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[Misc: Sigs/Commission] Alice's Atelier ~ Signatures and Avatars

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Didn't do any requests today :( But I did a thing instead! Those are supposed to be socks but I can't sprite socks apparently :D

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Basically, this thread is where I post anything I decide to make on a whim, or whatever people request. What I do is basically put images in Paint.NET, magic them together with effects and stuff, and

@CrazySherriff I made this then realised you asked for Ninetales and Arcanine and there wasn't enough room, so I hope it's okay

@Sinikuro013 r8 out of 8 m9

Posted Images

can you make me one with neko-san hans from rokka no yuusha?


keep the colors black/white and mix in some gore, if that isnt asking too much.

you can add any caption you like be it my forum username or the character's name. or you can keep it nice and clean if you think that looks better.

thanks in advance.

edit: pls make it as wide and less tall as possible (150~200 x 500~600).

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Well I'm glad I stumbled on this awesome topic. I'm not sure which picture of him I'd want, but I'd love something of Sho Minamimoto (either form) from The World Ends with You, with my favourite quote of his: 'Any tree can drop an apple. I'll drop the freaking moon!'

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So...First... your stuff is freaking awesome lol. I really really love it, and so I'mma be maybe a tad selfish here and request two things. An Avatar and a signature.

So... if people know what Overlord is... people would know I'm more than a tad obsessed with the anime adaption of it, ((to the point I sought out Light Novels [Well a translation of them XD] and am planning on reading those.)), and I randomly just found a character I can't get enough of for some reason lol I just... uuuuugh she's just awesome. I don't even know why I like the character so much considering she's sorta... something I don't usually like. Anyway, enough babbling.

I'd like to use this one as my Avvie seems more fitting etc... well if I had the talent to make it work nicely XD. Hopefully you can help me there. ((don't need to use all of it either, that's be a little insane.))


and probably the strangest part here... my current avvie I'd actually like you to turn into a siggy. I think it's just better for that than really... most of the stuff I can find of her out there. I can't really think of any text for it though other that she's off-hand known as "The Devil of Pure White". ((here name even comes from an old Latin word meaning "whiteness", I think it's a term actually used in astrology nowadays weirdly enough... anyway... that's besides the point.))


Anyway, other than that not going to give you any instructions, I'm completely butt at this sorta thing and think it's a dumb Idea to give you anything too restrictive. I'm no dummy... well I'm a dummy when it comes to what you do, but not when it comes to knowing when I'm too much of a dummy and should just shut up and let the artist work their magic lol. Anyway, I look forward to all your work in the future... its... so... nice to look at etc... It's so great lol.

Sorry for doing two at once though lol. Hope that not overstepping. ((also sorry the images are a big big as well... XD. Anyway, have fun and thanks ahead of time. Keep up the good work you are doing here I really love your stuff. ((Typically long winded Hukuna is long winded... guess it's a hell of a way to say hello and get your introduced to the RP Sensei's antics though...))

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