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  1. If anyone ever has this issue - try deleting your Pokemon Reborn game folder and redownloading - this worked for me. Don't worry about losing save data because the save data is stored elsewhere.
  2. Hello, I've been absolutely loving this game, however I have been unable to open the game to play because of the error in the title. I tried searching for other posts with the same issue but nothing worked for me. ITs weird because before the game error'd, I noticed I had a "Debug" option in between 'Summary' and 'Switch' for my pokemon menu, as well as a "Debug" option in the main menu which looked liked dev tools and I hadn't seen it at all before. Below I will copy and paste the errorlog that was generated in my Saved Games > Pokemon Reborn folder near my saved data. Maybe this will help diagnose the issue. Any help would be appreciated, I would love to finish this amazing game! Exception: Errno::ENOENT Message: File PBS/townmap.txt not found. 150:Compiler:612:in `initialize' 150:Compiler:612:in `open' 150:Compiler:612:in `pbCompilerEachCommentedLine' 150:Compiler:720:in `pbCompileTownMap' 150:Compiler:4025:in `pbCompileAllData' 150:Compiler:4164
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