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From Everland to Reborn ~ A fairytale themed run [Last defeated: Adrienn]

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14 minutes ago, Mindlack said:






So many amazing findings... also, why indents?


Happy birthday Candy !!

Because I wanted this episode out within my birthday but I knew I wouldn't make it in time to have edited pics. So it'd be paragraphs over paragraphs of writing (yikes) which I wouldn't want to read, so I figured if I added indents it'd be slightly more convenient to read idk. At least that was what someone on Pixiv recommended when writing a long story in Japanese, and I assume it applies to English too lol.


And thanks~ hope you enjoyed my birthday present to y'all :yoomtah:

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2 hours ago, Candy said:

“We are going to do 100 each of the following: push ups, curl ups, lunges, air bicycles, and jumping jacks,”

Notice how Pikachu defeated Florges in one punch.

Also great episode, but I think it would be very cool if you could give Pikachu an electric move

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Yay! New episode! Love how Pikachu gets the final knock out. Also, Julia goes with Vanilla now! This reminds me of my old James Written Story run. Good times... Anyways, great episode as always and happy birthday! 😄

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On 10/26/2020 at 5:03 PM, Corso said:

Notice how Pikachu defeated Florges in one punch.

Also great episode, but I think it would be very cool if you could give Pikachu an electric move

He can apparently learn some electric moves by TM but they're all special attacks oof

11 hours ago, Evi Crystal said:

Finally we saw Likachu in action. Thousands applause and kudos for that👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

And this was Pikachu after intense training:



On 10/26/2020 at 7:42 PM, J-Awesome_One said:

Yay! New episode! Love how Pikachu gets the final knock out. Also, Julia goes with Vanilla now! This reminds me of my old James Written Story run. Good times... Anyways, great episode as always and happy birthday! 😄

Julia is a fun party member cause she brings the party lol


Preview of next episode:



Who ordered the tacos

Is this Tourmaline Travels™️ Vanilla Edition?


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Pachirisu can learn thunder punch in gen7, or you could give him wild charge (strongest non-signature physical move) or zing zap if you don't like the recoil.

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http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Nt3HYcezYIg/VhfF0DTDNZI/AAAAAAAADEA/oHPy5n8Djqk/s172/tumblr_lp0mal7AcQ1qg3clto1_250.gifThe Little Police Officer ~ Part 1 of 3http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Nt3HYcezYIg/VhfF0DTDNZI/AAAAAAAADEA/oHPy5n8Djqk/s172/tumblr_lp0mal7AcQ1qg3clto1_250.gif

This is a badly-written spin-off story that doesn't even connect to what's happening in the main story as of now, and isn't even necessary to understand the main story, but I wrote it anyway so why not post it too 🤷‍♀️ 

I'd planned to post it the day I posted Episode 80 but I've never been a patient writer lol


Every hero has a tragic background story, except me. 

Nobody died. Nobody abused me. I just jumped over the hurdles of life so that I could stand victorious.

And I will keep winning, until I become a living legend.


I was the middle child of five. My eldest brother and elder sister were 4 and 2 years apart from me in age, while my younger two brothers were 7 and 10 years my junior. As such, I grew up as the youngest of three for 7 years of my life, which were accompanied by a lot of attention from my mother. Once my younger brother was born, however, I was dethroned from my position as the baby sister, and was forced to live as an “older sibling”.

My father’s favorite had been my eldest brother, of course, because he entertained big hopes of him joining the Everland Police once he grew up. While my mom’s attention was on me, I didn’t think much of my dad, but once I had to work for attention, he became a possible replacement for my mom’s love.

I knew that my brother had been going to martial arts classes since he was himself 7 years old, and that this had been my dad’s wishes. With the simple mind of a seven-year-old, I begged my dad to sign me up for martial arts classes as well, for I thought he’d like me more then.

“You don’t have to take those classes,” said my dad. “You’re a little girl. Why not play with your baby brother instead?”

“No, dad. I want to learn punching too.”

I demonstrated some movements that in retrospect must’ve looked like a frog pouncing, but that at the time I thought was what martial arts moves looked like.

My dad tried to dissuade me some more, but since my mind wouldn’t budge, he went to sign me up for classes.

I learned karate and judo. It was foreign to me at first, but I put a lot of effort into it, and it usually paid off. I always felt quite encouraged when our teacher praised my moves, so I practiced as much as possible so that he’d praise me more often.

“Your daughter is a gifted fighter. She picks up the moves so quickly and shows such command of her own body despite her young age,” I once heard my teacher say to my dad.

Since then, the way my dad looked at me changed.


Years passed. My dad and I had formed quite a bond, and he even brought me to his office a few times a month when he’d never done that with any of my siblings.

When I was 14, I was old enough to realize some oddity about the Everland Police. I took no time to think before I asked my dad.

“Dad, why do you have so many officers working for you? Everland has such low crime rates, so why do you keep paying so many just to have them do nothing?”

This was the first time my dad didn’t seem to have an answer ready for me. He laughed a little, but he only said that he had reasons that he couldn’t divulge to someone outside the Police. I was quite offended that he considered me untrustworthy, and told him so.

“You misinterpret me. I trust you, but the matter is absolutely confidential and I must follow the Council’s rules.”

“Fine, then make me a police officer,” I suggested. “Then you can tell me the secret, right?”

My dad laughed again.

“I can’t make a fourteen-year-old an officer,” he replied. “But tell you what. If you still want to be an officer when you turn 18, I’ll gladly allow you into the Police.”

We made a promise.


Soon after that conversation, another one that required no more secret-keeping took place. 

It was the day that I got my period. Not only did I have to deal with bleeding now, but I also found that my head had grown a strange red ribbon. I ran to my mom to tell her the news in tears, but she wasn’t as shocked as I was.

“Don’t cry, my little flower. It’s nothing to worry,” she said. Instead of wiping my tears with a handkerchief, though, she elongated the ribbon on her head and gently caressed my cheeks. I was so stunned that I stopped crying at once.

“It’s a trait that is passed down in my family,” she explained. “Your sister didn’t grow it, so I didn’t think you would, but you did. Think of it like an extra arm. Once you learn to harness it, you won’t even have to think about moving it.”

My mom’s description was on point. As a person who had grown up believing oneself to be a normal human, I felt ashamed about having grown a “third arm”. It also didn’t help that my mom’s family felt it was something they needed to hide from public knowledge. From then on, I kept my ribbon shrunken to its maximum, and hid whatever was visible with either hair or a hat. That phase lasted for a little less than 4 years, but a certain string of events would change my views completely.


The first event that triggered change was a youth judo championship. 

When I developed a magical ribbon on my head, one thing that needed to change was my martial arts classification. Given that I was no longer a non-magical humanoid, I would have to be registered in the magical humanoid class instead.

My parents and I argued about this. They were against keeping me in the non-magical class, but I knew that I would have no chance in the tournaments if I were to join the magical humanoid class. I was, after all, just a human with a ribbon, not a real magical being. Hence, I begged my parents not to change my class. 

My dad, who didn’t like to be dishonest, was more difficult to convince than my mom was, but in the end he allowed me to do as I wished with the condition that I never use my ribbon. It was a promise that was easily kept: I didn’t want to show the ribbon anyway.

In the said judo championship, now at 17 years of age, I had at last managed to be a finalist, after being prevented to reach the finals the two years prior by the same person. However, now that I was a finalist, my chances of winning the championship were still slim, as my opponent was none other than that girl, who I’d fought and lost to 2 times before.

Everyone put their bets on that girl, of course. Not only had she been finalist twice before, she was reigning champion. She may be classed as a humanoid, but her large bicep and quadricep muscles sure made her look as though she wasn’t human. I was getting ready to be thrown to the ground the moment the fight started.

However, that didn’t happen. At least not in the moment the fight started. 

We got entangled in a weird embrace and were trying to push one another to the ground. For the first time, I had a chance. If only I could hook her foot... but the moment I tried to, I almost lost the game. Her feet were so heavy, it was almost like she was glued to the floor.

Seconds passed and the strength in my stance began to decrease slowly, while the grip of my opponent appeared to never soften. In a moment of despair, I remembered my ribbon.

My head is partially hidden by her arm, I thought. I could sneak my ribbon down her trousers and pull her knee.

However, I dared not do that. Doing so would be breaking the promise I’d made my dad.

Yet, I did it. The wish to win the championship was greater than the will to keep my promise.

I raised the girl’s foot by the knee, and I pretended to hook her ankle with my foot. She didn’t know what was happening, and probably didn’t know what had happened even after I pushed her to the ground.

“Somehow my trousers got entangled around my leg,” was her explanation when she was asked about her unexpected defeat.

Everyone, despite not betting on me, stood up and cheered at me and congratulated me on my first championship victory. Everyone... except my parents. When I looked at them, I saw them clapping, but their faces were stern. I was scared that they might’ve seen me use my ribbon, but that fear didn’t last for more than 5 minutes. It was hard to be unhappy when people were clapping for you and you were receiving a large golden trophy.


When I returned home, the talk I expected to have happened.

My dad asked me the question directly.

“Did you use your ribbon during the match?” he asked.

“No, I didn’t,” I said.

I thought I didn’t do a good job lying, for it wasn’t often that I needed to lie. I thought I might’ve taken too long to answer, or that my voice may have come out weird. However, if he realized I was lying, my dad chose to ignore it.

“Congratulations, champion,” he said and hugged me.

That day, I learned that it was impossible to correct every evil. Even my dad, the person in charge of protecting the law, was too human as to be able to do that.


And I also learned the sinfulness of lying to the face of a person I cared very much about.



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8 hours ago, Candy said:

my head had grown a strange red ribbon

At first I thought it was Vanilla, now I'm thinking it's a Sylveon.

Also THAT ENDING, it's awesome! Stories about hiding your crimes always give me goosebumps. This episode deserves a double upvote.


8 hours ago, Candy said:

Every hero has a tragic background story, except me. 

Nobody died. Nobody abused me.

You know, I think that while this may be "valid" for Reborn, I don't think it applies to real life.

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4 hours ago, Corso said:

At first I thought it was Vanilla, now I'm thinking it's a Sylveon.

More like humans with magical capabilities and/or abnormalities.


My guess is that this could be Jasmine from a younger age.

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6 hours ago, Corso said:

Also THAT ENDING, it's awesome! Stories about hiding your crimes always give me goosebumps. This episode deserves a double upvote.

I considered this story bad-written because it's more of a "storytelling" which from what I understand ain't golden standard for writing. I'm glad it was still an enjoyable read :p

6 hours ago, Corso said:

You know, I think that while this may be "valid" for Reborn, I don't think it applies to real life.

It is what I think this character would think, but yes heroes in real life may or may not have tragic backstories. 


1 hour ago, SilverAngelus said:

More like humans with magical capabilities and/or abnormalities.


My guess is that this could be Jasmine from a younger age.

I think Coroso-san was joking but yes Everland is full of abnormal peeps.


1 hour ago, Evi Crystal said:

It's Jasmine! Only one would use a ribbon as a weapon and having connections to the Everland Police Department!


Case solved😁


Good detective work :)


So far in the story, we've only seen her from Vanilla and Aladdin's POV, which obviously aren't flattering to her. Of course, she's one of the villains and a side character that won't get much time in the spotlight, so the main story doesn't need a lot of info on Jasmine to be viable. But when I created her in my head, I created her with this backstory that I feel would be a shame not to tell at least in a spin-off lol so parts 2 and 3 will be posted sporadically when I get time / I'm in the mood for it 😅

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kakr594.gifFrom Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 80kakr594.gif


When Pikachu’s shadow claw hit Adrienn’s florges, she appeared to withstand the attack, only to wobble and fall to the ground a second later.

“I… We won?” I blurted out.

“Yes you did,” said Adrienn, smiling. “The champion has kept her status one more day. Congratulations, not only for winning but for improving the bonds with your pokemon.”

Pikachu and Prince, the two pokemon that were still standing on the field, came rushing back up to me. I patted them both on the head.

“That was such an awesome battle,” said Julia. “Except that there were very few explosions. If there had been more, that’d have been super-amaze-tastic!”

Adrienn remotely opened a box on my side that held a badge and the TM disc for Dazzling Gleam.

“If you’re heading into the desert, you will need a lot of preparations. Don’t forget to pass by the department store to replenish your stocks. A scarf to protect your nose and mouth might be recommended. I am not sure where Titania’s Gym is located, but it will also help to know the direction you should walk in.”

“Adrienn. Just because I followed your advice and it happened to prove useful, doesn’t mean you need to tell me what to do all the time. I know how to look after myself,” I said.

“It was just a friendly suggestion.”

Adrienn furrowed xyr eyebrows, but xyr mouth wasn’t frowning.

“Oh! I know where Tania’s Gym is,” Julia jumped in. “Ame told me that they were building her gym near the scrapyard.”

The mention of Ame’s name made Adrienn and I glance at each other, but neither of us felt like ruining Julia’s mood with sad news of the sort.

“Let’s go, Vanini. We should say bye-bye to Candy and go check out the department store like Adrienn suggested,” she said, but looking at my face, added: “or maybe we’ll just see Candy.”

She waved at me from downstairs as if to say “hurry up”, so I went down the stairs to join her.



Whether or not Adrienn suggested it, I had planned to pass by the department store to stock on supplies, but I didn’t say that to Julia even after reaching Candy’s shop.

We entered the house, and there I found an unwelcome guest. Archer was at the counter with Candy, apparently having tea and idly chatting.

“What are you doing here?” I asked as soon as I saw him.

After his people-who-can’t-coexist-in-peace speech, I didn’t expect to have to talk to him so soon, at a place that he must’ve known from his ex-comrades that I was a regular visitor. However, once I got over my initial surprise in seeing him, I could easily deduce what his motive for visiting was.


“Have you come to reproach me about helping former Aqua gang members find jobs? I knew you’d be butthurt, I didn’t know your pride would be so damaged as to make you come all the way here.”

“Vanilla, you’re jumping to conclusions too quickly,” Candy scolded me.

“It’s all right, Candy,” said Archer. “I told you I expected this much. After what I said in Hazel’s house, it’s not surprising that my visit would be an unwelcome one for her.”

Archer stood up from his seat so as to properly face my direction.

“However much you might despise me for it, I came here to give my thanks to Candy, Julia, and you, Vanilla. My gang members are now all on the path to reintegrate into society, and I wouldn’t have able to do it alone. So, thank you for hosting the job application workshop.”

Every 5 words he spoke made me want to cut him off, but I didn’t know what to say to cut him off. He had somehow flipped the tables, and now I was looking like the less mature of us two. This, of course, did not sit right with me.

“I didn’t do it for them. I did it for everyone that was struggling, and they just happened to be part of that category,” I said. 

“Even if you did it inadvertently, the result is the same. I owe you one, for doing me a favor,” he insisted. “I don’t like owing things, and much less to a person I dislike, but it is what it is. This is technically the second favor you’ve done me, if we count you keeping my secret with Mrs. Gwendolyn and co. I can’t keep piling up unreturned favors. Candy told me what I should do for her in return, and now I ask that to Julia and you. What can I do for you to settle the score?”

“I don’t need anythi-” I started, but Julia cut me off.

“Hey, you said you were Aqua Gang?”

“Yeah, I was the gang’s leader. My name is Archer. I don’t think we’ve met before, and I know my visit is very sudden but-” yet, Julia also cut him off.

“You’re a water type trainer, aren’t you? Otherwise how could you pull off the title of Aqua Gang Leader?”

“Yeah, I am.”

Julia clapped her hands together and her face brightened as though she had had the best idea in her life.

“Then I know what you can do for both of us,” she said. “Please come with us to Tourmaline Desert. Your water type pokemon would come so handy for us.”

“What are you saying, Julia?” I blurted out. “That’s the last thing I want him to do.”

“What? But it’s such an amazing idea. We’d have a blast. Imagine the three of us walking through the sand dunes, and at night we can all sit by a fire and-”

“Like that would happen if he came with us,” I said.

“Why not? Vanini, come on. He’s a water type trainer, and water is the number 2 thing we need the most, number 1 thing being fun and I’m bringing that!”

“Then you go with him,” I snapped.

“But you and I are going together.”

“That’s no longer happening,” I shouted.

I quickly gulped down the tea Candy had served me, and, with Pikachu on my shoulder, stormed out of the house. 



I ran in the direction of Grandview Station, forgetting that I had planned to pass by the department store. By the time I remembered it, I was already aboard a train that would take us to the middle of nowhere, and wasn’t sensible enough to come back to Reborn City and risk meeting Julia and Archer at the store.

“I’ve done it again. I let myself get angry and make rash decisions. Archer sure is good at triggering me,” I scolded myself, but since my tone scared Pikachu, I reassured him with a pat on the head. 

“I’ll pull it off somehow,” was all I could say, however.

The train ride reminded me of the day I came to Reborn. The desert extended to the horizon, but I imagined it was connected to Hoenn on the northeast and Everland on the northwest. To think that so many things had happened since I first got caught in a terrorist attack, almost got killed by an explosion and was only saved by Ame. And to think that Aladdin had been the one to start my journey in Reborn. It was all difficult to believe, yet it was reality.

The train eventually stopped at a little stop that could barely be called a train station. When I got out, I found out that the winds were strong and blew sand around, so much so that I had trouble seeing or even breathing. Now I understood the meaning of Adrienn’s comment about buying a scarf, but if I had a choice, I’d have brought some goggles as well.

The sandstorm was bad news, but I soon realized that was not the only thing I needed to worry about.

“I was really hoping you wouldn’t show up,” I heard someone say, and the person soon revealed himself from behind a palm tree. His face was covered with a red scarf and goggles, so I didn’t recognize him right away, but he unbundled a little so that I could see his face, or at least see as much as the sand flying into my eyes allowed me to.

“Taka? Don’t tell me you’ve been waiting for me in this weather. I’m almost scared to ask how long you’ve been standing there.”

He didn’t answer the question, confirming to me that the amount of time was as crazy as I supposed it to be.

“You didn’t battle me in the Water Treatment Center, and thus exposed me as a traitor to my father,” he said. “I needed to fight you here at any cost. This is my last chance.”

“Listen, I know you helped us and asked us a favor, which, mind you, I was prepared to take. But I’m not as sweet as Candy so as to fight you when Titania issued an ultimatum to not let me challenge her Gym. Just as you have your motives for remaining a half-assed Team Meteor Admin, I have my motives for taking on the League.”

“I understand,” Taka said.

We stood there in silence, until I said that if he had nothing else to say, to make way for I had to get to Titania’s Gym. However, Taka did not make way.

“I said this is my last chance,” he repeated. “But it’s not just my last chance to remain in Team Meteor or regain my father’s respect, but it’s also my last chance to decide what to do with my life.”

Taka threw a pokeball to the air and released a klefki.

“I challenge you to a battle, Vanilla. I never had a choice, but this will tell me what that choice is.”





I was severely unprepared for a battle, since I hadn’t even switch my team from what I used to battle Adrienn. Some of the pokemon that I would’ve otherwise used like Anna(K-ninetales) and Wolfie(lycanroc) were resting in the PC in blissful ignorance. On top of that, we were in a dry climate that decreased the power of water type attacks. So much for the we-need-water-types-to-deal-with-ground-types idea, Julia. If I didn’t have Elsa(A-ninetales) in my team, I’m sure I would’ve lost.

“I now know my choice,” said Taka when he lost. “And it’s only to wonder how I didn’t realize what it was before.”

Taka approached me.

“You’ve always been standing up to us, and you’ve always been winning. The losers always have to give in to the winners. It’s the law of this world,” he said. “Vanilla. Can I come with you?”

“What use do I have for someone whom I don’t know when he’ll betray? I told this to Candy, actually quite recently: it is best for you to leave both sides alone. Stay out of this. It’ll be best for you and all of us, really.”

I started walking, but one step out of the station made me realize how hard it was to walk on sand without having it get inside your shoes. However, I kept walking awkwardly and almost passed Taka, when he pulled my arm.

“I promise I won’t get in your way,” he said. “I just want to find somewhere safe to hide, somewhere I could lay low for long enough that I get off of that woman’s radar. After that…”

He didn’t finish that sentence, but I wasn’t even listening to half his words. Nothing he could say could make me change my decision.

“Go find it by yourself.”

“I have some potions and an extra pair of goggles I could offer, if you allow me to go with you.”

Now he was talking. I halted my step, and it took me a little time to swallow my pride but eventually I came around and accepted him to join me.

“Really? Thanks,” he said and handed me the spare goggles.

I had a good idea and tore a piece of my bubblegum dress to make a scarf and wrapped it around my lower face.

“Let’s go then. Don’t slow me down,” I said and started walking again.

“Wait Vanilla. I was told you’d come here for a gym battle. Shouldn’t you be heading north? That’s the general direction of Titania’s gym as far as I know.”

I stopped again.

“North... which way is that?”

There was a silence before Taka answered.

“Vanilla… don’t tell me you came into the desert without preparation? You can’t actually be here without a compass.” 

He held out a compass, which I quickly snatched.

“Shut up and follow me,” I said, but I had a feeling that saying that was affirmation enough for Taka.

Either way, he followed me, saying nothing else about my lack of preparation.


We moved north using Taka’s compass as a guide. He was quiet most of the time, only commenting when anything unusual happened. He commented on the palm trees, of which some were actually alolan exeggutors. He commented on a focus sash we found trapped between some rocks.

However, we eventually found that we were walking in the wrong direction, because we found the wall that separated Reborn City from Tourmaline Desert.

“That’s Beryl Bridge,” said Taka. “Are you sure we’re moving north?”

“According to your cheap-ass compass, we are,” I said.

“I guess it broke when I dropped it earlier,” he said. “I’m sorry, I thought it’d be a little more sturdy.”

I dropped the compass to the sand, because I figured I wouldn’t need a broken compass anyway. When I did, I realized there was something red half-burrowed in the sand. I squatted and picked the item up.

“It’s a pokeball,” I commented. “But it’s open and empty.”

“Here there are more,” Taka said, picking them up. “Maybe someone didn’t need them and threw them away.”

I looked down at the pokeball in my hand and looked up at Beryl Bridge. I remembered that I had watched the incident in which pokeballs were thrown down that bridge. I kept the pokeballs in my pocket, thinking that perhaps it was something I could bring to the cemetery later on.



We carried on walking, now in the direction opposite Beryl Bridge.

On the way, as I had done before we reached the bridge, I stopped several times to ask Prince (seismitoad) to produce drinking water for me. The desert was quite hot and though not extremely dry, it was enough to make me thirsty very quickly. However, every time I asked Taka whether he’d like to drink water, he said he wasn’t thirsty. I didn’t insist on him drinking, because Prince’s water stocks were also running low and the less we drank the more likely we’d last alive in the desert, or so I thought. I’d lived in a very green region, so I was ignorant to the dangers of dehydration.

At some point, Taka gave in. I heard the noise of his body dropping to the sand and rushed to help him up, but I found his consciousness slipping.

“Hey, Taka. Hey! Don’t go to sleep!” I said, softly slapping his cheek. “Now you’ll drink water, damn it.”

I sent Prince out and held Taka’s head as we slowly made him drink. He didn’t recover much, but I hoped that it had been enough to prolong his life.

Prince looked at me with concern. He had now ran out of water stocks too.

“Come back in, Prince. As long as you’re in pokeballs, you’ll live,” I said, and pulling the friend ball out, I said to Pikachu: “You too. I’ll have to carry Taka, and I wouldn’t want you getting dehydrated too, friend.”

Pikachu wasn’t happy to go into his pokeball but did without complaining much.

I had to drag Taka, because I wasn’t strong enough to carry a grown man larger than me on my back while treading through sandy ground. My hope was that the water he drank would kick in later on and he’d recover enough to walk on his legs; however, that didn't happen or at least didn't happen quickly enough.

When I came into the desert, I didn’t think things would go like this. I knew I’d screwed up because I didn’t pass by the department store to replenish on stuff I might need, but I severely underestimated how difficult it would be to find Titania’s gym, and how much of a potentially-fatal experience it’d be to come here unprepared.

I wondered whether I would eventually have to make the decision whether to leave Taka and try to save myself, but I kept prolonging the moment to decide. Even though he was technically Team Meteor, I didn't feel as comfortable letting him die in the desert as much as perhaps I would be if I were dragging his father instead.


As anyone would guess, I wasn’t able to walk like this for long. I couldn’t tell whether Taka or my feet were heavier, and once I couldn’t pull my leg quickly enough, I slipped over the sand and fell flat on the ground. The sand was scorching hot on my exposed skin.

“How will I pull this off now?” I mumbled to myself. “I can’t die here. I can’t.”

That’s what I thought, but when I commanded my muscles to push my body up, they didn’t budge.

All right, maybe if I take a little nap... I’ll have more energy when I wake up, I thought.



  • Archer (-1): 1/10 How can he have the audacity to direct a word to me? He had better kept doing his thing and left me alone
  • Julia (-1): 4/10 Her insistence on doing stuff I wouldn't be comfortable with is a turn off
  • Taka (+1): 3/10 He made the choice, so that's good, even though I might die soon and not be able to improve my opinion of him


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17 minutes ago, Candy said:

“North... which way is that?”

There was a silence before Taka answered.

Please, we all know you press up to go north.


17 minutes ago, Candy said:

I stopped several times to ask Prince (seismitoad) to produce drinking water for me

I don't think I'd like to drink water that came out of a toad, but I guess you can't be picky in a desert.

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Guess Vanini didn't need that scarf Adrienn mentioned since she had bubblegum dress!


And yikes, sleeping on the scorching ground? I'm not an expert, but I don't think she'd wake up again if she did that...

Let's see....she's got Pikachu, Prince, Elsa, Bambi, Q of Hearts, and Golden Key. Prince is already out of water stocks, so maybe Golden Key could come out of its Pokeball to help? Cause you know, steel types don't take sandstorm damage..

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On 11/6/2020 at 5:09 PM, Corso said:

I don't think I'd like to drink water that came out of a toad, but I guess you can't be picky in a desert.

Beggars can't be choosers, fren. Let Vanini be an optimist for once 😔


On 11/6/2020 at 5:34 PM, J-Awesome_One said:

I was excited for Julia to go with Vanilla to the desert buuuut you dashed my dreams. Still a great episode though!

It do be like that sometimes... unless?


On 11/7/2020 at 12:26 AM, SilverAngelus said:

Guess Vanini didn't need that scarf Adrienn mentioned since she had bubblegum dress!


And yikes, sleeping on the scorching ground? I'm not an expert, but I don't think she'd wake up again if she did that...

Let's see....she's got Pikachu, Prince, Elsa, Bambi, Q of Hearts, and Golden Key. Prince is already out of water stocks, so maybe Golden Key could come out of its Pokeball to help? Cause you know, steel types don't take sandstorm damage..

Bubblegum dress OP. If Vanini doesn't die with this, it'll prolly be an act of dark magic uwu

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  • 2 weeks later...

kakr594.gifThe Little Police Officer ~ Part 2 of 3kakr594.gif

The second part of the lil spin off that prolly no one was waiting for, is here!


I was, as I said, 17 years old at the time. I was growing closer to the age my dad told me he’d allow me to join the Police force if I so desired. Yet, even though my desire to be an officer never once wavered, I thought that my sin was too large to allow someone like me in the force. How could I look at criminals in the eye and uphold the law, when I had been one to cheat in a tournament and lie about it to the Police Chief?

Fortunately, I didn’t need to hit my head against the wall for too long on my perceived hypocrisy.


My dad brought me to a court hearing like he did whenever he found time to. He said that listening to these things would help me make up my mind whether being a law enforcer was the type of job I would like to have. I didn’t think I needed any of that sort because I wasn’t one to change my mind easily, but I went there anyway because I enjoyed hearing the punishments that fell upon the criminals.

This particular time was the court hearing of the daughter of a well-known nobleman. The Leiderhosen family had particularly strong ties with the Everland Police, since they owned the factories that manufactured some of the weapons used by them. Hence, this hearing hit closer to home for me than the others normally did.

The first thing I did when I sat down in my seat was to look at the Leiderhosen girl’s face. She was awfully pale, as though all her blood had been drained from her face and her hair had aged at quadruple its normal speed. However, her countenance made me believe that her paleness was not at all a result of being scared. Instead- and I wasn’t sure it was because of her ghastly appearance- I felt scared watching her.

As the hearing progressed, I learned the girl’s name.

“Vanilla Leiderhosen. Where have I heard this name before?” I whispered to myself.

“She goes to your school. It wouldn’t be surprising if you knew her personally,” replied my dad.

I took a long time to think about this. She was also 17 years old, so perhaps she was in the same year as me, but in a different class. Other than her extreme paleness, she didn’t stand out in any of her features, and I figured I mustn’t have even laid my eyes on her when there were so many other students that grabbed my attention.

I brought my thoughts back to the courtroom. It wasn’t as if I could understand much of what was going on. Something about the Underworld and an organization of traitors… of which this shorty was being accused of being the leader. It all sounded like a false accusation, from the little I could decode.

To add to my suspicion of it all being fake, there was just one witness testimony. The witness, who was also the police officer that reported her crime, told his narrative, but again, all of it was mostly words and no substance. Not convincing to me in the least. My dad, however, didn’t seem to think this hearing was just a massive waste of time.

Yet, the worst part came about when the defendant’s lawyer only asked Sir Leiderhosen, the defendant’s father, to step onto the witness stand. He had only a few words to say.

“Vanilla was sleeping in our mansion at the time that Mr. Woods claims to have seen her in the Underworld.”

That was all. The hearing was over soon after this, and the verdict was handed down in no time also. Vanilla was declared innocent, and everyone could go their merry ways like nothing had happened. Of course, since I didn’t understand much of the hearing to begin with, and I admit I slept through some of it, I assumed I missed some part that was crucial evidence in support of the defendant’s innocence. 

And would’ve allowed the matter to rest just like that, had I not happened to look at Vanilla right at that moment.

When I saw her expression… I questioned. 

She was smiling, but that wasn’t the face of a person relieved on being acquitted.


I told my dad that I thought Vanilla Leiderhosen was actually guilty when I returned home.

“Dad, I didn’t understand much about the hearing to be sure,” I said. “But the whole thing gives me the impression that it was just formalities. The defendant’s side didn’t have any concrete proof, and wasn’t even that happy when they won the case, but instead looked like they’d expected to win from the beginning. And that girl…”

“You have good perception,” my dad said. “That will be useful if and when you become an officer.”

I thought he would continue talking, but the conversation appeared to go nowhere unless I insisted further.

“Dad, do you believe she was innocent?” I blurted out.

My dad didn’t answer the question, but instead said, “I told you I bring you to court hearings because I believe they might shape your resolve to become a police officer. However, it is not our job as Police to handle the judgement of innocent or guilty; that’s the judge’s job.”

“But dad-”

“If you want to be an officer, it’ll do you good to learn to accept the verdicts and act accordingly. Not all people that are thrown into a court will receive punishment, despite what you might’ve been led to believe.”

“But you might be letting a criminal walk free. Doesn’t that bother you? Should it not bother me? How?”

“She is not a criminal if there is no concrete proof that she was.”

My dad said nothing more and told me to reflect on the hearing by myself. I did just as he told me. I tried to think that perhaps I read too much into a simple smile. That maybe the judges knew better than me about these things, so I should just accept it like my dad appears to do so well.


Alas, it was in vain. I was determined to find out the truth.


I paid more attention to my surroundings at school and eventually found my target. 

Vanilla Leiderhosen, despite being a noble, was a complete loner. I never once saw her walking with a friend or chatting with anyone. She didn’t participate in extracurriculars, which pretty much confined herself to her classroom during school hours.

Perhaps I could’ve approached her, become friends with her and get information out of her once I gained her trust, I thought. I don’t think it was a bad idea; however, the one time I tried to put this plan into action, she made it clear that it was bound to fail.

“Stay away from me, peasant,” she said when I attempted to sit next to her at lunch.

She stood up and walked away before I could even say “wait”.

“I’m not a peasant,” I shouted after her. “I am the daughter of the Chief of Police. I won’t be insulted, even by the likes of you.”

But I wasn’t sure whether she heard me. 

I didn’t know why she’d been so unfriendly to me, when she didn’t even know me. Perhaps she had a keen eye for dishonesty and could see through my facade- it wouldn’t surprise me, since everyone wants to be friends of popular or wealthy kids like her, not to form real friendships but just because of self-interest. Coincidentally, I also considered myself to have a good eye in that aspect.

In any case, her insulting me fueled my desire to see her punished by the weight of the law. 

I changed my approach and decided to observe her from afar.


Over a few weeks, I learned much about her. She was a pretty good athlete despite being rather thin and small, as judged from her performance in physical education. Despite her name, I never saw her eating anything vanilla flavored. I wasn’t sure she was much of a reader; at least I never saw her read for leisure in school, although she often went to the library to return a bunch of books and checked out new ones. Those were all trivial things, and I thought my stalking approach wasn’t giving me any clues, until it gave me something else. 

There was a guy, a certain Aladdin Ababwa, who had written me a love letter about a year ago. I had trashed it because I already had a boyfriend, and I knew that he was a mage’s son that lacked magical powers. At the time I had thought, what use could I have for a mage with no magic? However, even with a rejection, Aladdin never stopped admiring me. I knew this because I frequently caught him staring at me like I was some unattainable grail. 

The whole issue with Aladdin would’ve also been counted as more trivial information, but I so happened to notice that Vanilla’s gaze was always fixed on him whenever he was in her presence. She wasn’t subtle at all. She could be doing anything, but one syllable uttered from his mouth was enough to pull her eyes away from whatever she was doing at that time and to search for him. Her little teenage crush was almost adorable.

It was still trivial information, but at least this was actually interesting.


Before I could crack Vanilla’s mystery, however, I turned 18. That meant I had to make the decision whether to join the Police and tell my dad. 

Frankly, I had entertained some hope that in finding unmovable proof that Vanilla was guilty of whatever she was acquitted of, I would redeem my past offenses. Bringing a person that had escaped punishment because of human error to where she actually belonged, surely must be a good enough achievement to overwrite a small amount of cheating and a white lie. However, in the end it was unnecessary to judge whether that was or was not the case, because I had to make the decision without any such hypothetical achievement to my name.

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