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Got a bug? START HERE!

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If you found something you think may be a bug in Pokemon Reborn, you're in the right place! We appreciate you taking the time to report the issue. Help us out by following a few more steps!



:check: Is your version of Pokemon Reborn up to date?

  • Open your game folder and look for Readme.txt. Near the top, you will see a version number like this:
  • The version number in your Readme should match the most up to date version of the game available.
    • The current version is 17.0
    • :redx: -  If your version does not match, please download the latest version, run it, and test if your error still exists.


If you are confident that your game is up to date, please continue to the next step.


:check:Do you have any mods installed?

  • If you have installed any mods, please open or download a clean version of the game
  • In unmodded version of the game, test if your error still exists. 
    • :redx: -  If the error does not exist in a clean version of the game, it is a problem with the mod. Please work with the creators of any mods you have installed to investigate the issue.


If your error exists in an unmodified copy of the game, please continue to the next step. 


:check:Does your error involve the online play features?


If your error does not involve online play, please continue.


:check:Does your error crash or freeze the game, get the player stuck, or otherwise make it unplayable?


If your error does not make the game unplayable, please continue.


:check:Does your error occur during in-game battles?


If your error does not involve in-game battles, please continue.

  • :check: - Does a message have improper grammar/spacing/capitalization/spelling? 
  • :check: - Can you walk where you shouldn't be able to? Can you not walk where you should be able to... and it's not a Kecleon? 
  • :check: - Is a tile out of place?
  • :check: - Does a line skip awkwardly? 
  • :check: - Is a character on the overworld facing the wrong direction when speaking?
    • If any of these are true, then you have a Minor Error! Please take it to the Minor Error topic!


If your error does not match any of these criteria, then you have Miscellaneous Error


  • :check: - Please check topics recently posted in the Bug Reporting forum to see if any of them describe your issue!
    • :check: - If one has already reported the problem, check the topic to see if there is any helpful information you can add.
    • :redx: - If you do not see a topic for your issue, then please make one! When making a topic...
      • :check: - Please include as many details as possible! Anything could be relevant!
      • :check: - Screenshots or gifs are always helpful if you can take them!


Thank you for taking the time to go through this list and help us keep both the game and the forums clean and orderly!

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