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A wild fanart appeared!


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A quick doodle of Taka I drew while trying out new brushes in a program. 
(Dear Arceus... I just realized how inconsistent my drawing style is lmao)

Taka doodle.png

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I draw my Protagnist with the Name Lina. I know there are 7 Pokémon, but between these Pokémon I've currently used the most.
And I gave her a hat because I thought it was kind of cool, has no particular reason.

Lina (Reborn).jpg

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I started drawing Titania a long time ago and finally finished it today



Edit, since I didn't want to do another double post (especially within a day)

Saki Blakeory from Reju and T3RR4 P13RC3 from Reborn as a Crossover. Since they are both crazy and also technically skilled, would they get along well?

Terra and Saki.jpg





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Unfortunately, I had to reduce the sizes of the drawings quite a bit so that they all fit into one post. Saki (Rejuv) and Julia (Reborn) drawn on behalf of the user @GreatNinja; once with her short hair and once with the long hair, from the latest version, but I left her hoodie there.
Then I drew Ciel Tamer, I really like her

Saki und Julia - alternativ.jpg

Saki und Julia.jpg





Ciel with Altaria.jpg

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Had this idea grew inside my head since the latest twitch stream of Amethyst and kinda liked the "Goth Shelly" idea, so thank you Ame for giving me an inspiration




Have this cute little goth butterfly brighten your cold days 🦋 

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