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Pokemon Spork Episode 8: Smoothie + Delicia's Delicious Dreamland

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Google Drive links are now up to date!


There were also a couple of bugs that were fixed (which have also been reuploaded to mediafire) between the last post and now, two of which would be game-breaking to players who've completed parts of the game going back to earlier maps and activating new events that weren't there in previous reuploads:

-if you entered Cianosa City from the Western Waterway gatehouse without having done the Bunnelby event from the Virima Trail entrance, the game would freeze

-if you entered the Classic Park - Olidroll gatehouse from the Olidroll side without having met Kelani from the Classic Park entrance, you'd be stuck at the Olidroll entrance unable to move 

-a black tile could be walked through in a house in Cianosa City

-a tree in Gellene Town could be walked through


the reason that the game-breaking bugs weren't discovered during testing is because I was doing each map in order of when they're visited in the game, so I'd already activated those events when they're intended to be activated by the time I moved on to later maps. Apologies if anyone got stuck!



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Important note: the download links in this thread are the only official download links and the only ones that can be trusted to be up to date. There are other game-hosting sites that made their own cu

The final episode of Spork is now publicly released!   I started working on Spork in late May of 2015, and didn't think I'd get this far. I had no experience with any part of game-making, an

Due to some scary stuff that happened yesterday, I'm back early. I'm safe now and am very happy to be back home 😄    Here are some drawings I meant to post some time ago. A little after Stra

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Early reupload to fix a game-breaking issue (both mediafire and Google Drive links are up to date) where the doors in Mysterious Mansion transfered the player to the houses in Tinder Village for some reason. I'm not sure why that was happening since it wasn't when I imported the revamped map, and I checked Return to Dreamland and all the doors led to the correct places there. Additionally:


-Steffi added item graphics for the Frontier Pass and Clipboard

-added Rock Polish TM to Sand Castle (was missing)

-fixed Pokemon healing music playing right before battle preventing the battle music from playing in the Virima Trail battle with Emily and the second and third battles at the trainer school marble tournament

-the learnsets for TMs and tutor moves in Spork that are TMs in SwSh are now up to date, as are a few TMs and tutor moves that are TRs in SwSh: Swords Dance, Flamethrower, Surf, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Low Kick, Thunderbolt, Thunder, and Earthquake (currently in the process of working on these)

-updated the mountain wall in Tullborn City where the Dark Dungeon exit/entrance is to be like the one in Vince&Sylveon's Forest Guardian (also did so for DDDL; for DDDL currently mediafire link is up to date)




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Reuploaded DDDL (mediafire) and Spork (both mediafire and Google Drive links up to date) again after discovering another map transfer issue



-added Reborn's move animations from E18 and E18.2

-adjusted battler altitude for Sandile 



-Vince&Sylveon made new E4 and Champion rooms

-added Reborn's move animations from E18 and E18.2

-a few more TM and tutor learnsets for SwSh TRs have been updated (everything up to 20 numerically)

-fixed Hall of Fame transferring player to Virima Trail outside boundaries of main map when revisiting after becoming Champion (now goes to player's room in Virima Hotel as intended)

-adjusted battler altitude for Sandile

-fixed PC countertop priority in Pokemon League entrance


It's thanks to Vince&Sylveon that I found the Hall of Fame issue, since I was checking all the map connections in the Pokemon League after adding the maps Vince made. Thanks to Vince&Sylveon for making the E4 + Champion rooms! I was confident I'd checked all the map transfers when importing the revamped maps and mentally double-checked to make sure everything that needed updating would be accounted for, but I forgot about the Hall of Fame completely. Hopefully this should be last quick succession reupload needed to fix a game-breaking issue.


I've been meaning to add E18's new move animations since development of episode 8 began, and responded to someone asking at that time that I planned to add them, but I kept forgetting. I decided to add them just after I found and fixed the Hall of Fame issue since the animations resurfaced in my memory a few days ago. 


EDIT: DDDL Google Drive link now up to date!

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Reuploaded DDDL and Spork (mediafire)



-battles with ICSW, Natalie, and Crolea now continue whether Delicia wins or loses
-removed French language option since Cybershell's French translation project was discontinued

-removed leftover Essentials Route 2 map text
-? and ! animations now appear over NPCs again


Spork Updates:

-the game now continues after several major battles whether the player wins or loses

-added Vince&Sylveon monument to House of Gratitude

-added Vince&Sylveon's Virima Hotel battle background

-Quinn's trainer class changed from Portal Navigator to Portal Diver

-Cycling Virima Trail and Furret Walk Virima Trail now have different Pokemon that appear

-new Furret Walk Virima Trail music: https://soundcloud.com/pigeonthepigeon/accumula-town-gentle?in=pigeonthepigeon/sets/w-a-l-c-c-arrangements-for-furret-videos

-Steffi adjusted hair color on Kalos Lass overworld sprite

-removed French language option since Cybershell's French translation project was discontinued

-added all SwSh TMs and TRs as TMs and tutor moves; Pokemon TM and tutor learnsets updated

-Wendy's TM changed from Leech Life to Pollen Puff

-the Pledge moves now have 80 power as they do after Gen 5

-Pledge tutor moved to Trainer School; Terrain tutor takes his place in Battle Mall

-added moves Breaking Swipe, Branch Poke, Steel Beam, Body Press

-moved Battle Frontier move tutors to Bolaii Beach 

-tmlocationlist notepad file renamed tmandtutorlocationlist and includes move tutor locations 

-gen7movesandabilities notepad file renamed gen7and8movesandabilities and includes Gen 8 moves in the game (no abilities added yet)


Spork bug fixes:

-can no longer walk through cliff vines (and possibly skip the battle with Orange in the process) at Aliora Meadow

-Jim now always faces the player's direction when noticing the player at Premoggin Canyon

-sliding ice at Weather Wonderland snowy section now slides

-adjusted battler altitude for Volcarona, Meowstic, Lanturn, Bunnelby

-removed leftover Essentials Route 2 map text

-set unset trainer battle with Scientist in VR Lab

-? and ! animations now appear over NPCs again

-Ocean Coast mailbox priority fix

-Steffi fixed size of Giratina battle sprites

-changed Stomping Tantrum (Frontier now Bolaii Beach move tutor move) to High Horsepower as Stomping Tantrum is not in the game


updated TM & tutor learnsets currently does not include the list of Pokemon Home untransferrable Pokemon that was recently revealed. Since 200 of those Pokemon will end up being transferrable in the DLCs coming this summer, I'll wait until then in case any of them get any changed/updated learnsets from the list (+plus current exhaustion just from doing the ones that are in SwSh). However, I did give Amaura and Aurorus Aurora Veil and Power Gem, moves they don't get that would make perfect sense for them to have


There were a few things I had planned for this reupload that were moved back to future reuploads due to how physically draining updating the TM & tutor learnsets was. On the other side of the coin, having major battles aside from the first one with Emily be win/lose optional was originally a distant future plan that was pushed earlier to this reupload


the win/lose optional battles in Spork are: Virima Hotel Emily, Virima Trail Emily, Western Waterway Crolea, Gellene Town Emily, Olidroll City Crolea, Olidroll Sweets Shop Delicia, Weather Wonderland Emily, Premoggin Canyon Jim, Lovely Lake Emily, Silk Studio Pandora, Sea Star Shrine Ivan, Astral Observatory Quinn, Mt. Comet Felicia, Alumia's Appliances Ivan & Brutus, Melodic Mines Barker, Crystal Caverns Crolea, Party City Crolea, Team Portal HQ Pandora, Data Vault Guardian, Dentist's Office dentist during the last police sidequest, and all postgame rematches aside from the Frontier Brains


sometimes dialogue is different depending on whether the player wins or loses and sometimes it's the same; usually if the dialogue doesn't mention the player winning then I kept it the same for losing, whereas if it did mention the player winning I changed it. In Emily and Pandora's cases, there are small dialogue differences later on as well depending on whether you win or lose certain battles, but there are no changes to the story itself. 

an example for if the player wins the battle with Pandora at Silk Studio, but loses at Team Portal HQ:



Quinn's trainer class was changed because navigator sounds more like a sailor than a diver


I think the stage has been set for Gen 8 whenever the new Pokemon can be added, so next reupload I can spend more time making other updates to the game without needing to account for burnout from Gen 8 preparations!

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42 weeks after seeding: The pineapple plant is carefully planted in the ground by hand.


44th week: Purple flowers appear - about 6 petals grow every day.


58th week: The pineapple is ripe and ready for harvesting. The external colour of the fruit does not necessarily reflect the internal condition of the fruit. The fruit is always harvested at exactly the right point of ripeness because pineapples do not continue to ripen after harvest.


(source: http://www.dole.eu/dole-earth/farmtour/pineapple/hotspot/growing-stages.html )


It's been a while since there's been any progress updates, but there's a lot to announce today! Starting with the above, the next custom shiny is the Gible line, resembling pineapples! Steffi and Palletite put in a lot of time and research with having them look like different stages of pineapple growth, and SilverAngelus/Solviera also helped with the shading and Garchomp's striped wings!


They're also not the only shinies that have been updated for the next reupload. Palletite made revamps of the Holiday Pokemon too! 




Halloween Espurr is in a halloween candy bag and has candy corn ears, Christmas Slowking is based on a yule log cake, Valentine Starmie is illuminated with hearts, and the Meowstic have pastel Easter tones! 


There's a human character sprite that Steffi revamped too! Where before Anthony used the Techie overworld sprite from Reborn, he'll now have his own design!








With the Eeveelution zodiac, you can choose a sign and receive some small benefits based on the sign you chose! Each Eeveelution has a month, and the months not covered by an Eeveelution are occupied by Eevee. With each Eeveelution sign, you'll get an evolution stone as a gift, the opportunity to obtain a specific legendary before the postgame (scaled down in level), and an overworld boost unique to each sign! I wrote a notepad file to help players choose before deciding. Info on each in below in spoiler box:



Eevee: Eviolite gift. For the NPC in Liliech City who asks to see Eeveelutions, and the Regice quest when you need to gather Eeveelutions and Pyukumuku, the Eeveelutions will show up automatically for you. 


Vaporeon: Water Stone gift. You'll be able to buy for free from the Sea Star vendors that sell items for Heart Scales. You can obtain Suicune before the postgame. 

Jolteon: Thunder Stone gift. You can get Game Corner prizes without coins. You can obtain Raikou before the postgame. 

Flareon: Fire Stone gift. For the ingredient mixing NPCs (Berry Juice, Rare Candy, Max Ether, Max Elixir) you can get the items without needing to gather the ingredients. You can obtain Entei before the postgame. 

Espeon: Sun Stone gift. Hidden items in the overworld will be visible with a sparkle graphic. You can obtain Cresselia before the postgame. 

Umbreon: Moon Stone gift. For the hide and seek sidequest, the character will be visible for you. You can obtain Darkrai before the postgame. 

Leafeon: Leaf Stone gift. On every map that has wild encounters and/or trainers, you'll be healed as soon as you enter as well as after each battle. You can get Shaymin before the postgame. 

Glaceon: Ice Stone gift. Access to the nature changer in the False Fortunes tent as soon as you choose this sign. You can obtain Articuno before the postgame.

Sylveon: Shiny Stone gift. Access to the idol costumes in the False Fortunes tent as soon as you choose this sign. For the idol quest at the part where you sing songs by filling in the blanks, you won't need to fill in any blanks after the practice song with Chelsea and will sing them immediately. You can get Diancie before the postgame.






I also moved the questions about the player and Emily's home region and parents' occupations to the Tourist Info Center at the start of the game. I thought the Tourist Info Center would make more sense for this information to come up, and would let me do more with the concept. I also realized it was strange for Crolea to assume the player and Emily have parents plural, when Crolea herself has one parent. There's now some additional dialogue in some places depending on what you pick. If you're from Ecruteak City, this comes up when speaking to Ashley and Kayla. If you're from Malie City, this comes up when first meeting Chelsea. At the Pokemon Research Institute, there's a little extra dialogue when speaking to Crolea if your parents are scientists, and Seamus has extra dialogue at the Ranger Base if your parents are rangers. As of now there's no extra dialogue if your parents are chefs, since I'm saving that for the Applin sidequest when it's time for the Gen 8 reupload. 



At the end of the last reupload post, I mentioned that I'd be able to do more this reupload without having to worry about burnout from Gen 8 prep. The reupload currently being worked on was sort of the opposite. I had so much extra time that I was able to add in the Gen 8 Pokemon, the moves and abilities that I was able to script, set up a starter selection area for the Gen 8 Pokemon, and do the Battle Factory Galar Arena + trainer teams and dialogue in advance (Galar Lass trainer sprite made by mid117). However, Gen 8 Pokemon won't be in this reupload, since there's still a few things that need to be done that I need to follow Rejuv's schedule on. One is some of the shiny sprites, another is some of the Gigantamax sprites (which will be mega evolutions; will also use the stats decided on by Rejuv), and the battle cries. In Pokecommunity's Gen 8 scripting thread there's a link to all the battle cries from Gens 1-8, but when I tried to open the folder after downloading, it froze my laptop. The starter selection for Gen 8 and Battle Factory maps will exist in the game, but not be publicly accessible until everything for Gen 8 is ready. My goal is for the reupload after the upcoming one to be the Gen 8 reupload. I already have most of the Pokemon locations and quests planned out, as well as the character team changes. 


Something I forgot to mention before is that the fossils won't be in Spork, because I feel bad about them being parts of different Pokemon mixed together. If we ever see what the original Pokemon looked like whole, those ones will be added, but the ones with mismatching heads and torsos won't. 


Somewhat related, there will be some small updates to the Game Corner over time: 


after the player reaches Gellene Town, Electabuzz employees are hired to replace the losses with the Team Portal members:




after the player becomes Champion, the Electabuzz have cleaned up Team Portal's mess and made the Game Corner neat and tidy!




For the next reupload, this will just be a small aesthetic change + some background info from the floor manager Electabuzz in Barker's seat. But the reason I mentioned it's somewhat related to Gen 8 is that Zacian and Zamazenta's quest will start here! 


For the next reupload I'd like to thank Palletite and Steffi for all the amazing new sprites, SilverAngelus/Solviera for helping with the 🍍, and Vince&Sylveon for the new Victory Road (which is showcased on Vince's channel and mentioned in Moonblast run thread)! 


For progress on the next reupload, currently Steffi and Palletite are in the process of making the Mega Garchomp pineapple shiny and the overworld sprites for the Holiday Pokemon. They're currently very busy with online classes, as well as adjusting to classes going from physical to online as a result of the COVID-19 situation, so it may be a while still before the next reupload is ready. Responsibilities and safety are top priority, and I hope everyone's been doing well considering recent events! 

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Reuploaded DDDL and Spork (mediafire and Google Drive both up to date)



-updated Vanillite's learnset to Gen 8
-added text to the bookcases in Pokemon Centers

-Work Up, Brutal Swing TMs now have the correct TM item icons
-Big Malasada, Gummy Teddiursa, and Pewter Crunchies now work in battle instead of sending the player back to the bag select screen
-Super and Hyper Potions now heal the correct amount of HP both in and out of battle


Spork Updates:

-custom shiny pineapple Gible line
-Palletite and Steffi made revamped sprites for Holiday Pokemon
-Battle Tower Danganronpa trainers replaced with original characters made by Palletite
-added an Eeveelution zodiac in False Fortunes (with notepad file guide)
-home region and parents options now at Tourist Info Center (extra Ashley and Kayla dialogue at Cianosa Cafe if from Ecruteak, extra Chelsea dialogue at Bolaii Beach if from Malie, Underwater Hotel postgame tour if from Undella, extra Seamus dialogue when meeting at Ranger Base if parents were rangers, extra Crolea Pokemon Research Institute dialogue if parents were scientists; for players who are already past the Tourist Info Center, they'll have the original events from Jim and Crolea so they can still select home region and parents' occupations)
-Game Corner updates: Electabuzz workers hired after reaching Gellene Town, storage room objects organized after Champion
-Vince&Sylveon made new Victory Road maps
-added male and female options when choosing Frillish or Espurr as starter
-for the Wonky Woods ranger quest, the shiny Unown now joins the player after the Unown Horde battle instead of it being a wild encounter
-vitamins can now max out the EVs of a stat
-gave Gastly line Cursed Body as a second ability
-Steffi made Anthony overworld sprite
-Steffi made player character running and fishing sprites + idol costume fishing sprites
-added Data Vault file in misc trivia section about Jim tour guide basis
-Shiny Club trainer now has Spork custom shinies
-Steffi updated Cyclist overworld sprite
-added move Spectral Thief
-Steffi gave the Fletchling line their canon shiny colors
-Guardian's nickname theme changed to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp essences
-all Kirlia can evolve into Gallade and all Snorunt can evolve into Froslass
-Healing Wish -> Memento for Audino trainers 
-Nosy News program added (Nosepass statues in each Pokemon Center); like the Gossip Gardevoir program in Reborn that updates with latest news after each gym
-female swimmer land overworld hair now matches trainer sprite and swimming overworld hair
-added text to the bookcases in Pokemon Centers

-Pokemon Brawlers now has a Tepig, Pignite, and Emboar together for trainer sprite


Spork bug fixes:

-Work Up, Leech Life, Brutal Swing, Smart Strike, Aurora Veil now have the correct TM item icons 
-can no longer walk through outside of Olidroll Sweets Shop building
-can no longer walk through cliff tile to right of rangers at Aliora Meadow
-Steffi adjusted trainer altitude for Chelsea, Hex Maniac, and several Pokemon that act as trainer battles
-fixed placement of cursor and player icons when viewing the region map
-Big Malasada, Gummy Teddiursa, Soup or Potion, and Pewter Crunchies now work in battle instead of sending the player back to the bag select screen
-Super and Hyper Potions now heal the correct amount of HP both in and out of battle

-sliding ice at Weather Wonderland snowy section now slides (thought was fixed last time but I was in the incorrect menu in tileset editor)
-Team Portal HQ couch priority fix
-Itemfinder now works/hidden items are properly named
-fixed typo in hideandseeklocations notepad file where for Tinder Village said southeast log instead of southwest
-Ceopix now has Sylveon's TM and tutor moves
-fixed Battle VR Scientist battler sprite being inconsistent with trainer sprite
-adjusted backsprite battler altitude for Battle VR Frank, Sierran, Spade
-in the Battle VR, Kayla's Sacred Sword is now Normal instead of Fighting as was intended
-Christmas Slowking disappearing issue fixed
-Bruxish is now available as a starter
-can no longer walk through the instructions board in Ashley's gym
-fixed a walkable through tile in the pool in Virima Hotel
-King's Shield error fixed 
-Pokemon switched in after Emergency Exit no longer use Golisopod's previous move
-Fell Stinger now raises user's Attack after KOing opponent
-Pokemon using Healing Wish no longer stay on the field after being KO'd

-adjusted battler altitude for Larvesta, Kyurem, Oranguru, Passimian, Stoutland, Fraxure, Whiscash, Naganadel, Garbodor, Crabrawler, Gigalith, Kayla, Cosmic Meowstic, Gogoat, Golisopod, Lycanroc, Toxapex, Sawsbuck, Tepig, Pignite, Emboar, Snivy, Servine, Serperior, Oshawott, Dewott, Samurott, Terrakion, Victini, Pidove, Heliolisk, Cinccino, Gothitelle, Bewear, Whimsicott, Darmanitan, Fennekin, Braixen, Clauncher

-Steffi fixed looping/30 seconds of silence in Ceolis battle theme
-splash.png titles were fixed for the Joiplay/mobile app that can run RPG Maker games


There was a lot for this reupload, some of which has been planned for a while and some of which came up while in the process of making the reupload.


Since I showed the shiny 🍍Gible line earlier, here's the mega!




based on: 




For the Battle Tower trainers, there are now 12 battles (13 counting Brutus); 3 sets of 4 trainers. The Danganronpa trainers were replaced and the Sonic-based Pokemon teams now just appear in the Tapu Bulu quest. Here are some of the new trainers in the Battle Tower!











For a bit of trivia about some of the above trainers not mentioned in the Battle Tower: Ty and Barry are a duo called the Snack Pack. Ty is the upbeat one while Barry is nervous and exhausted in high-energy environments, but they make a great team despite being opposites. Kaitlyn is a call back to Sierran's original sprite which had light blue hair. Eva has vitiligo, and her guitar has a Noivern design. 


A lot of bugs that have been around for a while, some since the beginning, have been fixed. Groniack was very helpful with providing scripts for battle-related errors, having messaged me after seeing the King's Shield issue mentioned in the bug reporting thread. Some trainer battles against Pokemon have always had the Pokemon's trainer sprite floating high over the background, and I never knew how to fix that because while there's altitude for Pokemon in the PBS, there isn't for trainers, but Steffi was able to edit them. 


I'm really excited about this reupload because of how much has been updated and added! 

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Back in December I posted a list of planned team changes for characters when Gen 8 would be added to Spork. With next reupload's Gen 8 additions handled, here's an updated list of team changes. It's similar to December's list, but there are some changes:



Emily: Yanmega -> Frosmoth (nickname Francisca)


Delicia: Alolan Exeggutor -> Appletun (nickname ApplePie)

Jim: Alolan Raticate -> Dubwool (nickname Farm)

Gina: Gengar -> Polteageist (nickname Temperance)

Dylan: Krookodile -> Obstagoon (nickname Milkshake)

Aurora: Jynx -> Mr. Rime (keeps Jynx's nickname Midori)

Tomas: Dragalge, Tentacruel -> Toxtricity (nickname BeatBopBoom), Galarian Weezing (nickname Clockwork)

Carol: Mawile -> Alcremie (nickname RubySwirl); Carol will also be battled in doubles so her Alcremie can make use of Decorate

Alumia: Bronzong -> Copperajah (nickname Copper)

Arnalda: Machamp -> Grapploct (nickname Resilience)

Seamus: Ferrothorn -> Rillaboom (nickname Craic)

Agne: Bisharp -> Falinks (keeps Bisharp's nickname Mars)

Pandora: Magnezone -> Hatterene (nickname Macaroni)

Barker: Manectric -> Boltund (keeps Manectric's nickname Charlie)

Cherry: Camerupt -> Orbeetle (nickname AlienAlien)

Brutus: Incineroar, Electivire -> Falinks (nickname Train; Kommo-o now has what was Incineroar's nickname MonsterT), Corviknight (keeps Electivire's nickname Taxi)

Meda: Noctowl -> Indeedee (keeps Noctowl's nickname Cosmos)

Ryoko (simulation): Haxorus -> Flapple (nickname Zennyo)

Milo (Battle Tower): Flygon -> Flapple

Clover (Battle Tower): Leavanny -> Grimmsnarl

 for the changes from the earlier list:

-Aretha will keep Breloom since I think her current team suits her as is and Breloom fits better with her nickname theme

-I decided to give Mr. Rime to Aurora instead of Isabelle. While Mr. Rime would fit Isabelle very well for its appearance and classification as the Comedian Pokemon, I felt like it also fit Aurora well with it being able to tapdance and ice skate. Whereas both Mr. Mime and Mr. Rime fit Isabelle and she could use either since they're both Psychic type, and I feel like Mr. Mime already synergizes well with Isabelle's team, plus the Fairy type helps against Psychic's Dark and Bug weaknesses and I was being careful to avoid having a lot of repeats among teams. 

-Originally I was considering giving Ryoko either Dragapult, Flapple, or both. I feel like Flapple fits the colors of her outfit and her personality well. 

-on this updated list Angela doesn't have Mega Butterfree, but she's still planned to have it. The reason it isn't listed here is because the custom gigantamax megas will be the reupload after next reupload, due to following Rejuvenation's progress on Gen 8 updates. on the topic, Chelsea will also have Mega Lapras, Tomas Mega Toxtricity, and Carol Mega Alcremie in their postgame rematches once the gigantamegas are implemented



The Gen 8 additions also include learnset updates for Pokemon that were added in the Isle of Armor DLC, as well as a move tutor with the new moves that I was able to add. Kubfu, Urshifu, G-Slowpoke, and G-Slowbro aren't in the next reupload due to following Rejuv's schedule, but will be in a future reupload, and the same applies to Crown Tundra's DLC Pokemon. I've already planned out location and event details for most of them in advance. 


I also mentioned in an earlier announcement that I was saving extra dialogue for if the player's parents are chefs for the Applin sidequest, but later I realized that since Applin has split evolutions, it would be better as a wild encounter than a one-time event. Instead, Applin will be encounterable in the Forest of Feeling, and the extra parents are chefs dialogue will occur when talking to Draga after getting through the Cave of Resolve. 








There are two other Pokemon who'll be making their debut in Spork next reupload! Following the Smoothie/Meloetta quest in the postgame, a group of Meltan and Melmetal who build planets got into contact with Agne. Planet Amity is a lot like the planet the player is from in Spork, and is designed with a "second home" feel in mind. I've been having a lot of fun creating it and making it a lively place! Pokemon from the player's planet, planet Disco, and planet Coral have all come to visit Amity!







Alcremie and being battled in doubles aren't the only updates Carol's received for the next reupload. Her gym's also been completely redesigned! I felt like the original one was sort of rushed and had the idea to make it like the Candy Land board game. Steffi even made custom tiles for it like the ones in the above screenshots!


For most announcements I show the next reupload's new/custom shiny, but I felt like it wasn't time to do so yet and will probably show them when the reupload is ready. But I will mention that next reupload's custom shinies are the Gothita line! They were suggested by Steffi, with a color scheme suggested by Palletite, not long after World Goth Day, which was May 23! I do have another graphic I can and would like to show now though, a Team Portal PC box made by Steffi! This PC box replaces the Team Rocket one from default Essentials, which uses the HGSS PC boxes.



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Reuploaded DDDL and Spork



-female swimmer land overworld hair now matches trainer sprite and swimming overworld hair (forgot to update this last reupload when Spork was updated with)
-added text to more objects in: Olidroll Police Station, Olidroll Sweets Shop, P.I.E. Tours, Underwater Hotel, bookcases in Olidroll Residential District houses
-Lass overworld sprite has been updated by Steffi and Palletite (resembles Sightseer trainer class from Gen 7)

-adjusted battler altitude for the remaining Pokemon that needed it
-fixed invisible NPC in Party District+City



-Gen 8 Pokemon added

-added new planet: Planet Amity

-added an Isle of Armor move tutor to the Pokemon Center at Inoset Island

-updated learnsets for Pokemon added to SwSh for the Isle of Armor DLC

-Carol's gym is now a Candy Land board, Carol is now battled in doubles, and Carol's trainer class changed to Baker

-changed Rogue (Sea Star trainer class) to Trickster to avoid confusion with the organization called the Rogues referenced at various points in the game

-added Circhester home option

-Gentleman Washington in the Gentleman's Club is now named Sir Chester, with extra dialogue if the player is from Circhester

-added Galar Arena for the Battle Factory

-Steffi made new battle background for Cosmic Castle

-Youngster and Lass sprites updated by Palletite and Steffi; Youngster now has a light blue outfit and Lass resembles the Gen 7 Sightseer trainer class

-Eva's trainer sprite was updated

-Team Rocket PC box wallpaper replaced with Team Portal PC box wallpaper
-Draga extra dialogue if parents are chefs after getting through the Cave of Resolve

-added Sea Star NPCs + trainers at earlier points than Sea Star Society, along with more NPCs in a few places in general
-in addition to major characters, some ordinary NPC trainers now have updated rosters for Gen 8 (and Gen 7, for ones that were in the game before Gen 7 was added)
-when speaking to Dreamer Musharna in Sushi's house, in addition to the "Last Night's Dream" option you can now enter a dream arena in which you can battle Sushi's team

-lowered Halloween Espurr to level 30, and lowered Hex Maniac (at Hip Hop Ship Shop) to level 40

-Unown Horde now have all 6 Unown in trainer sprite

-Hiker trainer sprite now matches overworld sprite

-DJ Ultra Beats Pokemon are now in Ultra Balls

-the Sushi and Tinder Village Data Vault files are now available to read immediately rather than needing to be unlocked through the hide and seek sidequest

-removed the Fixed Bugs Memorial

-Captivate now has the same update as Attract from a few reuploads ago where it works regardless of gender unless the target has an immunity to infatuation like through the Oblivious ability

-Skull Bash now has 130 base power as post-Gen 5

-desaturated the purple on Cosmic Meowstic

-Team Spasma club in Tullborn City changed to Team Palms

-at dream starter selection, Litwick acknowledges if the player's Pokemon is a fellow Litwick 

-debug is now optional (can be turned on or off in Pokemon Centers by speaking to the trees next to the nurses)

-added text to more objects in Jim's House, Virima Hotel, Gentleman's Club, Olidroll Police Station, Olidroll Sweets Shop, Classic Park gatehouses, Mysterious Mansion, Fork Gatehouse, Ceolis Ranger Base, Rania's Training Gym, Rap Battle House, Dentist's Office, Vitamin Factory, Twilight Tavern, the Sewers, Trainer School, Lee's house, P.I.E. Tours, BCC Building, Tourist Info Center, Pokemon Fan Club, Trainer Fan Club, Game Corner Storage, Lanturn Lighthouse, Underwater Hotel, also added text to bookcases in revamped houses from Virima to Tinder

-syntax is now more consistent with some words and phrases, for example Marbles is always capitalized now instead of sometimes being capitalized and sometimes lowercase

-added info to obtainablepokemon notepad file that changed evo methods from the official games are mentioned there with the obtainability methods



-battle errors with Fell Stinger, Aromatic Mist, Ally Switch, Eerie Impulse, double battle second slot primal weather abilities, and Baton Passing into a Pokemon with Illusion fixed thanks to Groniack 

-Thousand Arrows and Thousand Waves now have the correct move effects 

-Chinchou and Lanturn now have the same EXP growth rates 

-Comfey can no longer have Triage as a possible ability despite Triage not being in Spork 

-can no longer walk around the door frame leading to the training grounds in the Ceolis Ranger Base

-a tree no longer overlaps with the entrance/exit to Cosmic Castle

-added missing word in Nosy News story after 15th gym: "I'm back the event I mentioned!" -> "I'm back from the event I mentioned!"

-added missing word in Dive Ball item description: "Pokemon that underwater" -> "Pokemon that live underwater"

-fixed typo in one of the Lanturn Lighthouse journal entries where Pokemon was spelled "Pokeomon"

-added missing word when asking Couragi about Gina: "She's been in this area since Gellene was even a town or humans came to Ceolis" -> "She's been in this area since before Gellene was even a town or humans came to Ceolis"

-fixed typo when starting Underwater Hotel postgame tour: "I was told you too might stop by for a visit?" -> "I was told you two might stop by for a visit?"

-fixed typo when the birthday cake arrives at Crolea's birthday party where occurred was spelled "occured"

-added missing word when speaking to the Guardian at the Sea Star Shrine: "Would you like to back to the Data Vault?" -> "Would you like to go back to the Data Vault?"

-during the postgame BCC/sewers quest, Quinn and Violet no longer appear in the break room before they're supposed to

-added battle cries for Pokemon that didn't have them, like the USUM Ultra Beasts and Zeraora

-adjusted battler altitude for the remaining Pokemon that needed them

-Mysterious Mansion now has wild encounter music and the correct battle background

-the map cursor is now at the correct location when opening the map at Olidroll Services District, Olidroll Recreation District, and the Aliora City entrance to Classic Park

-at the final hide and seek location, the hide and seeker is no longer visible in the overworld to players that didn't choose Umbreon for the Eeveelution zodiac

-Emily now appears at the table during the Emily Quinn conversation at Ocean Coast

-Liechi Berries are now sold at the berry shop; they were supposed to be before but I spelled Liechi wrong which caused them to not appear in the list

-a hidden Leppa Berry at South Virima is no longer visible in the overworld to players that didn't choose Espeon for the Eeveelution zodiac

-removed leftover text for the Bolaii Beach move tutors, where they said to enjoy your time at the Battle Frontier if you don't want to learn a move from them

-updated obtainablepokemon.txt notepad file info for Rowlet, which was outdated

-Wailmer Pail and Itemfinder can now be purchased for 3 and 5 Heart Scales respectively as intended (previously they couldn't be bought unless the player had more than 3 or 5 Heart Scales)

-the Nosy News story intended to play after the 18th gym now plays; previously the one after the 17th gym still played because I used the wrong control switch

-can no longer obtain Yveltal if you haven't already spoken to Belinda in the quest

-the east sea Shellos in Grape's dream no longer appears at the Secret Playground if the player is not viewing Grape's dream


There's a lot to say for this reupload in addition to the reupload notes above. 


About shiny Gothita line: in the last announcement I mentioned I would show them when the reupload was ready. While the shiny Gothita line (along with a custom sprite for Sushi) were intended for this reupload, they'll now be added after this reupload, but before work starts on the next major reupload. Palletite and Steffi have been very busy with school, and when I said in a thread back in July that I could see this reupload arriving around mid-late August, I underestimated how busy their semester would be due to updated policies (with virtual learning as a result of COVID), class schedule challenges, etc. and there's another life situation they're dealing with too. I thought having the Gothita and Sushi sprites being in between this reupload and the next would be best and the least pressuring for everyone's schedules. 


About change in debug mode: when playing in debug mode, the game skips the title screen. Since Spork does have a title screen now made by Steffi, I wanted an alternative method where the title screen and debug were both accessible (though Joiplay players can already see the title screen, since Joiplay doesn't seem to have debug). Enigma also brought up valid points earlier this year that debug can possibly sequence break. With the new debug method where you can speak to a tree in Pokemon Centers to turn it on and off, players can choose whether or not they want to use debug. With this method, I noticed that if you close the game while playing in debug, the game won't be in debug when opening, so you'll need to speak to a tree to enable it again, and will able to see the title screen. 


About Team Spasma -> Team Palms change: I learned that the word spaz has a meaning that's derogatory towards people with cerebral palsy. When I originally made the clubs in Tullborn City I didn't know that's what it meant, and just learned recently. My experience with the word was from online communities around 2008-2010 where people would say things like "I'm a total spaz" in their profiles, and I assumed from the context I saw it in that it meant someone who has a lot of energy. I've changed it to Team Palms, an Exeggutor-themed club. 


-removal of Fixed Bugs Memorial: I wasn't really regularly updating it since I'd forget to a lot, and it was sort of a consolation prize for the hide and seek sidequest since the original intended prize for it was obsolete. When planning and development for Spork started, the hide and seek sidequest was going to be how the player would get the Master Ball, but I later decided to have unlimited Master Balls available, so the hide and seek sidequest was in an awkward position where the purpose was obsolete but I still wanted to have it in. This issue has been solved now since the hide and seek sidequest is a prerequisite for the Eternatus quest. 


Adding earlier Sea Star NPCs: The Sea Star Society is visited late-midgame, and since Sea Star NPCs and trainers appear in later areas above the surface, I thought they should appear in earlier areas too. The only reason they didn't appear until the Sea Star Society originally was because I treated the situation with how their designs would be as a bridge to cross when I got to that part of the game. 


There was a lot for this reupload and I'm 100% sure I'm forgetting something I meant to say, but thanks for your patience and I hope you enjoy! 

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  • Global Mods

Happy Halloween! 🎃 👻 🍬 🦇




Reuploaded Spork; this is mostly a bug-fixing reupload, but Solviera also updated the sprite for Delicia's cotton candy mega Ampharos, featuring seven different sweets and a radiant gradient! 


-Solviera updated sprite for Delicia's cotton candy mega Ampharos

-Rillaboom's Speed corrected from 86 to 85

-Emily's Snom and Frosmoth's ability is now set to Ice Scales, and Tomas's Toxtricity's ability is now set to Technician

-Multiscale, Topsy-Turvy, and Galarian Darmantian Zen Mode issues fixed thanks to Groniack (Multiscale still activated when HP was below full, Topsy-Turvy had non-game breaking error message, and Galarian Darmanitan's Zen Mode wasn't activating)

-Galarian Darumaka now evolves into Galarian Darmanitan through Ice Stone like in the official games 

-updated outdated information in obtainablepokemon notepad file that listed Forest of Feeling as a location for Murkrow, when Murkrow was switched out there for Applin

-legendarysidequests notepad file now mentions Twilight Tavern in the Eternatus quest

-the Sinistea event at Mysterious Mansion now comes with a Cracked Pot, since I realized there wasn't a way to evolve Sinistea until the Battle Mall

-raised Hex Maniac from the Ditto quest level to 42  (I changed to 40 last reupload to match Ditto's level, but I remembered wrong and the Ditto is level 42)

-the Rowlet at Aliora Meadow is now visible in the overworld


I was considering updating learnsets for the Gen 1-7 Pokemon that were added in Crown Tundra too, but since a Halloween reupload was decided on with 5 days between then and Halloween, I didn't want to push myself to update all those learnsets in 5 days, so they'll be in next time. When I was updating the Isle of Armor learnsets last reupload, I did one evo line a day to avoid physical strain from doing all of them in one or a few sittings.


One of my goals with last reupload was to get to a point where I wouldn't feel anxious about reupload timeframes (if there were bugs, inconsistencies, other pressing issues, etc.) but there were still a few things I overlooked or didn't realize. A little less than a week ago, I decided to do a bug-fixing reupload on Halloween. I was already considering it before then, and since Solviera updated the cotton candy Ampharos sprite, I thought Halloween was perfect timing!

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  • Global Mods











It's been a while since there's been any news, but that doesn't mean the past couple months were uneventful. This is a major reupload that comes with several new revamped maps by Enigma, the completed shiny goth line by Palletite mentioned in a previous post, important bug fixes, and a lot more! I'm really excited to be able to release this today!


Reuploaded DDDL and Spork



Revamped maps added: Underwater Hotel, Technicolor Forest, Dark Dungeon, Tullborn City



-Enigma revamped (and some completely new) maps added: Classic Park Sea Bed ( 🆕 ), first room of Classic Park Cave, Cool Cave, Norall City, Pokemon Research Institute, Cyberspace, Skating Rink, Norall Mountain, Dark Dungeon, Tullborn City, Inoset Island, Inoset Ocean, Underwater Hotel, Ryoko's Castle ( 🆕 ), Roundabout Rapids ( 🆕 ), Liliech City, Technicolor Forest, Tower of Heracross, Lovely Lake, Silk Studio, Secret Playground, Virtual Battlefield ( 🆕 )

-custom shiny Gothita line by Palletite

-Steffi made new party screen icon for cotton candy mega Ampharos

-Steffi made new battle background for Lanturn Lighthouse

-updated learnsets for Pokemon added to SwSh in the Crown Tundra DLC

-added an NPC to the Pokemon Research Institute that sells Pokemon-specific stat raising items (ex: Light Ball, Lucky Punch)

-added a monument to Groniack in the House of Gratitude for being very helpful with script fixes for battle errors

-changed the Impidimp and Hatenna lines' gender ratios to 50/50 because Rania's Galar Arena team has an Impidimp named after Marnie

-Darius's battle theme in the Battle Tower is now the Sea Star battle theme (he's a Sea Star, but I forgot to give him the Sea Star battle theme originally)

-the debug explanation when speaking to the trees in Pokemon Centers now happens only once, instead of the player needing to listen to the explanation from each one in each Pokemon Center

-Aurora's Abomasnow is now set to have Snow Warning

-the dentist's G-Rapidash is now set to have Pastel Veil



-fixed freezing issue when speaking to Ashley and Dylan before their gym battles when interacting with them from the right side

-Morgrem now evolves into Grimmsnarl at level 42 as intended instead of 52

-Belch and Flower Shield now have the correct move effects

-Throat Chop's in-battle messages now line up with when the move was used, and the Pokemon's name now displays instead of {1}

-V-create no longer damages the user's ally in double battles

-Psychic Fangs now breaks through barriers and is classed as a biting move

-in double battles, Diamond Storm now targets both opponents instead of only one

-updated leftover dialogue where after the battle with Galar Lass Ayumu, she said "Maybe we'll see each other back in Alola sometime!" instead of Galar

-fixed typo with a trash can in a house in Party City said to have an empty "back of batteries" instead of pack of batteries

-the move tutor in the third EV Training Center now has one option for Close Combat instead of two, and the tmsandtutorslocationlist notepad file now lists Heat Crash once for him instead of twice

-can no longer walk through a black space tile in the starting room in Virima Hotel



It was hard to choose just a few screenshots to show of the new revamped areas. There were a lot I considered, but I didn't want to overload the post with screenshots both so that players can have areas to see for themselves and in case trying to load too many images would cause anyone's computers to lag. That's also why only the shiny Gothitelle was posted when I usually showcase the whole line. The shiny goths are blue and gold, starting out bright with Gothita and getting darker when they evolve! 


In addition to all of the new revamped maps, Enigma made a few that are completely new! Classic Park Sea Bed is a diving area at the Ocean section of Classic Park, where the player can find Kabuto and Tirtouga. Ryoko's Castle is Draga's new gym, in which the player has to answer riddles about Dragon-type Pokemon to proceed. Roundabout Rapids is an area between Inoset Island and Liliech City featuring a maze of water currents. The Virtual Battlefield is an area of Cyberspace made for the postgame quest where the player battles simulations of the retired Gym Leaders.


I also added something of my own to one of the revamped maps: I thought about how after you battle Team Aqua or Magma at Mt. Chimney in Hoenn, new trainers will be there if you revisit it, and decided to do that with Norall Mountain after the Pandora battle. There's a new cutscene going back down the mountain where Team Portal offers to take you back to Norall for the players who don't want to be stuck battling trainers on the way back if their teams wouldn't be in the condition for it, since you couldn't access a Pokemon Center until you got back to the city. This cutscene is missable if you Fly back to Norall immediately instead of descending the mountain.


I hope I remembered everything I was going to say. I thought I'd have too much to say that could fit into one post, so I tried to condense it. EDIT: There actually was something I forgot to say: before updating, make sure to save in a Pokemon Center or in a map that hasn't been updated this reupload! 


Happy New Year! 🎉 🎊 🎇 I hope you all have an amazing 2021! Thanks to everyone who's helped with Spork and who enjoys the game! There's still a lot planned for the future!

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  • Global Mods

Reuploaded Spork again:


-added revamped Norall City houses

-fixed freeze when approaching the sliding ice at the snowy section of Weather Wonderland

-can no longer walk through the Cyberspace panorama graphic

-the underwater panorama is no longer visible behind the player in the guest rooms at the Underwater Hotel

-Skating Rink candy cane pillar priority fix

-can no longer walk through the sides of the elevator at Silk Studio and two of the wall tiles at Wendy's arena


Sorry about those errors, a couple of them didn't occur in testing and a few of them were oversights on my part, but I'm glad they were discovered and fixed early. Thanks to Vince, Enigma, and Steffi for help in finding and fixing them!

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  • Global Mods

Reuploaded Spork again for recently discovered bugs:


-corrected numbering of Missingno's Flying and Poison battle sprites, they were switched around

-can no longer walk on the counters at the Underwater Hotel marketplace

-fixed passability errors where you could walk into a tile of several of the trees (as well as a lamp) in Liliech City, Wendy's arena at Silk Studio, Technicolor Forest, Tower of Heracross, Lovely Lake, and Secret Playground

-fixed directional passability of the ladder leading to Mable's treehouse and a few of the objects at the Secret Playground where you're supposed to be able to walk in some directions on them but not all

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  • Global Mods

Reuploaded again for recently discovered errors



-added the custom border and UI that Enigma made


Spork Updates:

-added the custom border and UI that Enigma made

-for the Buzzwole event at the Tower of Heracross, Arnalda now acknowledges/has updated dialogue if the player is Champion (previously the dialogue always acted as if the player was meeting Arnalda for the first time)

-for a line of dialogue when speaking to Alumia for the Iron Plate/simulations quest, "I know you've battled ICSW and Meda", this line is now different depending on whether the player has battled ICSW or not, since that battle is optional

-automatic healing after encounters in Shiny Scouting so players don't have to backtrack between Shiny Scouting and the Pokemon Center


Spork Bug Fixes:

-fixing the panorama passability with Cyberspace caused the game to be frozen when the player entered the Virtual Battlefield; this has been fixed by giving the Virtual Battlefield its own tileset

-the Glaceon for the Regice quest is now at the revamped Norall Mountain; I forgot to copy/paste it there from the old map originally which made the Regice quest (and by extension, Entei and Regigigas's quests) uncompleteable unless you chose Eevee for the Eeveelution zodiac

-the Cufant at Lanturn Lighthouse are now level 5 as intended instead of level 65


Here's the screen border and UI that Enigma made recently!




I think the colors go well together, and I really like the ribbon in the top left corner! The gingham pattern also reminds me of a picnic basket, which fits well with the food themes in Spork. Thanks to Enigma for making it! 


The screen border can be activated in Options -> Screen Border. Previously the screen border and UI were default Essentials.

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  • Global Mods



Reuploaded Spork



-shiny ice cream sand witch Hatenna line by Haku/MegaLiontamer

-Kelani's Mawile -> G-Rapidash (nickname Starlight) at Enigma's request

-since one of the NPCs I put in the revamped Liliech City gave a Rose Incense, there's now one of each incense given by NPCs or on the overworld at various places in the game



-added missing Marble to the revamped Tullborn Harbor

-updated information in the marblelocations and hideandseeklocations notepad files for Carol's gym where the info was from before it was changed to the Candy Land layout 


I was pinged in the Reborn server when MegaLiontamer/Haku posted sprites of a shiny Hatenna ice cream line, and I liked them so much I asked if I could use them in Spork! I thought they'd fit in perfectly, and Haku allowed me to use them. Thanks to MegaLiontamer/Haku for making them!


The next reupload (as of the last one) was going to include gigantamegas and a few other things too, but I thought it was important to reupload again as soon as possible for the missing Marble. When gigantamegas are added, my team will have the mega ice cream sand witch! 

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  • Global Mods





Reuploaded Spork and DDDL



-moves that had their power, accuracy, or PP changed from Gen 5 -> Gen 6 have now received those updates



-added a new planet: Planet Puzzle

-gigantamegas have been added

-Angela's Mega Pidgeot -> Mega Butterfree (nickname Amazonite)

-ICSW's Mega Diancie -> shiny Mega Hatterene (nickname ICSW)

-Chelsea's Lapras, Tomas's Toxtricity, and Carol's Alcremie are now mega in their postgame rematches

-Angela now gives the Butterfreenite after the gym battle (Pidgeotite is now found in the overworld at Angela's Aviary)

-after you've unlocked Kayla's postgame rematch, there's now an additional option for a 6v6 Pokemon battle where she doesn't participate as a Pokemon herself; her other Pokemon is a Leafeon (nickname Fukua)

-added a Couragi hint system for the riddles in Ryoko's Castle

-there are now NPCs who can change the forms of Burmy, Shellos, and Deerling, since those Pokemon can normally only be found in one form unless you chose them as a starter and selected their form from there (Burmy changer is at Virima Hotel, Shellos changer is at Bolaii Beach, and Deerling changer is at Forest of Feeling)

-all Pokemon now have the highest catch rate of 255

-several characters now have custom Key Stone items like in XY and ORAS (full list further down the post)

-added a note to the debug-enabling trees in Pokemon Centers to close the game by x-ing out of the game window instead of soft resetting with an f key if you're in debug, since soft resetting while in debug will cause an error the next time the game is loaded up

-added a vitamin seller to the Vitamin Factory, as well as an ingredient-mixing NPC that can give the X2, X3, and X6 variations of the X items

-the rainbow ice at the Skating Rink now has the properties of sliding ice as Enigma intended

-Rapid Spin now also raises the user's Speed like in Gen 8

-moves that had their power, accuracy, or PP changed from Gen 5 -> Gen 6 have now received those updates

-added a sign outside the Name Rater's house in Cianosa City

-removed Sky Drop and Copycat from the game's data entirely. While previously they had been deleted from Pokemon learnsets due to infinite loop errors when using the moves, it was still possible for Metronome to call them



-Emily no longer reappears in the starting room at Virima Hotel if you enter the room with the Run option set to hold or set Run to hold while in the room and perform any action

-using a healing machine after getting the second badge no longer causes the second gym battle or story progress from the 7th-8th gym to reset

-all Pokemon should now have the correct EXP growth rates

-the Totodile line can now learn Dragon Dance as a tutor move

-Mystical Fire now lowers the target's Special Attack

-the end of the scene with the Pandora battle at Silk Studio no longer shows Pandora walking back into the elevator

-fixed typo in the tmandtutorlocationlist notepad file where District was spelled "Distruct"


On Planet Puzzle, you'll participate in a game show with eight puzzle rooms, switching between each member of Smoothie! You can visit Planet Puzzle after getting Regigigas and having visited Planet Amity at least once. I had a lot of fun making this area! This is also where you'll be able to obtain Regieleki and Regidrago when the Gen 8 DLC Pokemon are ready to be added (which will be when Rejuvenation adds the data for them in V13.5). Thanks to Steffi for Planet Puzzle's battle background, and Palletite for the player character simulation nickname themes (and also help with some of the custom Key Stone names for characters)!


Since several people were having a hard time with the riddles at Draga's gym (especially the Dragapult one), I added a Couragi hint system, where if you answer a riddle incorrectly, Couragi will appear and ask if you want a hint. I'm not yet sure if the hints are the final safety net, it depends on how helpful the hints end up being for people. Another option I considered was a guide, but that would maybe be included in a long-term goal I have of adding a walkthrough file for the main story to the game folder, which would happen late this year at earliest. Enigma also asked if the Dragapult riddle should be updated or replaced, which is something I'm open to. 


List of custom Key Stone items: Gina = Mega Mirror, Chelsea = Mega Microphone, Lee = Mega Bracelet, Draga = Mega Cube, Tomas = Mega Mask, Carol = Mega Whisk, Mulder = Mega Belt, Angela = Mega Lapis, DJ Ultra Beats = Mega Headphones, Triston = Mega Stickpin, Seamus = Mega Clover, Peach = Mega Pin, Agne = Mega Meteorite, Pandora = Mega Shades, ICSW = Mega Spork, Guardian = Mega Key, Meda = Mega Stethoscope, Dentist = Mega Drill

Emily and Crolea keep the Mega Ring since they get it the same time the player does. I think Ring already fits Alumia, and I don't imagine Rania or Brutus would care much about customizing theirs. Arnalda got the Mega Ring from Kalos before coming to Ceolis. and Delicia and Ceolis's megas already appear in their mega form when they're sent out. 


I feel like my scripting and mapping ability leveled 🆙 slightly this reupload! 


Something that isn't in this reupload that I still wanted to show is the Ceolis region map that Enigma made! Enigma said that the map would need to be remade due to alignment issues, but here's what it'll look like! I really like how each area is noticeable from the background details!



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  • Global Mods




-updated move descriptions for Captivate and Attract to account for them not only working on the opposite gender



-moved the incense vendor from Virima City to the daycare at Legend Dairy, with a feather vendor now at Virima City

-Steffi made Soup or Potion item icon

-added text to fridges, sinks, cabinets, and drawers in houses up to Liliech City

-gigantamega stones now have item icons

-the hide and seek location at the Skating Rink is now at a pillar accessible while sliding

-there were more vendors at the Sea Star Society where you needed more than the number of Heart Scales asked for which meant having the exact amount didn't work, all have been fixed

-updated move descriptions for Captivate and Attract to account for them not only working on the opposite gender

-changed dialogue of the fisherman who gives the Good Rod, since his previous dialogue assumed the player had the Old Rod 

-for the home selection options, fixed inconsistency where Circhester/Galar was the only option that didn't have the region name after the city/town 

-cocoon Pokemon now learn Harden at the level they evolve from their first stage




This is mainly a bug fixing reupload that was done at this time to fix an issue reported yesterday that prevented completion of the hide and seek quest, and by extension the Eternatus quest as well. 


The reason the incense vendor was moved to the day care is that incenses are very expensive for the beginning of the game, and the day care might be the most convenient place to have them be sold at since a few Pokemon need to have an incense in order to have an egg of their first stage. A feather vendor now takes the incense vendor's place at Virima City because I realized the feather items weren't available anywhere in the game. 



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  • Global Mods




-when characters sing, there's now a music note icon at the end of their singing lines instead of a tilde



-each Eeveelution now has a custom move (thanks to Cynesthesia for the move ideas, and to Cervys for helping to script the Espeon move!)

-Shiny, Dawn, Dusk, and Ice Stones can now be found while mining (thanks to Cass for the mining scripts and graphics!) 

-the EV Training Center rooms now also have EV Trainers with teams of 6 you can battle if you're looking for faster EV gain than individual wild encounters

-Steffi made shiny Mega Alakazam backsprite (I didn't realize it was missing until last year, and kept procrastinating because I couldn't remember which pattern in Paint I used to make the rest of the line) 

-added some trainers and items to Roundabout Rapids

-added Shell Bell as a Battle Frontier prize since I realized it wasn't available there or anywhere else ingame (one of the items added to Roundabout Rapids is also a Shell Bell)

-re-added the move Infestation as well as the TM for it since I was able to fix the error message that popped up when it was used

-changed the way Deerling and Sawsbuck's forms work. Instead of being dependent on the season, they're now randomly generated like Unown and Flabebe

-when characters sing, there's now a music note icon at the end of their singing lines instead of a tilde

-The Department Store floor that sells Poke Balls now also has an NPC that can change the type of Poke Ball your Pokemon is in 

-Victory Road waterfalls are now like the other waterfalls in the game where you just need the HM and not a Pokemon in your party that knows the move

-the tourist trainer who appears at both the Virima Hotel and Underwater Hotel now only appears at the latter after you've battled him and gotten the Marble from his computer at the former

-syntax: all uses of Gym, Badge, League, Trial Captain, Island Kahuna, and the word mega in reference to Mega Evolution have been capitalized like in the official games 



-doing the postgame rematch with Ashley or Dylan a second time while you're still in the room after having done the rematch once no longer causes them to walk into a wall (also fixed direction facing when speaking to them from the sides)

-when viewing a Pokemon species in the Pokedex, the Fairy-type icon now displays for Fairy-type Pokemon

-corrected the color of the top half of the Lure Ball in the Pictures folder; previously it was green when it's supposed to be blue

-in the tmandtutorlocationlist notepad file, the Volt Switch TM's description has been updated to refer to Team Palms; previously it still mentioned the club's older name

-fixed inconsistency where Milcery's Pokedex entry was "Magical girl" with the g in girl lowercase while Alcremie's was "Magical Girl" capitalized

-added Adventurer Cradily, Dreamer Musharna, and Musical Corsola to the Pokemon League Pokemon Center since I realized they were missing from there
-corrected the base stats and EV yield of some Gen 8 Pokemon that had incorrect stats listed for them

-corrected the steps for eggs to hatch for all Gen 8 Pokemon (they were a little higher than they were supposed to be)

-a few Pokemon had incorrect base EXP yields, those have been corrected

-adjusted battler altitude for Pokemon whose battlefield positioning/placement needed adjusting


The Eeveelution moves are as follows:

Vaporeon has Vaporeonwave, a 90 power move that lowers the target's Speed one stage

Jolteon has Spiky Surge, which does damage based on the user's Speed vs the target's Defense

Flareon has Volcano Tackle, which is a physical Lava Plume

Espeon has Psyswitch, which is a damage-dealing move that switches out the user after like Volt Switch, and the Pokemon Espeon switches into also gains Espeon's stat changes like Baton Pass

Umbreon has Shadow Slam, which is a Dark-type Body Press

Leafeon has Life Blade, which is Leaf Blade as a draining move

Glaceon has Aurora Hail, which sets up Aurora Veil without the need for Hail 

Sylveon still has Pix (now not just exclusive to ICSW's), but the conditions were changed from Tri Attack's to sleep, infatuation, and confusion. This was the original intended effect but I didn't have the scripting skills to make it that way when I first added it during 2017 development

These moves are learned at level 50. 


The reason for the change in Deerling and Sawsbuck's forms is that when playtesting during this reupload, I noticed Deerling and Sawsbuck couldn't change forms at all, even with debug. I did research and learned that their forms are tied to IRL months. This also meant that if you chose Deerling as a starter, it would always be in whichever form matches the current month regardless of which form you selected when choosing it. I made the forms randomly generated so that if players have a favorite Deerling and Sawsbuck form, they can get them during any season. 


I make lists in advance of what to do for each reupload, and this one is a lot different than what was originally intended. Me and a few other members of the Spork team had a lot of IRL situations in April. I thought I wouldn't be able to do anything super major and time-consuming for a while, so I shifted focus to smaller odds and ends. But I think I'll be able to move forward with some of 2021's major plans soon! Some of them I can't do until Rejuv V13.5 when we have Gen 8 DLC assets, but there are others that won't require them. 

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  • Global Mods







-added better day and night screen tones script by VanillaSunshine

-syntax: candy shop -> Sweets Shop 


Spork Updates

-custom shiny Finneon and Lumineon sprites made by Palletite and Steffi

-separated starter selection into rooms for each Pokemon generation

-added better day and night screen tones script by VanillaSunshine (found by Enigma) 

-syntax: candy shop -> Sweets Shop, Herb Shop and Berry Shop are now capitalized when mentioned by NPCs, Dentist's Office is capitalized


Spork Bug Fixes

-Farfetch'd, Teddiursa, Wailmer, Skorupi, and Yamask are available as starters again (they got lost last year when I separated starter selection into two maps, and I didn't realize until a couple days ago)

-can no longer hop up a part of the ledge at the Cave of Resolve

-for Pokemon caught with a Lure Ball, the top half of the Lure Ball icon on their summary screen is now the correct blue instead of green (last reupload I fixed the colors for when the player is throwing a Lure Ball, but didn't realize the summary screen icon for Lure Balls was like that too)

-Aron no longer faces backwards in starter selection


This is an early reupload. When I was playtesting the starter rooms and learned there were five missing starters I thought it was best to reupload as soon as I was able. Last year I separated starter selection into two connected maps to reduce lag, and I think it helped but didn't erase it completely. I still noticed it taking longer to walk, and at the area where the maps are connected, there would be a couple seconds of inactivity before the player resumed walking. 


Someone requested me to separate the starter room by generation last year, and at the time I responded that it was something I considered before but didn't know how to address a few factors, like if Litwick would follow the player into each room, and I also felt having all of them in one room fit better with the dream context. But I think I was overthinking it back then. There's also Joiplay and future gens to consider. I think helping reduce lag would be especially important for people playing on Joiplay. And for Gen 9 and beyond, with the old layout I'd have to keep making updates to the starter selection to ensure the least amount of lag. With each gen having its own room, I don't have to worry about planning around having too many events on one map. 


Alolan and Galarian forms are in the Alola and Galar sections respectively, since they function as different species in Spork. 


The shiny Finneon and Lumineon are based on the Gen 4 beta sprites for them that were leaked a few months ago! I really liked the Lumineon's colors and immediately considered it as a shiny idea when I saw it. I'm amazed at how the sprites Palletite and Steffi made turned out!


Something else I wanted to show in the post that's for a future reupload is a screenshot of the revamped Ocean Coast Enigma's been working on!



This is the shoreline. While before you entered Ocean Coast going west from the Sea of Knowledge, now you go north. Ocean Coast's layout and connections to surrounding areas have been updated completely. Although you can't see all of them just from this screenshot, I like how many colors and shades are in the rocks and cliffs for Ocean Coast!


I was originally going to post a screenshot in front of the diving entrance to the Sea Star Society too, but I decided to save that for the reupload when the map set is complete. The next set of new maps will be added to Spork when the revamps reach up to Mt. Comet, since that fits best for map transitions (like having both parts of the Sea of Knowledge) and is Enigma's current vision with this set. 

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