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[E18] Un-stuck Me! The save file fixing thread

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19 hours ago, A Certain Guy said:



I managed to get the error message associated with the crash (it didnt show up on the screenshare so he didnt know I didnt have it lol.).

it seems on top of this the game crashes after doing a trade between us, to the point the game refuses to even open properly now. This is the error that comes up.

have them unzip it again to see if that changes anything

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Okay, they should be there now. Replace your file with this one.  Game.rxdata Edit: Ninja'd but Walpurgis, but i suppose now you get choices?

The issue was: you should talk to Archer first, and later to the gang members. I fixed this. Here's your save file:  Game.rxdata   @Hypergressive Fixed. Here's your sav

Healed your team.   Game.rxdata    

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