. The OTS against you. Later little sweetheart." I could hear Fern's voice; his words piercing through me, before running away.I stood there for a couple of seconds, angry at the fact that I got denied my access toFlorinia and to challenge her for the Gym badge.


I never imagine Gym Matches would be that hard in Reborn... And so unfair...


I sighed, as I walked from the area, "Guess I have to battle all those students then... *sign* Let's just end this quickly guess..." I said, as I released Rose, who looked at me in concern.


"No time for worries... Just let's battle them all..." I ensured her, that I'm fine, but I wasn't now, as she- being the Embrace Pokemon- could sense my emotions now, but I was very busy with walking towards the other entrance outside with two students guarding it. I was about to walk past them until they held out their arms blocking mu way, "Fern gave us orders, not letting you through." One student told me.


"How about, I'll battle you two instead with this Gardevoir." I gestured Rose to fight, as the two students released a Stunfisk and a Poliwhirl.


"Rose, let's end this quickly." I told the her who nodded in response.


"Poliwhirl use Bubble Beam!"


"Stunfisk use Mud Shot!"


Poliwhirl fired a line of bubbles and Stunfisk fired mud orbs towards Rose.


"Jump up, then use Dazzling Gleam on them." Rose jumped on air and managed to dodge them, her body surrounded by a white light before unleashing it's energy on them, causing them to crash into a wall. Both trainers turned around, only to see their Pokemon unconscious, as the smoke cleared a bit and looked back towards Rose, scared if her strength, before releasing a Vaporeon and a Swellow.


"Swellow Air Slash!" Swellow flapped his wings hard created a light blue energy disc blade.


"Vaporeon use Water Pulse!" Vaporeon formed a water orb and threw it along with Swellow's Air Slash, creating a combination of it.


"Protect and next Dazzling Gleam... again!" I commanded added a bit louder lastly, as Rose former a shield I'm from of her, which blocked both Water Pulse and Air Slash and soon fired Dazzling Gleam on them, both getting hit hard and caused a small explosion. When the smoke cleared it revealed both students Pokemon unconscious, much to their shock.


I simply walked into the building with Rose along, not caring about the two and saw it has bookshelfs filled with books and there was even a Nurse Joy behind a counter with her machine. However I made a straight line for the counch, slurping on it with Rose sitting next to me as well. I just wanted to take a break, before I'll start a rampage on Fern for his deal and plan.


"What is he thinking, he's doing right now?" I started talking to Rose, who looked at me with concern "Turning the whole school against me, just because I declined his offer being his... *shudders* Top Kitten, bah! He started getting drool over me, that pervert in the factory." I ranted, still remember him smaking my butt.

I placed my hands on my face in frustration, "And now I have to battle my way through all the students to get Florinia. Oh dear Rayquaza and what's mighty! Why the hell, can I have a decent gym trial without all this shit?!" I groaned, while Rose patted my back. I was really thinking ways to avoid them, maybe digging underground, but I didn't want to risk trouble, damaging property.


Suddenly my PokeGear was vibrating, "Great, who is it now?" I mumbled, as I pulled it from my bag.




"Hello there, Lucia." Ame's voice was heard, which relieved me "How's your journey going? Did you collect some badges?"


"I won against Julia and now I'm currently at Florinia's gym, the OTS. But... the gates are closed an-"


"Ah I see, but don't panic about it. That's how Reborn's gyms puzzles are." She interrupted me "So let me tell you about her gym: Florinia's fighting style is a little different from what you might expect from a Grass leader. Her team centers around sand and will try to stall you with with sandstorms and other status effects. Her strategy is called "Desert-Rose" for this reason. Maybe you can change the terrain, but be careful that sandstorm can interrupt it again. Also extra power is always helpful against her as well. Hope that helps you out! Good Luck!" With that she closed the call.


I sighed again, putting the Pokegear inside, not knowing if I was now encouraged with Ame's advises. Rose looked at me, but I gave her a small smile, as I stood up and gestured her to follow me, "C'mon Rose, we have a badge to earn today." I said, as Rose nodded, before taking the right path, due to the left side was completely sealed. As I walked through two battlefields, 3 female students ran towards me, stopping me from going further. I recognizing them as the 3 girls from earlier outside.


"Hiii there, Miss Challenger. Welcome to Fern's Battle Royal, where no losers are allowed and they need to be kicked out immediately." The same girl, that spoke to me before, greeted me in a mocking voice, as her two friends bursted into laughter.


"Which means losers like you!" One of the two called out between her laugher.


"Whatever bitch, get ready for your snooty asses to be blasted to the moon, because there's no way I'm turning back." I deadpanned with Rose glaring at them.

"Oh Shut up, you fucking hoe, dare wearing such revealing clothes, violating the school's dress code." A 3rd girl shouted, pointing at my slevess yellow turtleneck and my orange shorts. This ticked me off, as I looked at them with no emotion.


"So just because, I'm wearing clothes, that reveal a little more skin, doesn't mean I fucked every guy at the school." I coldly scoffed "You're just jealous, that you think you can boss me around like trash, therefore your personality is not that much better, following someone's orders like a brainless lapdog.


"What the fuck did you said?!" The girls shouted in a unison.


"Simple: A bunch of brainless lapdog." I spoke in the same tone.


"What is soo it! I'll fucking tear your face apart, you whore!" The main girl screeched, as she lugged with spread wide arms at me, but Rose used Psychic, as purple energy surrounded her, much to her lackey's terror.


"Eeii! What the hell? Put me down THIS instant!" She kicked around, trying to break free, but no avail.


I grinned at her with pleasure at her poor attempts, "Since you asked me for, I'll put you down..." They sighed in relief, as I monitored Rose to put her down...

"Slam them!" Soon the girls were sent crashing with much force into a wall, renting them unconscious. They deserve it for speaking such bullshit about me and for trying to prevent me challenging Florinia, which this getting on my nerves already!


We went upstairs while facing a new wave of students, who were soon brushed of by Rose, mostly they had first till middle evolution class Pokemon or simply were cowards too face me now. Letting all my frustrations out of them for inferring into my league challenge.


So much for this so called Battle Royal. Such pathetic display! Such pathetic! I mind was filled with dark thoughs about crushing my opponents into misery, as the last two student's Watchdog and Pidgeot were sent crashing into a wall by Rose's Psychic.


"Pathetic. Not worth opponents" I commended my last battle, as Fern would always say- just like at the beginning.


You're not worthy


Not worthy


Just worthless




I shake my head in confusion, like someone was trying to posses me, but those words... They... might have something, right?




Meanwhile (3rd person POV)

Fern was leaning outside the door that connects to the battle room, waiting for Lucia to come, while listening to some loud noises in distance.

"I'm sure, she'll come. I mean, this girl was to battle Flobot so badly, that there's no way, that those people can stop her." He though, before smile a bit "Thefore, I have a very special surprise prepared just for her."


Soon a loud noise- a door slam open exact- caught his attention and looked up, only to see Lucia being extremely angry with a cold expression, glaring dangers at him with her Gardevoir seriously standing by her left.


"So, Those idiots can't do anything right, can they?" he murmured to himself, as he lifted his gaze towards her.


"Let's just say, their power gap wasn't reachable to mine or a few of them are even stuck at walls now." Lucia coldly spoke, while glaring at him.

"Look, Lucia, really, don't take it personally, that you're just a loser. No offense." Fern said in a calm voice "It's just plain and simple: I'm doing you a favor."

"Which involved being your *groans* fucking "Top Kitten and me." Lucia called out.


"Cuz you're someone worth in my eyes. A worth person by my side with power. I even started taking on the league myself for you" Fern mused.


"Ah now, we turn in to sugar honey, eh? Guess what... Not in your dreams, Fern. That will never work on me." The female Hoennian glared at him.


Fern simply laughed, as he came a bit closer to her, "Do you think, that will scare me? I have my ways and being capable to take on stronger levels, Lucia."

"I was once the Champion of Hoenn for 3 years! And my Pokemom are STILL capable to battle no matter what! I believe in myself and my Pokemon in all situations." Lucia shouted, feeling a bit more confident now "I challenged you to a battle, Fern! If you win, we'll go back on the deal, but if I WIN, you're letting me go battle your sister, capiche?"


Fern smirked as he pulled put a PokeBall, "Do you really think, you can beat ME, just because you took on a Pokemon League. I mean honey please: They are people with smaller power gaps, who can be very clever to fool the strongest." His voice filled with arrogance "Like my sister beat me many times, I have learned to put some tactics in as well, even if I don't like it. But as the Top Dog, I'll NEVER gonna lose to you! Krokorok, let's wreck!" His Unova Ground/Dark Type appeared, crossing his arms and glared at Lucia and Rose.


"So be it! Rose let's dance with Psychic!" The Gardevoir floated in front of her trainer, as she fired a powerful wave of purple energy, hitting Krokorok. However it had no effect, as he stood without a scratch and he smirked at the now terrified Pokemon.


"W-what? But h-"


"Did you seriously forget, what my Krokorok's secondary type is?" Fern laughed "He's immune to Psychic moves, but your Rose NOT so against this! Crunch on her!"


Krokorok's fangs began to glow, as he quickly run towards Rose.


"Quickly Dazzling Gleam!" Lucia shouted, as Rose began to form a bright pink light.


"Dig below!" Fern said, as Krokorok quickly dug under the floor, leaving the both females in confusion and panic.


"Where's he?" Lucia mumbled to herself, as she soon heard rumbling down, "Rose get away, he's right below you!" The Embrace Pokemon soon notice it as well, trying to dodge, but a claw grabbed at her leg with Krokorok using Crunch; biting her upper part.


"Rose!" Lucia shouted in concern.


Rose screamed in pain, as she felt the sharp fangs nearly tearing, before she was thrown in fron of her Trainer.


"Are you okay?" She frantically asked her.


"Garnnggghh.." Rose wimpered, clutching her stomach in pain.


"Please take a rest. I appreciate your efforts." She returned Rose to her PokeBall, "Vanilly, use Scald!" As the Swampert came out in a fighting position, bumping his fists together, before sending a beam of hot water towards Krokorok; only for Fern to switch it out for his Servine, who took barely damage due to his Grass Factors.


"Like I would take that! I'm not just an idiot like those brainless clowns!" Fern laughed, as he raised his hand "Energy Ball!" Servine formed a green orb firing it towards Vanilly.


"Dodge it and use Hammer Arm!" Vanilly dodged the attack, his left fist glowed brightly and swung it with great force towards Servine, hitting right to his head; crashing it to the ground. It wasn't unconscious, due to slowly standing up, but could barely hold on.


"Use Leaf Tornado!" Fern shouted, as the Grads Snake Pokemon started spinning around, creating a green tornado of light green leafs, surrounding both him and Vanilly,


"Move away!"


"Leaf Blade!"


As Vanilly slowly moved away- due to the effects of Hammer Arm- he got hit by it, sending Vanilly into a wall behind Lucia.


"Vanilly!" She cried out. Vanilly was still conscious, but could barely walk, as he nearly losing his balance. Suddenly he forcibly slammed his fists on the ground, which started to shake and a few boulders emerged under Servine, sending it up to the celling, before falling down unconscious. Vanilly did the same as well, making both their trainers shocked and surprised, with Fern glaring at her.


"What the hell was that now?" He asked annoying, as he returned Servine.


"That was... Earthquake." Lucia softly replied, while checking on her Pokemon "That's why, though I didn't told him doing that attack."


"I don't care! I have still 2 Pokemon left, so don't get cocky!" Fern shouted, as he released his Krokorok again.


"Say the one, who calls himself a Top Dog. Aurora, let's dance!" The girl summoned her Froslass, who merely glared at her opponent, while Fern clenched his teeth in anger, veins popping out.


"We'll see about that! Krokorok Fire Fang that!" Fern shouted, as Krokorok.


"Dodge it and Ice Beam on Krokorok!" Aurora merely avoided Krokorok's Fire Fangs, though her 'kinomo' got nearly burned a bit and fired a Ice Beam behind at Krokook; freezing his legs in the progress.


"Break free!" Fern shouted.


"Not under my watch! Finish him!" The Ice/Ghost Pokemon floated towards her trapped opponent, "Crunch!"


"Ice Beam again and finish with Shadow Ball!"


Soon Krokorok's muzzle was completely frozen, before it could hit her, as she fired her Shadow Ball towards him. Soon the ice got broken, however a few small ice chucks hit his head, causing him to cry out in pain, before being sent crashing behind Fern into a wall, revealing him unconscious.


"Dammit!" The boy growled, as he returned Krokorok, "I'm impressed about that, but I STILL have one left, so don't get co-"


"Could you please make it quick? I have a Gym Battle for my rendezvous soon." Lucia said, making a check-the-watch-gesture while Aurora giggled at that. Fern felt anger creeping over him, as he hates losing to his prey. He took his 3rd and last HyperBall to reveal a shiny black white Roserade- not an ordinary one, like I would remember- with a left red and right purple flowers, who stood arrogantly and glaring at Aurora with a smirk, resembling her trainer's personality.

"A Roserade huh? Luckily she has an disadvantage to Ice types, so Aurora has no problem, but I shouldn't underestimate Fern." Lucia though, while looking at the Sinnoh Grass/Poison Beauty.


"Sleep Powder!" Roserade flowers began to glow green spores, sending them towards Aurora, but she simple blew them away like candles, infuriating the former. She soon fired red fiery orbs on her, sending her into Lucia, as she let out a evil chuckle.


"Are you okay, Aurora?" Lucia asked, as Frolass checked herself, revealing her kimono having got shorter due to the fire orbs. This made her angry, as she gave a death stare to Roserade who stick her tongue out in a sassy manner, making the Froslass very angry and threw a few Shadow Balls towards her, who she easily dodged them, as she gracefully stepped and doing some dance moves.


"Fross! Fross! Laassss!" She shouted in anger at her opponents, who simply stood her with her arms on her hips, which caused the Snow Land Pokemon to fire uncontrollably Ice Beams around the area, freezing a few parts in anger, forming some ice boulders on the celling.


"Aurora, please calm down! Calm down already!" Lucia pleaded sternly, as Aurora turned around towards her in anger and fired another Ice Beam towards her. Luckily for the girl, she dodged that in time, as both Fern and Roserade laughed at the pathetic display.


"Tsk, tsk, tsk. How pathetic, that you cannot control your Pokemon's temper. Maybe you should ditch that already." Fern sneered, as his Roserade giggled in response. However Lucia ignored them, "Aurora please listen to me! That Roserade just wants to upset you, so she can attack you from behind! You have my and your comrades faith as well, so don't give up!" Her voice filled with determination rang to Aurora's heart, as she looked eyes with her trainer, who gave her a warm smile in return.


Soon the Froslass turned towards Fern and her opponent, who she scoffed a bit, "So, all calm now, eh? But don't you think you can win! Hidden Power all over again!"


"Aurora quick dodge!"


Roserade's Hidden Power rained down without mercy, as the Froslass dodge them with grace, but Lucia knows is cannot keep going, Think, think... How I'm supposed to win now. I don't have all done for that?! She thought, while looking for a possible place around for Aurora to attack, but it was impossible as long Roserade keeps attacking her. The she notices the small ice boulders on the celling, as an idea popped in her mind, That's it! If I can make Aurora lure Roserade to make her attack her, but during the process near one of the ice boulders... Maybe all of that!


"Are you giving up?" Fern smugly asked towards her.


"Like hell I would! Aurora, dodge quickly and after 3 up the celling!" I called out, as Aurora nodded in understatement. Just like planned, she dodged Hidden Power 3 times, before st the 4th time she floated towards the ice boulders, as the attack was shot towards it's target, but it hit the celling. Then it triggers a loud noise, as the boulders fall towards the unsuspected Pokemon, who looked up in shock, before she was hit by one of them.


"What the hell?! Roserade!" Fern cried out in shock, as he looked around, only to reveal her unconscious beneath them, "I-I lost?!"


"We did it, Aurora! We won!" Lucia cheered, as she gave a high-five to Aurora, who hugged her in response, "Get back now, you deserve a long rest" She returned her into the PokeBall, as she walked towards Fern.


"Guess... that means I'm now worthly to challenge your sister, right?" She chimed, as Fern looked up to her annoyed.


"Of course! Of course you can now!" He replied, before taking a deep breath "But next time, don't think it will be that easy. I have already defeated her and that annoying crazy cheerdumb."


"That's Julia for you. Now if you excuse me, O have a Gym Match to do." And with that Lucia walked towards the gate, that connects to the area field, only to find it closed.


"Huh? Closed, but how? I co-"


:redx:"NOW USE SLUDGE BOMB DROP!" A very loud voice interrupted her, as she was soon 'shovered' in a warm gas of Poison and felt something hard pressed against the back, causing her to lose balance and hit her head on the doors with a loud thumb; falling in the floor, as a second Sludge Bomb hit directly on her face. She screamed in pain, followed by a series of coughing and horrible heartaches, as everything around her began to blur and going cloudy purple.

"*cough* Ahh... *cough* *cough*" She covered her mouth with one hand, as she tried to get up, but a pair of hands did that job for her; giving the assumption that people are helping her right now.


"-ay do- on -he f-o-r. On -our f-r- -ow!" She could heard someone saw, but didn't regonatized it due to sounding distorted.


"Ho- -er d-ow- b-s! S-ow t-t -it-h, wh-e s- b-lo-s n-!" She felt her hands getting lifted up and felt very funny now, as her body went numb. The pressed preventing her to react, but it felt suddenly all cold now. She doesn't know why?


"H-huh?" Lucia tried to speak, but only coughed, spitting some liquid from her mouth.


"Do- -orr-, - -op -i-ten. I -ro- -n -ery -pec- and-e -r -ou."


Slowly she began to lose consciousness, as her eyes began heavy to let me open, as she felt something bitter poured inside her.


That must be the cure. It often tastes bitter, so there's no problem for me. She thought to herself, as she relaxed her body a bit. Her body began to move on it's own, as she feels dizzy and barely could hold herself, as she felt something behind her, only to be forcefully dropped on the ground, as a loud noise was heard with that she could heard.


The last thing, Lucia remembered was a very furious green haired girl glaring towards a few people around her, before she passed out from.:redx:



Character Realitionship Points



Fern (-2) 0/10: Is he out of his mind?! Preventing me to battle Florinia, just bc he wants me to be his "Top Kitten"? What the hell is that? Cn we just be at least friends or just simple normal civilians to eachother? He does he always scares me 😞


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Had to edit it on my laptop due to my smartphone doesn't work that much >.<

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Poor Lucia... No matter where she ends up, she always is a target. 😥 I really hope it's all going to improve for her, but given that it's Reborn I don't believe it... You're sure you can't have M-Rayquaza check up on her and "unfortunately" pushing Fern in the lake?

Also, what on earth was that attack? Was Fern behind it, or bad timing? Another Meteor move?


I was thinking of asking you why Lucia is scared that calling M-Rayquaza would reveal her whereabouts to Zander, but then I realized that you called him a billionnaire. Of course he could be very interested if news spread of a mythological OP beast showing up in some random part of the earth for no reason in particular, and quite able to go there.





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7 hours ago, Mindlack said:

Poor Lucia... No matter where she ends up, she always is a target. 😥 I really hope it's all going to improve for her, but given that it's Reborn I don't believe it... You're sure you can't have M-Rayquaza check up on her and "unfortunately" pushing Fern in the lake?

Also, what on earth was that attack? Was Fern behind it, or bad timing? Another Meteor move?


I was thinking of asking you why Lucia is scared that calling M-Rayquaza would reveal her whereabouts to Zander, but then I realized that you called him a billionnaire. Of course he could be very interested if news spread of a mythological OP beast showing up in some random part of the earth for no reason in particular, and quite able to go there.





I wish to reveal you more about this whole Rayquaza-Zander thing, but it would spoil the fun. At the future it will be revealed. 


Also yes Chronicverse! Reborn has become much worse during the last 10 years, but there are still people who have willing to help and the restistance will never waiver to the enemy.

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