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[E18] Un-stuck Me! The save file fixing thread

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2 hours ago, Tina said:

Pls then just drop Jangmo-O, bagon and axew into my box 1 ("Ready"). I will get myself another pelliper and dusk lycanroc. And I cant remember what else I had there, only know that i cant get the dragons again from events... 

Move this into your saved games folder, replacing the old one.



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Okay, they should be there now. Replace your file with this one.  Game.rxdata Edit: Ninja'd but Walpurgis, but i suppose now you get choices?

Fixed Game.rxdata   You're not able to go back to tanzan base because the entrance was destroyed. You should be able to find Simon in cemetery now. About squirtle, I think that you sh

You are a beautiful human being, and I'd buy you a drink if I could.   Cheers!

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3 hours ago, Rastit said:

well it doesnt work on mine i cant move or press z nor x, i can only save, and the NPC1s keep moving normally.

I moved you inside the Circus. See if that works.



1 hour ago, gabe4528 said:

Also I just put I back where it was when I took it out right 

You move it into your saved games folder, replacing the old one when you do. You should have been outside the hourse, which is where I moved you to.

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Just now, gabe4528 said:

it started my game over r u sure u did it right


Yes, you haven't put the file in correctly. Check the file you pasted in, and make sure its name is "Game"


Exactly that. No number on the end, no space, no ".rxdata". The file has to have the Game name to be read correctly.

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