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14 minutes ago, aimra2 said:

hey, so im restarting this game and playing for the fourth time, but this time id like a custom team instead of collecting weird Pokemon at the start so if y'all can help me get started that'd be great

so im looking for 


Alolan Vulpix holding an ice stone


Elekid holding a magmarizer

feebas holding a prism scale



i know its alot to ask but if someone can trade me these that would be awesome 


Wrong place

Check out 8th St Black Market

or if you think your going to want more pokemon start your own thread or PM/DM me and I'll help you but please do not reply on this thread, this thread is for sharing what wonderful pokemon you got through WT

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Ok, that's pretty funny. I just hope enough cool mons are submitted. Breeding your starter to share on Wonder Trade is always a nice thing to do.

got this dank lil lad right here, also a lot of pokerus dudes from Leoril. 

Sorry for this, but this thread does not have the function of asking for mons.   Please, just make a new topic, because this thread now just gets flooded with trade requests

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Hi everyone,


I made an account just to share that I'll be clearing out my boxes for an upcoming starter only playthrough and will be giving away a lot of decent pokes all day tomorrow on trade/wondertrade.


I'll post a list of notable ones below. If you want to just throw crap into wondertrade or nicely ask me for one for nothing that's cool. Obviously if you wanted to be nice getting starters or anything else cool for the upcoming complete game playthrough would be dope too.


High level Pokemon:



Marowak alolan


Shiny Bronzong

Shiny Sandegast







Other Shiny:





Other pokes of note:
















Plus iothers, feel free to ask if looking for something specific, but keep in mind if it was worth talking about it would probably be above.



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Bless you, whomever put in the Wonder Trade this beautiful lvl. 60 Vulpix! She was just what I needed to finally defeat Corey lol. After forever since I started Reborn, I finally passed that Gym, so thank you so much! I even went back to the Name Rater so I could give her a nickname~

bless you.png

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Dumping a box full of Mudkips into wonder trade! Some are HA, most are adamant, and most are 3 IV or better. I hope someone lieks em....

If you want one, let me know!

EDIT: mostly got shitmons in return, and got some of my own mudkips back too 😅 but thanks to the guy who gave me a shiny misdreavus!


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2 hours ago, markcelera said:

Hey guys, can someone wonder trade me something? cant get past the first gym. Thanks

Then use wondertrade

Wondertrade is for random stuff

If you go into team showcase you can get help or on the Reborn discord you can get advice for beating her

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5 hours ago, markcelera said:

spacy kitten can you give me some pokemons? hehehe

Fledgling this isn't the place to ask for predertemined trades
Wondertrade has a system where there is always a pokemon to be traded at random, they have a cashe of pokemon that the server keeps so there is always a WT to be made
Here is for sharing what you got in WT though some people share what they're giving out
Online play you can create your own thread or go to existing threads that are giving out pokemon and ask for mons they are giving out

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Heyo all! I started a new save not long ago and would like to thank the kind soul that sent a nicely bred Fennekin into Wondertrade a few weeks back. It's made my run waaay smoother than I was antecipating. I'll send a few shinies I don't use in later too keep the positive chain going 😁🏻

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image.thumb.png.da111eadb113fb22a02efa0a6c044f48.png    i got this before the 2nd gym whilst going through Obsidia slums. definately using this once i de-level it to 18. one thing i love about reborn and rejuv is everything is great for when you get them and both enchorage you to use different pokemon and some that evolve earlier for earlier moments as tempory team members

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I just received 3 lvl 1 and 1 lvl 14 deino's from wonder trade. 😄 And a mudkip too. Also I will trade the mudkip for a lvl 1 bulbasuar because it's a new save file.

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On 12/4/2016 at 11:44 PM, TehJohnnu said:


In the album above are some of the Pokemon Im currently trading if anyone has any offers. I'm also working on breeding my Swampert, so if anyone is looking for a Mudkip let me know.

My username on Online Play is TehJohnnu.

I'm currently looking for Torchip, Froakie, Gastly and Larvirtar but any offers are appreciated.

I am 


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I've been breeding my Mystery Egg pokemon Shroomish. I'll try to put as many on WT as I can. So far, thank you very much to the people who sent me a shiny Chingling, Skunky and Vivillon, aswell as a Vullaby and High IV Mawile.

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