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“The sky looks really blue” thinking of such obvious thing, I finally managed to drag my head away from the window, the soft noise of ongoing train on its rail still in my ear. It probably have been around two hour since I board this train from my home region

“Ya new or sumthin’ kid?” the man that sit beside me said, looking at me while doing so “calm ya sel’ kid, d’is far from amazin’” now that I’ve look closely, this man seems to be around his twenty, with a tan skin, half-closed eyes and the huge pack that’s the form of his bag. “A Hiker” I think of the obvious answer of the way he dressed before I reply “Really? I never leave Johto before, so this is quite new for me”

That answer seems to give the Hiker a good laugh “I see, I see” doing some nodding, he then raise his hand and give me quite a HARD. “Then ya didn’ choose a wron’ one kid! Reborn’s one of de best Region!” flinching a bit at the powerful hit of the Hiker, I tried my best to remain civil and nod at his statement “of course, this is one of the Region that have every Pokemon known, even rare Pokemon that is said to never appear together could be found on this land”

The Hiker’s smile become even brighter “Ya right on dat one kid! In fac’, I hav’ sumthing ta show ya!” the big man then start to rummage his bag, which is really messy from the sound of colliding items “Look at dis!” the man then take out a piece of paper, which almost looks useless.

Almost is the key word

Wonder plaster itself on my face, as what I just see on the piece of paper this man have show me. I quickly snatch the paper to look at it. The paper is nothing but a picture, a picture that shown a small pink being, a small pink being that is known as the one which create what Pokemon is. A picture that shown a Pink Pokemon known as Mew, in a city that is filled with tree

“I managed to get a quick snatch of that Pokemon” the man said, this time grinning wide “And which I don’t know where it is now, it is there” this time, he point toward the region ahead of us, the region that I will travel, the region known as Reborn

This will be a long journey, and I know, deep inside my mind

“I won’t regret this”


First off, hey, nice to meet you all, my (user)name is Twin Judge of Gemini, and welcome to this small topic where I post my small story on. Thank you for wasting your time to read this short and new story I managed to rack my brain to write full of grammatical error as well, and I hope whoever reading this can either give me their support and critic for me to make this story better

Moving on, I don't own Pokemon Reborn, Ame own them(I know that everyone know this, but disclaimer is a must), and I thank Dobby for his support. The fact that he is the one that inspire me to write this story is even more, so thank you again Dobby for supporting me and giving me this idea

Also, this story take place around decade before Pokemon Reborn start, so Reborn is not as messed up as it is currently, and it will be lighter than the generally dark story of Reborn(until it goes downhill anyway). Some Gym Leader(sadly) need to be an OC, so forgive me from doing this as this is the only road I can go beside ass pulling myself so hard I make something crazy like Noel being the gym leader before he is born

For whoever that interested, I am in need of someone to correct my grammar(which is like the worst thing you'll probably ever read, brain bleach yourself if you think your eye's scarred), so please PM me

Again, if you were so kind, please give me your review and critic, that will help me out a lot

Thank you,

Twin Judge of Gemini

P.S: this message is almost as long as the fic, great job me :v

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Peridot Ward is probably one of the greenest town that I’ve ever seen, that is the conclusion I have when I set my foot down the train. The breezy wind that blows through me makes me feel accepted, like Reborn’s accepting me into itself

At least, that’s what I thought before I smell smoke

I instantly reach for my belt. Years of traveling have teach me that scent of fire in place that have large amount of tree means either a new Fire Pokemon is released and might destroy the ecosystem of the forest, or someone’s trying to rally the Sudowodo that guard the place.

The thought vanish instantly from my mind when someone dump a large amount of water on top of my head. ‘So it’s her doing’ I instantly think while checking the first Pokeball on my belt, Empty as I suspected. “Come out!” I yell loudly, gathering the attention of large masses that is looking at someone who will probably gone bald if the fire is not ceased “I know you’re there! I will even forgive you if you say that you’re the one that’s doing that” by now, the people that’s watching me probably think I’m crazy, the way they’re starting to disperse say so

So I started the very first day of getting into the new Region, by getting myself almost burned by the mischief of his own Pokemon, who refuse to save my face in front of masses, which probably think that I’m crazy.



My Pokemon finally reveal itself when I reach the Pokemon Center, when people run away when I’m asking for direction, because they think I’m half-psycho who likes to burn myself in front of large masses. The Pokemon I’m talking about probably laugh from the very start and still laughing now, the wrongness of the laugh is something that I’ve got used to, considering that I’m training a Misdreavus

“Hear me now, you little Grimer” I point at her, raising my index finger so fast that I’m sure if I’m in manga there will be word ‘Menacing’ that slowly crept its way on me[1], showing how annoyed I am from that prank. Cheeky little brat must’ve come out from her Pokeball while I’m gawking at the Mew photo and silently use will-o-wisp over my hair when I managed to got out of the train. It’s nothing short of miracle that my hair’s still intact, albeit a bit burnt in the edge. “If you do that again, I’ll ask Vince to not give you those berries he has”

That seems to get the point, as she quickly wave herself back and forth, copying the form of human shaking their head “Now be quiet and don’t you dare make any ruckus if you wanted to stay outside” and with that, I enter the Pokemon Center. Surely getting the nod of understanding from people who are watching me, either that or they think I’m even more psycho than I am in front of the train station

Ghost Pokemon is known for their love on prank, they found joy in the look of surprise over their target’s face, and the laugh that the onlooker seen is a good bonus. Except that Misdreavus is known to take that to the extreme

Misdreavus are Pokemon made from the spirit of a sad woman, either human or Pokemon, who lost their lover before their death and learn the suffering of losing someone that precious to them, usually carrying envy that is large enough that it managed to carry their will and make them into Pokemon.

The only reason why Misdreavus have a male counterpart is another case entirely. Those Misdreavus are either a living being that posses grudge and managed to died while bathing a pendant with their blood, or the soul of a burned Magician. Of course, while these Misdreavus is as ferocious as the very first Misdreavus, the one that’s fueled by Envy is even harder to tame

That is why Misdreavus is known for their prank, their envy toward happy or even indifferent person will make them wanted to do something, just something, to cause their target to either yelp in fear or scream in agony. My case can be count as tame even, thanks for me being her trainer for some times. People that have no knowledge of these stuff is known to either release their Misdreavus, in hope of their cruel prank to stop, or gone insane from the large amount of agony and hate from these Pokemon

That is, for normal people anyway, which I am not

Trying my hardest from laughing like a mad-man in my own glee, I give out a half-grin ‘it’s not really half-grin anyway, probably around 45 percent’ [2]. And with that, I walked inside the Pokemon Center

I seal my fate with my own choice, falling to it like meteor falling to the earth, the earth known as Reborn


[1] Reference to old manga series and/or the anime series of “Jojo Bizarre Adventure”

[2] Reference of Kitsu Chiri’s behavior on one of the episode of “Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei”


Yo, its Gemini again presenting the other chapter of "Years Before"

I'm actually thinking of writing more, like Meeting Ame and stuff, but lack of sleep and rewatching some anime(ONORE JOJO!!!!), alongside finally playing the plaguing VN on my comp takes the time

As you see, this chapter is nothing more but to start establishing the characteristic of the main character, alongside the start of my diversion on the Pokemon anime logic.

For those that wanted to know, the leading idea of this series is "Game of Champion" and "Pokedex" from fanfiction.net, completely awesome fic

Anyway, I'm still waiting for critic/review/motivational post, alongside some sign of Beta for my bad piece of grammar

Thank you,

Twin Judge of Gemini

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The Pokemon Center is anything but grand. But considering the fact that Peridot Ward is a basically a wood cabin when every other place’s a city, it does make sense for this place to be made of wood. This didn’t bother me though. In fact, this remind me of my home region Johto, from the wood to the fact that they still have Chansey helping the Pokemon Center instead of the now-trending Audino

“You must be the guy Professor Elm talked about” a woman’s voice said so over my direction, and the fact that she have silver hair have give me enough to learn who is she. “And you must be Ame” I said as I turn to the source of the voice. I am not wrong; the woman in front of me is surely the one that’s currently the administrator of Reborn Region. Her iconic long silver hair speaks enough to be a proof

“Correct” she said while smiling “Welcome to Reborn! Is it your liking?” asking that toward the guy who just enter the Region is a bit farfetch’d[1], yet I still answer to it “It reminds me a lot of my own Region, which brings me to question if this Region is really one of the Western Region at all” Considering how urban Unova is from the picture I my Uncle show me, this does makes me wonder.

Ame actually started to make a thinking pose before she stop, laughing at it “You are quite unique are you, considering the fact that my question is quite farfetched” I nod at that “I do get called for that a lot”. “Then let us continue with registering yourself on this Region” with that, we continue our business


“…. That’s all, now enter your Trainer Name and we’re good!” facing me the small laptop, I then type my usual nickname ‘Shiro’, which is uploaded on my Pokedex and Trainer Card “Okay! We’re finished over here!” giving a small nod and smile as my sign of thanks, I then flick my finger, signaling my Misdreavus that my business is finished

“What should we eat now? I’m starving” I question my Pokemon, who give me that ‘Whatever you want, as long as its edible’ look “I wonder if there’s a Fast Food Chain here…. I’m dying for a burger, and we can get you that Berry Juice” feeling the approval from this Pokemon, enough for me to smile and start looking


It takes no more than ten minutes of searching before I found the restaurant and next fifteen minute when my order’s out and ready to be feasted. It also takes the same time when the waiter give me and apologetic smile and asked me to share my sit with another customer, which I agree with another smile and nod

“Sorry for interrupting your meal sir” The other customer is pretty polite; I can at least say that. The fact that I can see some Pokeball in her belt alongside the Houndoor didn’t make me draw back my word. She managed to tame the vicious Dark-type, as the Houndoor haven’t attack my Misdreavus that’s a Ghost type at all, and that I can respect. “It seems like you’re a Pokemon Trainer” she asked me a question that I can answer, which I give it by nodding myself while having a Tauros-Meat Hamburger “More of an explorer actually, I’m not really into the whole Gym Leader thing”

My answer seems to be dissatisfying from the look of disproval on her face “Then why come to Reborn?” She ask with cold eyes, if look could kill, those green eyes of her have already killed me for more than what my brain could count “Reborn is known for the difficulty and challenge from the local Gym” I do know that. Reborn have scouted their entire past Champion as a Gym leader, and by all, I mean ALL “And not taking the challenge of the Gym, why did you even come to Reborn?”

“Simple, this is a new Region that just enters the Indigo League and approves other Region Trainer to enter” Again, I pick another of the Tauros Sandwich, it truly taste good…. “I mean, this Region is just perfect to explore, and I haven’t count the fact that this Region is in the middle of East Region and West Region, which have given this Region a whole lot of Pokemon of each Region” While she still have that annoyed look, it seems that she at least understand what my point is


“But my point still stand”
“And so is mine”

If it’s not from the sudden explosion that happen just in front of the shop, I’m pretty sure that the conversation (argument) will continue much more longer “it’s the Skuntank squad!!!!” one of the customer, who seems like a local, instantly yell out loud. I hope he know that the one that said the name of enemy out loud is usually the one that died first [2] “Now, we should hold this first” a sound decision it is

Reaching for our Pokeball, we instantly run outside


[1] Proper usage of the Unown language have stated that Farfetch'd is the correct grammar of Far fetched, but there's still some peope that have said that the latter is the correct wording. It have been source of long discussion that bear no ends

[2] Referring the famous Mecha Anime series, Gundam. Most of the mook that yell the name "Gundam" is usually the first that died. Ironically, on one of the series, the one that yell the name "Gundam" mostly survive


you though there will be action now

BUT IT WAS ME!!!! DIO!!!!!


Sorry for that joke(that didn't even make sense!), I just really wanted to write that at least once

Anyway, no action yet, but I assume you all that there will be more action at the next chapter!!!!

Also, I recently bought Akiba's Trip 2(Vita, PC one is pretty awkward to play), and boy oh boy! I'm really satisfied!!!!

I mean, at first the control is hard to learn, but after some playing, its damn awesome!!!! Even better when the fact that you can pretty much strip people JOJO!!!! style!!!!!! Now I tell you that's awesome!!!!!!!

*cough* back to this story

I've been recently thinking about writing in-depth of my universe(which is heavily influenced by "Game of Champion" and "Pokedex" Fanfic), and will post another story topic that I'll name "Shiro's Journal of in-depth learning on Pokemon", which will be updated right or close to the release of "Years Before".

The story will explain individual, and highlighted Pokemon, in a different(or similar to those I'm influenced with) perspective of the Canon Pokemon series

I'm still waiting for review, and Beta is still needed, as my grammar is falling pretty fast(I can feel it!)

Anyway, I'm going to start playing DevPro now, ciao for now!

Thanks for Reading as always,

Twin Judge of Gemini

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That was not the brightest idea from me….

“I feel like an idiot” the girl said as we’re both back at the same table, crouching down to avoid the poisonous gas “I agree, charging toward the gas without any protecting is really bad move” and my mask’s cut open by wild Ursaring in my recent journey on Johto as well, so I can’t really do much

“First, let’s see the situation” again the girl said “This seems to be a work of Pokemon Gang, leaded by a Skutank” she took out something from her pocket, which I instantly know what it is, a Pokedex “There’s around five of them, four low-level Skunky, around 12 to 16, and the leader Skutank, which is around 32” That’s a huge gap, no matter how you look at it

“I have three Pokemon, my Snivy Elizabeth, Houndour Mozart, and a Combee Marie” A Snivy is a no-go, especially with such poisonous gas around, counting the fact that the Skutank group is pretty much poison-type Pokemon as well. Houndour can be used as long as the fire move is not in wide area like Flamethrower or Flame Burst, considering how Skutank’s gas have some reaction that make it explode when contacted to fire…… “We can rely on your Combee then….” She nod

Combee at such level at least learn move like Gust, which can give us better room to breathe and enabling move movement “But, this is a Pokemon Gang, we can’t do much if one of the Pokemon attack Marie and spread the gas further” A fine point “Do not worry, as I have around six Pokemon with me” I point at my belt, showing the six small red ball that arranged neatly “A Misdreavus, four Beldum to create a Metagross, and Grotle” while Misdreavus, a Ghost Pokemon, hardly deal damage toward Dark Pokemon such as Stunky or Skutank, it still have useful move like Pain Split, Will-o-Wisp(which is not really a fire-type move, since it didn’t burn using Oxygen from recent test) and Confuse Ray

“Four Beldum!?” Beldum will be great on this. Being Steel-type give better advantage from the fact that they can’t get poisoned, alongside how Skunky didn’t learn Dark move at such early stage, it give good advantage “We might be able to pull this together” I nod at that, confidence start to fill me up, easily wash away those embarrassment from dashing outside to a poisonous gas like a madman “Now this is the plan…..” we quickly device the way to dispatch the Skutank group in that talk


With plan being made, both of us start to crawl out from the table’s protection, mouth covered by our hand. I started by moving toward the entrance, while she goes to the exit from behind. It is a nature’s way of thanking me as the Pokemon Gang is taking too much time spraying their navel juice (marking territory I believe) toward the building beside the joint

“Saya” calling my Misdreavus, I point toward the leader of that Pokemon Gang, the powerful Skutank “I need you to confuse and distract it from me as I take care of the Skunky” hearing only silence, I then give up on reasoning with my Pokemon, instead go with bribe instead “I’ll give you some of the Tauros burger if you help me” that word make her finally answering me, giving the usual Pokemon speech before she start throwing a ball of light toward the Skutank

The attack easily strike the Skutank, which is distracted enough by the Confuse Ray to actually giving command for the Skunky group, which also mean they won’t act with any plan. While I’m not a good Pokemon Battler, I do spend time traveling and camping everywhere, and that means I need to know the behavior of wild Pokemon. Thus, I quickly toss my four Pokeball, releasing my own group composed of Beldum

“Alpha, Beta, Charlie, Delta, formation thirty” as expected from a being with supercomputer brain, they easily understand what I’m saying before I said so, as my lips movement is enough to know what I meant. They quickly separate each other, keeping all the Skunky in one place, none of their attack can do any damage after all, Beldum coat their metallic body with psychic power that’s enough to prevent rust and how they can shrug the weak Feint and Fury Swipes the Skunky tried to do

For now, keeping them in bay managed to goes right with the plan.
Keikaku Doori indeed [1] , now all I need is for the girl to come and play her part


Hello, its Twin Judge of Gemini, presenting you all new chapter of Years Before

I almost forgot I have a fic here since I'm so busy nowadays, spending time playing my Ero-err..... I mean VN!!!! yes! VN!!!!

Nothing more but Erotic VN!!!!!!



Speaking of the story, we finally got a look for the Main Protagonist Pokemon line up, so I believe you guys know he'll have at least one Pleudo-Legendary with him, which is a Metagross!!!!!

But then again, he can trade the Pokemon for something else~

Who knows what will be his final line up huh~

I'm also asking a question for you guys here:

"How will both Shiro and the mysterious trainer take down the Skutank gang?"

I'm giving a hint here~

Its a sound tactic against Corey on the game


I'm still in need for grammar beta to proofread and edit all my grammar mistake(which is gazillion, for Arceus sake....). so anyone who wanted to do so, please either PM me or just post comment for my review topic

Thank you for reading,

Twin Judge of Gemini

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It has been more than five minutes, and I started to get desperate. Knowing that the Skutank has managed to get out of the confusion and battling Saya, it’s a wonder that I don’t aim my Pokeball to return her back. The same goes to my Beldum squad, for while they are sturdy, every attack they do hurt themselves.

Maybe I should just run, I thought to myself, but if I do that I’m sure I’ll have my name in permanent ban-list of this town for being a coward. And that also means I can’t eat the fast food here, which is a really frightening thought.

My thought got quickly interrupted by a small grass that stabs itself into the road I am laying at. So they’re finished…..

“Saya! Beldums! Return!” I yell while pointing all my Pokeball toward all my Pokemon, returning them. Taking them far from the blast zone that will happen soon “I’ve returned my Pokemon! You’re okay to go now!” and I ran, yelling as loud as I can in hope she will heard me

She did, and in her wake the Combee she has start flapping its wings, creating a small Gust which suck the smoke in. of course, our plan’s not just to suck all the smoke as we can easily do that back then. What we’re doing is…. “I’m ready to throw it” the girl said confidently, in her hand a torch made from my ripped mask, wooden stick found in this town, and some oil coating its top, burning with the flame of her Houndour Mozart

Seeing me nod at her is everything she needed before throwing the torch into the large concentration of the smoke, where the Pokemon gang is currently at.

The result is quite simple, for Skutank’s gas is known to be flammable, and combined with large concentration of them in one place and a burning torch….

An explosion occur, the size on par with Fire Blast of a Charizard, which throw and burn the Pokemon gang away, fainted by the powerful blow. Even the Skutank, the most powerful of them, is easily beaten down by this tactic


“Good move there” I said to her “Tho, you do use like half of my oil…. I think I’ll need to restock them if I’m going anyway now” indeed she spend half of my oil, which is quite a lot as it’s for one month usage “I’m inexperienced at making these kind of thing, so I apologize if I did it wrong” well, at least she’s polite at that

Considering that the Pokemon Gang fiasco is finished, I start walking to the Poke-store “Well, I’m off, see you later” and wave my hand. We might not meet again,

but it is nice to know her, even when I don’t have her name.

“Wait!” she yelled, suddenly standing in front of me in her quick dash “I need to ask you something first” is that so? “Sure, ask away” I gesture at her to continue, but instead of continuing she took out a small paper “Are you a Trainer by Trainer Name ‘Shirou’?” huh, she know me? “Yes, I am” I nod at her

“Then, please take care of me” she said to me, raising her hand into mine “Ame told me that as I am a beginner Trainer I’ll need someone to look out for me” that makes sense, considering the large amount of Death toward young, inexperienced Pokemon Trainer outside the town “And when she said that, she recommend me to search for you and ask if you will be my guardian in my journey here” wait, wha-? “Ame said that you come from Johto by yourself, and have traveled more than four Region before you try this Region, which explain the reason you know how to deal with the Pokemon gang and how Skutank’s gas’ flammable”

It’s….. Really awkward. For one, I am being praised for my achievement on my hard works, for all the things I learned from my journey, but on the other hands if I accept to be her guardian out here, I’ll be needed to look out for her. “Will you continue your journey if I don’t accept to be you guardian?” I ask her, where she gives me a nod as an answer that yes, she’ll continue her journey even without any supervising of an experienced Trainer, which is extremely dangerous.

That can lead her to her death………..

I can’t be burdened by another death because I refused to do something……

“Then I will do it, shall we go to the Pokemon Center to register me as your guardian here?”


Whoa, it takes like, 2 month for me to update this huh :v

TBH, I've finished this part around 2 weeks, but TheSilentSerenade, the guy who wanna be my BETA, haven't reply to me over the BETA'ed chapter, and when I check it he last time being active in 28 October

Well, so there you go, non-BETA'ed Years Before chapter 5, which means I'm in need of BETA again to proofread and correct my murderous grammar T.T

Anyway, seems like there's some awkward story turn there, and I can say that this is not my best writing, but when I consider rewriting it(at least the lower half), UNDERTALE kinda gets into me, so.....

Yeah, I'm a lazy ass guy who can't say no for a good game

Again, that you for reading this story, and see you next update, which I won't know


Twin Judge of Gemini

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