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From Everland to Reborn ~ A fairytale themed run [Last defeated: Adrienn]

Which team? Multiple choice allowed but limit to 2 choices :)  

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Sorry everyone, being a senior in college means I'm hyper busy this last month before graduation...

So I won't be able to finish this run after all T_T

I don't think I'll be letting anyone down, but if I am, sowwy!

Have some candy if it makes you feel better T_T

And if anyone wants to vent out, just PM me - anything to make y'all not kill me T_T




Unknown voice: Why do I have to make a post on here? 

Candy: Because it'll be so much fun~ and you gotta entertain your fans~

Unknown voice: I don't need fans. I just want my men back.

Candy: Come on, Vanilla. I'm sure you'll make new friends in Reborn too! Give 'em a chance :)

Vanilla: Fine. Whatever.



Welcome to my post, buggers. Candy forced me to make a post on here to introduce myself.

I'm Vanilla from Everland. Don't confuse it with Neverland - we're not Chuunibyou crazies. Instead, my people are so sweet they're almost sickening.

I don't know if you couldn't already tell, but I'm not like the common Everish.

In a few weeks or months or whenever I feel like it, really, I'm going to move into Reborn. Not my choice - the result of a dumbass' mistake, but I don't want to talk about that. At least for now, I'm willing to take Candy's suggestion of starting anew in a place no one knows.

Guess that's it.



Candy: (whispering) You forgot to introduce your team members!




Ah, that's right. Candy's like all other Everish, and bred me a dozen Pokemon to remind me of my "friends".



I must say, she really over-did it. It's not like I can't catch some weak little beasts by myself, but hey, I think this is giving me a neat idea to make my stay a little interesting. Get your fingers to press the "follow" button if you want to hear more about my stuff. Otherwise, f*ck off.




Hello frens~

So I'm thinking of doing a themed run of Reborn sometime (which might be a long time from now actually) and thought about a fairy-tale themed run :D

Help is most superbly appreciated!


I went onto Wikipedia, and skimmed through the long list of fairy tales and narrowed it down to the following:


(In yellow are the choices I need help sorting)

Arabian Nights - Meditite

Alice in Wonderland - Buneary, Sentret, Combee(F)/Bounsweet, Klefki

Bambi - Deerling

Cinderella - Pumpkaboo

The Frog Prince - Poliwag/Froakie/Tympole

Hansel and Gretel - Swirlix

Little red ridinghood - Rockruff

Urashimataro - Squirtle/Turtwig/Tirtouga

Snow Queen (Frozen ver) - Two Eevees (Glaceon and Flareon ofc) or two Vulpixes


I think choosing 1-2 from each slot would be enough to make a decent rotation team :P

To make things simpler, I've come up with 5 possible combinations so you just have to vote 1-5 (omitting the ones that only have one option)!

  • CHOICE 1: Turtwig (starter), Buneary, Combee(F), Poliwag, A-vulpix+K-vulpix
  • CHOICE 2: Turtwig (starter), Sentret, Bounsweet, Klefki, Poliwag, two Eevees
  • CHOICE 3: Froakie (starter), Buneary, Bounsweet, Klefki, Tirtouga, two Eevees
  • CHOICE 4: Squirtle (starter), Sentret, Combee(F), Tympole, A-vulpix+K-vulpix
  • CHOICE 5: Squirtle (starter), Sentret, Bounsweet, Klefki, Tympole, A-vulpix+K-vulpix


Thanks and much 🍭🍭🍭 to you :D

Disclaimer: Vanini ain't a role model, tbh none of these characters are so bewarned of bewear

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Just now, Sayia said:

I voted for CHOICE 5 ;)

If you need a Tsareena or A - Vulpix with the egg moves let me know :)

Thanks for voting~ if I need a bounsweet for this run, I'll let you know (I already have the A-vulpix ready actually) :D

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25 minutes ago, Runemance said:

omg this is such a cute idea i love it!!!!


i'm voting for choice 5 :3

Thx I wanted something more creative than a mono, and I'm pretty pleased with what i came up with 😂

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  • 4 weeks later...
Just now, Awesome_One said:

Hmm. Very interesting way to start that off. I like it though! ^_^

Gotta twist the story so it remains fresh as a raw lettuce xD

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I might consider starting a run in the forums with a trainer when I have more time to do so, since you gave me the idea. You did a nice job doing that albino girl. :)

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Come on @Candy, gimme more posts to upvote. I'm still cuddling my pillow like a maniac after seeing both Alolan-Vulipx and my absolute fav, Deerling!

On a more serious note, good luck! :D 

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14 minutes ago, Jess said:

Come on @Candy, gimme more posts to upvote. I'm still cuddling my pillow like a maniac after seeing both Alolan-Vulipx and my absolute fav, Deerling!

On a more serious note, good luck! :D 

Hope I can use your fav Deerling (aka Bambi) well~ 🍭

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tumblr_lp0mal7AcQ1qg3clto1_250.gifFrom Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 2tumblr_lp0mal7AcQ1qg3clto1_250.gif

The Grand Hall, unlike the other parts of the city which at quick glance looked in rough shape, was kept surprisingly neat. It smelled a little too clean for my taste, however.

Victoria led me to the deepest part of the Hall, where the white-haired lady stood, waving at us.

"I'm glad you made it," she said to me. "Are you here to register as well, Victoria?"

"Yes, Kiki said it would be best for my development to start from scratch. I hope you can help me with that request."

"We usually reserve our starters for novice trainers, but I guess we can make an exception given Kiki's intent."

"Thank you," Victoria replied, looking somewhat relieved. Who this Kiki was, I didn't know, but also didn't care to know.

"You're all set now," Ame clapped her hands once, and gave me my trainer card, a map, a pair of running shoes and a manual for beginners. She then told me that I could go grab my starter now, and Victoria made way for me to go first.

"About that," I said, remembering the last part of Candy's letter. "My cousin sent me a dozen of those lil' monsters. Would you mind if I just started out with one of those?"

Ame looked troubled. Perhaps it was not customary of new trainers to make such a request.

However, she smiled and asked me to show her my PC box.


It was also my first time checking Candy's presents. I hovered over each of them, and noted how she had named them after my "friends".

I say "friends" in quotation marks, because most of them were names of family friends, such as Cinderella, Aladdin (he used to be cool until he hooked up with this girl Jasmine), Anna and Elsa, etc. I got along terribly with them, because they felt I shouldn't belong to Everland, the land of perfection. However, that's a whole separate topic. Candy also chose two names, Wolfie and Kame (Urashimataro's nickname), which were names of my real friends, so I was all good.

"I see you have a Squirtle in there," Ame noted, pointing at the green turtle with rather dope markings. "That's an official starter of the Reborn League, so I don't see an issue with you using him as your starter."

I shrugged and placed Kame in my party. I just wanted to get this over with.

"Now it's your turn, Victoria. Let's go pick your starter."

"Don't worry, Vanilla. Though I know which starter you chose, I already had a starter in mind."



Moments after the two girls were out of my sight, but even before I could log in on my PC again to withdraw more Pokemon, I felt a hand approaching my shoulder from behind. I grabbed the hand and twisted it, mostly because of reflex.

"Ouch ouch," said the purple-haired... guy? girl? behind me. Since e did not look like a threat, I let his hand go.

"What a way to greet," e said, caressing his almost-broken hand. "You're cute yet so ferocious... I like that."

I wasn't sure how to respond to that, so I just remained silent with my default fuck-off look.

"Have you seen Ame by any chance?"

"She just went with a girl to get her starter," I replied.

"Oh~ is that so. Well then, it'll be just you and me for a while," e commented, but as e saw me nearly walking away, e added, "You're holding a pokeball, so maybe we can learn more about each other by battling~ What do you say?"

I looked at Kame's pokeball, and back at im.

"Gotta get used to the ways of Reborn, I guess."


My first Pokemon battle went rather smoothly, even though I barely knew what I was doing at first. Right now Kame knows four moves: Aqua Jet, Fake Out, Muddy Water and Aura Sphere. Cain used a Nidoran, which he said is a poison type, and hence no move I used could be considered "super effective". At least this weirdo was proving to be useful in teaching me how to play this game.

I told Kame to use Fake Out and Muddy Water, and eventually beat the opponent.

"You're pretty and a pretty good trainer too~" e said, retrieving is pokemon.

E showed me to a corner of the Grand Hall, where a pink-haired lady was standing. Here I thought that the colorful hairstyles were only a thing of Everland.

"May I heal your pokemon?" asked the woman.

"I ain't got too much money," I replied, and it was true. The purple person gave me a meager amount of cash for beating is pokemon's ass.

"Silly, you don't need money to use the Pokemon Center. It's totally free~" said im. "Speaking of free, if you're free now, we could-"

Right then, for once I was glad that Ame and Victoria appeared to save me from im.

"Hello Cain, what brings you here today?" Ame asked.

"I came over to resi- ... To restart my journey. Could you please register me for the League?"

"That's... fine, I guess. Come with me."

"Yes Master, right away~"

Master? Was probably the question everyone asked in our minds.

Once Cain, or whatever is name was, went away, Victoria approached me.

"Did you battle with Cain?" Hearing my affirmative response, she bobbed her head. "That's too bad, I wanted to be your first opponent. That's fine, though. Let's do this?"

"Anytime," I said, raising my pokeball.


For better or worse, Victoria happened to choose a fire-type starter called Litten. Needless to say that I finished her with a Muddy Water in the blink of an eye.

"I see your Squirtle has some lovely egg moves bred into it," she commented. "Did I hear right that your cousin is a breeder?"

"Yeah, she said she has a shop in Obseada Ward or something."

"Obsidia Ward," she corrected. "Then you must be talking of Candy. You've got quite the celebrity as your cousin."


"Yes, every trainer in Reborn knows her, and her bred-mons have been used by the most elite of Reborn!"

"Is that so," I shrugged. "Can you tell me how to get to Obsidia Ward?"

"Unfortunately it's closed off right now... I hear there's a crisis with mutant plant life breaking the ward apart. As of now, I doubt either of us could be of help, especially now that I've sent back Kiki's Lucario to her."

"Alright, then I'll go toughen up my Kame and then go."

"I'd advise you to take more than your starter for training, since you have a dozen pokemon. Fortunately Peridot Ward is free of mutant plants as of now, so you should go challenge the first Gym leader, Julia."

"Ugh," I muttered unintentionally. I already met Julia. I don't like her.

"I'm going to return to Apophyll for some more paperwork, but don't think I'll be lagging behind forever," Victoria winked playfully, and went out of the Grand Hall.

I listened to the well-toned girl's advice, which happened to coincide with my personal hunch and checked my PC again.

"Let's see," I trailed off, as I also checked my beginners' manual. "The first Gym Leader is an electric type user. So I should get a type that is strong against electric."

I checked the back of the manual, which had a chart indicating which types were super-effective, neutral or not very effective against other types. According to that guide, electric was weak to ground type, and ground, grass, electric or dragon were my best bets for tanking the attacks. Unfortunately, I had no ground types in my box, but I did have three grass types. By random choice, I picked Cinderella, of species Pumpkaboo. I wanted one more monster on my team, and I did not hesitate to choose Wolfie, of species Rockruff. She was a rock type, but I guessed ground and rock would be basically the same.


Once taken care of that boring jazz, I was ready to head out towards Peridot Ward.



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15 minutes ago, Awesome_One said:

Interesting. I’m curious. At this point, what would you say Vanilla feels towards Cain? & I’m loving this so much right now. Can’t wait to see the other Pokemon & their moves. :)

Right now Vanilla's feelings toward le people of Reborn are as follows (I think from the next chapter on, I'll do a recap on these things, I think it'll be interesting as I develop the character).

- Ame: looks like an oddball, but isn't really. Neutral feeling, like the way you'd see a salesperson.

- Julia: IS an oddball. Too cheerful and loud. Negative feeling, avoid as much as possible.

- Victoria: Likes the fact she's visibly physically trained. Thinks she could get along with Victoria, if given the time to know her better. Positive feeling, but apathetic to the idea of developing a friendship.

- Cain: IS another oddball. Not the first non-binary person she meets (Wolfie, as you'll come to know, was bisexual) but the first person that flirts with her. She quickly learns she doesn't like to be flirted with. Negative feeling.

I'm glad you're liking it! (and of course, Vanilla IS yet another oddball, but she doesn't know... does she?)

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7 hours ago, Awesome_One said:

Yes! That’s gonna make this even more fun! You gonna update the, as I call it, friendship meter each time Vanilla meets with 1 of the characters? :o

Yup, my episodes run on the shorter side, so idt Vanilla will be meeting too many ppl in one episode anyway.

5 hours ago, seki108 said:

I wonder if she will kick Fern's ass before or after their first Pokemon battle??

It all depends on whether he manages to get on her nerves that early lol

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