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[POTENTIAL SPOILERS] Rejuvenation Fanworks Thread


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Now that v13's newest story gives quite an Undertale vibe and the previous one had some changes here and there, I'm starting to think of a Rejuv story but with Frisk, Undertale's MC, as the Interceptor. One of the storyline changes in v13 is how the bad future arc's climax choices are handled, so I might as well make a one-shot of how it goes with Frisk. 


For the record, Frisk is a non-binary with they/them pronouns here. And before I forgot, Undertale spoiler alert. Read at your own risk. 


"Don't even think about doing nothing!"


Melanie's ultimatum made Melia shake in desperation. The princess had forced her to make an awfully hard choice in 30 seconds: either hand the Time Diamond to Melanie or use it to whisk her and Frisk away all the way back to right before Vivian's aborted ritual. Melia, for one, needed that Time Diamond to return to her own time. But on the other hand, she couldn't let Melanie do her deed and make everyone's lives in this timeline even more miserable. Panic ensued in her head… only to notice Frisk taking a deep breath as if they're going to say something. "It's a beautiful day outside," Frisk started their monologue, wanting to sound as serious as Sans at the start of his fight with Chara (in Frisk's body) as possible. "Crimson Sea is roaring, the castle's gloriously standing…" Frisk held Melia's hand tightly with her giving them a "Frisk, what the hell are you doing?" look, then looked up straight to Melanie. "On days like these, princess like you…" they paused with a serious look on their face, roughly equivalent to Sans' lack of pupils in his eye sockets. And a second later or two, Frisk delivered the punchline: "Should be burning in hell." 


"Ooh, that's cute," the princess rolled her eyes. But then a realization hit her. "But did you not hear me last time, you stupid cow? I told you that you weren't allowed to just 'do nothing'," she roared in a mix of anger and befuddlement. That's right, the whole Sans-style monologue was Frisk's clever ploy to waste time. Heck, nobody there could say anything, be it for the previous proposal or in response to Frisk's monologue. Not even Melia who was supposed to answer Melanie's proposal.


Sorry for the shortness though. I did it on my phone and that's all I can think of for now. 😔

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