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With Charlotte, focus on breaking the field as soon as possible
A lot of the gym leaders's focus on the fields that's created to highly benefit them

Amaria for example lets her annihate you with 1 turn dives and surfs because of it


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Hello all! Are you having a tough time with a Gym Leader? In this thread you can ask for help from your fellow Reborn players as to how to best go about getting over that hump. Please fill out the bel

Fighting types, like Mankey and Makuhita, can take on Florina's Cradily for ya (You can find them in the Obsidia Slums) . Quilava and Noibat should be able to take on the other grass types, and you ca

Bronzong needs to survive a turn to set up, so probably something that draws attacks away. It shouldn't really have much trouble surviving since afaik Typhlosion and Darmanitan can at most hit it for

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13 hours ago, DroopyB said:

Ah, good thinking. Whimsicott comes with Prankster often, right? Or is it a secret ability? Either way, I might have an idea similar to what I did with Charolette, which is spamming surf. Though this time I can even X Special Attack. Combined with tailwind or Wide Guard that’d be it. Though what’s a good Pokémon that can learn Wide Guard?

i'm pretty sure whimsicott comes with prankster naturally, not a hidden ability.

Here is a link to pokemon that can learn wide guard, You could probably use mantine and toxapex which both learn it through level up but choose your pick.

Definitely try spamming surf with a swift swim kingdra or something that can outspeed his team. Your samurott is good as well with swords dance aqua jet/razor shell to pick anything off

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10 hours ago, Bre_a_d said:

i'm pretty sure whimsicott comes with prankster naturally, not a hidden ability.

Here is a link to pokemon that can learn wide guard, You could probably use mantine and toxapex which both learn it through level up but choose your pick.

Definitely try spamming surf with a swift swim kingdra or something that can outspeed his team. Your samurott is good as well with swords dance aqua jet/razor shell to pick anything off

Wow, looking at this I see Mantine learning it AND getting Water Absorb. The only issue is I’ll need a Heart Scale to get Wide Guard, but that isn’t an issue, as you can find Luvdisc in the same area as Mantine, plus I have Compound Eyes Galvantula with Thief so it shouldn’t be that bad. Thanks for the advice! I’ll finish Ep 18 today!


Edit: Literally just did this, first encounter is a level 71 Shiny Mantine with Water Absorb. Dang.


Edit 2: Did it! It wasn’t easy though, took several attempts to figure out the right strategy and a bit of luck getting Wide Guard to hit twice in a row, but I did it! Thanks so much for your help!

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hey guys ive been having huge trouble with ciel 

the team im using against her:


-alakazam lvl 74

synchronize, amplified rock

'trick room'



'calm mind'


-mamoswine lvl 73

oblivious, never melt ice

ice fang



ancient power


-magneton lvl 71

magnet pull, zap plate


magnet rise

flash cannon

lock on


-milotic 75

cute charm, wave plate


rain dance


hidden power (electric)


-infernape 74

iron fist, black belt

close combat

mach punch

flare blitz

shadow claw


-sneasel 74

pickpocket, ice gem


ice shard





in pc:

noivern 75, roserade 74, krookodile 74


edit: fially beat her just caught a boldore with stealth rock and sturdy set up stealth rock then swaped to mamoswine and used 2 xattacks 1 xsp.deffend and 2 xspeed ez win

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Hi! I'm having a little trouble facing Aya in a Grass monotype Run! I should share that I'm using the Alternate Form Pack Mod which will explain some things about my available pokémon. These are the ones I've trained:


Roserade (poison point, Rose incense) Giga Drain, Magical Leaf, Nature Power, Toxic

Gourgeist (Pickup, no item) Pain Split, Shadow Ball, Trick-or-Treat, Shadow Sneak

Carnivine (Alternate form Grass/Fire typing, Levitate, no item) Nature Power, Crunch, Leaf Tornado, Incinerate

Venusaur (Chrolophyll, Miracle Seed) Nature Power, Poison Powder, Leech Seed, Petal Dance

Kantonian Exeggutor (Chlorophyll, No Item) Psyshock, Egg Bomb, Giga Drain, Nature Power

Leavanny (Chlorophyll, no Item), X-Scissor, Sticky Web, Protect, Shadow Claw

Sunflora (Alternate "Firecracker" form, Grass/Fire, Drought, Heat Rock), Heat Wave, Solar Beam, Leech Seed, Giga Drain

Tangrowth (Regenerator, no item) Giga Brain, Knock Off, Ancient Power, Poison Powder

Ludicolo (Rain Dish, no item) Mega Drain, Bubble Beam, Nature Power, Mist


I trained the Alternate sunflora trying to get Chlorophyll on Exeggutor for a chance of its Psyshock but I never seem to go past of her Drapion or her Salazzle 😕

So I'm not sure if modded games are allowed in this thread but in this case I may need help lol


Edit: Somehow, trying again after making this post, I actually managed to win by not using Drought for after defeating Salazzle lol

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adrienn is making total mincemeat of me. i have 11 pokemon trained up to level 79-80, and i cant seem to get very far with any combination of them.


stoutland / lv 79 / scrappy / crunch, strength, play rough, ice fang

noivern / lv 79 / infiltrator / dragon pulse, hurricane, boomburst, air slash (useless for this gym, i know)

donphan / lv 80 / sturdy / giga impact, strength, earthquake, bulldoze

durant / lv 80 / hustle / x-scissor, iron head, thunder fang, metal claw

seviper / lv 80 / shed skin / venoshock, poison tail, poison fang, glare

empoleon / lv 79 / defiant / surf, drill peck, hydro pump, steel wing

hariyama / lv 80 / guts / brick break, force palm, heavy slam, throat chop (also mostly useless here)

arcanine / lv 80 / intimidate / extreme speed, crunch, thunder fang, flare blitz

sawsbuck / lv 80 / sap sipper / jump kick, megahorn, horn leech, nature power

gothitelle / lv 79 / frisk / psychic, psyshock, uproar, dark pulse

luxray / lv 80 / guts / wild charge, ice fang, discharge, crunch


and heres my box:



i feel like primarina would be great here, but its only lv 38 and i just dont have the patience to grind it all the way up to level 80. same with trubbish, which is only lv 30. bronzor is lv 68, mamoswine is lv 67.

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Do you mind grinding a new mon? Like Klinklang really helps out 

Once Adrienn's cleared the mist use steel type attacks which will help out a lot

I beat adrienn using shift gear+ gear grind spam in my Klinklang and se healing items

Steel attacks get boosted by the fairy tail field and adrienn will always start that field by using tailwind on xyr prankster whimsicott

If possible, use oricorio to set your own Tailwind and hit them back

Fire attacks are useless as the fairy tail field gives them a part dragon type damage and fairy is immune to dragon

Get some good steel types and you'll come out with flying colours

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@monodramatic_ The Misty Field boosts the Special Defense of Fairy Types by one stage and Adrienn's team as a whole also tends towards special bulk so physical attackers tend to fare better than special ones. Your Durant should be a great pick for that since it's fast and hits hard. Give your chosen attacker a white herb to counter Granbull's Intimidate and they're good to go.

Certain attacks can also blow away the Misty Field and reveal the Fairy Tale Field below it. Steel Types are especially good on that one. If you use

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EDIT; Beat Terra. Blissey was pretty sweet in the fight. Minimize+Psych up (copy +6 Special attack/defense) was pretty nice. Blissey managed to kill like 3 of her mons by herself. I got very lucky to win, Garchamp missed a stone edge which let my Cinninco finish it off, then I managed to crit surf the sandcastle mon, I did no damage to hit otherwise, but crits ignoring status changes made the kill possible. Well poor Blissey is gonna get boxed after the hard carry, sadly, it will do no damage to anything since I don't have toxic :(


Added Rules: Set Mode, no items in battle. This has made this very challenging and I am at a loss of how to beat Terra. Other bosses were a struggle for sure, but a bunch of extra attempts got me there. But terra seems impossible all her Pokémon tank so many of mines hits. I do basically no damage to Quagsire and the Sandcastle Pokémon, and Garchomp just tears me apart if I get there.


Certainly doesn't help that my EV's are good awful, but I cant do much about that know since I cant get to the daycare...


Team/Leader under hidden comment to save room.




Please ignore the random highlighting...


Terra (Yes I know how the glitch field works, don't need to tell me)

Light Clay
- Psychic 
- Reflect
- Light Screen
- Dark Pulse





-Spark - Yes really... :/



-Brick Break



Sea Incense





-Hammer Arm

-Icy Wind







-Close Combat

-Extreme Speed

-Rock Smash



Silk Scarf

Skill Link


-Tail Slap

-Bullet Seed

-Rock Blast

-Hidden Power (ghost)


Last main team member is Slyveon who is basically useless, some much for them killing dragons lol

--Other Pokemon you have in your PC--

Not mentioning lvs cause they are all kinda low


-Happiny (potential blissy tank?)












-Electroade (lv 85) could be used for cheese I guess?


And those are the main useful ones


Anyway, I guessing that I am going to have to tear my team apart and then Ev train up some new Pokemon, lots of my team is kind of trash and things are pretty rough without items, have been for a while, but this is the first time were I feel that progression is impossible without major team reworks.


Any suggestions on what to add to the team would be great. And remember that I have a limited area I can actually go to, since I cant access most of the reason, cause story, I guess.


I have plenty of money and left the mining rocks in this area untouched, so If I need stuff from them I can get it, don't have any heart scales, but I can get those from the rocks. Circus gives unlimited shards/ability capsules so I am good on that too.


Anyway, thanks for any suggestions you can give. I don't want to spend ages grinding just to lose anyway.



Edited by pizzagod13
posting that I no longer need help
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I'm not very good at the game (and often abuse shift mode+items, especially for this fight) so don't hold my suggestions in too high an esteem. But perhaps you could detonate Electrode? It's a roll, but IIRC Explosion is pretty broken in early gens. You should check it, but it's possible that Electrode outspeeds and oneshots Garchomp with it. 

About the Quagsire and Palossand, I'd advise that you teach Arcanine Roar (I think it can relearn it). The seed effects are forgotten (and the seed is consumed) once Terra's mons switch out, so they get their regular weaknesses back. 

I'm not sure about Blissey's movepool at your point, but if you can get a good set it's probably worthwhile. If anything, it definitely can do some PP-stall on Quagsire or Palossand. 

A final possibility for you is to change the field (Prankster Psychic/Misty Terrain to get the seeds to not activate?). 


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