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The Terribly Titled Nuzlocke of Pokemon Rejuvenation: Part 3: Chapter 141 - Shit Happens (22/07/22)


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BANDIT KEITH!? What was he doing at Sheridan Village?!

So do you hate yourself, Sprite Sean or both?

Ummm... Why are you good at that Sean? What do you do with said women? o.O

God is only letting you speak when he deems it necessary.

Chakra? Psh. Everyone knows it's called cattra. (cat-tra)

I made the joke! Right here! Sooo... do I get the money or are you just gonna straight up kill me?

This is prob the most I've laughed during 1 of your chapters. That was a good read.

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Man I feel bad for Aletia and Erin, that looked like it was a terrifying way to die. 

I’m guessing you’ll plot some way to get revenge on Spaceia and Tempia for that.


Living in the world of Pokemon would suck, especially if it’s a fan game. The world is in danger of ending every month and it’s only stopped by some kid.




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good on spacea on restoring your heracross back to you

I'm sure you'll repay her by being slightly less brutal to her then the other one


it was the laser needles in the original series because the budget back then was not ideal for a weekly anime of this calibur and the only thing they had to go off of was the gen1 attack animation

it stayed the laser needles because it was like that in the os so why bother changing it


I dont get how regigigas soundslikes a dying synthesizer when the other 3 where alot more put together

although regigigas sounding funny is the least of the hoopa movies problems


oh boy time bullshittery

I'm sure jan is perfectly capable as a writer and will make something intelligent and not hacky as shit


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On 7/22/2022 at 1:01 AM, DerogatoryTrainer said:

Sadly, this is the Reborn website.

You only get black or grey here.

Gritty and Edgy just like the region itself. 


On 7/22/2022 at 1:01 AM, DerogatoryTrainer said:

Okay...then I'm sending my own good vibes your way to mock the lack of good ones you have yourself?

Aww that's nice, you do care!


On 7/22/2022 at 1:01 AM, DerogatoryTrainer said:

Well yeah but most superpowers aren't very useful unless you have a durability or speed increase that'd let you render bullets or maniac women with swords useless.

That thing was a fucking pain in the ass and Aelita is lucky that she wasn't in control or I might have removed her from the best girl list.

You could be like Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne with the superpower of lots of money, to make yourself a suit immune to that nonsense.

God those Golems had Contrary and I think Rift Aelita has an ability where every time she takes damage, her attack goes up. V13 with those damn shields makes it worse. 

Your best girl list is pretty thin, I think nothing short of killing Rose would get you to remove her from it.


On 7/22/2022 at 1:01 AM, DerogatoryTrainer said:

They slipped up by not having "Has to wear a Bowser costume every day" in his contract.

Sounds like dogshit to me. Like the two names don't really go together at all.

If I was a mad wacky adventure having scientist I'd call myself Sean Science and teach kids how to make meth.


Should make an intern wear Princess Peach dress and make him chase them around to really get that immersion.

More fun than sticking the kids in the bag at least.


On 7/22/2022 at 1:01 AM, DerogatoryTrainer said:

It's a quirk all main characters have. Melia and I are the main characters of the game so naturally we get super speshul nicknaming priviledges.

And I know it sounds nuts that I just admitted she's a main character but at this point denying it would be stupid.

I will try seduction as well. She can't be mad about my tyranny if I seduced her, right?


Wow, events must have really beat you down to make you admit that.

She says she loves you like a brother and the sheer emotional damage makes you crumble, thus ending your reign before it even begins.


On 7/22/2022 at 1:01 AM, DerogatoryTrainer said:

A y-year!? How many bills do you have!?

If I won 2-5 million that'd be it.

I wouldn't have to work another day for the MAN for rest of my life! Just buy a nice house, buy a nice wife, have 3-4 kids, murder the wife so I won't lose anything to divorce and live happily ever after!

Gas, electricity, Water, stuff on the house, stuff on the car. All kinds of fun stuff.

Gotta make sure the nothing can connect you to the murder, hard to have happily ever after in a the slammer.


On 7/22/2022 at 1:01 AM, DerogatoryTrainer said:

I was VERY happy when I found out that Reborn V19 has the Protect TM relatively early on. I made GOOD use of that, I can tell you now.

But I don't get nice things when I NEED them! I AM LEVEL 75 AND STORES STILL DON'T HAVE EVEN MAX POTIONS!

(It's 117 hours of gameplay time for me up until the end of V12 but probably thousands spent on this Nuzlocke)

A free turn to plan can make all the difference. I gotta say that sounds surprisingly generous for Reborn, wouldn't expect a TM like that to like until like Post-game.

That sounds about right, I imagine the editing for some of the longer chapters can stretch into days.


On 7/22/2022 at 1:01 AM, DerogatoryTrainer said:

eh good one.

Yeah they keep it running but they don't actually DO anything until way later in the game (although come the fuck on, Jan. I don't need their "Training" and I'm insulted by the very notion)

She intentionally didn't want her self-insert to do anything, I think? Something about it taking away from the player?


I see you've forgotten my joke about this during the backtracking filler arc. Which is understandable. it was a while ago.

All of my Nuzlockes are part of the TTCU. The Terribly-Titled Cinematic Universe.

As of now, Reborn, Rejuvenation are the only definitely canon entries. Snakewood is more of a What If? And Rising Ruby is...something?

I don't know. I don't actually watch any Marvel stuff to get this 100% accurate.


The training thing, best I can think of is that Jan and Co were going into it thinking a lot people playing were going in after not playing the game for awhile and were rusty. Even then, I feel like there should be some kind of option to opt out. 


Ame not wanting her self-insert to do anything is fair, but I gotta take points off for the other characters stealing the spotlight. Radomus for a more infamous example.


Well apparently now there is a Marvel Multiverse, different dimensions and stuff so you're honestly more accurate than you think.


On 7/22/2022 at 1:01 AM, DerogatoryTrainer said:

once named a Pokemon Silver team after the Teen Titans when I was nine but that's about it until Nuzlockes.

Very true. That was one of Reborns main selling points (aside from it's..."maturity" compared to other Pokemon games)

Rejuvenation's main selling point is probably the characters and the bonkers story. Like Reborn is good and all but I don't really LIKE as many of the characters. The Battles in both are decent enough though. Still my favourite Pokemon games even if they make me want to scream.


Reborn's field effects, I feel like you'll never use even half of that stuff but I do like the options (when it's not being used against me at least).

I have many issues with Rejuv's story, but I can't deny I have fun with it. Half the fun is just seeing what they can do with little Pokemon Sprites.


On 7/22/2022 at 1:01 AM, DerogatoryTrainer said:

Honestly with how degenerate a lot of Pokemon fans are, it's a refreshing surprise that these fangames don't have any porn. Especially Rejuvenation with it's platoons worth of "waifus".

I reckon the characters not being in 3d helps. Most of the game is just sprites, and the official portraits only pop up every once in a blue moon.


On 7/22/2022 at 1:01 AM, DerogatoryTrainer said:

There was something about Nagini being a sexy asian snake woman this whole time, right?

Making Neville a murderer, I guess.


To be fair, it seems like Nagini seems to have been nothing more than vicious attack Python by the time of the books. More like a mercy killing on Neville's party really.


On 7/22/2022 at 1:01 AM, DerogatoryTrainer said:

God that game will only be a clusterfuck. I guarantee it.

For instance: I heard that Pawmi (9th gen's Pika Clone) will have a move that lets it revive a fainted Pokemon.

If that is usable for Nuzlockes even only one time...jesus...


That's potentially game breaking, I gotta imagine there's some kind of major drawback.

Could make it a once per battle sort of thing for Nuzlocke, maybe?


On 7/22/2022 at 1:01 AM, DerogatoryTrainer said:

I hope so too.

I really hope for someone to make a new franchise that's actually good at some point but the odds of that are incredibly low in this day and age.


Honestly I'd just prefer single standalone movies. Every other attempt to make a franchise in recent years outside of Marvel has met with disaster.


On 7/22/2022 at 1:01 AM, DerogatoryTrainer said:

I can easily see that. Her hair already has that mussed up look so it wouldn't be any different.

Makes me jealous. When I wake up I look like Kramer from Seinfeld.

Probably yes. I'd say the character amount is worse though. Like are Alice and Allen REALLY necessary?

The based and redpilled options right there. I'm going to aim for the harem ending in the post-game. I think I can make it work. The only ones that will be spared will be Melia, Venam and Lavender. Melia & Venam's exclusion should be obvious and Lavender is excluded because I wouldn't do that to my boy, Huey.

Emotional Baggage: The Region. Maybe I should just find a nice NPC to settle down with instead...

The only one I know for sure is high in Rejuvenation is Melia due to that whole "I trust Sean with my life, he's the best" thing she tells Erin in the Blakeory Anatheum.


Don't know how I feel about that, tbh.


Hard part for me in the morning, is taming this dang beard. 

Harem ending, shooting for the stars there aren't you? God luck keeping all those women from fighting each other and/or you.

In Reborn you probably should just find (or create) a nice NPC. 

You save her life time and time again, Melia had better trust you with her life. 


On 7/22/2022 at 1:01 AM, DerogatoryTrainer said:

Yeah, like holy shit would controlling metal be a great power. Regular Telekinesis still has it beat due to versatility though.

It's what I assume Tops are called.

There you go. Enjoy that bad gay joke.

True, getting hard countered by plastic would be pretty embarrassing.

Thanks, I'll put it with all the other bad jokes from this run.


On 7/22/2022 at 1:01 AM, DerogatoryTrainer said:

I'd have to put a chapter up every three days and that would...probably BE possible but yes, I would have died.

It was a mistake in that I started Rejuvenation and enjoyed that a LOT more.

The editing in ORAS wasn't too bad but it was really boring to write for in comparison.

Hopefully after Part 3 I'll have a few Nuzlockes completed for uploading.

But then people will want Part 4 and the Reborn Reboot and these other runs will be left by the wayside once again.

Here lies Sean (Insert Last name here), murdered by writing about fictional girls and creatured.

Rebooting Reborn, so would it be just another alt universe thing from the old run, or just flat starting over? 


On 7/22/2022 at 1:01 AM, DerogatoryTrainer said:

I would too. The audience would lose their minds they'd seethe so hard.

Ash being a retard after Sinnoh being one of them. Along with being beaten in the finals by an even BIGGER retard who thought the Unova League was in Ecruteak City.

That always confused me. Like an earthquake happened and you can't EVER depict one in a cartoon? It's weird.

My main desire for Iris to win it all would be that I'd get SO many images of Haxorus I could use. The lesser desires is that's she's cute and I enjoyed her Champion Battle the most.

The fuck was Alain even doing there? He's not a champion, he just barely beat Ash in Kalos.


They honestly couldn't seethe harder than the aftermath of the Kalos League. The salt was unbelievable, even compared to the Tobias battle.

Yeah Unova was where I stopped following regularly, didn't help that I literally started college the day after the last episode of Sinnoh aired.

Japan has really weird censorship laws is all I can say.

Iris put up a good fight, at least and you did get some great Haxorus images. Kinda sucks they brought her back only to lose twice.

The only thing I can think of for Alain is that the writers wanted to show how strong Leon is by him steamrolling a guy that Ash never beat.


On 7/22/2022 at 1:01 AM, DerogatoryTrainer said:

It's probably the same game plan everyone else in this game has.

"Wait for Sean to defeat their Pokemon then SWOOP in to steal credit".



Sounds about right for this game. 


On 7/22/2022 at 1:01 AM, DerogatoryTrainer said:

Another goddess to chain to my throne. That's who she is.


Another part of the harem I assume? How much you wanna bet she's blond?


On 7/22/2022 at 1:01 AM, DerogatoryTrainer said:

True. That would antagonise me into describing what I'm going to do to them after this story ends in graphic detail which would probably get me sent back to the Stone Age.

And the waiting game begins.


If they're anything like the greek gods, they might be into that sadly. 

Then the game unironically turns into Chrono Trigger.


On 7/22/2022 at 1:01 AM, DerogatoryTrainer said:

Nahhh man. Final battle is going to be in the small observatory room above the Gearan City Docks entrance. I'll put money on that.

Are they? I thought it was abandoned for the HQ in the Badlands? Maybe they just use it for storage now because I can't see what other use it would have being so remote.

Oh good.

God its been so long, I had to think about where that was at.

I'd still use it since its so remote. Not like anyone can really get to it, and much of the government is in Team Xen's pockets.


On 7/22/2022 at 1:01 AM, DerogatoryTrainer said:

Settle? I don't "Settle".

I WILL be their king. Just imagine the power I would wield after becoming Champion? None of my Pokemon have to die anymore! I CAN SPAM ALL THE MAX REVIVES I WANT!

Jan will either be executed or turned into the court jester.

Who will then by executed in a hilarious manner.

Say it with me now: UNLIMITED POWER!


On 7/22/2022 at 1:01 AM, DerogatoryTrainer said:

Jan would definitely redeem himself in my eyes if he made us choose between the entire city of GDC or the characters he KNOWS we care about like Aelita, Ana and Mosely.

Like fuuuuuuck. Can you imagine if he did that and it stuck? I'd go so far as to call him "based".

Good god, that would be quite a choice. I feel like it could potentially happen but I'm not confident enough to bet on it.


On 7/22/2022 at 1:01 AM, DerogatoryTrainer said:

It was probably incorrect too. I imagine most anime girls are smooth as silk down there.

He gives as good as he gets.

And how do you know that, might wanna delete your search history.

Caesar has clearly spent way too much time around you.


On 7/22/2022 at 1:01 AM, DerogatoryTrainer said:

I guess the gym circuit helped with it a bit?
Plus there's loads of Fighting type trainers who want to train in the mountains and Sheridan's the most mountainous town there is.


Mountains are like classic anime training grounds so it makes sense I guess. 


On 7/22/2022 at 1:01 AM, DerogatoryTrainer said:

Anju is pretty decent, yes. It's a tie between her and Vivian for me with Nymiera taking second.

Hazuki is obviously last due to being tainted by Blakeory seed.

I wish the game would acknowledge that stuff more. Melia should be wary around her, Aelita should develop an aversion to Electric types after her torture, Amber should cheer when whales end up beached on the shore etc. etc.

Would make them feel more alive as characters I think.


Who knows maybe Hazuki had the same idea as you and married Thomas to get to his money?

There's so much plot stuff happening that simple character stuff gets left by the wayside, there's not a whole lot of downtime for the characters other than you the PC when you're doing sidequests.


On 7/22/2022 at 1:01 AM, DerogatoryTrainer said:

I'm telling you. It's the Bermuda Triangle of the Pokemon world.

(Weirdly enough, I read somewhere that Jan said it was close to Galar. And the nearest island to Britian is...oh god...)


Aevium being Poke Ireland is hilarious to think about. Seems like this game was the perfect choice to nuzlocke for you, eh?


On 7/22/2022 at 1:01 AM, DerogatoryTrainer said:

We just have those kinds of faces, I guess? Like Melia and Aelita, I get. They're pretty girls with upbeat personalities (most of the time) But me? Some sinister bespectacled fellow hanging around girls ten years younger than him? Not a chance anyone trusts me.

God I hope not.


Maybe she thought you were their bodyguard? You're more grouchy than sinister most times that involve child napping and meglomania.

Just imagine Souta jokingly challenging you to battle for hitting on his woman.


On 7/22/2022 at 1:01 AM, DerogatoryTrainer said:

One of the fuckers on the Nuzlocke Forums pointed out that I would be the Tuxedo Mask of the new generation and I can't help but agree that there are a LOT of parallels between us.

Yeah. They really fucking dropped the ball by telling us to leave and let "them sort this out".

Sprite Sean is also to blame for this since he KNOWS what happens to Anju yet does nothing to stop it.


Honestly its not a bad comparison. The old anime kinda underated the guy, he apparently kicked ass in the manga. 

At this point the PC not saying anything to them about what happens kinda makes you look like a asshole. I get that doing that would probably throw the whole plot off the rails and make more work for the writers, but still. 


At least give Anju a hint to watch out or anything. 


On 7/22/2022 at 1:01 AM, DerogatoryTrainer said:


Winter is both easier to upload due to the darkness and the room not getting overheated from the three lamps I have on for lighting.

Doesn't help that one of those lamps is nearly older than I am. It's like the one piece of furniture from our first house that survived all these years.



A good lamp is like a family heirloom really. Who knows maybe its the key to some kind of ancient prophecy in your family?



Chapter 141 Comments:


Meddlin' Melia ruins everything, which can sum up this whole arc in a nutshell. Like it wouldn't be so bad if Sprite Sean had provided the important context. I'm starting to think that you're the good side and the sprite just wants the so the world burn.


Heracross Poop Stink Bomb. . . are we sure Cella and Vivian are friends? I guess they had to get the time amulet out of Aelita's hands somehow. Carnage almost being erased from existence was pretty funny I gotta say. Love a good Back to the Future Reference.


Also I sure hope Melia wore gloves, though at least the game didn't make you pick it up which is a nice change of pace.


The whole self sacrifice spell, I'm sure something would have gone wrong, but I kinda wish their was a route where the PC had kept the info to himself and ended up agreeing to secretly help Vivian or something. 


Honestly you should be used to characters not actually stopping people from running way. Though if Vivian is anything like Aelita, she probably would have folded you with mystic martial art nonsense, so that's probably for the best.




So maybe there's some other bitch pulling Kanon's strings? Someone we haven't met yet?





God I hope not, there's already enough antagonists as it is in this game. We don't need a 5th or 6th party involved.


I gotta admit that Vivian summoning Regirock scene was pretty cool to look at. Also those Regi sound effects never get old, poor Regiggas sounds like he needs a major software update.


On Galarian forms, Gamefreak has always been kinda bad with the distribution of these gimmicks, friendly reminder that non of the Kalos starters got Mega evos in XY, but freaking Charizard got 2. And no I don't count Ash-Greninja because that didn't even come out till the next generation.





I'm honestly surprised you Ren even has stars, I figured you would have ripped them off after him joining Xen.


Vivian just randomly shanking you is hilarious. Stabbing in the heart without a care for your feelings, women right?


That battle was pretty hairy at a few moments there. Rhyperior surviving that first Giga Drain was probably due to Solid Rock plus that Sandstorm Special defense buff. 


Also yeah you definitely gotta update that moveset for Zolt, I could have sworn it knew Discharge but I guess not.


I clenched when that Bruxish almost killed Caesar, be a hell of a bad time to lose a mon considering what comes next.


Dr. Zauis Mind Crushing Mega-Zam was probably the best part. I'd say keep Nasty Plot, his Special Defense is already pretty good, plus it's probably one of your best running gags to be honest. 


And now the timeline collapses. I gotta say what happened to Aelita looked pretty dire, I forgot she just straight up disentegrated. Maybe Thanos did something to her.


Also yep this is all Melia's fault, plus Cella and more than a little bit of In game Sean. I guess you could say its time to go . . . Back to the Future?


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The poop thing is a bit funny, though the v13 version is at least slightly more sensible, i.e catching a heracross (which I think is shiny of course because Melia) and getting it to stomp all over Vivian's garden (and because of the update, after you deal with that time travel stuff you can change the future by cutting a cherry tree sapling. Changes route 2 to be less cherry blossom. Just a neat little thing.).


Still I wonder how this version of events go down, since it's a different update and all. It'll be interesting that's for sure. And take all the time you need! No need to force yourself.

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