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I need help with titania

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As the title says I need help beating taitania. especially with her Aegislash as for the rest of her team I can take them on with the minimum effort. So here's my team

Hippowdon: Lvl:85



Double edge




Claydol: Lvl:84



Shadow ball

Trick room



Nidoking: Lvl:85



Poison Jab 




Silvally: Lvl:84

Parting shot

Multiattack (Fire)

Air slash

Iron head



Blaziken: Lvl:84

Brick break 


Shadow Claw 

Flame thrower



Noivern: Lvl:84


Dark pulse


Dragon pulse


I have a few other mons in my pc like seismitoad,Lapras, Gardevoir,ampharos.typhlosion,houndoom,heatmor,ditto,gigalith, etc. 


My only problem is with her Aegislash 

Oh yeah I have some magical seeds too.

I'd really appreciate some suggestions



Thank you






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Hey. Did you beat her already? If not, then, how's your team upon arriving at her? Like, their Hp, and all that stuff. If you haven't used all magical seeds, then you can try baiting an attack, and then changing into another pokemon with a magical seed to trigger King's Shield. Hippowdown is specially good against her Aegislash, since it has good enough defense, and it can OHKO it with an Earthquake. I highly suggest to swap out flamethrower, and shadow claw for bulk up and a physical fire type move. Also, if you need to, you can get yourself a fast normal type with a physical super effective move to beat her, like an Ambipom, which has Shadow Claw, since it's inmune to Shadow Sneak, it will beat Aegi before it attacks.

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