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There'll be another Sigmund bit soon enough, in perhaps five chapters? But it's complicated for himtoo, even if he's quite the bad guy...   Anyway, that is my 252nd post, a very round number

Thank you @Evi Crystal for your comment! And you haven't even seen how Gabriel takes it.    So, I haven't been following my posting schedule, it's surprising the amount of things I've had to

The Odd One Out is officially over one year old now. I was stunned when I saw the total word and page counts.  How, when did that happen?  Anyway, I hope you'll keep reading and enjoying it.

Posted Images

Page changes is tricky so I can't quote that well.


About the hug: I agree. In the text, it's sort of a blind spot (an issue of first-person narration, the blind spots are really blind) of the character, so it's never really mentioned because he doesn't even acknowledge that as a possibility. So Gabriel is probably not going to give them a hug. He's not really the hugging type. 


Or perhaps I'll rethink that. I don't know. 


It doesn't mean that he won't try to find some other ways, no less sincere but perhaps more... unusual, to help them. I'd say a little more but then that would spoil the next chapter. 


These dark scenes are overall difficult to write. I need to remember who's thinking of what, who's ready to go to what lengths. To find sensible plans for the bad guys, and why the good guys don't just all die because they thought it was going to be straightforward. Also, that negative emotions so intense leave dire consequences, otherwise it's just edge.


Sigh... this is going to get depressing, isn't it? I really wanted it to take more time...


A little note on Evi's comment about Sirius. I think it's important to keep in mind that it's a blessing that Sirius isn't there. Because Sirius, especially since he knows they're coming, isn't going to challenge them in a Pokemon fight. He's just going to spring a trap. 



Not unlike canon Devon, but actually trying to kill them instead of looking like a class project for "Edgelordiness 101"   


I don't want to think of the specifics right now, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't take much effort to find plausible courses of action for Sirius that would lead to a "total party kill".  

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I hope you're doing well. 


It's been a busy ten days, and I think this isn't likely to change in the near future -- although hopefully I'll have less pressure. Because what's the point of summer vacation if not to have the time to properly study enough to acquire the knowledge you need? 


Wait... am I getting this backwards? 


Anyway, here's the last chapter of the Yureyu sequence, whose consequences on the characters I hadn't fully realized until I started thinking of what came next. I wish I had managed to get a bit more ahead in the planning, but it is what it is...



Chapter 53: Encore



Surrendering to the Meteors who were essentially besieging us was a bad idea, of course. But the other solutions weren’t satisfactory either. We were on a schedule, as the unexpected earthquake had likely damaged the building. We had four more children to rescue and we wouldn’t manage to do it from this room.


Then again, it wouldn’t be exactly easy to get out of there. The first obstacle was, of course, the dozen Meteors grunts expecting us outside. Even if they were subpar battlers and didn’t try to thwart us through other means, that still could mean over sixty Pokemon for us to defeat. Even if we managed that, there was little reason why they would let us leave afterwards, instead of resorting to hand-to-hand or sneakier tactics, as was easier in a narrow corridor.


The other reason why the situation was difficult was Shelly. She was curled up on the floor, her hands covering her face, shaking with mute sobs, flinching at Cain’s attempts to comfort her.


‚ÄúI give you a minute to get out, hands on your head. After that, we will cut you down.‚ÄĚ


Shelly shook harder. We glanced at one another. There wasn’t much we could decide to do any more. We would have to fight in this highly disadvantageous situation. And Cain grinned.


"You know, Aya," he said, "I've never seen you fight with your new Pokemon. I wish I could just watch this, but we can't just fight them off properly, one on one."


"The corridor is too narrow for all of us to battle at once." I pointed out. "You two attack, I set up screens to protect your Pokemon, and I get Shelly up so that we can actually leave if we win. When we win." I corrected, remembering the importance of self-delusion in situations so complicated. 


"Fine." Cain eyed me. "Hurry."


I peeked at the corridor. There was the sound of multiple Pokeballs opening. I saw a Scolipede,  and a Samurott on one side, before taking Cain's place, crouching beside Shelly. The new (and reluctant) Poison-type Leader had sent out Salazzle and Toxapex, while her Venusaur was still guarding the table under which the terrorist who had tortured Shelly was forced to hide. Cain had chosen Nidoking and a Meowstic, a female one.


"Tech," I whispered. "Get ready."


"Attack!" someone shouted from outside, and suddenly the fight was on. I instructed Tech to set the screens to protect Cain and Aya's Pokemon while they would try to roll back wave after wave of attacks.




"Shelly." I whispered softly at the traumatised twelve-year-old girl. She flinched, and that reflex of terror drove a spike of agony in my soul. How much did she suffer to recoil in so minute an instance?


"Shelly, you're safe now." I went on, forcing my voice to be soothing and steady, while I was listening nervously to the sounds of the furious battle that was happening on the other side of the wall, and glancing uncertainly at the damaged ceiling. "We're not letting them hurt you again."


This didn't elicit any reaction from her. Shelly remained prostrate and hunched up, shaking with uncontrolled sobs that had long ago depleted her of all her tears.


"Shelly, do you want something to eat?" I offered. Not one of my best ideas, but I reasoned that she probably hadn't been fed much in the past few days. "I have food, I have water if you want. Talk to me, please."


"You know," Cain told Aya, "Nidoking, Poison Tail -- you're really using them well, I'm impressed! Meowstic, Shadow Ball! You didn't have them for very long."


I allowed myself a little smile before keeping on trying to snap Shelly out of her current state. I tried for something a little more personal, even if I didn't know her very well.


"Shelly, remember me? It's Gabriel. I gave you books, remember? Foundation, The Fellowship of the Ring?"


Shelly did react this time. She shook harder, and an actual whimper managed to get past her lips.


"S... s..." she tried to articulate, but she was crying too hard to manage.


"Well, their previous owner did a great job training them in the first place." Aya answered Cain. "Salazzle, Sludge Wave."


"Perhaps it's too much to handle for you right now." I went on talking to Shelly. "It's too big, too noisy, too scary, too hard. I have some other books for you if you want."


"B-br..." Shelly hiccuped, sobbing.


It's no use, I thought, my word flow dried out. Shelly was trapped in her own panic, and I couldn't help her overcome it. But she had to snap out of it, or she would doom us all. She should be able to understand that. She wouldn't like it, and it may do more damage in the long run. But at least there would be a long run.


Sorry, Shelly.


"Shelly," I said, trying for a firmer, more reasonable than sympathetic tone. "They're besieging us. We're fighting our way out. But we can't get out if you can't stand on your own. We're not leaving you behind. I know it's a lot -- no, I don't know", I corrected, sickened, "I don't know how hard it is for you. But we need you to make that effort. Else, we won't be able to rescue you, nor Heather, Noel, Anna and Charlotte."


Did her sobs diminish in intensity?


"When we get out," I added, trying to soften my voice, make it sound as nice as I could, "I'll tell you a story, if you want. The books aren't out in Reborn City, but it's a great one, famous everywhere else, and rightfully so. You would be the first here to know about it."


"But in return, I'm going to count to sixty, and you're going to breathe slowly with me. When we get to sixty, you're going to sit up and remove your hands from your face."


I extended my hand towards her shoulder, slowly, shily, expecting her to flinch. She shivered when I made physical contact, but she didn't shake my hand out. And I started steadily counting.





Rubbing her naked arms as a weak shield against the cold of the night, Charlotte was pacing nervously around Hardy's Gigalith, cursing how meekly she had obeyed the Rock-leader's unspoken demand. Then again, she thought for the tenth time, it had been incredibly stupid of her to order the Lycanrocs to Earthquake of all things. She would have been served well if the Pokemon hadn't shown restraint, collapsing the building on her and the other children as well, and Hardy, and maybe the Princess and... Gabriel, right? She wasn't sure of his name. 


And taking all these bastards with me, a dark part of her thought. And Simon and Tara and their good intentions of kidnappers.


After all, why not? That was what she had been born to do. To be a weapon of blind destruction, with no ties that she wouldn't burn. She had been surprised that her sisters didn't ditch her at the Orphanage, after the crime she was both the guilty party and a victim.


She then noticed two bird-Pokemon flying synchronously in her direction. She tensed briefly, before realizing that the Gigalith was welcoming them. A few seconds afterwards she could recognize the riders as well.


"Anna!" Charlotte exclaimed, surprised and delighted.


She wavered as soon as she set foot on the ground, while Heather, unsurprisingly looking like she had spent her whole life flying. Charlotte caught Anna before she fell.


"Are you all right?" she inquired with concern.


"The world's spinning." Anna muttered back. "I'm cold."


"So, not good. Ugh, just take my hand. And Heather, are you okay?" Charlotte turned to Corey's daughter. 


"She's... she really isn't." Anna blurted out, her hand on her mouth, part in horror, part to stop herself from throwing up. "Can't you see? She's bleeding all over her body."


Charlotte eyed them both.


"Anna," she replied, her voice level, "Heather doesn't seem to be bleeding. But she really doesn't look fine either. Heather, it's me, Charlotte. We delivered you from the doctor, remember?"


Heather's eyes watched Charlotte, not showing any sign of recognition -- barely of personhood.


"What took you so long, Noel?" Anna turned to her twin brother, who had just landed behind them.


"You're safe too, I'm glad." Charlotte turned to him, relieved. "So it's only Shelly now? Entei, I wish I had my Pokemon right now, I'm freezing."


"And you?" Noel asked. "After... that morning."


"It's fine..." Charlotte winced. "Now, at least. Why can't Hardy hurry though? We're freezing here..."





Cain and Aya fought like lions, their Pokemon enduring an endless wave of attacks, but forcing their enemies slowly back, getting us more breathing room. The screens set up by Tech helped their defence, but the numbers were heavily skewed against us and keeping the protective psychic barriers was a real burden for Tech. Their Pokemon were getting tired fast, but they were holding out enough to let me snap Shelly out of it.


When I reached sixty, Shelly took her hand off her face, and I gasped. Her entire face was bloody. Her lip was split in multiple places, blood was trickling from her archbrows and from her crooked nose. And I hadn't prepared anything like first aid. Something I would have to correct next time.


If there was one.


Shut up, the grimness detector snapped.


I furrowed into my bag until I found a knife that I had bought just in case, causing Shelly to repress a shudder. Then I cut the long right sleeve of the T-shirt I was wearing. I spilled some water on it, and handed it over to Shelly.


"Wash your face with this, okay? It's not very healthy as is, I'm sorry, but it's the best I have. I have water you can drink, if you want, too. And sweets. "


She shook her head. 


"All right, then."


"Gabriel," Cain called me. "Primarina, Water Pulse. Mind helping out a bit now? We're a little under pressure."


"I'm coming." I answered. "Hold up the screens, Tech." I added, giving the panting, trembling little cat Pokemon, his tiny paw clutching a Light Clay, a stroke and a Lemonade.


Aya only had a Nidoqueen out and it looked powerful, motivated, but exhausted. Cain had Primarina and an Alolan Marowak out, but they didn't look very fit either. Even with the screens, the numbers were stacked against us. Currently, our enemies were a Chesnaught who was attacking the Primarina, a Banette whom the Marowak was trying to beat up, but who wasn't down, and a Slurpuff that was engaged in hand to hand with the Nidoqueen, who was also trying to hold back a Forretress.




"Leaf, Hex, your turn." I chose, and I joined the battle. "Leaf, Blaze Kick the Forretress. Hex, Yawn the Scolipede."


That gave us a few seconds of respite, until Cain's Primarina fainted, giving Leaf a new target. But expecting the attack, the Chesnaught had prepared a Spiky Shield and Leaf hurt herself. She, however, tried it again with a vengeance, and Hex send a Sludge Bomb as support, and the Chesnaught went down.


But in the meantime, a Musharna and a Simipour had been sent out, against whom Hex and Leaf were at a disadvantage, and had taken attacks from too. I switched them out for Mouse and Watt who had more effective moves. And then a Primeape and a Jumpluff were sent against us.


It wasn't a matter of strategy, really. It was just the numbers, on both sides, a brutal free-for-all where attacks answered attacks, a model version of retaliation. Our screens helped us hold out, of course, but my team was weakening very, very fast nevertheless. Little wonder Cain and Aya had asked me to replace them so that they could heal. All I could do was fight on, focus on the next enemies, faint them before my own Pokemon went down, avenge my own losses.


I wasn't alone very long, fortunately. Cain had soon healed his entire team and was coming back to fight, more determined than ever. His Nidoking in particular was so fierce that I feared it might bring down the corridor wall each time its Poison Tail threw a foe into it. Soon afterwards, Aya was ready too to join the fray, letting me take care of my tired team and the pale Tech, with her League-supplied Revives and my Potions.


But we were doomed in the long term. We had intended to jump them, not to endure a siege ourselves. Sooner or later, they would have reinforcements, or our stock of healing items would run out, and we would be at their mercy (or rather, lack thereof). Realistically, our only hope was Hardy. If he was even capable of helping us take them down. Mega Aerodactyl was cool, but was it strong enough to beat these odds? We probably hadn't even beat half of their teams.


"H-how... i-is it g-going w-w...?" Shelly asked, stuttering, unsure.


"We're holding out."


"You're going to die." Ricardo said, in a very disturbingly cheerful tone. Shelly flinched. I wasn't very comfortable either. "I'm going to beat you all up until your brains leak out of your ears."


Ignore him... He's pushing buttons.


"Wow, feeling brave now?" Cain sneered back at him.


Something. We needed to get Hardy to rescue us, help us out soon. But how...


I still didn't have Hardy's PokeGear number. How lame was that? Instead, I would have to rely on...


I furrowed in another special pocket of my bag until I could find the empty notebook and pen I had bought after the Obsidia ordeal, expecting that my woes were over. How wrong I had been.


I ripped open a sheet of the notebook and scribbled: "Help. First floor. Need to be flown out."


"Aya," I whispered, "can you bash the door in front of us open?"




"I want to send air mail to Hardy. Batley needs a window, there's no way she'd escape all the Pokemon on the field. She's fast, but frail."


"Yeah, we'd definitely appreciate the help. Nidoqueen, the door!"


As fast as it could, Aya's Nidoqueen kicked the door that was in front of us a couple of times, breaking it down. I took out Batley, gave her the piece of paper, and told her to find Hardy, outside or in the building, and took off, fast enough to escape every attack that came her way.




Now it was just a matter of holding out long enough.


"Hey," a young, clear, amused voice resounded in the corridor. Hardy! "That makes twelve of you. A bit much for bowling, isn't it?"


We all froze, Meteors and less-than-twenties alike. The free-for-all paused. Cain and Aya peaked outside, Aya not without a sigh of relief. I glanced outside, too, only to see that he was carrying a bag far too small for him and that he had two Lycanrocs and a Rampardos out.


"Who the hell do you think you are?" the Meteors on his side sneered at him.


"Back off, all of you." Hardy asserted. "Or Rampardos is going to Head Smash all of you. And I'll get another strike."


What game was he playing? Did he hope to bluff them? There was no way he could manage that, could he?


"You can't take all of us on, kid. Now surrender like a good boy and we're not going to smack you."


"You really want it to be the hard way, mate? I assure you that Rampardos's head is far more sturdy than your breastbones."


It was madness. We should be able to do something, at least.


"You dare threaten us? Let's get him!" one of the Meteors yelled in a high-pitched, outraged voice.


She sent a Poliwrath. The Rampardos headbutted it without waiting for any orders, putting it down instantly.


"Who's next?" Hardy teased.




Wait, was he actually that strong?


"Well then, I'm only going to say this once, you bastards." his voice changed at these two last words. From cheerful, it had become a snarl. "Fuck off."


The Meteors looked at one another. We were still standing still, not knowing what to expect. Could Hardy really pull this off?


And then the unthinkable happened.


The Meteors ran away.




"I found everyone, I flew them outside, except Shelly." Hardy said, coming towards us. "I found her things, though."


Outside? Without anyone?


"We have her." Cain replied at once. "These sickos were threatening to kill her if we went forward."


"Perfect, then." Hardy replied. "We should get out of here, then. Gigalith is guarding the children, but they must be pretty cold."


"I bought pullovers." I said, pulling them out of my bag. "I hope the size won't be too wrong. But you're right. Let's hurry."






"At last you're here. After everyone else left the building." Charlotte said, reacting to our arrival. "Wasn't a minute too soon, Princess. Lucky us to not be near the exit."


She and Noel were pacing nervously beside the Gigalith, trying to warm themselves. Anna was leaning on the Gigalith, shivering, and didn't turn when we arrived, while Heather was just sitting, unreacting. These were unnatural reactions, and that gave my heart a brief metaphorical stab. We hadn't been there soon enough.


"Hey," Cain said, "you wouldn't believe what we went through in the meantime! I came as I could. Not in the usual way though." he corrected, his petulance slightly dimmed by Charlotte's glare.



If only I hadn't remembered these, um, comprehensive vocabulary lists, maybe I could have actually not got the "joke" for once.


"I have sweatshirts for you too, if I didn't get the sizes too wrong." I said.


"So you're letting us four damn days with these bastards and that's all you're saying? Not good evening, not I'm sorry it took this long, not even are you fine, just that?" Charlotte went off, angry, but certainly more distressed. "I don't give a shit about the cold. Why didn't you do anything? Why didn't anybody do anything?"


There wasn't much to answer. I kept watching Charlotte. It would be best for her if she could get out of her system now.


"Do you know what they did to us? What they did to me? What took you so fucking long? Did you just not care? Like you went to the Orphanage about Heather and just... let her rot there?"


What was there to say? Could we have been there faster? Managed to save them sooner?



Then why didn't you just do it?


That question, I guessed, was going to haunt me for a long time.


"Hey, it's not entirely his fault." Hardy replied. "You really should thank him. He's the one who linked our little team together. And if he hadn't insisted that I fly instead of going directly with them, you probably would all have been corpses right now. Shelly at least."


Shelly, who was standing behind us, clutched my arm. Charlotte seemed to want to heatedly reply, but she shut her eyes, took a deep breath and remained silent.


"So, Charlotte," I answered slowly, reasonably, watching her, "I wish I had managed to rescue all of you sooner. It could have been done, certainly."


Relying on Cal (or my lack of knowledge of him in this hypothetical scenario) to not let Apophyll burn.  

Getting Amaria to nag Ame enough to assemble a rescue team at once.

Or nag Ame enough myself.

Try and get Strength on a hypothetical grey market and use it at once.

Just flying in with Hardy, on the spur of the moment, earlier today.


All of these could have helped get all five children out sooner. Why hadn't I done any of it?


"The best atonement I can currently offer you is food, water, and a sweater." I concluded, putting my bag down. "And we probably shouldn't be staying here."


"I understood you had a house not too far, Charlotte?" Hardy asked as I was furrowing in my bag. "I can fly all of you there if you want."


"I think I'll be heading home." Aya shook her head. She glanced at her watch, and winced. "Mom must be worried sick."


"I'll give you a ride." Hardy offered. "It won't be long. Charlotte, try to precisely remember where the house is. I guarantee you it's not the same when you're flying."


Cain scoffed at Hardy's words. Aya eyed him, then she hit him in the back of his head. It wasn't strong, but it definitely conveyed whatever message she wanted.


I glanced at Shelly. Her face was cleaner and who had stopped bleeding, but her nose remained crooked and her breath sounded funny.


"Heather!" she realized, looking at her friend, rushing at her side.


Corey's daughter ignored her.


"H-Heather, are y-you okay?"


Tired, heavy blank eyes gazed at the Bug-type Leader.


"Y-you're n-not mad a-at me, r-right? T-tell me something. A-anything? P-p-please? Heather?"


Poor, poor Shelly. How would she take the sadly obvious realization that Heather was that badly damaged? How far would she take the guilt, the belief that she was to blame for the entire sequence of events?


Cain soon went by Shelly's side to try and break what Heather's potential shell-shock. I offered Anna and Noel the (rather oversized) sweaters, that they gladly accepted, but the girl recoiled in distress at the idea of food or water. As obviously as Heather was currently mentally sick, Anna was physically unwell. She was pale and struggled to keep her balance.


"Anna," I crouched beside her, muttering. "I'll probably have to come back to the city to see a doctor for Shelly's nose. Do you perhaps need to come along?"


"I'm... fine." Anna said in a weak voice. "It's just that the world is spinning right now. I think Nostra is sick."


Nostra? Yes, the Jirachi doll, right? My inner chuckle was as cheerful as a sob.


"Why would she be sick?" I decided to play along, trying to get at least some understanding of the girl, at least to be able to state whether she needed medical care.


"This man..." Anna whispered, her tone sick. "He took it from us. He stole something very precious... the only thing that really ties us to our parents. It's an Amethyst Pendant. Nostra really needs it back. It's like a part of our soul."


"Nostra," Noel said, turning to us, "is just a doll, Anna. You're feeling sick because, like every one of us, you went through horrific events. What you really need is rest."


"Stop doing that!" Anna snapped at him. "You're always lying, Noel, just to hurt my feelings!"




Noel turned away.


"I am not." his voice was hoarse.


Charlotte was trying, perhaps out of misplaced dignity, to refrain herself from eating the sweets I had bought and laid out on my bag's uneven surface, but she was too hungry to succeed.



Shelly wasn't really pleased to have to stay in Reborn for a couple more hours, and especially to leave Heather's side. But for once, Cain, Hardy and I agreed, and Shelly had to sadly give in. For some reason, she asked me to stay with her for the time we found someone -- an anonymous nurse in a worn emergency care unit of the Obsidia Ward -- to tend to her crooked nose.


And so Shelly was the first child of Reborn City to learn of Harry Potter. Not the whole story, of course. Only, in as much detail as I could recall (that is, relatively much, given how many times I had read it -- although I struggled to give an even remotely acceptable approximation of the Sorting Hat's song), the first eight or nine chapters of the first book. I certainly didn't want to give her too abridged a version.


Then, as his last chore of a very long day, Hardy flew us both (Shelly first, obviously) to the house Charlotte had been thinking of, a cottage lost in a cove in the mountains east of Reborn City. It would certainly have been quite a hike to go there by foot.


A girl about my age introduced herself as Laura, one of Charlotte's older sisters.


"And that makes eight of us. Absolutely perfect." she commented, a tired smile on her face. "Let me show you your room for tonight."


Rather predictably, I was assigned a room with Cain. In the same bed, too. But he was asleep, or pretending to, which let me hope that I would hear the end of it. 



Character rates:


Aya: 8/10 (+2). Her accepting to go to the rescue, and daring impulse to free Shelly during the earthquake are just great. I hope she'll take them as such and not twist them.

Cain: 7/10 (+1). Points for bravery, but I do wish he was able to control himself sometimes. 

Hardy: 9/10 (+2). Well, he actually carried the entire operation. It would have been a disaster otherwise. 

Shelly: 8+/10 (+1)

Noel: 7+/10 (+1)

Anna: 7+/10 (+2)

Charlotte: 7/10

Heather: 7+/10 (+2) Most of these are sympathy/guilt points. Can't help it -- although I wish I could, for the sake of fairness. Charlotte gets a bonus for her decisiveness -- however suicidal, it worked and helped save Shelly.    



Death count:


Total Parts 1: 6

Total Part 2: 1

Kiki-Aya: 0

Aya-current: 0

Current Part 3: 0

Total: 7


Player's note:




So, I thought this battle was easier than the Tanzan Cove one, but I misremembered. No battle with Sirius is a joke. This guy means business. Here's how it went.




Nidoking used a Dark/Ghost move (Shadow Ball, maybe?) and Tyrantrum used Rock Slide.








At least we'll be able to focus on one side.




Hex was at perhaps 10% after Minior's Power Gem. That rock is brutal. Also, Nidoking decided to attack Tyrantrum again.




Time to play defence.




Minior used Dazzling Gleam. It hurts...




Oh well. What a good investment in Yawn... (sigh)




I'm not sure why I didn't switch. I think I didn't realize that First Impression had priority over Prankster. 



Not very effective moves start hurting Nidoking too.




I guess Nidoking Shadow Balled the Minior at the end of the last turn? Not quite sure. And then Minior used Dazzling Gleam. I really shouldn't have let it set up. Or I should have set up a Light Screen. 




In order: Nidoking finished the Minior off. Golisopod killed it in retaliation. And Watt's Discharge let it sole master of the field.




Uh oh.








The damage on my side is Chandelure's Heat Wave plus Seviper's attack on Mouse (through Intimidate+Reflect). Note how even Alolan Muk (a real special tank) really suffered. How come Mouse's Crunch did so little to the Chandelure? And why did this moron attack the Seviper?




I know it's sort of cheating, but all I have left is Swoobat and Blaziken and they aren't going to cut it.




That's a sack to fully heal Watt. I think I did the calcs to check that it survived the Heat Wave.




At last, Cain makes one right decision, attacking the one dangerous mon.




Who's winning now?




But Batley can't resist 5 hits of Rock Blast. I think Reflect is still on but I can be mistaken. Still, Toucannon is the last Pokemon Sirius has and I have still Ampharos, so this is over.




Well. That one was way too close for comfort. I'm sensing sort of a pattern here...


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