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[POTENTIAL SPOILERS] Rejuvenation Fanworks Thread


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So i decided to edit melia's sprite to make crescent.

 also please ignore the disaster that is her clothes cuz lets just say i was having difficulties





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My rejuv OC! wanted to draw him with the team I had planned for him but since gen 8 will be added in v13 I’ll wait until that comes out to change his team up (His starter is gonna be Scorbunny) I'm also planning to make comics based on his adventrue in Aevium (But again, after v13 comes out)1496225164_Rejuvoc.jpg.ad89fb1ca94a08d31eb7a2dc9c31448a.jpgSince I couldn't fit all the info on him on the drawing here is some more info:



Mavis gets easily angry/upset and can hold a grudge for a long time, but he’ll almost always forgive people who have hurt him in the end. (Ex: Melia when she used Nancy’s death to make her appearance or Ren because you know, team Xen)

He has an unhealthy way of dealing with some of his issues, if he is upset he tends to bottle it up and ignore it.

He has abandonment issues and tends to be very clingy. He tends to put others needs over his so that he has the feeling that people will always need him.

Although he acts like a tough guy he is actually a softie that loves affection.

He tends to pick pokemon he thinks look cool or cute. (Cute only in later chapters, he is embarrassed to admit he likes cute things in the beginning)

He becomes more confident and more comfortable to be himself around his friends in later chapters of the game)

He also catches feelings easily for people, he has a crush/had a crush on almost all his friends at one point.



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On 7/14/2021 at 4:50 AM, JacobTheEevee said:

Hey I'm new, figured I may as well post a commission I got a while ago! The middle is my main trainer OC in a different outfit than her usual but her worktime sprite was just a hair edit lmao. Credit to my good friend BritxBrit on DeviantArt and Instagram! 

that's wonderful! I got the inspiration to draw such a picture in watercolor 

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On 7/3/2021 at 3:33 PM, Rozetheeuwu said:

My first piece of Rejuv fanart! (The resolution is crap because it was too big of a file and thus I had to make it smaller :( )

I'm no good at anatomy but the coloring and shading came out nice.


Anyway I love these four so here they are.


That's cool and wholesome at the same time😁💖👍🏼


On 12/11/2019 at 11:08 AM, Soyouseeo said:

This hurts...


The feels hit really hard😭💔

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Well.. I know i still have a long way to go, i need to train eyes and hands so much, so please dont make me remember how bad the eyes and hand are  ;w;)


Well... Here's my first Rejuvenation Character i drawned, tried drawing Aero now, probably next ill drawn other MC


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Here we have it, boys~

The best waifu from Rejuvenation!


Though it was gonna end up bad, but it looks so cute rn! However, im still kinda sad that Melia doesnt have any love-interest to the MC, i mean, come on :( thethey had so many cute moments together! But, still... Melia is the best waifu nonetheless (And i still think Melia is the true MC, haha)


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4 hours ago, Cerise said:




Anyway rejuv oc stuff, Jean, etc.





I like your today's oc very much. Looks gorgeous💖

P.S: Chibi Cake Vitus looks cute there, but I bet it the cake has a bad taste🤐

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