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As many of you know me , i am someone with no soul and no heart and i like this     25/10/17 edit :     Okay guys , so here is a big modification of the topic : Now i wil

Thank you and enjoy the Litten!

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Hello, this is to anyone willing to help me,

I don't request shines, perfect EV's or IV's, I just have a long list of pokemon that I want. 

I don't have many good pokemon to offer, I have all the starters (other than Popplio, which will be in my list of pokemon) I have Eevee's and items I can probably send with pokemon as payment.

But the list of pokemon I'd like to request are:

Deino (If actually possible) 



I understand if you can't fulfill my full request, I'm just glad this club exists!! 

I'll be only for the next few hours, you won't be able to reach me between 1am-2pm PST but any other times I'll be on and ready to trade, my username is the same as the one on here (loveDBZ) 

Thank you for your time and have a lovely night/day 

You guys work quickly and are extremely kind, all my pokemon are accounted for and I even got a bonus with a shiny, I hope everything wonderful comes your way and are always appreciated for the work you do! You've made my life way easier and happier! Thank you so much. If I need anything else I won't hesitate to ask. 

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