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Rejuvenation V12 Pokémon Location Guide

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29 minutes ago, Fuhrerschein77 said:

Quick Question- on the main page for Rejuvenation it says "all 807 pokemon to be found" but the list on the first post here has many unobtainable. Are the pseudo-legendaries/beast boost mons from Gen 7 in the game now? Those are the main ones I'm curious about

I mean, Jangmo-o was in a previous version of Rejuvenation, however it got removed later down the line. As for the Ultra Beasts, we probably won't get access to them until the game is fully finished much like reborn (with the exception of the Poipole line being available as a dex completion reward.).

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It's not an event encounter as far is I know. Go to Gearen Park, talk to the freaking-out bandana guy (this may not even be necessary) and then go into the grass. Use repels if you want to. I caught a

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So, I am currently trying to catch a Salandit, but I have noticed I am actually unable to reach the cave part of the safari zone. Everytime I catch the dumb Vileplum or make it flee, it just said "the vileplum goes back to sleep" and then it stays there. The next step would be to enter the frozen Kristiline Town and to defeat Angie - so I assume I am far enough in the storyline to get to the cave. Any ideas?

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