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My Awesome Pokemon Adventure

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So, Wehttam has a crush for Florina, I see. Can wait to for him to meet Sirius😏

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Taka and Victoria started there walk towards the Underground Railnet. It was an awkward, silence kind of walk. Taka wanted to talk to Victoria but didn’t want to suffer her vocal wrath. So he just kept quiet. By the time they made it to the entrance of the area, the sun was setting and it made the newly renovated area a beautiful looking orange color. Taka was taking a moment enjoy the view. Victoria was annoyed at this but she couldn’t help but enjoy the view too. But she knew those 2 had a mission to do. She walked into the Underground Railnet. Taka noticed this and rushed in after her. As they walked through the tunnel, Taka noticed that there was still a lot of cracks on the ground and the place was still messy.


Taka: Hey. Mind if I ask you something?

Victoria: What is it…?

Taka: They renovated a lot of Reborn but why haven’t they touched this place yet.

Victoria: We haven’t gotten around to it. Not like this whole thing happened in a couple of hours. This took days to accomplish.

Taka: O-Ohh… I guess that makes sense.

Victoria: We will be fixing this place up soon but it’s not a top priority right now.

Taka: Right… Gotcha… Can I ask you something else…? Victoria?


Victoria stopped at an area where they had to either go up or down. Since they didn’t start the renovation of this place, she knew that they wouldn’t be able to go the short way, which would be going up, to get to their destination. So they had to go down.



But she just stood there, looking up towards the blocked off route. Taka was confused on why she was looking up there.


Taka: Victoria? Are you ok?

Victoria: …That’s when it all started.

Taka: When… what all started?

Victoria: My Sensei’s untimely… Her untimely…

Taka: It’s ok. You don’t have to finish that sentence. I understand.

Victoria: Do you really though? Do you know how it feels to lose someone that close to you?

Taka: I… I guess I… I don’t know.

Victoria: Hmph… Anyways, this is where it all started. Matt came here to see if he could find Cain but I was here instead.

Taka: Ahh… I don’t mean to cut off your flashback or whatever this is but shouldn’t we get going to meet up with Arclight?

Victoria: Yea… Yea. You’re right. Let’s go.


The 2 of them resumed their walk to where they were supposed to meet up with Arclight. Taka felt like Victoria wanted to keep talking about what happened so he told her that if she wanted to talk as they walked, it wouldn’t bother him. She shot him a stare that basically said “I’d talk and walk whether you wanted to hear it or not.” But she sighed and started to tell her tale to the young man. By the time she got to the part where Victoria and Matthew realized Cain never made it to Apophyll, they were in the area where they could reach the Yureyu building. Victoria stopped for she had thought of something.



Taka: Why’d you stop?

Victoria: You know, I’m curious about something.

Taka: What is it?

Victoria: How exactly did you and some of the other members of Team Meteor capture Cain?

Taka: Ohh. You want to know about that?

Victoria: Yea. I always wondered how you did it.

Taka: Well… I guess I can tell you. When he came close to the island, I had Chatot use Chatter to distract him and then had my Exeggutor wrap their neck around him and trap him. And then we were able to keep him in that prison.

Victoria: Hmm. I see.

Taka: I honestly didn’t like doing that though.

Victoria: Well you still did it nonetheless.

Taka: Yea… I know.

Victoria: Well let’s keep going. We’re about halfway there.


The 2 of them continued on their way. Victoria was kind of enjoying this time with Taka. She still didn’t trust him however. They finally made it to the area where there were a lot more train tracks on the ground. They made their way to where they were almost to where Arclight was but suddenly, 2 Team Meteor Grunts came from a hole in the wall and blocked their path.



Female Meteor Grunt: Ha! You 2 aren’t going anywhere!

Victoria: Great! Team Meteor Grunts!

Taka: I expected to find them in the building. I shouldn’t be surprised by this though.

Male Meteor Grunt: We figured there might have been a chance of someone figuring out that our hideout was here. So we were put here to take care of anyone that came by.

Victoria: Wait. If that’s true, then what happened to Arclight?

Female Meteor Grunt: Arclight? We didn’t see anyone else come here besides you 2!

Taka: You know what. I’m glad you guys are here.

Male Meteor Grunt: Ohh yea? Why’s that?

Taka: I’ve had an itch to battle some of you Meteor Grunts for a long time now. Think I’ll be able to do that now.


Taka grabbed a PokeBall from around his waist and was prepared for a battle. The 2 Team Meteor Grunts didn’t grab their PokeBalls though. Instead, they looked at each other and started to laugh. This confused Taka and infuriated Victoria.


Victoria: Urgh! What are you 2 laughing about?!

Male Meteor Grunt: You can drop it now Taka.

Taka: Huh? Drop what?

Female Meteor Grunt: You can drop the act now. You got intel on the enemy.

Taka: What?! You know that’s not what I did!

Male Meteor Grunt: Seriously, you can drop the act now. I’m sure whatever you go on the enemies will be enough for us to defeat them so we can achieve our goals.

Taka: No! Stop the lies! Stop-

Victoria: I… knew it!

Taka: Huh? No… No! Don’t believe the- ow!


Victoria pushed Taka onto the ground in the middle of everyone. She grabbed her PokeBall and called out her Incineroar. Taka knew that Victoria wasn’t going to hurt him at this point but would kill him if he didn’t do something.



Taka: Victoria! No! Please don’t listen to them!

Victoria: I knew it! I knew we shouldn’t have trusted you!

Taka: Please believe me th-… Wait. We?

Victoria: Yes…! I was starting to trust you. But just a little bit! But this… this just proves that I should have just stuck to my instincts and kept you away from everyone! Especially Matthew!

Taka: Victoria, listen to me! They’re doing this because they want the group to be arguing with each other! Don’t believe them!

Victoria: No… No no no. You’re lying! Fire Fang Incineroar!


The Pokemon listened to its owners command and attacked Taka. He was able to jump out of the way though. He couldn’t believe that this was happening. After everything that was going on, this was just making everything worse. As this was going on, the 2 Meteor Grunts gave a thumbs up. Taka caught a glimpse of this. Then, Taka could see something drop from the ceiling and down behind Victoria. It was a Team Meteor Admin and a Bisharp. Victoria was so focused on trying to kill Taka that she didn’t notice them.



Taka: Ohh no… Victoria! Behind you!

Victoria: Ha! Nice try but I’m not an idiot! I’m not gonna fall for something like that!

Taka: I’m serious! Look behind you!

Victoria: Shut up Taka!

Taka: Victoria!

Team Meteor Admin: Too bad you didn’t listen to him. Otherwise you might have lived! Bisharp, stab the girl in the heart! Night Slash!

Victoria: What?!


Victoria turned around to see who it was but by the time she turned around, the Bisharp was almost right on top of her. She closed her eyes, waiting for the worse to happen. The noise of something sharp slashing through human flesh could be heard. But Victoria wasn’t the 1 that go impaled. She opened her eyes and could see that Taka had jumped in front of the Pokemon and had taken the attack.



Luckily for him though, the Bisharp only impaled through his shoulder. But Victoria could see the pain on his face. She was shocked to see him look back at her though and speak.


Taka: Ahah… Ar-Are you ok Victoria?

Victoria: T… Taka?! What did… What did you just-

Taka: I’ve t-told you… I’m not wi-with them… Ohh Arceus that hurts. Urgh.

Team Meteor Admin: Fool. He protected a person who was trying to kill him. How stupid can you get.

Taka: I-I’m not stupid. But yes… I did protect her… I protected h-her life… I view her as a friend… Urgh…


Victoria couldn’t believe what she was hearing. This person that she viewed as an enemy and thought was still apart of an organization that she despised just used his own body to protect her from leaving to the afterlife. All he ever did was try to be nice to her and she was nothing but rude and mean towards him. She knew at this point that he was truly not with Team Meteor any longer.



Victoria: Taka… I’m sorry.

Taka: It’s-It’s ok Victoria…

Victoria: It’s not though. I-

Team Meteor Admin: Ohh for the love of- Shut up! Prepare to die! Both of you!

Victoria: Right. We’ll have a moment later. Right now, I gotta take care of these 3.

Taka: D-Don’t think you’re gonna have all the fun here V-Victoria…

Victoria: Huh?


Taka looked towards the Bisharp. He somehow had the strength to push off of the Pokemon and get the sword like arm out of his shoulder. Blood started to pour from his shoulder. He still somehow had the strength to grab his PokeBall and called out his Chatot. Victoria was amazed at how he was still able to move after suffering a devastating attack. Taka commanded his Chatot to use Heat Wave while Victoria had her Incineroar use Flare Blitz. The Heat Wave attack swirled around Incineroar as it ran towards the 2 Team Meteor Grunts. The attack powered up its Flare Blitz attack and instantly knocked them out. The Incineroar quickly turned around and attacked the Bisharp and Meteor Admin, knocking them out as well. Victoria then tied them all up and put them back into the hole they were hiding in before their attempted ambush. She then went over to Taka and tended to his wound.


Victoria: Alright. Now try to hold still Taka. This might hurt a bit.

Taka: Ahh! Urgh! Man that really hurts!

Victoria: But you wouldn’t have been in this position if it wasn’t for me…

Taka: D-Don’t start the whole “I’m to blame for you being hurt” th-thing… Ow…

Victoria: But-

Taka: But nothing. I knew you wouldn’t trust me from the start. But that’s why I-I didn’t give up on- Ooo! Ahh!

Victoria: Sorry.

Taka: It’s ok. But that’s why I didn’t give up on trying to earn your trust.

Victoria: Taka… Thank you…

Taka: N-No probelm… It’s what friends do right?

Victoria: Heh… Matthew really did help you a lot didn’t he?

Taka: Ohh he r-really did… Honestly, even though I’ve only been with him for ab-about a couple of days… I kind of feel like he’s an-an older brother to me…

Victoria: Well then you have a pretty great big brother.

Taka: Heh… I do…


Victoria finished patching up Taka the best she could. The bleeding had stopped but Taka’s shoulder was in deep pain. Victoria helped him up to his feet. Victoria looked at Taka but this time, instead of seeing hatred and contempt in her eyes, he could see a kind and kindred look in her eyes. He knew that she trusted him now. The 2 ventured into the next area so they could finally begin their mission of taking down Team Meteor.

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Taka has his own series?! Yeaaaaiiiiiiiihhh!!!! My baby boi deserves it😁😁😁😆😆🧡💛💚💙💜💖👏👏👏👏👏👏



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That Taka episode is a pretty nice idea and its content is well thought. You effectively took advantage of Taka's leaving the Meteors to start the insane ride-along that is the Devon arc. You also conveyed well the threat level (although one wonders why no similar ambushes were sprung at Matthew or, say, Shelly): despite how dramatically Reborn City's state has improved, the Meteors remain informed, dangerous and determined foes. 

Minor nitpick, maybe: how exactly would you have Taka go around both the Incineroar and Victoria in the short time frame to let himself be stabbed? 

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Lovely episode! 🙂 Taka clearly has a risky life in Reborn in this run! Hopefully, his sense of sacrifice won't kill him in Devon Corp. By the way, I'm almost sure he will see Lin there, but have no idea of what will happen to him if they ever meet each other (Pray for not witnessing some melodramatic death). Also, glad to know that Victoria put her biases aside about Taka. She looks like a careful teammate to him. Keep my fingers crossed for the next episode 🤞

On 1/21/2020 at 9:24 AM, Evi Crystal said:

So, Wehttam has a crush for Florina, I see. Can wait to for him to meet Sirius😏

Yes, this was revealed after Matthew rescued Amaria and Florinia by defeating PULSE-Tangrowth in Obsidia Park. And now that you mention Sirius, I fear for Wehttam to be another prey of his Chandelure! But on the other hand, I doubt Wehttam can be destroyed as easily as Sirius' previous victims. Don't know how I could explain this. However, it might be a major trouble for Matthew if Sirius manages to find another opportunity to attack him a second time. But hey, I'm just imagining scenarios ^^ Maybe none of that will happen in the end. But still...

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When Taka and Victoria got into the next area, they could barely see what was right in front of them. The area was almost completely dark. Luckily, Victoria had a flashlight on her. She took it out, turned it on and flashed it around the place. The pair of friends couldn’t see anything but the still cracked walls and cracked floors. They hadn’t been able to fix this part of the region yet. The 2 started to walk into the almost pitch black room. It didn’t take long for them to see a partial lit area of the room. When they got closer, they noticed that it was Arclight.



Arclight: Yo. Victoria. Taka. What’s up?

Victoria: Sorry it took us a bit to get here.

Taka: Yea… We ran into a couple of Team Meteor grunts just outside.

Arclight: I see. So that’s the commotion I was hearing before.

Taka: Wait. You heard all of that and didn’t come to help?

Arclight: I needed to stay here just in case some other Meteor dumbasses were about to come out. I would take them out here and we’d have less to worry about inside.

Taka: Well… I suppose that makes sense.

Arclight: You ok? I can see that bandage wrapped around your shoulder.

Victoria: He’ll be fine. He kind of saved my life by taking an attack that was intended for me.

Arclight: I see. You sure he’s gonna be alright to make it through here?

Taka: I’ll be fine. If Matt could go through the whole day with a couple of cracked ribs and a super migraine, I can handle a simple stabbing through the shoulder.

Arclight: -chuckles- Alright. That’s what I like to hear. So are you 2 ready?

Taka: Yes!

Victoria: Absolutely! Team Meteor is gonna pay for what they’ve done to Kiki!

Arclight: Alright then! Let’s get going then you 2!


The 3 of them rushed up the stairs and were now inside, what they assumed to be, the Devon Corporation building. Right in front of them were a couple of Team Meteor Grunts. Well, it was more of the orderlies from the orphanage dressed in Team Meteor outfit colors. The 3 of them turned around and faced the 3 of them.



Female Meteor Orderly: FINALLY. Someone shows up.

Arclight: Sorry we’re late but now let’s get the party started.

Male Meteor Orderly: -laughs- Well too bad for you that we’re gonna have to close down this party of yours.

Victoria: Not a chance! There’s not a Pokemon strong enough to toss us aside!

Taka: Or for me to right the wrongs I made for affiliating with you people!


It was a 3 VS 3 battle. Luckily for Arclight, Victoria and Taka, their Pokemon were more powerful than their opponents and they came out the winners. Arclight made them stand in front of him as Victoria called out her Incineroar and bashed the steel gate in front of them and recalled back her Pokemon. The 3 of them rushed up the stairs and stopped by a door entrance that led to what was the front of the Devon building. It was clear though that something was bothering Arclight though.



Taka: Arc? What’s wrong?

Arclight: Ame and Adrienn should have finished dealing with the storefront by now but…

Taka: But what?

Victoria: Are they… not here?

Arclight: Yea. I don’t see ‘em.

Taka: Maybe they went up the stairs and went ahead of us?

Arclight: Yea. I’m gonna head up just far enough to see if they’re up there. I want you to check the storefront for me Taka.

Taka: Ok but what am I supposed to be checking for?

Arclight: I’m not totally sure but this whole situation… I don’t trust this.

Taka: Alright. I’ll search it.

Arclight: Victoria, I want you to watch our exit in case anyone comes to separate us that way. -goes upstairs-

Victoria: -shouting to Arclight- Alright! Be safe and let’s not go too far! -looks to Taka- If you hear anything, just let me handle it alright?

Taka: You got it Victoria.


Taka headed to the storefront and was shocked at what he was seeing. There was a lot of debris on the floor and also a couple of Team Meteor Grunts unconscious on the floor. Taka kind of felt relieved by seeing this. This had to have meant that Ame and Adrienn were alright. There was something that was troubling him though. It wasn’t strong but there was a feint, weird smell in the room. And what he saw on the ground made him feel even more troubled. On the ground near the regular entrance was the radio transceiver that Ame was carrying.



While Taka didn’t know Ame for that long, he knew that she wouldn’t have left something like this behind unless she wasn’t able to keep it on her person. Suddenly, he could hear a lot of noise coming from the room above. Although Victoria told him to stay put if he heard anything, Taka couldn’t help but run out of the room and up the stairs to see what was going on. When he got there, he could see Victoria knocking out a Meteor Orderly.



Victoria: HA! Call it karma! You had that loss coming to you.

Arclight: Thanks for the backup.

Victoria: It’s nothing! I heard fighting from downstairs and I wasn’t about to just stand by.

Taka: Hey! Are you 2 alright?

Victoria: I’m just fine Taka. Can’t say the same for these guys though.

Arclight: I’m good too. But did you see them at all?

Taka: No I didn’t. And that’s not the most worrying part.

Arclight: What could that be?

Taka: Well 1st, it wasn’t strong but I could smell something weird in there. And also… -pulls out the radio transceiver-


Arclight’s eyes widened, which was a clear sign that this definitely wasn’t a good thing. He ran up to Taka, took the device from him and inspected it quickly.


Arclight: Hmm…

Victoria: What?

Arclight: Damnit… No doubt about it. This is the radio I lent to Ame.

Taka: I might be overreacting but I don’t think that’s a good thing.

Arclight: It’s not Taka.

Victoria: Well what could have happened to them? I mean… they couldn’t have been overpowered, could they?

Arclight: Ame is the Champion and Adrienn is a high leveled Gym Leader. I can’t see how they could have been but… No… No. They have to be fine.

Taka: Well what do we do now?

Arclight: We keep going. We’ll probably find them if we keep going.

Taka: Alright then. Let’s get a move on!

Arclight: Hold on there man. I’m glad you’re wanting to find them but something’s odd with this room. Check out the floor.


The trio went over to the area of floor that had some kind of panels on them. They looked at it thoroughly but couldn’t see if anything way wrong. There was a small opening between a wall and fence. Arclight stepped on the panel to get to the other side. When he stepped on the panel though, he was shocked with electricity. It was surprising to Taka that the young man didn’t fall over from the pain. But it was clear that these panels were rigged with something.


Victoria: Arclight!

Taka: Are you ok?!

Arclight: Damnit. Yea. I’m fine. It’s nothing really but I wouldn’t recommend you 2 stepping on those.

Taka: So what’s over there?

Arclight: -walks over to the panel- Hmm… Yea. Just like I thought. This terminal up here controls the patterns on the floor.

Victoria: Maybe press the buttons? It might turn this off.

Arclight: You want me to press random buttons in an evil organizations secret hideout base…? I guess I’ve heard of worse ideas. Here I go!


Arclight started to press the buttons. While nothing threatening happened, the panels on the floor started to change colors. Red, blue and gold. Some of the panels were more brightly colored than the other ones. While Taka was inspecting it, he accidentally fell onto 1 of the panels. He laid there expecting to feel a shock but nothing happened. He stood up and stepped on the brightly colored panel. Nothing. He yelled out to Arclight to press the button again to change the panel’s color. Arclight did it and the floor changed. The panel Taka was standing on was no longer brightly lit but the panel in front of him was. He slowly moved his foot to the next brightly lit panel. Nothing happened to him. They knew that there was a way to get through this place now but there was only 1 problem.


Arclight: Nice job Taka. We can get through this place now.

Taka: Alright! Let’s go you 2!

Victoria: Wait. Hold on.

Taka: What?

Arclight: Someone needs to stay down here to operate this machine in order to change the panels on the upper levels.

Taka: So… we have to split up?

Arclight: Seems so.

Taka: Is that such a good idea though? I mean what if more Team Meteor Grunts try to attack you while you’re here?

Arclight: I’ll be fine man. I can take care of myself.

Victoria: Ok. I get that we have to split up but how are we supposed to tell you to change the panels? Not like we can just yell out to each other. We’d cause too much noise and have more trouble to deal with than we can.

Arclight: Hey Taka. You still got the radio transceiver?

Taka: Yes I do.

Arclight: Good. I have mine right here with me. Anytime you need to change the panel floors, just press the button and I’ll hear a noise and I’ll know press the buttons here to change the floor panels for you.

Taka: Alright. I guess that works. Just be really careful alright?

Arclight: Don’t worry about me man. I’ll be fine. Now let me get Victoria over to you and then you can both cross the floor together.


Arclight pressed the buttons for the floor panels to change so Victoria could catch up to Taka and then reach the end to the other side of the room. Before heading up the stares, Victoria and Taka look towards Arclight 1 last time. He gave them the “don’t worry” look. The 2 of them were worried about leaving their friend behind but they knew they had to do it if they wanted to end this whole thing. They walked up the stairs but when they got to the top, 2 Team Meteor Orderlies were there waiting.


Taka: I’ll give you 2 1 chance to let us go by without any altercations.

Male Meteor Orderly: Well well well. If it isn’t the traitor Taka. Why would we ever stop doing what were doing? I just hope that all of this persistence doesn’t go to waste. -chuckles to himself-

Victoria: The only here that will be wasted will be Team Meteor!

Female Meteor Orderly: I wonder. Is that attitude you’re exhibiting right now taught down at that tawdry school?

Victoria: You… Heh. I’ll be happy to give you a lesson right now!


The battle 2 VS 2 battle started. Taka was surprised that Victoria kept her cool when the Meteor Orderly tried making fun of the school she was in charge of now. In just a bit of time, Victoria and Taka had won the battle. Just then, the radio Taka had started to make noise. He took the device out and listened.


Arclight (RT): Hey! Can you 2 hear me on this thing?

Victoria: Yea. We can hear you. Is everything ok?

Arclight (RT): Yea. I just heard a bunch of noise upstairs though. Everything good?

Taka: Yea. We just took care a couple of Meteor Orderlies.

Victoria: Don’t forget that I told you there’s no way I’ll lose to Team Meteor ever again!

Taka: That goes double for me!

Arclight (RT): That’s music to my ears.

Victoria: There’s another 1 of those panel things on the floor. You ready?

Arclight (RT): You know it little lady. You know what to do Taka.


Taka and Victoria stood near the panels. Taka started to press the button on the radio transceiver and Arclight was changing the floor panels. This 1 took a bit longer to get through than the previous 1 but they were able to do it without getting shocked. However, there were more Team Meteor Orderlies waiting for them at the end of the room. Before the battle even started, the male Meteor Orderly spoke of Kiki’s name. Taka could see the hatred come over Victoria’s face. He could tell that she had a lot of love and respect for this woman. Soon enough, Victoria and Taka had beaten the bad guys. But instead of just keeping quiet, the male Meteor Orderly kept trying to push Victoria.


Male Meteor Orderly: My, my. I wonder. Is Kiki smiling right now?

Victoria: …Say her name 1 more time… and see what happens.

Male Meteor Orderly: Hmm… Is that what Kiki wants?

Victoria: -lowers her head, chuckles and then grins at the Meteor Orderly- Well… Can’t say I didn’t warn you.


With incredible speed, power and accuracy, Victoria punched the orderly straight in the face. He flew back and hit the whole back of his body off of the wall and then slumped down to the ground. He was definitely unconscious. Taka had never seen Victoria so vicious towards anyone. He felt very relived that he was able to avoid a physical confrontation with her. Victoria turned around and looked at the female Meteor Orderly. She put her hands up to show that she didn’t want any of what her colleague had just received.


Female Meteor Orderly: Hey. I’m good. Hell… Even I can’t say he didn’t deserve that.

Victoria: Good. You’re lucky.

Taka: Victoria? Are you-

Victoria: Let’s keep going Taka.

Taka: R-Right…


Victoria rushed upstairs. Taka felt sorry for her. She had lost her teacher, half of which was technically her fault and these people were now taunting her using Kiki. Suddenly, he could hear sobbing coming from up the stairs. He rushed up the stairs to see what was going on. He was relieved to see that there weren’t any Team Meteor people there. He then went over to Victoria to see what was wrong.


Taka: Victoria? Victoria. What’s wrong?

Victoria: I-I’m just… I know that I’m disappointing her right now. This isn’t how she taught me… But at the same time, I just can’t let these people get away with what they did.

Taka: More like with what I did…

Victoria: Huh? What do you mean?

Taka: I was there when it happened. When she was…

Victoria: …Yes… Yes you were there but you’re different Taka. You’re not apart of them. Seems like you never really were even from the start.

Taka: But I-

Victoria: Taka, you didn’t do anything wrong. Sirius did. Your father did. But you didn’t. You’re innocent in all of this.

Taka: Well I don’t know about me being innocent.

Victoria: You didn’t contribute to it though and that’s important. If you had, I don’t think we could be friends like we are now.

Taka: I… I guess you’re right.

Victoria: I am. Although, maybe you feeling like this is my fault too. For earlier. Ahh… I’m a terrible person.

Taka: No. You were just angry. You needed to blow off some steam. It’s understandable.

Victoria: Yea… I guess you’re right.

Taka: Victoria?

Victoria: Yes?

Taka: Do you… Do you think Kiki would forgive me?


Victoria stared at him for a moment. She didn’t expect him to ask her such a thing. Taka started to think if asking her that was the right thing or not. She turned straight forward and then back at Taka but with a smile. A legitimate smile.


Victoria: I think she would. Might have taken some time to prove your good side to her for a bit but… I think she would have forgiven you.

Taka. I’m… I’m glad.

Victoria: -chuckles- Alright. We should really get going.

Taka: You’re right. We spent too much time here talking.


The 2 of them started to walk to the other side of the room. They walked onto some panels but when they did, the way downstairs was sealed shut. Taka and Victoria turned around to the noise it caused. Victoria ran back and tried to get the wall to move out of the way but it was no good. Suddenly, the walls around them started to close in. Victoria called out her Incineroar and instructed it to hold the walls open for as long as it could. Taka was about to send out a Pokemon but Victoria stopped him.



Taka: What?! But why?!

Victoria: Someone needs to be able to continue and that someone is you Taka!

Taka: Wh-What?! But I-

Victoria: Taka!

Taka: I-I-I can’t just leave you here like this! We’re friends!

Victoria: Taka… Heh. Think of it as me paying you back for earlier.

Taka: …Victoria…

Victoria: Now get out of here!


Taka stared at her for a very short while and then ran up the steps. When he got to the top, the entrance near the bottom of the steps sealed up. Victoria was now trapped. Taka felt bad for leaving her in there but he knew that she would be more upset if he stayed there with her. The radio transceiver started to make noise. Taka reached into his pocket and pulled it out.


Arclight (RT): Taka! You there?!

Taka: Y-Yea… I’m… I’m here…

Arclight (RT): What the heck happened? It sounded way louder up there than just some Pokemon battle.

Taka: The room we were in. The walls started to close in on us. She sent out her Incineroar to keep them open and told me to go on. I just…

Arclight (RT): Hey. You need to try to calm down dude. She has her Pokemon right? I’m sure she’ll be fine.

Taka: I hope she is…

Arclight (RT): What about Adrienn or Ame? Any sign of them?

Taka: No. Haven’t seen a trace of them.

Arclight (RT): Urgh! This hasn’t gone as planned at all…

Taka: You don’t say.

Arclight (RT): Well look. I’m pretty sure you’re close to the top now. There has to be something there. Get up there and save everyone.

Taka: Right… You’re right. I got this!


Once again, there was another floor panel. Pressing the button on the radio transceiver, Arclight was pushing the button down below to change the panel lighting on the floor. Half way into the room, he battled Meteor Orderly and then proceeded. When he got to the end, he had to fight another Team Meteor Orderly but this time, he said something interesting.


Taka: No matter how many of you there are, I will beat you all!

Male Meteor Orderly: Heh… I never thought the day would come where I’d be facing you Taka. Although, I must say, your new batch of friends are really gullible.

Taka: What? What do you mean?

Male Meteor Orderly: You really should know better than to trust an anonymous tip.

Taka: Wait… Are you saying Team Meteor was that anonymous tip?

Male Meteor Orderly: But of course. We wanted to lure a lot of you in here and take care of the lot of you. But the fact that we got the Champion here as well? That’s just a bonus.


Taka had heard enough talk from this Orderly. After their battle, Taka headed up to the top floor. As he reached the floor, the radio transceiver was making noise again.


Taka: Arclight, I’m glad you’re messaging me. I have something to tell you. It was Team Meteor that-

Arclight (RT): Taka! She found m-

Taka: Huh? What did you say?

Arclight (RT): I mean-


Then all of a sudden, Taka could only hear what seemed to be scuffling on the radio. The last thing he heard from Arclight before the radio signal went dead was a very soft sounding help. Taka was now very nervous. It was just him now. Ame and Adrienn seemed to have just disappeared, Victoria was possibly squished in between a wall like a sandwich and now something was happening with Arclight. He frantically went running further into the room, hoping to find something that would help him in this situation. He wasn’t paying attention though and he stepped on a panel. He could feel electricity flowing into his body. Normally, this kind of shock wouldn’t have hurt someone like Taka much. But thanks to the puncture wound in his shoulder, the pain intensified times 10, which caused him great pain. With a screeching scream, Taka crumbled to the ground, unconscious.


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Oh god, I have goodbumps now. I hope and pray Taka is okay... And Lin don't you dare lay your hands on my precious baby boi I'm gonna hunt you down or else...


What Did You Just Say Evil Eye GIF by The Orchard Films

Edited by Evi Crystal
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Taka started to stir awake. He slowly started to open his eyes. He could see that he was no longer in the room he used to be in. He was in a complete different room than where he was before. He started to get up slowly but when he stretched out his arm, his shoulder was in immense pain. The electrical shock from that other room must have really hurt his already injured shoulder more. He was luckily able to get up on his feet and look around his surroundings.



It was a small room. There wasn’t really anything in there. The only way out was through a door that was near him. He knew it had to be a trap but there was no other way to exit. So he went through the door and into the next room. In front of him was a cage like structure. When he went forward and went inside it, the way back was sealed shut. He turned around and tried to open it but it was no use. He turned back around and could see another cage similar to the 1 he was in. Inside it, he could see Victoria. When she turned around, she was very relived to see him.


Victoria: Taka?! Ohh thank Arceus. You’re here and safe.

Taka: I’m glad you’re safe too Victoria. But I don’t know if I would call this being safe.

Victoria: Do you have any idea what’s going on here?

Taka: No. I have no clue. I just woke up a bit ago and then walked out here and here I am.

Victoria: Urgh! What’s going on here?!


Just then, the big tv screen on the wall above them started to static. The 2 looked up at it with confusion. Just then, a face appeared on the screen. Victoria didn’t notice who the person on the screen was but when she looked over at Taka’s cage, she could see his expression on his face and he looked absolutely horrified.



Victoria: Taka? Taka, what’s wrong?

Taka: Th-That’s…

Lin: Welcome.

Victoria: Hold on… Is that-

Taka: It’s Lin…

Lin: I understand that you and your petty shambles of acquaintances have come here to stop me. And you there Taka.

Taka: Huh? M-Me?

Lin: Well, I’m not totally shocked you betrayed us. But you shall be dealt with at a later time.

Victoria: Grrr! You won’t do a thing to him! Not as long as we’re here!

Lin: Interesting.

Victoria: Huh? What do you mean?

Lin: The situation you’re in. You came in as a group, thinking you were strong together correct? And yet, here you are now. Let this be a lesson. Numbers do not help. Friends do not help. Spirit does not help.

Victoria: Spirit? Spirit?! And what does someone like you know about spirit?!

Lin: In the end, you are still powerless. You are still a victim. You always will be… won’t you?

Taka: I… No. I refuse to be like that anymore!

Lin: Heh… Little Taka is all protective now is he? Well then, let’s play a game. In order to reunite with your so called friends, you must fight them.

Taka: Fight them?!

Victoria: What do you mean fight them?!

Lin: Whoever wins will proceed. And the loser? They will suffer a penalty. There are no rules. Begin.


Before either of the 2 could utter a response, the screen went black. The 2 again tried to find a way to get out of the cage but they were unable to. Victoria and Taka looked across the room towards 1 another.


Victoria: We… We really have to fight each other to get out of here?

Taka: No! I’m sure we can find a way out of here without doing that. We just got to-

Victoria: Taka… No.

Taka: What?

Victoria: We… We have to fight each other.

Taka: What?! You’re just gonna let her have her way?!

Victoria: Trust me. I don’t want to do this either but let’s face it. There’s no other way to get free from these cages. You know I’m right don’t you?

Taka: I mean… yes but-

Victoria: Then there’s no other way. I’m not backing down. I made a promise to Kiki that I’d finish the job.

Taka: I never wanted to battle you Victoria. At least… At least not like this. But fine. I’m gonna give you everything I got!

Victoria: That’s what I want to witness Taka! We’ll find out which 1 of us is better suited to finish off Team Meteor!




The 2 friends reluctantly threw out their PokeBalls and the battle started. The battle was quite evenly matched. A back and forth fight. If this fight were to have happened back when the 2 had met in the graveyard of Beryl Ward, Victoria might have been less merciful. As the battle came to a close though, it was Taka that came out victorious. The 2 recalled back their Pokemon back to their PokeBalls. Victoria seemed out of it.


Taka: Victoria?

Victoria: Heh... So… After all of my hard work, training to be able to beat them… I said I’d never lose to Team Meteor again but- AGH!


All of a sudden the floor inside of the cage that Victoria was in flared up with electricity. Victoria was being electrocuted but there was nothing she could do but stand there and take it. The front of Taka’s cage opened and the tv screen on the wall raised up into the roof and an entrance to another room appeared. Taka rushed out of the cage and ran up to Victoria’s cage, trying to think of a way to save her.



Taka: Victoria! Urgh! I’ll think of a way to save you from this!


Taka: But Victoria-

VICTORIA: I S-SAID- AGH! I SAID TO GET GOING! URGH! DON’T WORRY ABOUT ME! I’ll… I’ll prove as K-Kiki’s successor… Ugh…

Taka: Are you sure?!

Victoria: -laughs in pain- It’s gonna t-take a lot more than this… to break my spirit… Urgh! Ahh!


Taka knew that he couldn’t do anything to save his friend but he felt bad for just leaving her there while she was being tortured essentially. He ran up to the staircase, stopped and looked back at Victoria 1 last time. The girl looked back at him, obviously in pain, but was still able to give him the thumbs up and the signal to go on without her. With regret in his heart, he slowly started to climb the stairs, leaving Victoria downstairs, being tortured by being electrocuted.

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Argh! My heart aching in pain seeing the Devon Corp. Arc. Brings back unpleasant memories😥😓


Poor Victoria. Even though, she is flawed and had caused trouble halding us from processing further in the story, I still like her. She's already broken from the Pyro Mountain incident, but trying to hide her pain😔

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When Taka reached the top, he could see some of the floor tiles moving in 1 direction. Some of the other panels looked like the ones he had seen earlier with Arclight and Victoria.



But now that Victoria was being tortured and Arclight was still missing, there was no 1 to be able to switch the floor panels electrocution on or off. Taka decided to press the button on the radio transceiver just for the hell of it. Before his eyes, the panels changed color which meant that someone pressed the button to change them. Taka pressed the button again and the floor panels once again changed colors.This didn’t make any sense to him. Why would 1 of the Team Meteor members be helping him get through this puzzle room? Then he thought that maybe someone was able to get free and got to that room somehow and was helping him. But then he realized that that was just wishful thinking. Taka took a look around the room again. He could see some of the tiles on the floor moving. He could tell this was gonna be an annoying puzzle but he had to get through it if he wanted to not only find his friends but also defeat Team Meteor. He started to go through the room. A couple of times, the moving tiles would lead him to the electrifying floor panels and shock him when he landed on it. While this only happened a couple of times, it was more painful thanks to the injury he had on his shoulder. After an hour of traversing through the hell that was that room, he finally made it to the end, entered the next room and took a moment to take a break. He took a look around the little room he was in now. While there was nothing in there to help him, it reminded him of the room he had woken up in earlier. And that made him worried what he would would find on the other side of the door in front of him. He slowly clutched the handle of the door and opened it. His fear became reality when he saw 2 cages. 1 near him and 1 near the other side of the room. In the other cage, he could see Arclight. Taka ran forward, without thinking, into the cage in front of him. The door behind him closed and locked tight. He was trapped again. Arclight turned around when he heard the noise.



Arclight: Huh? Taka? Is that you Taka?!

Taka: It is! Ohh man. This is bad.

Arclight: Fuck… Not again.

Taka: Not again? What are you talking about?

Arclight: Listen. I found Adrienn.

Taka: You did?! Is xe ok?

Arclight: Xe’s on the level below. It was a set-up like this 1.

Taka: I know. Before this room, I was with Victoria.

Arclight: Then you know what’s gonna happen right?

Taka: Yea. She forced me and Victoria to battle. I won but Victoria… her cage started to surge with electricity. I know she’s tough but… I just hope she’s ok.

Arclight: Victoria’s a tough chick. I’m sure she’ll get out of this. But Arceus damnit!

Taka: Did you see her on the tv screen before as well? -points to the screen-

Arclight: Yea… That bitch. That was Lin right?

Taka: It was.

Arclight: Just like with you and Victoria, she told us that we would battle each other as well. But Adrienn… xe refused.

Taka: He… did?

Arclight: …Damnit… Xe said xe wouldn’t fight and that I should just go on.

Taka: He forfeited?!

Arclight: Yes.

Taka: Wait. What was his penalty?

Arclight: The floor… It started searing… It wasn’t pretty.


Just then, the tv on the room started to static. Arclight and Taka looked over at the screen. In a couple of seconds, Lin appeared on the screen once again. Arclight was pissed while Taka looked on in horror. Lin looked at the 2 of them with a blank expression. And then she started to speak.



Lin: Do you understand yet? You have no control. You never did. Even if your glass-spun egos depend on convincing yourselves otherwise. You are pigs to be herded. You are pigs to be hurt. Sputter, shiver and squeal. It changes nothing. You know what to do. -screen shuts off-

Arclight: Tch. This is insane.

Taka: I can’t believe this is happening.

Arclight: Let me tell you. She’s gonna eat those words when 1 of us “little piggies” catches up to her. But right now…

Taka: Right now, we gotta battle each other.

Arclight: Hold on. I just realized something. How are the floor panels being electrified and being turned on if I’m not there at the control panel?

Taka: I’m not sure. I was trying to figure that out when I was going through the other room to get here.

Arclight: Well… thinking about that isn’t gonna help us get out of here. And for all of my tough talk, I don’t have a way out of this.

Taka: Neither do I.

Arclight: It pisses me off to admit this but… she’s right. We got cocky. And now we’re trapped. Taka, let me ask you something. Are you going to fight or will you choose Adrienn’s path and forfeit as well?

Taka: Trust me. I would rather not battle you at all. But… I must do this. I must battle you so I can get to the heart of Team Meteor and destroy them. Plus… I’m doing this for Victoria as well. I can’t give up and I can’t lose.

Arclight: -chuckles- Good. I’m fighting for Adrienn’s sake too. You get that right?

Taka: I do. Let’s not wait any further then.

Taka & Arclight: Let’s do this!




The 2 of them grabbed their PokeBalls and threw them out to the arena. This battle felt different from the other 1 before. Yes everything was the same as when he fought Victoria but that was also the difference. He was fighting for Victoria’s sake as well. She wanted to defeat Team Meteor so bad but she wasn’t able to get through Taka. If Arclight defeated Taka, he’d feel worse than if he was just battling for himself. With this in mind, Taka was in a more serious mood when commanding his Pokemon and thanks to that, he was able to defeat Arclight and avoid a penalty. The same couldn’t be said for Arclight however.


Arclight: Nice job dude.

Taka: Thank you…

Arclight: At least this way, winner and loser alike, we can both take pride in knowing that we did everything we could. Go get ‘em bro.

Taka: I will Arclight. I promise.


Just then, the tv raised up into the ceiling and a set of stairs appeared. Just as that happened, the floor where Arclight was standing on propped open and he fell down to wherever it lead to. Taka ran over as fast as he could but there wasn’t anything he could do except stare at the dark abyss that was staring back at him.



Arclight’s scream was getting softer and softer and pretty soon, there was nothing. Silence. Taka hoped that he survived that fall. He couldn’t do anything else except walk up the stairs. He was now more determined than ever to stop Team Meteor and end this whole thing.

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As Taka expected, when he got to the top of the stairs, he could see the room filled with the different colored panels. Another electric type of a puzzle maze.



He immediately started to go through the dangerous obstacle. Unlike the previous room where he had landed on a non-lit panel and get shocked from it, he was able to avoid that this time and get to the end of the room. But when he walked up some more steps to get to the next room, he was met with another electrified puzzle.



Taka was tired but he knew he had no other choice but to get through this room as well. It took him a couple of hours but he was able to get through it. He sat down next to the door beside him to take a break but in the next room, he could hear someone talking to themselves. It was a voice he recognized as well. He got back up onto his feet and entered the room. In front of him, he could see none other than ZEL, talking to themself.



zeL: Please calm down! Please!

Zel: Just what the hell did you mess up so badly?

zEl: This wasn’t a user error. Some kind of corrupted program must have been injected into the system.

Zel: So then your security was just shit.

zeL: Stop blaming her! I don’t see you helping!

Zel: Shut the fuck up Lumi. Can the data be repaired or not?

Taka: -thinking to himself- Geez. I’ve seen them argue with themselves before but never this bad.

zEl: All PULSE2 and Arc-PULSE data has been left unaltered. However, the PULSE-Magnezone damage is irreparable. I will need to rewrite it.

Taka: -thinking to himself- PULSE Pokemon… I can’t believe I even used them or had a hand in helping create them…

zeL: What? But… if Magnezone is damaged-

Zel: There’s no time to rewrite it! Lin wanted all the PULSEs out of here hours ago.

zEl: I’m aware. Hence why the other projects have been safely relocated. However, Magnezone cannot be moved under the current circumstances. The timing could not be worse.

Zel: Tch. Lin must have known this was coming. I bet it has something to do with the hero brigade she had hauled in here. They’re probably plotting to destroy Magnezone like all the other ones.

Taka: No. We’re not trying to destroy them. We’re just trying to stop you.


Startled, ZEL turned around and was face to face with their former teammate Taka. For a brief second, the face on ZEL seemed pleased to see Taka was not only safe but finally away from Team Meteor. But then their face went back to looking pissed off.



Zel: Heh. Of course. Speak of the devil huh?

zEl: Taka… you’re here…

Taka: Hey ZEL. Been a while huh?

Zel: You’re a filthy traitor!

Taka: Maybe so but I don’t regret it.

zeL: Taka… I must ask you something…

Taka: What is it Lumi?

Zel: What?! How can you tell who’s talking?!

Taka: Ohh please Zero. Just from the tone of your voice I can tell who’s speaking to me. Now shut up.

Zel: Why you-

zEl: Shut up Zero!

zeL: Did you come here to destroy everything?

Taka: No. Not to destroy everything. Just to stop Team Meteor.

zeL: Heh… It’s you Taka. I believe you.

Zel: What!? Don’t believe him! They’re here to destroy everything we’ve done to try to better the world! Listen here you little shit! We know all about your little hacking scheme too! There’s no way in hell we’re gonna let you get away with this!

Taka: For the love of- Could you please control your temper Zero?

zEl: Yes. Please. Also… remember that Lin requested that Taka not be harmed.

Taka: She did? For what reason?

zEl: I have no idea but that’s what she wanted.

Zel: She may have said that but I’ll be damned if I just let him do whatever he wants with my projects!

zeL: Your projects? Eve is the 1 that does all the hard work! You just bully her all the time!

Zel: Enough! Enough talk! It’s time Taka! It’s time to show you who the better Team Meteor member was!

Taka: That doesn’t matter to me anymore! I don’t want anything to do with them! Nothing except their downfall! Bring it Zero!




The battle started between the 2 former comrades. The 2 were pretty much even. Until the Magnezone came out and underwent the PULSE Evolution process. Taka had never seen it like that before but he wasn’t going to be scared and lose this battle. However, 1 by 1, his Pokemon were falling to this monstrous Pokemon. But something interesting was going on with Taka’s Chatot. Even though it had been defeated, any time 1 of Taka’s other team members had fainted, Chatot’s PokeBall would jiggle and then it would pop out and do some kind of damage onto Magnezone before being fainted by 1 of the opposing Pokemon’s move. But no matter what, the Pokemon kept popping out of its PokeBall and was finally able to bring down the PULSE Magnezone. Afterwards, it collapsed in fatigue after taking so much damage. Taka picked up his little friend and returned it back into its PokeBall. ZEL ran over to the Magnezone to make sure it was ok.


zeL: Magnezone! Magnezone! No! Please be ok!

Taka: Eve! What’s going on with that thing?!

zEl: It’s taken too much damage from the battle! It’s… It’s gonna…

zeL: Please no-


Suddenly, the Magnezone started to light up and in a matter of seconds, exploded. The blast had sent Taka and ZEL flying through the air. Taka had bashed his back and the back of his head off against the wall and laid on the ground, barely conscious. But he was able to hear ZEL talking.



Zel: Uggh… My head…

Taka: Z… ZEL…

Zel: Damnit… The PULSE… Wait… We didn’t lose hearing in the explosion, did we? H-hey! Lumi! Eve! Say something! Wha… No… MAGNEZONE! I’m… I’m alone…


Taka could hear ZEL freaking out about not hearing Lumi or Eve inside their head. Then repeatedly, he kept saying “I’m alone.” over and over again. Before Taka lost consciousness, he heard ZEL say something about leaving for Agate City. Then, what seemed like hours later, he could feels someone touching him and talking to him. He groggily opened his eyes and was shocked to see who was there.


Taka: Who… Who’s there…?

???: You ok? I found you laying on the floor knocked out.

Taka: How… How did you get here though…?

???: There’s no time to talk about that right now. We’ve got to find Victoria, Arclight and Adrienn right now and get out of here. I’ll help you up.


The person helped Taka up to his feet. Taka couldn’t really stand up on his own though so he held onto the persons shoulder so he could gain some more consciousness back into his body. Despite the room filled with a red lighting, when he focused on the person’s face and saw who it was, he was completely shocked.


Taka: M… Matt?!



Mattam: (Wehttam) OoOoOoOoOo. Very close young vessel. But as we are now, we are called Mattam. Yeeeeees. (Matthew) Yea. You remember this don’t you Taka? Back on Pyrous Mountain?

Taka: Ahh… Ahh yes. I remember now. Y-You got angry and then this… happened… I still don’t know what’s going on though.

Mattam: (Matthew) I’ll explain later. We gotta get going though. (Wehttam) Yeeeessss! Your beings! Your friends! They should be near! We must go and make haste to their savings!

Taka: But wait. Before you said Victoria, Arclight and Adrienn. Why aren’t we saving Ame?

Mattam: (Matthew) She’s be murdered.

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That’s a nice chapter. Taka’s, um, reunion with ZEL goes as expected. I’m finding Eve a bit too emotional in that scene (Zero and Lumi are very in-character however), but you can’t really have her as a Florinia copy. Also, what’s that hacking scheme? More mysteries (or perhaps it was Matthew)...


Matthew is quite reckless to be out of bed so soon, but he’s been more-or-less this way the whole story long, iirc. Wettham wasn’t much of a moderating influence either. 😀

I also like the idea of not everything happening to the Devon prisoner (you could have Taka witness Ame’s death, as part of the death trap intended for him, but Matthew did instead). And we’re bound to see Taka and Matthew teaming up for real, that’s great! Keep up with the good work. 

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What is the name of the music, you used in "Taka vs ZEL"? I felt in love with this💖


Also I'm glad Taka managed to overcome his insecurities. I was hoping for him to stand up against Lin, but hey at least Matthew and Wehttam are there. One question: Does this Taka series ends with Devon Arc or will it continue in Never Ever, after Taka joined the resistance?

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3 hours ago, Evi Crystal said:

What is the name of the music, you used in "Taka vs ZEL"? I felt in love with this💖


Also I'm glad Taka managed to overcome his insecurities. I was hoping for him to stand up against Lin, but hey at least Matthew and Wehttam are there. One question: Does this Taka series ends with Devon Arc or will it continue in Never Ever, after Taka joined the resistance?



This is the end of the Taka Episodes. I mean he's still gonna be in some of the future episodes but the focus will be going back to Matthew now that he's be WOKEN! 😛

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It had taken me a while to fall asleep in the main area of the Grand Hall. Not only because of the many people that were in the area or because of the pain, but because my friends were out there facing Team Meteor and I had no idea if they were ok or not. I didn’t know if Victoria and Taka were getting along or Victoria was trying to kill Taka or whatever. It was plaguing my mind. But eventually, I was able to drift off to sleep, allowing my injuries to heal accordingly. I don’t know how long I was asleep for but I could feel myself in a a standing position. Before I could open my eyes, a familiar voice shouted out my name, jarring my eyes open, fully waking me up.



Wehttam: Welcome back to the realm of the dreams Matthew!

Matthew: Ahh! Gee… Fucking hell man.

Wehttam: I am sorry for having disturb your slumber.

Matthew: It’s ok. Just wish you didn’t scare the holy hell out of me. Sheesh.

Wehttam: I will try to remember that for our very next encounter young vessel.

Matthew: Will you? Will you really?

Wehttam: YeEeEeEeEeEeEeEs.

Matthew: Riiiiight… So what do you want?

Wehttam: I have had a PRE-MO-NEATION of 1 of your friends that are inside of that building of Devon fighting off the Meteors that are evil.

Matthew: Hold on… A premonition? Of 1 of my friends?

Wehttam: Yes. I thought that I should warn you of a certain someone’s fate. It will be happening soon.

Matthew: No… No no no.

Wehttam: I cannot say who it is but what I can see is quite disturbing. Even for a benevolent soul like me.

Matthew: Wh… What is it? What happens?


Wehttam looked at me and then looked down at the ground. Maybe he was trying to find a gentle way to tell me this or maybe he didn’t know how to say it. Either way however, I was losing my patience with this silence.


Matthew: Wehttam! Spit it out!

Wehttam: Yeeeees. I apologize. You see, 1 of your allies shall be facing the QUEEN of the team of Meteors.

Matthew: Queen of Team Meteor…? Wait… You mean Lin?!

Wehttam: Yes. I believe that is her name.

Matthew: No. That’s too dangerous!

Wehttam: And when the battle is over, Lin will decapitate the head of thy loser in gory fashion.

Matthew: De… Decapitate?! No! That can’t happen! I won’t allow it!

Wehttam: Hold on Matthew! This vision I had is what will-


Before Wehttam could finish his sentence, I immediately laid down on the ground and closed my eyes. When I opened them back up, I was back in the real world. I sat straight up in bed. I didn’t feel the pain anymore. Whatever was healing me at this healing place was working wonders. I was basically at 100%. But now wasn’t the time for being amazed at how fast I was healed. I had to go to the Devon Corporation building and save my friends.




Wehttam (10/10 NO CHANGE!) - I'm glad he told me about this horrible thing before it actually happened. Now I have a chance to stop this before it happens.


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