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Arminius shrugs and sticks the wire down the hole for the stars to go in. He stands there for a moment, admiring how absurd that looks before turning back to Alphys and nodding. "Well, now that that's handled, lets get some lava and see about putting all of this together."

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As Arminius gathers the materials together, his tattoos ignite with brilliant white light, combining the meteorite, slime, lava, and cannon together into...


A rotund molten bimbo who, moments after being birthed, is already texting on a phone that looks suspiciously like the Star Cannon Arminius had been hoping it would assimilate.


Alphys looks shocked and confused at the new monster coming into being, but her surprise quickly turns into disgust when, upon approaching Arminius for an explanation, she waggles a finger back.


"Like, back off, fugly, that one's mine."


Despite the rude comment, they quickly return to tiptapping away at their phone, mass texting entries on their friends list, such as "Meteorhead1", "Meteorhead1999", and "Meteorhead2", whose name has hearts and glitter around it in the friends list.


Alphys just gives Arminius a confused look of vague disgust.  "P-please tell me that isn't what you were TRYING to do."

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Arminius stares at his... creation. That was really the nicest way to put it, as he really didn't want to acknowledge that he was the progenitor for this being and he could use some much less diplomatic terms for her. With a very long and drawn out sigh, and a look that makes Arminius seem to have aged ten years he turns to Alphys and shakes his head slowly. "Do you really think that I wanted to do that? Can you honestly look me in the eyes and tell me that you don't think this was not another monumental fuck up that I have somehow achieved against all odds?" Arminius takes a deep breath before recalling the failed creation back into his stable of minions. "Fuck's sake... I can restore a soul without body to life, hell I can do that easily! But if I try to just put a soul together, which you would think would be several orders of magnitude easier, it... The pieces just don't want to fit together! It's like I'm cursed!" Arminius throws his hands into the air as he shouts, starting to pace back and forth to try and reclaim some feeling of control.

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Alphys backs up.


"W-well, I'm a l-lot more interested in the fact that you can do that at ALL.  Moral q-q-quandries aside, it should be impossible!"


"W-w-well, impossible, in the sense of making a living m-monster from scratch, that is..."



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Arminius shrugs. "Well, it's not really all me there. I'm sure you saw the runes while I was attempting the fusion right? Experimental magics, made in conjunction by some of the best wizards, liches, and witches we could get our hands on. They're designed to be able to capture some of the essence of powerful foes and... make them into minions using some of their own power. It'd weaken them in the process of course, but it's nothing that shouldn't heal. I've kind of jury rigged it so that I can use it for moving around souls and their components. But trying anything with the actual creation process has ended... Well, that was by far the one I've felt the worst about but it should indicate what the attempts have been like." Arminius stops pacing and slumps defeatedly.

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Alphys looks at Arminius, then his runes, and then thinks back to Bombshell.


She waves towards her lab.


"Come on.  I'm going to fix those stupid runes, and you're going to never create a living thing that awful again.  Honestly, even Bratty and Catty were nice at least." she mutters, stalking up the volcanic trail back to the upper parts of Hotland.


Upon entering the lab, Alphys questions if Arminius has a cellphone.

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Arminius looks the tiniest skeptical about the claim of fixing his runes, but nonetheless follows Alphys. She was competent enough to have little chance of making it worse at least.


Arminius shakes his head. "Never picked one up since there wasn't much time."

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Alphys gives the human a deeply disturbed look.


"We'll have to use one of mine then."


She cracks her knuckles and rummages around for a welder's mask.

As if noticing Arminius's reaction to this, she waves him off.

"The mask is for you, don't worry."

Her fingers crackle ominously with electricity as she uncaps a sharpie taken out of the pencil holder on her desk.


"Now hold still.  This may tingle a bit."

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Arminius looks more unsure about how this'll go, but he never was one to shy away from risks... And so he took the mask and quietly hoped that he wasn't making a mistake trusting the lizard.

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Alphys, it seems, vastly underestimated how much it would tingle, as she quickly goes to work scribbling even more runes onto Arminius's skin with a blend of lightning magic and cheap markers.


The end result is that the runic tattoos that he had been using all his life now have English annotations, commentary scribbled out, and what appear to be a vast number of additions, tweaks and modifications.

"There.  I made an app on your phone to control the runework.  As a human, you'll probably have much better success using tools like this rather than manipulating the magic directly."


She hands over a smartphone to Arminius, which seems to have been magically tethered to his own arrays.  The monstergirls bound to him are in his contacts, and there appear to be a number of other functions besides.


She shakes her head.  "Monsters are MADE of magic, and I doubt we could manage runework like that by hand.  I have no clue whose bright idea it was to give you those, but they did NOT make it easy for you...  The way they're set up, they'd drain the life out of anyone you fought!"

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HP: 26
Moves: 11

Stats: (21/21)
Essence: 6 (Base 4, +2 from training)
Constitution: 3 (Base 2, +1 from training)
Dexterity: 11 (Base 8, +1 from Merit and +2 from training)
Intelligence: 12 (Base 4, +4 from merit, +3 from training)
Resistance: 3+5 (Base 2, +1 from training)
Strength: 3 (Base 2, +1 from training)
Synergy: 2 (Base 1, +1 from training)

Weirdness Censor: The Ambassador has a Dex*2 chance of dodging an attack by simply causing the attacker to suddenly be overwhelmed by the ambassador's darting movements and increasingly incomprehensible appearance that they just mentally file the Ambassador as somebody else's problem.
Beyond the Veil: Grants the perk backed action "Void of Incomprehensibility".

(Perk Backed) Void of Incomprehensibility: The Ambassador can choose to over charge his personal field of chaos to the point where absolutely anything can be used to distract others enough to trigger mass change blindness and cause him to effectively disappear and become unable to become the target of any single target actions. The Ambassador must make an opposed Dex v Int check to stay in stealth if he has attacked the other participant in the opposed check, or if they had managed to successfully land a blow on Jun anyway. And he takes a malus to the roll that is equal to the other participant in the opposed check's Intelligence for every single success. He can choose to immediately end the stealth effect at will, and this ability can only be used once per encounter.
Level 2: Jun now gains a +3 to the first opposed check to remain hidden
Level 3: This action is now treated as being a First Strike action
Level 4: This action is now usable twice per encounter, but the second time it is used Jun must succeed on an opposed DexvInt check against the enemy closest in the initiative order to the move Jun uses to reactivate this action. Jun rolls twice for his roll and uses the lowest result.
I NEED HEALING: The Ambassador is mysteriously able to appear behind a healer and blare out a surprisingly polite request for immediate healing, causing them to gain an immediate out of turn move that they can only use to use a single target healing ability on the Ambassador.
Level 2 (Merit): This action no longer takes up a slot to use, and it can be equipped without taking up a slot.

C.H.O.K.E. System: An unsurprisingly complex series of modifications allows the Ambassador to somehow store the power generated by his rapid movements and use it to power an excessively hard to use gravity manipulation device stored in his gauntlet. In essence this allows him to lift objects and people that weigh a total of [Intx10] Kilograms from a distance, or he can attempt to lift a single target up and hold them in place painfully with an Int v Essence roll to try and stun them. One round cooldown.
Level 2: This action is now usable once per round.
Level 3: The enemy's roll is now made with a -2 modifier to the roll.
Level 4 (Trick): Jun gains +3 on checks relating to carry/moving a single incapacitated person.
Level 5 (Trick): Stunning effect now applicable to huge targets. 

 A.G.I.L.E. system: The Ambassador's power armor comes equipped with the ability to climb up walls and "fly" in short bursts when inside a planet with Earthlike gravity, he can choose to temporarily overcharge this system and multiply his Dexterity or Strength stat by 1.2 for two rounds. Three round cooldown.
Level 2: Two round cooldown
Level 3: The multiplier is now 1.4
Level 4: The multiplier is now 1.6
Level 5: The multiplier is now 1.8

 Spin to win: Jun takes out her melee weapon of choice and charges into the fray before she spins in place to attack several opponents at once, dealing her equipped weapon's damage against two targets by making an attack against each of them. One round cooldown

(Trick) Extra Attack: Once every three rounds when you make a basic weapon attack against a target you may follow up with an additional basic weapon attack against the same target as a free action.
Burning Necrodancy: Now attuned to the Necrodancic arts the user gains a 50% chance to resist any effect that forces them to dance, if they so choose. Certain other hidden effects are also active. This passive is always equipped and doesn't require a slot

Ambush Hunter: By exploiting a target's complete and utter inability to react to his presence quickly enough the Ambassador can deal an additional 1d4 damage when he attacks a target that was already attacked this round or if the Ambassador currently has Void of Incomprehensibility up, in which case it also grants him first strike.
Level 2: This ability now adds 2d4 damage
Level 3: This ability now adds 3d4  damage
Level 4: This ability now adds 4d4 damage.


MS-MUN3 Plasma Blade: A basket hilted plasma sword with the ability to quickly retract and extend it's bright red plasma blade in the blink of an eye. The fact that the plasma streaming out of the hilt actually follows the hilt when you swing it and remains in the shape and form of a blade is a small miracle of science. The fact that it only deals 2d6+Dex damage with the damage being treated as fire damage is...disappointing to say the least. The Ambassador can change the color of the blade by simply fiddling around with the settings, but he really doesn't see the point in doing it that often...it is mostly meant for ceremonial purposes after all.
Merit Level 2: This weapon is now Bound and it now deals 3d6+Dex damage
Merit Level 3: This weapon now deals 4d6+Dex damage
Merit Level 4: This weapon now ignores damage immunities
Merit Level 5: This weapon now deals 4d6+(Dex*1.2) damage. 

Demon Mantel Defense System: A durable suit of power armor heavily modified by Jun and corrupted by demonic energies of Korax.
The user gains 5 Res and takes 5% less damage from Divine sources.
This item has one slot for specially designed modules.

(Slotted into the Demon Mantel Defense System) Meteorite Shield Core: a softly glowing powercore made of Meteorite metal and Silver, projects a powerful shield. Must be socketed into armor with module slots. Activates upon being struck by a projectile, reduces the damage taken from projectiles by 50% for one round then goes on cooldown for one round. +1 Res.

Muttering a curse word or three under her breath as the giant armor revealed it's new and improved form to the party, Jun held up her sword once more, and charged at the genji armor.

Jun attacks Genji Armor with her plasma blade, dealing 4d6+(Dex*1.2) damage, triggering ambush hunter to deal an additional 4d4 damage if Undyne has attacked it before she moved.

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Genji Armor fires its cannon, squeezing the Cannon-shaped heartless and forcing it to fire a cannonball into the air!


Undyne throws a spear at the monster, which it obsessively grabs.  It's SOUL turns green, and it becomes unable to move!




Jun deals 31 Damage to Genji Armor with a devestating slash attack!


Doge's Flaming Spear returns to normal, so they re-ignite it!


Genji Armor defends with one of its shields, incoming damage is halved!


"Don't move, whatever you are!?" Doggo unleashes a flurry of blue attacks, but they all miss!


Lesser Dog raises its shield and defends as well, damage is halved!


"I'll wait for you dear" "(...So thoughtful!)" Dogamy Delays their turn until Dogaressa's!




Genji Armor unleashes a blistering Lance Attack at Lesser Dog, dealing 19 Damage! The Lance penetrates the dog's shield!




Dogamy and Dogaressa use a team attack!  One after another, the dogs use brutal, interwoven axe attacks from their heavy battleaxes! Genji Armor takes a reduced 8 damage!




Greater Dog summons a small white dog... The dog wakes up from Genji Armor's rattling, firing off rapid loud barks! Genji Armor takes a reduced 3 damage!




Prodditor places a massive rift directly on top of Genji Armor.  Its Dog-faced shield tries to block, but Prodditor gets lucky! Genji Armor takes 45 Damage and a 50% miss chance for one turn as its shield is broken!




Genji Armor swings the Hammer Heartless in its grip violently, releasing shockwaves that will stun and damage foes that get too close!


Ignia uses cure, fully restoring Lesser Dog's health!


Ignia uses Poison Edge, striking Genji Armor's shield-bearing arm with a toxic blow!  The Hammer-arm's blows try to stun her, but a sudden surge of energy allows her to instead counterattack with Payback Crush! It takes 13 Damage twice, and an additional 9 damage from poison!


Rachel sings the song of her people!


A blinking reticule appears underneath Rachel's feet..!



  Hide contents




  Hide contents

Ignia: 51/51 (+13)


Rachel: 28/28 (+13)

Orange Mode: Halved Damage!


Prodditor: 24/24 (+13)

Orange Mode: Halved Damage!

Ethereal: The user cannot take damage for 1 turn!

Guts X2: The user can endure a fatal blow, and be left at 1HP!


Jun: 24/24 (+13)



Doggo: Healthy (+13)


Dogamy: Healthy (+13)


Dogaressa: Healthy (+13)


Greater Dog: Healthy (+13)


Lesser Dog: Healthy!!!


Doge: Healthy (+13)

Flaming Spear: Attack Up!


Undyne: Healthy, Hydrated (+13)




Genji Armor: 87 Damage, Quest for Arms (The user has turns equal to the number of weapons they have equipped.)

50% Miss Chance (2 turns)

Green Mode: Predict enemy attacks to protect yourself, Moving is Impossible!

Arms Number: 5


Spear Arm: Healthy

Cannon Arm: Healthy

Hammer Arm: Damaged! (1 Turn)

Shield Arm: Damaged! (2 Turns)

(Poisoned! Nine damage per turn for 3 turns.)

Lance Arm: Healthy



  Hide contents

Average Dex: 11


Genji Armor: 50

Undyne: 20

Jun: 20

Doge: 15

Genji Armor: 50

Doggo: 10

Lesser Dog: 7

Dogamy: 5

Genji Armor: 50

Dogaressa: 5

Greater Dog: 1

Prodditor: 1

Genji Armor: 50

Ignia: 0

Rachel: 0

Genji Armor: 50

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Ignia uses Strike Raid on the Genji Armor for 13 Arcane damage, if it made a melee attack in the round before she attacks she hit again for another 13 damage.





HP: 51

DP: 4


Essence: 3

Constitution: 2

Dexterity: 0

Intelligence: 0

Resistance: 3

Strength: 10

Synergy: 10


If an attack would reduce your HP to 0 or lower, it instead reduces it to 1 unless you were at 1 HP when the attack landed or the attack would reduce you to a negative HP that has an absolute value is greater than your MHP.


Counterattack off cooldown.


Reduce incoming Dark-type damage by 20%

Reduce incoming Physical damage by 7.5%




Cure: Restorative energy that mends bones and seals wounds.

Restore 1d4+[Syn] HP to one target.

Level 2: Quick action, may be used with the same move as another Quick action.


Poison Edge(Dark):  Make a Keyblade attack against one target, they become poisoned and take [Syn]/2+[DP] damage each round for three rounds, gain 1 DP, cooldown=1.
Level 2: Quick action, may be used with the same move as another Quick action.

Friendly Dark: The user can change an ally's SOUL mode, giving them a camouflaging scent of dark energy.
Grants the buff "Friendly Dark: The target's SOUL is shrouded in darkness, dark and evil primal entities may mistake them for allies!"


Strike Raid: Make a ranged Keyblade attack against two targets, if one(or both) of the targets has made a melee attack within the last round this attack hits again for a second Keyblade attack, cooldown=2.





Deck Boost: A technique used to fit more commands into the user’s deck.

Gain two action slots that can only be used for active actions.


HP Boost: A common skill among Keyblade wielders, used to boost one’s physical durability.

Increase MHP by 8.

Levels 2-9: +3/each.(total of +32)


Heart Armor: Any Keyblade wielder worth their salt knows how to summon Heart Armor to protect themselves in combat against the Darkness.

Provides immunity to most environmental effects including brief void exposure.

Level 2: Reduce incoming Dark-type damage by 20%

Level 3: Reduce incoming Physical damage by 7.5%

Borrowed Power(Dark): Drawing from the Darkness has bolstered Ignia’s powers faster than ever before.

Current: +4 Syn, +3 Str, equipping this action at the start of combat causes Ignia to gain 1 DP.

Level 1: +3 Syn, equipping this action at the start of combat causes Ignia to gain 1 DP.

Level 2: +1 Str

Level 3: +1 Str

Level 4: +1 Syn

Level 5: +1 Str




Payback Crush:

Upon being hit by an enemy with a Stun effect Ignia cancels the Stun and makes a Keyblade Counterattack against her assailant, cooldown of 4.





Name: Keyblade

Damage: 0d6+[Str]

Type: Active

Special Qualities:


-Growing Power,


-Smash II: Keyblade damage dice are now d10 instead of d6.


Sno-Wing:  Born from a fulfilled promise to a very happy snowman, this keyblade takes the form of a pure white ice sculpture featuring Spears, Fireballs, Bones, and Lightning Bolts jutting from the end of a "blade" made of seven hearts stacked on top of one another.  It pulses with incredibly strong magic.
Special Qualities:
-Keychain: Attached to a "Keyblade"
-Frailty: +0 Damage Dice.
-Love, Hope, Compassion, Dreams: Add Synergy again to magical healing, if it adds Synergy once.
-FIGHT: Add ESS to physical attacks made with this keyblade, Deals Arcane Damage.
-MERCY: The user may abort combat if the enemy's desire to fight has lowered enough, using a wave of determination and magic.


Name: Ability Stud

Description: A small lump of metal on a chain that seems to broaden its holder’s abilities.

Effect: Gain two action slots that can only be used for passive actions.


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