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Mr. Finn

Pokemon Reborn Breeding Club - Rules

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Hello y'all! Mr. Finn here and welcome to the Pokemon Reborn Breeding Club! :)


As you can see, this is a club dedicated for breeding, but not only that, it also includes giveaways, shiny trading, Ditto and Type: Null trading and many other things. You ask for a Pokemon and we give it to you without getting anything in return, only a Pokemon you don't want anymore. You can also ask for specific IVs, nature, ability, obtainable TMs and egg moves.


But also, there are some rules you need to know before asking for a trade.


  • Be respectful with all the other members. You shouldn't offend anyone, neither swearing with heavy curse words.
  • Don't ask for a unfair trade, like for example: Give me 6 IVs Type: Null, I will give you a Bidoof. You can ask for a Pokemon and if the trader wants anything in return or simply offer a good Pokemon.
  • The only Pokemon you can ask in return is a Pokemon you probably don't have yet, but depends on which Pokemon the other person have.
  • NEVER ask for legendaries, neither give legendaries to other players. The only legendary you can trade is Phione, since it is obtainable.
  • You can trade or ask for unobtainable Pokemon from these lines: Scyther, Larvitar, Dratini, Bagon, Deino and Jangmo-o.
  • We don't accept hacks on breeding, like Sandbox, for example.
  • You can ask for egg moves, specific IVs,  nature and/or ability on Pokemon, but please, don't ask for impossible requests like for example, genderless Pokemon with egg move and Pokemon with unobtainable TMs or moves.
  • Please, be patient while you do the requests, people might take a while to answer, because they can be busy or sleeping.
  • Don't ask twice for the same request at a time, except if it's not answered in 24 hours or if the breeder asks which trades the client wants for the reason he gets confused. It's acceptable if you do a double post in a short time, because of the Internet lag, but please, try to only click at once in the button to post to avoid double post.
  • You can also do double post with different contents, like a post telling the IGN to trade and then, a thanks message, but if possible, it would be better if you edit your post for a better organisation of the requests.


These are the warnings for each time:


  • First time - The thread will be locked or the player will also be warned by a staff.
  • Second time - The person will receive a private message with a warning.
  • Third time - The person will be kicked from the club.


If there is also a rule that lacks in this thread, or a suggestion for a rule, please PM me or any other of the moderators, leaders and owner, so I can add it here. Also, I will keep updating this list in case of addition of more members to the staff list.


EDIT: There is also a Discord channel for the breeding club, but it's not only talking about breeding, but of the big variety of different topics, but don't forget to read the rules in the rules section. This is the link of the club's Discord: https://discord.gg/HUHkhkf

If you can't join the Discord channel, PM me and I can give you the fixed link or if somehow this link is broken (included in the first one), or you can DM me on the Discord, which is House Flipper#1650.


Thank you for reading. Take care! :D

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EDIT: Added the Discord in the Rules section.

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