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A Writer's Isekai Into Another Forum

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Good evening, everyone. By the time you are reading this, the time could be morning, in which case "Good morning." Failing that, if its high noon, I only have one thing to say: "RUN AND HIDE BEHIND THE BUILDINGS."


I hope you get the reference.


I digress, this is an introduction thread and therefore must have the appropriate content to match. My name could be seen on the left here, CorEagle. "Why CorEagle?", you may ask. There are multiple reasons why. 


First off, let me give a bit of a backstory. When I was first starting in creative writing, I had to create a pen name that I could use as an alias for my works. I created many, many names. Some of which are, despite my profession and hobby, decidedly 'un-creative'. However, I always forget these names were ever mine. An older classmate said, "You're picking names? Your name should be something that will be remembered easily." I tilted my head, confused. I can't even remember these names that I made up! "If you're having trouble, just think of it as something that represents you as a person." 


I thought long and hard. I want to emphasize my views. I want to condense my nature into a single word. Then, it struck me like a fastball. I will base it on my writings. 


I write because I want to. I write because I enjoy it. I write because I want to see, feel the endless desire of discovering new areas, exploring the world I created with my own two hands.


I wanted to be free


Combining it with my love for animals, this naturally translated to "Eagle". At this point, I thought: "I need to add another. 'Eagle' doesn't seem particularly interesting." I thought of metals. Unbreakable metals, refusing to bend at the whims of others. Yet, even if it gets too hot and the pressure is unimaginable, the metal will survive and adapt to the circumstances.


This lead to the moniker "Diamond Eagle". However, it felt too arrogant. As if I was declaring that I was the absolute BEST. That was not me. Fortunately, due to my background in science, I distinctively remember the rock that was one step below diamonds. Corundum. It was perfect.


Corundum serves as a goal, and a reminder. I want to keep writing until I become one of the best in the field. Until everyone's thoughts are "Yeah, he's good." whenever they see the name. It also reminds me that no matter how good I am, there will always be someone better or greater than me. 


This was the birth of "Corundum Eagle". In short, "CorEagle".


It might be obvious by now that I love writing. And also that I might like anime. Might. I think I was being fairly subtle.


...In any case, I am an author-in-training. As such, I am very verbose compared to other people. Yes, I am aware I speak very formally. And, because it's always the next question: No, I am not British. I could curse and shout swear words at the top of my lungs when I am feeling frustrated. I am human, which makes such things par for the course. Do not be surprised if you read posts of mine which contain lots of fucking words and walls of texts.


...Forgive my curse. I assure you all, despite my unwillingness to give my actual age, that I am >20 years old.


I have been interested in Pokemon since I was 7 years old. At first, I was fascinated by these strange creatures and the numerous powers they have. Once I grew up, I learned to appreciate the lore behind each game. Present time, I learned to appreciate the goals and disposition of a competitive battler.

As I learned more about science, the more I grew fascinated with Pokemon. "What are the mechanics of each attack each Pokemon uses?" This helped kickstart my interest in writing.


Now, after recently finishing Reborn multiple times, having recently finished a story commissioned by my classmates, speedran the main games generations 1-5, I have achieved inspiration. Due to having probably encyclopediac knowledge about Reborn and the main games, I thought of multiple ways of creating a novelization of Pokemon Reborn. It would be a fanfic, of course, but I want to make it special. That's why I am playing again, one last time before episode 19, so that I could build my outline and notes well enough for the actual storytelling.


After all, I want to pay homage this wonderful game, the amazing world and characters that was given life by our admins and coders, and the fanbase who continued to support this game.


Once again, I am Corundum Eagle. Competitive battler and author-in-training.


Let's record the chronicles of Reborn, one highlight at a time.

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Ah, yes, freedom. Sad how that seems like such a precious commodity these days, no? In any case, hopefully your story will be a worthy addition to the collection we already have!


Anyway, welcome to the Reborn Evolved Forums! Be sure to read up up on the Guidelines, feel free to check out all that we have to offer, and above all else, enjoy your stay~!


Also goodness gracious, this puts even my Introduction Post to shame...

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Hiya! Welcome to the forums!

Always nice to have more writers around! I hope you enjoy it here! 

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Novelisation you say? 

Well I’m certainly intrigued. 
Writers are a welcome in the Reborn Forums

I can empathise with that endless desire for new discoveries, the exploration through world building, plots with unique taste, and characters that feels real and importantly human. 
Reborn overall storytelling have always been “fine” or barely. Although I’d consider a great game to practice fan-fiction on given the content you’re working with. 
I’m looking forward on your next work.

@CorEagle How about a question 🙂

What’s the important part of reading any new fan-fiction? 

If you need a hint 


“ Oh nice, my Wimpod evolved into a Golisopod “

Loved story behind your online name by the way

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Loser, I feel that "the most important part of any new fanfiction" is largely subjective, since fanfic is mostly the original work with an infinite amount of possible modifications. I suppose the most important would be the characters. The main reason why I favor fanfiction is because of the characters the original work creates. Those interesting characters with such compelling and complex traits that make you think: "Huh, I wonder what this character would do in this situation?" These traits are mostly conveyed through dialogue, since that is the primary medium in showing interactions between two characters. 


Of course, we could also argue that the most important thing is the world itself and the mechanics it governs. Wanting to explore the vast lands of the world someone created, it appeals to writers with wanderlust. Introducing a new variable in the complex systems of equations that the world runs on and observing the unprecedented effects it would take; isn't that the height of writing?


That's the reason why so many cross-overs exist; people loving both the characters and the worlds of different universes and creators. 


After all, who wouldn't want to see their work come to life?

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An admirable answer my dear fellow.

Subjectivity I agree works with “Fan-fiction”, as writer’s personal feelings or flavours are vastly diverse in strength when writing up as you said “compelling and complex traits” characters.

Your answer shows light on subjective writing whiles understanding concept of constructing an imaginary world. To play with certain interaction throughout the story. 

Suits well with your ideology wanting to be free. 

“A real answer exist not for being real, but for being believable as well.” Holy shoot I actually typed my first quote.

Although if I had to answer, it’d be an objective one that makes believability in stories possible. 
For me...

First impression I consider highly important through any storytelling as the writer promises their readers of what fan-fiction they’re getting into. 
Subverting expectations is another case but nailing the execution allows the potential of characters, world building, plots, concepts, and much more to flow well. 
Whether these promises actually are kept or failing to meet them up to the writer.

I’m no professional nor genius in literature.

This is simply from experience from reading many light novels/books.

Take this however you want.



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