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E18: Void-kissed (Community Release)

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W-lcome.  We've been wait-ng.   This epi-ode's art is bro-ght to you by Sleppu~   The us-al shindig:   Bel-w is the l-st of not-ble chang-s (-ield Effect ch-n



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The amount of willpower it's taking to wait for the public release is killing me, but I know it'll be worth it!!~ Can't wait to continue the story! Thanks for creating such an amazing and challenging game. 

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On 8/18/2018 at 3:03 AM, ArcBolt27 said:

question of curiosity regarding a specific battle in e18 and will be marked with ye olde spoiler as such just in case:  


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when battling Cain/Shelly in the factory area or whatever it is when u go to stop team meteor from causing more ruckus outside calcenon i noticed shelly had a leavanny nicknamed after my character.............. is it always a leavanny or can it be something different? either way nice touch



I believe that it's always a leavanny (the number of available Bugs is steadily dwindling, after all), but that's not the interesting part. Rather, it's the fact that it's Gender will always match yours- and it will be Genderless if you're non-binary, as shown here!

Why did the first time that mimikyu didn't OHKO Ba'al have to occur in a run that I wasn't even trying?


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4 minutes ago, angelhunter1901 said:

I have to say that i love this fan game.


Even after a major glitch either on my end or with the game ive got no issues Playing the game from the start all over again

What was the glitch?

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