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Reborn[E18] and Rejuvenation[V12] Battle Music Packs


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  • 3 months later...

I was able to find the YouTube sources for most of the tracks in the Reborn pack. Check it out:



1. Aerial (Ciel) -- Pokemon G/S/C Vs Johto Gym Leader Remix by VanilluxePavilion

2. Antennae (Bennett) -- Pokémon OR/AS Remix: Vs. Wally by RetroSpecter

3. Braver (Victoria) -- Pokkén Tournament- Magikarp Festival Remix by GlitchxCity

4. Cascades (Amaria - Zekrom) - Pokemon G/S/C Vs Rival Silver Remix - "Crossroads" by VanilluxePavilion

5. Checkmate (Radomus) -- Pokémon Sun and Moon- Rival Gladion Remix by GlitchxCity

6. Chimera (ZEL) -- Pokemon Platinum - Vs Giratina [Remix] by VanilluxePavilion

7. Cyanide (Aya) -- Pokemon X and Y - Gym Leader Battle Theme Remix by Kamex

8. Desert Rose (Florinia) -- Pokemon BW Relic Castle Remix by VanilluxePavilion

9. Dragonfly (Shelly) -- Pokémon RSE/ORAS Gym Leader Remix by FL.Remix

10. Drowning (Amaria - Reshiram) -- Undertale - Heartache 【Intense Symphonic Metal Cover】 by FalKKonE

11. Faerie (Adrienn) -- Pokemon X and Y - Battle Vs. Diantha Remix [Kamex] by Kamex

12. Focus (Kiki) -- Pokémon Sun/Moon Remix: Champion Red & Blue Battle (Fanmade) by RetroSpecter

13. High Voltage (Arclight) -- Pokémon Sun/Moon - Vs. Tapu Guardian Deities (Dubstep Remix) by CG5

14. Holy (Elias) -- Pokémon Gold and Silver: Johto Gym Leader Remix by GlitchxCity

15. Mirror (Serra) -- Mewmore // Battle! Lusamine (Pokémon Sun & Moon Remix) by Mewmore

16. Phantom (Shade) -- Pokemon Platinum - Vs Giratina Remix [Kamex] by Kamex

17. Prodigy (Noel) -- Pokémon Diamond and Pearl- Legendary Battle Remix by GlitchxCity

18. Pyromania (Charlotte) -- Undertale - Megalovania Remix [Kamex] by Kamex

19. Quake (Terra) -- Pokemon XY Vs Team Flare Remix - "Interface" by VanilluxePavilion

20. Queen (Titania - Reshiram) -- Erza's theme from Fairy Tail OST

21. Rockstar (Samson) -- Pokemon ORAS "Battle! Magma Team / Aqua Team” Arrangement by ソニー

22. Roost (Taka) -- Dummy - Undertale - Gooseworx Cover by Gooseworx

23. Strongman (Hardy) -- Pokémon Sun/Moon - Battle! VS Team Skull Leader Guzma (Fanmade) by Emdasche

24. Thorns (Fern) -- Pokémon Gold and Silver- Rival Battle Theme Remix v.II by GlitchxCity

25. Threads (Luna) -- [Undertale Remix] SharaX - Spider Dance by SharaX

26. Titanium (Titania - Zekrom) -- Pokémon ORAS - Battle! Lorekeeper Zinnia 【Intense Symphonic Metal Cover】 by FalKKonE

27. Toxicity (Corey) -- Pokémon R/S/E - Vs. Steven Remix by Kamex

28. Venom (Cain) -- Pokémon Diamond and Pearl: Rival Battle Remix by GlitchxCity

29. Void (???) -- [Undertale Remix] SharaX - Dark Darker Yet Darker by SharaX


Here's the full playlist. And of course, since you know the artist, you can find it on SoundCloud and such.


So what happened was I heard these and I was like, I want these in my playlist. And so here we are after 2 months.


The ones I still could not find are Caliente (Cal), Chill (Blake), Eisenkonigin (Solaris), Fireworks (Julia) and Void (???).

Out of these, I only recognise the Solaris one as an orchestral cover of Asgore's theme, but the number of covers of Asgore's theme on YouTube is insane, and i have scrolled enough and I haven't found the right one, so ignore that. (Btw, didn't Solaris already have a unique theme in the base game? nvm Spectral Kiki exists i forgot)

If anyone knows about any of these, you can tell me and I'll add them to this list.


Update: added Void (for the glass gauntlet) thanks to Dreamy

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