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  1. Oh jeez I could only imagine my character zipping back and forth around the map like they’re on something I completely which key it was so I when I started my game I was just like “no stop running!” Before my character would run into a wall
  2. Thank you so much WVC! I was finally able to talk to Bennett and get to the next part of the game! You don't how grateful I am that you and the other veterans went through the process of finding and fixing the problem with me. Although the weird thing now is that my character is stuck on auto run but that's fine with me, the same thing happened when I played Pokémon Unbound so I'm used to it. I'm just happy I get to play the game again ^^
  3. Is this was you meant by uploading the file? This was the very first file that's named with "8 badges," I remember directly saving right after getting the badge (force of habit). If this is what meant then if it works you should end inside that big mansion/castle right when the lights went off. If not there then somewhere right outside the mansion/castle. Game - 563 - Satoshi - 41h 10m - 8 badges.rxdata
  4. WVC, I keep trying to move the other save files to the reborn game but it keeps loading the last save that's in 7th street. I even tried renaming the file but that didn't work either. Right now all I did was move the original save file somewhere else on the computer out of the reborn game. Do I actually need to delete the original lastsave.dat file to completely replace it? I also want to ask what does the "Save Slot 1-Satoshi-8 badges do in the game other save files do? There was also a notepad where the game.rxdata was that said 1. If changing that number in the notepad does something should I try changing the the number instead?
  5. WCV, I'm sure I do, anytime something major happens in the game or about to use the walk through walls I save just in case (I get really paranoid with my saving). I just have no clue which one it would be, I don't really know how backup saves work for roms/games (again I'm new to this sort of problem). If I find the backup save that was before 7th street do I move it to the games file to possibly fix it? There's a bunch of save files so if that is the case I would have to cycle through each one, its like an entire list of saves, some of them having 7th gym badge while others say 8th gym badge
  6. Thanks WCV! I was able to find the game.rxdata file/package via that way. It's really weird tho that it didn't come up when I tried searching for it in the hot bar a few days ago, but it's whatever. Hope this helps fix it! Also another weird thing is that all the other names I found for reborn in saved games actually had my player's name "Satoshi" for them, I just thought that was neat :3 Game.rxdata
  7. WCV, I have a Windows computer; downloaded reborn via the windows link for it. How exactly does the type of computer pertain to the game itself, do the files look different for other computer types?
  8. Hey Starry Night, I can't actually find the " game.rxdata" file anywhere for Reborn. When I searched it up on my computer, it came up for separate games instead(EX: Pokémon Empyrean), but I didn't see any for Pokémon Reborn. Was the file renamed to something else after "Void Kiss/Episode 18"? I also saw that you replied to the seperate post I made a few days ago and I'm not sure if walk through walls caused it. Like I mentioned before there was a weird bug(s) where the game didn't recgonize that I was already in a gang and the lady in the building for seventh street not appearing. I didn't know what else to do from that point and used walk through walls. Sorry if I come across as rude, but I never had this type of issue for games, I really just want to get back to playing the game normally again :(
  9. Not sure if events not triggering/npc bugs also count for this forum, but the Bennett event for 7th street isn't triggering. I know of the people that need to be talked to but its been nearly a half a month now and it's still not happening. Oddly enough I was beginning to have issues even before that. Right when you're told to go save Luna by interacting with your affiliated gang members, the game seemed to forget that I was already with a gang. This carried over to the green haired lady that was meant to be in the building for 7th street not being there and etc. Thankfully my game was modded and I could walk through walls cheat to access 7th street and finally interact with my original gang (the magma one). I did the whole spiel of fighting the old lady, doing the mission with my gang leader, fight the opposing gang leader, etc. And now I'm just waiting for Bennett to show up. Also I don't what data file I should put (don't know what game.rxdata is, I think it's the save file) so I put the save file LastSave.dat
  10. So I reached the point of the game where the player has to talk to random people to somehow trigger Bennet to appear. But my problem is that it’s been several weeks and the event has yet to trigger. I know who I’m supposed to talk to (one of your gang members then the guy in the bottom left corner where that gate is), but neither of them ever said something different. I was already having troubles just getting there with lady that was supposed to be in the building for 7th street wasn’t there and the game not knowing which gang I was in for a short bit. Luckily my game is modded and happens to have walk through walls cheats so thankfully I can go in and out from 7th street whenever I please. But even leaving the area and coming back hasn’t done everything. I even completed the task our gang leader gave us (fight the old lady and then the rival gang boss) just fine. I looked at other threads seeing people have similar problems like me. Please someone help I really love this game and want to keep playing it. If anyone can help please let me know. Also if I need to attach the file if it needs to be fixed manually mention that as well.
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